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126 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Teenage Girls – Cool Gifts for Teens

Gifts for teenage girls should be easy to find, but the wide range of gifts available can actually make Christmas buying more difficult! We’ve brought together a list with something for everyone, from the youngest teen to the one who won’t be for much longer!

A huge list of fabulous Christmas gifts for teenage girls that don’t suck.

Exploding Kittens Card Game

If you’re looking for a gift for a teenage girl this Christmas, Exploding Kittens is a great choice! Not as gory as it sounds, it’s a board game with a difference – players take it in turns to draw cards, but beware the Exploding Kitten, which can only be saved with a belly rub or catnip sandwiches!


The New Braiding Handbook

The perfect gift for teenage girls who love to style their hair! This book offers easy to follow guides for 60 classic braids with an up to date twist. From up or down ‘dos, and even half-up ‘dos, this guide makes light work of complicated looking braids.


Thumbs Up Unicorn Mug

Unicorns are huge right now, and a firm favorite with teenage girls who still believe in magic (even just a teeny bit). This color-changing Unicorn Mug makes a whimsical gift to put in a teen’s Christmas stocking – hot chocolate and mythical creatures, need we say more?


Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Dog Lovers

The perfect cozy gift for your dog-loving teens! 30+ dog breeds available.

Prices vary

Calm the F*ck Down: An Irreverent Adult Coloring Book

If you have a teenage girl in the family, you will know that some are prone to, shall we say, less than sunny moods occasionally. So give them the gift of artful zen with a side of cursing, and let them color in what they’re not allowed to say out loud!


Makey Makey An Invention Kit for Everyone

Teenagers the world over spend their time glued to their screens, so you might as well make sure they are learning something while they do. The Makey Makey kit allows them to connect their computer to hundreds of everyday objects to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Banana piano, anyone?


ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock

Sleepovers are a rite of passage for girls through their teenage years and beyond, and now this DoubleNest Hammock takes the sleepover outside! Roomy enough for two, the hammock weighs only 19 ounces which makes it perfect for festivals and the beach, as well as simply hanging out at home.


Wreck This Journal: Now in Color

Kids have been using journals forever to say what they don’t want to say out loud, and the Wreck This Journal goes a step further by encouraging them to express themselves using color – no writing involved! From poking holes in paper to scratching shapes on pages, this is a great alternative to a Dear Diary.


Fin Fun Mermaid Tails for Swimming with Monofin

When teenage girls think of a career they would love, how many secretly think of a mermaid? Now they can channel their inner Ariel by slipping into a mermaid tail and having oceans of fun in the water. These beautiful tails naturally produce that iconic mermaid motion and allow for faster, stronger swimming.

Prices Vary

Bath Bomb Making Kit

Being a teenage girl can be fizzically exhausting, and bath bombs are just the thing to relax them. Go a step further by giving them a bath bomb making kit for Christmas, with enough ingredients to make 12 bath bomb cupcakes, complete with beautiful essential oils for scentsational tub time.

Prices Vary

Hunter Womens Original Back Adjustable Gloss Rain Boot

Style conscious teens will often forego comfort for fashion and pale at the mere suggestion of pulling on a pair of wellington boots when it snows! Hunter Gloss Rain Boots solve both dilemmas – style and comfort combined. And with several colors to choose from, they are far from dull or boring.


Tweexy Wearable Nail Polish Holder

This Christmas stocking stuffer really nails this gift giving lark. Solve the problem of your teenager needing a third hand to hold the nail polish – this ‘ring’ does the job for her, holding the bottle steady and leaving her other hand free to paint without interruption.


Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils

Art supplies are the gifts that keep on giving, so if you know a teenage girl who loves to doodle, this set of 72 soft-core colored pencils is just the ticket. The soft cores make them perfect for intricate shading and shadow-effects, and are richly pigmented for colors that really pop.


Tile Mate Key Finder

Stop the devastation of a teenager’s lost keys or phone with a Tile Mate Finder- the Bluetooth technology in a Tile Mate means that anything they attach it to can be located through their smartphone. And if the phone itself is missing? Simply press the button twice to make it ring, even when on silent.


Harry Potter Paperback Box Set

Any Harry Potter fan will wand-er how they ever got by without this boxset! Containing all seven of the books, this is a spellbinding gift for Hogwarts addicts everywhere. Whether they have never read the books, or read them a hundred times, this boxset is one to be treasured.


Taboo Board Game

Get your teenager thinking outside the box with a game of Taboo, a great game to play at Christmas and beyond. Each player must describe what’s on the card without saying any of the usual words, which are strictly forbidden, and if they do they get ‘squeaked’! Fast paced fun for family and friends.


Natural Himalayan Hand Carved Salt Lamp

With teenagers spending so much time using electrical gadgets, a Himalayan salt Lamp is a must. Not only do they look stunning, but they are proven to reduce electromagnetic radiation and purify the air, while improving sleep by transforming damaging positive ions to beneficial negative ions. A health-giving gift even they will love.


Lump of Coal in Glacial Blue Gift Box

It’s the time of year when toddlers, kids, and teenagers ramp up the good behavior to avoid getting a limp of coal in their Christmas stocking. Make them sweat, just a little, by giving them the gift of coal, all wrapped up in a pretty box. And then duck.


RTIC 30 oz Tumbler

Are you worried that your teenage girl doesn’t have time to even have a hot drink in the morning before heading out of the door? This camo RTIC tumbler holds 30oz fluid, and keeps it warm for hours, making it great for a hot drink on the go, no matter how busy she is.

Prices Vary

Allydrew Washi Decorative Masking Tapes

Washi tape makes a great stocking stuffer for Christmas, and you can never have too much of the stuff! It’s a great gift for decorating books, planners, notice boards or mirrors – and this set contains 12 different but complementary designs for crafty teenagers to pretty up their belongings with.


Etude House My Beauty Tool Lovely Etti Hair Band

Beauty conscious teens and tweens will adore this super cute headband for when they’re performing their nightly skincare routines. The thick and comfy band holds hair away from the face, while the cute Etti-shaped ears add the fun factor to what might otherwise feel like a chore.


Super NES Classic

Add some nostalgia with this Nintendo, and show the teenagers what gaming used to be like! This Super NES Classic looks like the original, only smaller, but unlike the original it comes pre-loaded with 21 games, including the iconic Super Mario Kart. Perfectly sized for gaming on the go.


Post-it Cat Figure Pop-up Note Dispenser

This little kitty is the purr-fect gift for girls who love animals, and will brighten up even the dullest homework day. Simply pull one post-it note off the pad, and another will be there ready to be grabbed with one hand, meaning they won’t even have to ‘paws’ in their homework to remove one!


5 in 1 Tool Pen

For the person who likes to be organized, this pen makes an ideal gift. Not only does it write (it’s a pen, so obviously!) but it is also a screwdriver, level, ruler, and smart device touch stylus too, perfect for all those little jobs that normally require a rummage around in THAT drawer!


Bubble Wrap Calendar

This gift brings new meaning to the phrase ‘I’ll just pop it on my calendar’. Every single one of the 365 days of the year is covered with a Bubble Wrap bubble, just begging to be squeezed, because let’s face it – Bubble Wrap never gets old! Marked with US holidays for planning at a glance.


Wonderstruck Eau de Parfum by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is something of an icon to may young girls, so this perfume makes a great gift for fans of both the singer and perfume. The gorgeous scent comes in a beautiful purple bottle which will look lovely on a dressing table long after the perfume has been used up.


Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard Self-Balancing Smart Scooter

Wherever your teenager wants to go, she can go there quicker thanks to this Hoverboard Self-Balancing Smart Scooter. The super-quiet engine can reach speeds of up to 8 mph, and the self-levelling technology makes it the smoothest ride available, while the impressive blue LED lighting will make her stand out in a crowd.

Prices Vary

Umbra Conceal Floating Bookshelf

Books are one of those things nobody can have too many of, especially kids. But they can take up a lot of room in a bedroom. Floating shelves are just the thing to display books while looking sleek, stylish, and minimalist, and make a great ‘grown-up’ alternative to book cases.

Prices Vary

Puzzle Pod Cryptex Brain Teaser & Coin Bank

So near and yet so far! Imagine the frustration of being able to see their gift on Christmas morning but not be able to touch it until they have solved the clues. Mean? Maybe. Fun? Absolutely. Give them clues to crack the code before finally getting their hands on the prize.


Bath Bomb Gift Set Kit

Whether they need waking up or winding down, this set of six vegan bath bombs will be Heaven-Scent this Christmas. Bringing the gift of Zen into the bathroom, any teenage girl who loves tub-time will say ‘om my God’ when she smells these beauties.


Zyllion Shiatsu Pillow Massager with Heat for Back, Neck, Shoulders

Life can be stressful for a teenager, and hours spent studying can play havoc with the back and neck. A Shiatsu massage pillow gives deep-tissue massage along with a heat option to relieve tension while they work, rest, or play, and is perfectly shaped to fit the body.


Bag of Unicorn Farts (Cotton Candy)

Even unicorns have to let off ‘steam’ every now and again, and luckily there is always someone on hand to catch it in a bag, because Unicorn farts are delicious, and taste suspiciously like cotton candy! Fill their stockings with mystical magic this Christmas.


Succulent Wood Journal

Utterly beautiful, this journal comes with a stunning wooden cover which features a laser cut succulent cut-out, and is hand-bound with plain white paper pages in a spiral binding.


Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set

Even when you can’t be together, this bracelet will tell her you’re thinking about her; whenever you tap the front of yours, hers will illuminate and vibrate too.

$8.00- $98.00

Game of Gnomes

Winter is coming, so add a splash of color to an otherwise gray yard with this Game of Gnomes gnome, who sits on his own throne of iron, or at least…stone.


Nevertheless She Persisted Puzzle

Show your teenage girl that women can be just as powerful as men with the ‘Nevertheless she Persisted’ puzzle which features 24 of the most iconic strong women of all time.


Bubble Tea Kit

Bubble tea can now be enjoyed at home thanks to this fun kit, which includes two types of tea and tapioca pearls for the perfect brew, along with two reusable straws.


Rocketbook Reusable Notebook

The RocketBook makes a great Christmas gift for teenage girls, as they can write all their journal entries, then scan them and send them to the cloud before wiping the pages clean.


Custom Moon Phase Necklace

Fabulously different, this lunar pendant will show the phase of the moon exactly as it was on the date you provide, and can be supplied with an optional initial charm, too.


Inflatable Lounger

Lounging or floating, this inflatable couch can be used on land or water, and boasts a self-inflating mechanism, built-in pillow, stake, and even a bottle opener for totally lazy living.


Vintage Leather Journal

If, like most teenage girls, she can never have enough notebooks, get her one that’s really special, like this PU leather bound volume which comes in a rainbow of beautiful colors.


Literary Insults Chart

Give her a comeback for every occasion with this fab poster, which shows insults and put-downs from some of history’s most famous wordsmiths, such as William Shakespeare and Jonathan Swift.



If she’s into cacti, this set of succulents will make a refreshing change from the usual Christmas gifts. Available in packs of 4, 12, or 20, they’ll brighten her bedroom beautifully.


Boho LED Bedroom Lights

Geometric shapes are everywhere at the moment, so embrace that trend with a 5ft set of copper-finish string lights which glow in the softest white. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included).

Prices Vary

Long Distance Friendship Lamp

Whether she’s on the other side of the house or the other side of the country, touch one of these lamps and the other will glow, letting her know you’re thinking of her.

Prices vary

Samadhi Board

Teach her to let go gracefully with the Samadhi board, which uses water instead of paints to create beautiful drawings, which slowly fade as the water evaporates. Meditative and calming.


Funny Teen T-Shirt

The world revolves around teenagers (or at least they like to think it does), so give her a t-shirt which proclaims to the world just how amazing she really is.


97 Things to Do Before You Finish High School

High school is an important part of any teenager’s life, but this book teaches teens how to do 97 awesome things that no teacher is going to teach them.

Prices Vary

Mochi Ice Cream Kit

Have her master the art of mochi making with a kit which provides pretty much everything she needs to get started in this fun Japanese activity, which is perfect for sleepovers.


String Lights for Hanging Photos

Don’t hide all those photos away in albums – have her display them loud and proud with a string of LED photo clips which can hold 20 pics at a time.


SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

A good skincare regime starts in youth, so set her on the right road with SK-II, the luxurious face elixir which delivers vitamins, amino acids, and minerals to keep her skin looking stunning.


Rapid Mac Cooker

Mac and Cheese is the ultimate comfort food, especially in winter. Have it ready in a fraction of the time with this clever microwave gadget which makes it in just 5 minutes.


This Too Shall Pass Stone

Give her inspiration she can take with her, with a Soothing Stone. Small enough to slip into her pocket or purse, it’s a constant reminder of whichever quote you choose.


Cinnamon Rolls, Not Gender Roles Pin

If she’s passionate about gender equality and non-binary gender identities, this sweet little enamel pin, which is made from gold plated iron, says what she’s thinking in a gentle, non-confrontational way.


Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine

She can make snow cones and slushies with this fab shaved ice and snow cone maker, which produces the softest, fluffiest ‘snow’ for the perfect frozen treats.


Awkward Family Photos Game

Get the whole family involved in game nights with ‘Awkward Family Photos’, the card matching game which sees players pairing embarrassing photos with lines from famous movies.


Personalized Amp Doormat

Budding musicians will appreciate this personalized doormat, which is made in the style and shape of an amp, and features the family name where ‘Fender’ should be.


We Are Okay Book

Reading is soul food, so feed hers with this award winning novel by Nina LaCour, which explores life, love, loss, friendship, and grief in a beautifully touching way.

Prices Vary

Henna Temporary Tattoo Kit

Whether she’s hankering after a tattoo or just likes temporary body art, this henna kit will make a great Christmas gift, as each design will stay on the skin for 7-10 days.


Shark Socks

Fans of the iconic movies will adore these humorous socks which show a shark about to chow down on a nice tasty ankle. It’s fierce fashion at its finest.


I Am Not A Morning Person Shirt

If her scowl doesn’t say it, this tee will! Warn everyone to stay out of her way in a shirt which comes in colors more cheerful than she is.



If she thinks that guitars are so last year, try her with a ukulele instead. Similar to play but with a completely different sound, it’s probably the trendiest instrument to play right now.


P.S. I Still Love You Book

Teenage years are hard as they learn to navigate, among other things, first love. This beautifully written sequel to All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is a light-hearted read for any teenage girl.


Drink More Water Bottle

This bottle does the nagging so you don’t have to! Printed with reminders and motivational phrases, this glass and stainless steel bottle will ensure she stays hydrated all day.


Hammock Swing

Give her a place to chill out and relax with this beautiful hammock chair, which is available in four gorgeous colors and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


Color Changing Cinema Lightbox

Cinema lightboxes make lovely additions to teenagers’ rooms, and this one features a color changing light which can run in sequence or stay fixed on just one color. Three sizes available.

$25.00- $100.00

Stick On Cell Phone Pockets

Teens and their phones are rarely parted, so make sure she has her essentials with these stretchy pockets which adhere to the back of phones and hold credit cards, passes etc.


Peanut Butter Spoon

Those last dregs of peanut butter always taste the best, but they’re almost impossible to reach. Not anymore, because this scraper has been designed to reach places other spoons cannot reach.


Create Your Own Reel Viewer

Retro is very ‘in’, and there are few things more retro than reel viewers. Now she can turn her own photos into reels and indulge in a spot of vintage viewing herself.


Things They Don’t Teach You in School Game

No trivia is useless and it makes for very interesting conversations, which is just as well as this game reveals 400 fun facts and random trivia that’ll give every player an edge.


GOTRAX Electric Scooter

Designed for commuting, this electric scooter can travel up to 12 miles on a single 4-hour charge, and at speeds of up to 15.5MPH it will get her where she wants to go, fast.


Boosted Electric Skateboard

Less than 2 hours charge will let this incredible skateboard travel for up to 14 miles, and at speeds of up to 20MPH, getting there will take no time at all.


Therapy Dough

Play dough has been given an upgrade with this grown-up version which is infused with essential oils to calm, invigorate, or enhance her mood, while keeping that fidgeting at bay.


Anker PowerCore for Charging on the Go

Running out of battery will no longer be a valid excuse when she has the Anker PowerCore 10000, which can power a phone up to three and a half times on one charge.


Personalized Starbucks Cup

If coffee is her elixir, make sure she has her own cup to drink it from with this fun personalized Starbucks travel cup, which comes in a choice of 9 different colors.


Leave a Little Sparkle Earrings

The world always needs more glitter, and with these earrings your teenage girl can bring a little sparkle to any occasion, because life can be dull without it.

Prices vary

Lego Mindstorms EV3 Robot Kit for Kids

Mixing technology with fun, the Lego Mindstorms Robot Kit allows you to build five different robots, each one unique, and then program each one to come to life by walking, talking, and even thinking using the free programmer app included. It’s a great gift for a Lego fan who wants to take it further.


Fujifilm Instax Mini 9

Digital cameras are all well and good, but nothing beats the fun of holding an actual photograph in your hands. Give the gift of instant pictures to a teenager who loves to snap her and her friends this Christmas. And to make sure they get their best side, this camera even comes with a ‘selfie mirror’!


iHome Bluetooth Color Changing Alarm Clock

“iHome, iHome, it’s off to work (or school) we go” with the iHome Bluetooth clock radio and alarm. This gorgeous color changing device can wake up even the heaviest-sleeper gently with Bluetooth audio, FM radio, or one of its many tones. And best of all, it can be used to take calls from your cell.


MeliMe Fashion Cute Cartoon Brooch Pins

If you know a teenager or tweenager who loves to bling her bags, this set of eight cute enamel pins makes the perfect Christmas stocking filler. Cocktails, kittens, and cute ice cream cones are just a few of these adorable pins which will brighten up their day no end.


Letters to Open When…

This is such a beautiful gift, not only for teenagers but for anyone who wants to give someone a reminder of how special they are. This set of twelve prompted letters can either be filled in by the giver, or can be given blank for the recipient to fill out for someone else.


Kracie Popin Cookin Bundle

With everything needed to make nine different food stuffs, both girls and boys will love mixing and molding the ingredients in this kit and transforming them into proper food. From burgers to bentos, and noodles to sushi, this is a gift which is definitely good enough to eat!


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

If you thought Star Wars was just for boys, think again! For girls who have seen Episodes III and IV, this movie fills in the gaps, and will take the viewer on a roller coaster of emotions. Darker and more intense than the others, Rogue One is not to be missed.


Zadro Max Bright Sunlight Dual Sided Vanity Mirror

It’s always better to apply make-up in natural daylight, but that’s not always possible. This dual-sided mirror emulates natural daylight, meaning any teenage girl can apply their make-up in optimum conditions, and with 1x/10x magnification, those intricate jobs like applying false eyelashes can be carried out easily, too.


Scratch the World®

Know a teenager who longs to travel the world? The Scratch the World poster allows any globetrotter to scratch off the places they have already been while giving them a clear view of countries yet to be visited. As Dr Seuss would say: ‘Oh the places they’ll go’!


Warm Winter Fleece Lounge Pajama Bottom Pants

Even the most ardent of fashion aficionados know the value of comfort, and what could be more comfy than warm, fleecy lounge pants? Available in a variety of fun, wintry patterns and colors, these pyjama bottoms are a Godsend to teenage girls who love to lounge in style.

Prices Vary

Mystic Emoji Ball

Magic 8 balls have always been fun, but now they have been brought bang up to date with an emoji make over. The ideal stocking filler this Christmas, the Mystic Emoji Ball just needs to be shaken, and it will reveal the answer to any question, in text speak, emojis, and slang.


Essentials Dot Matrix Notebook

The dot matrix notebook is a real page-turner for any girl or boy who loves to keep a journal, but also loves to keep their musings neat and tidy. Instead of lines, the pages are filled with a dot matrix pattern, making bullet lists, graphs, and neat doodles easy peasy.


eTape16 Digital Tape Measure

If you like to dabble in DIY projects at home, the original digital eTape is the gadget for you! Measuring is easy with its large digital display, and has one short term, and two long term memory functions. Durable and weather-resistant, it calculates centerline as well as inside/outside measurements.


Philips Sonicare AirFloss Rechargeable Electric Flosser

If flossing has become a repetitive chore, this gadget will catch your eye. The Electric Flosser removes up to five times more plaque than through regular brushing, and helps improve gum health. Just fill it with water or mouthwash for an easy cleaning routine.

Prices Vary

Dodow Sleep Aid Device

The Dodow sleep aid device will help you to fall asleep faster by relaxing and guiding you with its light system. Sits comfortably on your night table for easy-to-reach comfort. Excellent for those who have troubled thoughts, stress, or chronic insomnia!


HoodiePillow Hooded Pillowcase

For the teenager who can’t be parted from his or her hoodie, this pillowcase provides familiar surroundings for their head. The soft pillowcase comes with a drawstring hood and a pocket for a phone, with a porthole for headphone leads to ensure there are no tangling mishaps. A great gift for a ‘sound’ night’s sleep.

Prices Vary

Fjallraven Kanken Classic Pack

Simple but effective, this backpack will keep students standing tall and pain free. There is enough room for books and belongings, and a sleeve designed to snugly hold a laptop. With various zips and pockets, this bag is waterproof and dirt proof, which means it will keep on looking good, just like your teenager!


Women’s Closet Organizer Hangers

Ok, so it’s a given that teenage girls will have far more clothes than they will ever need, so give them the gift of space this Christmas. These nifty little hangers can hold up to eight strappy tops, bras, camisoles, or tank tops on one, freeing up loads of space for even more clothes!


MIRA Vacuum Insulated Travel Water Bottle

These bottles are not only very stylish, but they are also highly functional. The iconic coca-cola shape design houses a stainless steel bottle which will keep drinks hot for up to 12 hours, or cold for up to 24, and is available in many different eye-catching designs to suit any teenager’s style.


Ariana Grande Ari Eau de Parfum Spray for Women

This gift would be well received by any girl for the beautiful bottle alone, but even more gorgeous is the scent inside the bottle! Ari, by Ariana Grande, is a floral, fruity, and musky fragrance which will suit any teenager who loves both celebrities and perfume.


Kala Learn To Play Ukulele Starter Kit

For musically minded misses, few instruments have as much of a fun factor as the Ukulele. Small and portable, this ukulele comes with everything needed to learn to play it. Complete with mahogany instrument, strings, tuner, carrying case, and free online lessons, this is one gift which will last for a long long time.


Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser

Beauty products and skin care are always great Christmas stocking stuffers for teenage girls, but you need to be sure you’re giving them products which aren’t too harsh for their delicate skin. Philosophy One-Step cleanser is made from natural oils to moisturize the skin and is fragrance-free to eliminate irritation.


Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker

For teens who want to add music into the mix when they’re playing by the pool (or soaking in the tub) this Bluetooth speaker packs quite a punch. Small and compact, the soft-touch silicone speaker is water-resistant, and with voice prompts talking them through the pairing process, it couldn’t be simpler.


Sperry Top-Sider Women’s Angelfish Oat Slip-On Loafer

Teenage girls who are always on the go need footwear that is both stylish and comfortable. The Sperry slip on loafers are both – easy to slip on and off, and yet strong enough to withstand a lot of use without losing any of their comfort-factor. A pretty and practical gift for the busy teen.


Hunter Women’s Tall Rain Boot

Step out in style with this pair of iconic Hunter boots, perfect for horse lovers and all that entails. Built to last, Hunter boots make an ideal gift which will last long past the holiday season, whether riding out, mucking out, or just hanging about at the stables. Available in 19 different colors.


Herebuy Cool Animal Print Scarf

This scarf will bring unbridled pleasure to the horse lover who is lucky enough to receive it. The super soft material is covered with their favorite animal, so even when they’re away from the paddock they can keep their best four-legged friend close. Makes a lovely gift for any rider.


Color City Womens Thick Soft Cute Socks

Horse owners spend a lot of time with their feet encased in rubber, so give them the gift of warm, horsey themed socks which are both breathable and deodorizing. The thermal properties will keep their feet warm, which is the ‘mane’ thing, but once the boots come off your nose will thank you, too!


S’well Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Wooden it be nice to be able to give a teenager a drinks bottle they would actually like to be seen with? These Swell bottles come in a variety of wood-effect finishes which look good, feel great, and keep their drinks hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours


Bliss Gardens Air Plant Terrarium

Plants will invariably die in a teenager’s room as they often forget to water them. This air plant is different. The box contains everything they need to create a little haven in their room that requires next to no maintenance, and even comes with a beautiful rose quartz for inner harmony.


Running Belt for Phone

Runners can ‘belt’ out the tunes as they go for their morning jog, thanks to this secure running belt. Made from neoprene, the wide belt holds a phone snugly but comfortably against the body to minimize bounce, and has a compartment behind the phone for safe storage of cash, cards, and keys.


Giant Gummy Bear

Everyone loves Gummy Bears, right? But if you know a girl who can never have enough of those little teddies of wobbly deliciousness, this is the gift to buy! A whopping FIVE POUNDS of cherry flavored gummy, in one supersized bear! She’ll be bear-ly able to contain her excitement!


Sharpie Stained Fabric Markers

Teenagers love to make their mark, so help them make it in a creative way with Stained Fabric Sharpies. Made especially for clothes, these markers have a brush tip for precision ‘painting’, and are fade-resistant so their works of art won’t wash out. Great Christmas stocking gifts.


John Green Box Set

Any teenage girl will have probably have seen The Fault in our Stars, and for good reason! Now introduce them to some of John Green’s other books with this 4-book boxset which also includes Looking for Alaska, An Abundance of Katherines, and Paper Towns. Books never go out of fashion!


Nest Fragrances Classic Candle

Candles make every room look cozy, and if they’re scented that’s even better! The Nest Candle is infused with all the scents of Christmas, such as pomegranate, orange, pine, and cinnamon, to bring a festive feel to a teenage girl’s bedroom, while the gold on the holder adds a touch of opulence.


Auxiwa Clip on Selfie Ring Light

Teenage girls and selfies go together like bread and butter, so help them make sure their phone, and therefore their friends, see them in their best light! The Selfie Ring slips over the camera and, thanks to the 36 LED lights, emits a soft and flattering light to flatter and enhance their natural beauty.


Unicorn Poop Soap

When all unicorns eat is fairy dust and sparkles, you can imagine how beautiful their poop smells, so some entrepreneurial being decided to collect it and make it into unicorn poop soap, which just happens to be gentle enough for teenage girls’ skin! Give the gift of magic this Christmas, or elf!

Prices Vary

Steamfast Home-and-Away Mini Steam Iron

This teeny tiny travel iron is an ideal gift for teenage girls who love to sleepover but want to look good. Small enough to stash away in their overnight bag, this steam iron will make light work of their outfits for those girls’ nights out, or pyjama parties in.


Teens Cook: How to Cook What You Want to Eat

Fussy eating goes hand in hand with being a teen, so why not let them loose in the kitchen with this recipe book, which could well become the teenager’s cooking bible, as it shows them how to take short cuts and throw together ingredients to make something that’s somehow edible! Just don’t let them make Christmas dinner!


Ozobot Bit

With coding being an integral part of life, it was only a matter of time before it made its way into toys and games, too. These Ozobot Bits can be programmed by younger kids with drawing, while teenagers can learn to control them using the advanced app and learning OzoBlockly, the robot’s own language.


Adidas Squad Duffel Bag

Girls just wanna have fun, but when that fun requires a lot of equipment, a big bag is needed. That’s why this Adidas bag is perfect for teenage girls – there are enough compartments and pockets to hold everything they need, whether for the gym, their job, or just chilling with friends.

Prices Vary

Pandora Silver Bracelet Snap

Pandora is one of those labels that girls know and love. The Pandora bracelet is a gift which they will treasure for years, as they can add to it for birthdays and Christmas with charms, making it truly sentimental and priceless. In sterling silver, the bracelet comes in several sizes to fit any wrist.

Prices Vary

Katy Perry Meow Eau De Parfum Spray for Women

Katy Perry is synonymous with style, talent, and uniqueness so it’s no surprise that her perfumes are the same. ‘Meow’ is a purrfect scent for teenage girls who love fruity, floral aromas for a light, sweet, smell. And even when it’s empty, the bottle looks paw-jus on the shelf.


Urpower Essential Oil Diffuser

Indoor heating can be drying in the winter, as it strips the natural moisture from the room. Remedy that by giving someone this essential oil diffuser as a gift, which combines beautiful scents with its humidifying properties, while creating a calm atmosphere with the color changing lights. Perfect for teenagers’ bedrooms.


Fashion Shoes Bookmark

What girl doesn’t love shoes? Slip this quirky bookmark into their Christmas stocking so they can show the world that bookworms CAN be stylish! Louboutins and literature, now that’s the way to dive into a good book, and they make great conversation-starters, too.


Girl in Pieces

Life can be tough for teenagers, and it always helps to read a book which draws them in and which they can identify with. Girl in Pieces will captivate the reader as she gets pulled along on Charlie’s journey of loss, love, self-harm and ultimately, survival.


Guess Eau de Parfum Spray for Women

Guess perfume really does take the guessing out of gift buying for the girl in your life this Christmas. With fruity top notes going right down to the woody, musky base notes, this is a scentsational choice for teenage girls who love their labels.


Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch gives players the best of both worlds – the ability to play at home, as a single player or multi-player, as well as the portability of a hand held system for gaming on the go. It’s like giving two consoles for the price of one – what a great Christmas gift!


UGG Women’s Ansley Moccasin

Slippers, while comfortable, are usually seen as ‘boring’ gifts, especially by teenagers who would much rather have the cash! But even the pickiest teen can’t help but be impressed with the Ugg Moccasin. Comfy yet luxurious, these slippers have a molded rubber sole, making them perfect for outdoor use, too.


How to Survive Anything

Prep your teen for any eventuality with this witty but interesting book about surviving anything! From a natural disaster to humiliating laughter, this book will teach your teenager how to deal with it all. (It also includes advice on how to be nicer to parents! Very useful indeed!)


Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

You do know that when a teenager puts their headphones on, they’re not necessarily listening to music, right? Sometimes it’s kid-code for ‘Don’t talk to me’. So leave them alone in style with a pair of Beats Wireless headphones in this season’s hottest color: Rose Gold – at least they’ll look good while they’re sulking!


Umbra Anigram Ring Holder

They say elephants never forget, and with this adorable copper ring holder girls will never forget where their rings are! Whether they take them off for showering, doing the dishes (ha!), or any other ‘tusk’, their jewelry will be safe under the watchful eye of this miniature gentle giant.



If ever there was a book to inspire teenage girls everywhere, #GIRLBOSS is it. Sophia Amoruso tells her story of rags to riches in an honest, raw, and motivating way, showing girls everywhere that success doesn’t always have to come from Grade As.


ICUP DC Comics Wonder Woman Apron

Not all superheroes wear a cape – some of them wear an apron when they flex their super-muscles instead. While your teenage girl might not be saving the world, she could still be doing her bit for mankind (or at least her family) by cooking up a storm and saving her threads in this Wonder Woman apron.


Herschel Supply Co. Little America Backpack

Get back to basics with a Herschel supply Co. Backpack for your teenager this Christmas. With a laptop sleeve, headphone port, hidden zippers and bags of room for all their work or school essentials (plus a lot more), this backpack comes in a myriad of designs to suit any taste.

Prices Vary

BigMouth Inc The Original Donut Mug

Do nut be a mug this Christmas! Give a teen with a sweet tooth a gift they can really use, with this original Donut Mug. Shaped like a yummy chocolate sprinkle-covered ring donut, this mug says what we all think, on the back: ”Mmmmm…donuts.” Buying gifts really is a piece of cake!

Prices Vary

Idson Muscle Roller Stick for Athletes

Sports can really take it out of you, whatever your age, and teen athletes are no exception. Help them to ease their aching muscles with a muscle roller stick, which is small enough to carry in their kit bag for relief wherever they are. If they can reach it, they can roll it.


Video Games Collection Puzzle

Genteel meets geek in this awesome 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle from Uncommon Goods. Made from recycled chipboard, this puzzle features a vast collection of old-school consoles, controllers and cartridges all captured by photographer Jim Golden, for hours of retro reminiscing. All those pieces in one box…that’s quite a pac, man.


Colorful Floppy Disk Coasters

If you remember floppy disks, you will love this set of coasters! These six drinks coasters, each in a different color, look exactly like the disks in days of old, or at least a couple of decades ago, and make a great gift for the geek on your gift list this year.


Dinosaur Chart

If you’re fed up with endless T-rex through the shopping malls in search of the ideal geek gift, it’s time to take Jurassic measures. This dinosaur chart features drawings of and facts about over 100 species, from the minute to the mighty, making it the ideal gift for the budding palaeontologist.


Interstellar Puzzles

Let’s face it, nerds are puzzling. Like literally, all the time. Always working something out and unravelling the mysteries of the universe. So how about giving them something else to figure out? These interstellar puzzles are based on cosmic phenomena such as meteors, comets, and asteroids, making them perfect gifts for spaced out scientists.


EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystem

Now this is a fascinating gift for anyone this Christmas! The ecosphere is completely enclosed, and yet the shrimp, microorganisms, and algae that live inside survive, because the sphere contains everything they need to live! All it requires is a warm-ish position with plenty of light.


Q&A a Day: 5-Year Journal

This journal will fascinate any teenage girl who receives it as a gift. Each day begins with a single question, to which they write the answer down. When they get to the end of the year they simply start again, and read how much their mind-set has changed in a year, two years or even 5 years.


Spikeball 3 Ball Game Set

Get the kids outdoors and active, playing this game of volleyball with a difference. Two teams of two compete to out-bounce their opponents by bouncing the ball off the trampoline-like net in the middle. Great exercise, and the perfect way to get teens off their screens and into the fresh air.


Harry Potter Complete 8-Film Collection

There are many teenage girls who would love to find Harry Potter under the tree on Christmas morning, but a gift set containing all eight of the movies is even better, because the adventures can be re-lived over and over again from the Sorcerer’s Stone in the beginning right through to The Deathly Hallows.


Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Thermal Pajama Set

If you’re having a hard time Hil-figuring out what to get your teenager for Christmas, pyjamas never go amiss. Young ladies who love to lounge in labels will adore this set by Tommy Hilfiger in super soft, heather grey stripy fabric, perfect for lazy days and sleepovers.

Prices Vary

Swimline Giant Inflatable Pizza Slice

Pizza isn’t exactly what springs to mind when it comes to Christmas, but a pizza slice inflatable is just too ‘amor-able’ for words! Whether your teenager uses it in the pool or on dry land, further slices can be interlocked to form an entire giant pizza, so no-one will be canne-lonely.


Diy Nail Art

Nail the art of gift giving this Christmas with a book full of easy to follow tutorials on how to produce beautiful nail art creations. Whether they are looking for fruity, frilly, or fabulously colorful, girls can learn how to reproduce each design, step by step.


Cards Against Humanity

A game for the older, and much more irreverent, teenager in the family, Cards Against Humanity is not for the faint-hearted! Loads of fun, this politically-incorrect game will offend and appal in equally hilarious measures. Easy to play, and guaranteed to bag them a place on the naughty list next year!


How to Cook Everything

Sooner or later, teenagers will fly the nest, and when they do the last thing you want is for them to starve! Give them the gift of cooking with a book which takes them right back to the basics, from how to crack an egg to what to keep in your pantry.


Letters to My Future Self

This gorgeous gift is the closest the recipient will ever come (probably) to time travel. A set of 12 blank letters wit prompts such as “I promise myself…” and “I never want to forget this”, this set will be treasured for years to come as today’s teenagers fill them out, and tomorrow’s grandmothers read them back.


Everything, Everything Paperback

What if you were allergic to absolutely everything? That’s the story behind the novel ‘Everything, Everything’ in which Maddy hasn’t ventured outside her house for 17 years. It’s a book for every teenage girl who believes in love, and will give them all the feels – laughter, sadness, and everything between the two.


Adidas Women’s 3-Stripes Leggings

Leggings are a staple of every girl’s wardrobe, but these ones are extra special. With the unmistakeable Adidas stripes, these leggings will take them from the sports field to the gym, and from lounging to larking about with friends. The comfort of dressing down, with the style of Adidas.


Orion GoScope TableTop Refractor Telescope

For teenage geek girls, the Orion Table-Top Telescope provides plenty of star gazing opportunities, all packed into a neat little unit. Perfect for the home, it is lightweight and portable, making it equally useful for moon-watching in the great outdoors. With impressive magnification, the Orion will definitely place your girl among the stars.


Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book

At one time, coloring in was for kids, but that’s not the case now! Coloring in has become big news for teenagers and adults too, for its therapeutic value and calming effects. The Secret Garden is a big book of floral Zen, with intricate drawings just waiting to be brought to life.


Boyfriend Body Pillow Gray

Teenage girls are social butterflies, so while they might want someone to cuddle up to every now and again, an actual boyfriend can be too time consuming! Enter the Boyfriend Body Pillow. All the comfort of a cuddle without the hassle, and it doesn’t answer back!


Monkey Light

When you want your teenager to be safe on their cycle, but they want to be stylish, slip a Monkey Light under the Christmas tree and you’ll both be happy! The Monkey Light comes with 42 themes and 16 colors, turning their wheels into a stunning lightshow, whatever the weather.

Prices Vary

Poo-Pourri Toilet Spray

Teenage girls don’t smell – it’s a scientific fact (or at least, that’s what they would have you believe). Poo-Pourri allows girls to smell gorgeous, even after going to the toilet! Just a quick squirt into the bowl before they ‘go’ will eliminate any trace of odor, leaving the fantasy intact.


Luminoodle LED Light Rope for Camping

The Luminoodle is a great little Christmas gift for anyone, boys or girls, who spend time outdoors at night. Using a USB source such as a power bank, this flexible rope light provides a bright light to illuminate tents, for use as a torch, or to simply make someone visible in the dark.


Men in Uniform Adult Coloring Book

Coloring in just grew up! Slip this gift into a teenage girl’s Christmas stocking and give her the luxury of designing her own perfect man in (and out) of uniform. With 30 action men to choose from, any girl can color herself happy bringing a small army of heroes to life.


CreaClip Creaclip Set

Teenage girls are notoriously fussy about their hair, but trying to pin them down to a time for a trip to the salon can be an impossible task. With the CreaClip set, home hair-maintenance is easy and professional, and will allow anyone to create bangs, layers, or just have an even trim.


Phone Charging Bracelet

Well this is an a-wrist-ing gift idea for anyone who can’t live without their iPhone! Like Wonder Woman’s bracelets, this one carries a lot of power, but unlike the Amazonian Goddess’ this one charges an iPhone up to 50% in around 40 minutes. Sleek, chic, and made for geeks, it’s one powerful wrist piece.


Wonder Woman Movie

Superheroes come in all guises, and Wonder Woman really gives the girls one to aspire to. For too long the boys have dominated the comic book hero scene, and now the girls are fighting back! A great movie of courage, action, and a whole load of girl power for Christmas and beyond.


Say Anything

Find out what REALLY goes through your teen’s mind with ‘Say Anything’, the game where each player writes their own answer to a question which has been read out, and then they all bet on whose answer will win. Let the hilarity commence as players compete to give more and more creative answers.


LED String Lights Dimmable with Remote Control

You know that feeling when the Christmas decorations come down and everything looks dull? At least your teenager’s room will still look beautiful with a whopping 33 ft. of remote controlled fairy lights, all strung together on moldable copper wire. Lights can be dimmed, brightened, flashed or turned off, all at the touch of a button.


44 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

Bff Heart Matching Phone Cases

Finding a gift for a teenage girl can be difficult if you are looking for something truly unique. So why not make one yourself? Take a pair of plain phone cases, and turn them into matching BFF masterpieces, going as glittery or girly as you like with just glue, glitter, and a touch of bling.

DIY Glitter Cup

Everyone enjoys a cup of something warm, but the cardboard cups from coffee shops are bad for the environment. Make one as a gift for a girl on your Christmas list by taking a plastic re-usable cup and just adding glitter (and then more glitter because why not?) for a personalized cup of her own?

Diy Tea Towel

For a girl who’s off to college, or to encourage one to dry the dishes at home (!), these DIY tea towels are perfect! Absolutely any shape can be stencilled on, making them absolutely personal to the recipient, and all you need is fabric, pens, paper, and an iron.

Diy Rainbow Loom Sunglasses

Statement sunglasses often come with a hefty price tag, but you can’t put a price on individuality. Take one generic pair of sunglasses and add some zsa zsa zsu with brightly colored loombands. The bands cover the arm, which just happens to be where most designers names are…or not…so no one will see them anyway!

Diy Twisted Cord Wrap Bracelets

These bracelets are so simple, yet so effective, that anyone could rustle up enough of them to slip into every teenager’s (or tweenager’s) stocking this Christmas. Both boys and girls wear them, so all you would need to do is choose the color and the sentiment for the link in the middle.

Make A Counter Top Phone Charging Station & Tablet Holder From A Picture Frame

Teens have more gadgets than ever before, and with the gadgets come the chargers. This is an interesting way to make a DIY charging port which looks smart, neat, and definitely not home-made. Paint the frame to match the room, and there you have it – a gorgeous DIY charging station.

Make Your Own Tie Dye Socks

Bring some sunshine to their step with DIY Tie-Dye socks! With a just a few pairs of boring white socks and some dye, you can turn generic into gorgeous, and whether they wear them as a pair or mismatched, they’ll still look awesome, and their friends will be Dye-ing to get their hands on a pair!

How To: Jersey Knit Bracelet

Weave some magic into your gift giving this Christmas by making these Jersey Knit bracelets. They’re super simple and look great, especially when two or more are worn together. By cutting strips of jersey material and weaving it on your fingers, you can have each bracelet finished in a couple of minutes.

Diy Chain Trimmed iPad Sleeve

Take one standard iPad sleeve and turn it into a replica Stella McCartney, at a fraction of the price. Teens really don’t like ‘boring’, so bling a smile to their faces with a sleeve that looks like a label without having to lose your hard-earned loot.

Diy Star Trek Hand

This is a Star Trek inspired gift that will live long and prosper in any sci-fi teenage fan’s bookcase for years to come. Using alginate to make the mold, all it takes is plaster of Paris, and time, to create a life-sized LLAP Vulcan salute. Ring holder? Bookend? Oh the possibilities.

Water Balloon Luminaries

These. Are. Fabulous! And a perfect DIY gift for girls who love candles. By making these candle holders from a water balloon and high melt paraffin wax, they will safely allow a tea light to be burned inside without melting the holder. Very simple but beautifully effective.

Homemade Decorative Straw Frame

It’s a fairly safe bet that most teenage girls will have a corkboard or mirror full of photos, so it stands to reason that photo frames would make a great gift. Jazz one up with this simple tutorial by using decorative paper straws to cover the frame, giving it a unique and unusual make-over.

Make Your Own Camera Strap

If you have a budding photographer in the family, or even if your teens just like to take photos with their friends, you’ll love this tutorial. This camera strap is home made, and can be decorated with whatever shapes, designs, or colors you want using masking tape and acrylic paint. A picture perfect gift.

Diy Gold Leaf Paper Mache Bowls

Make a gold bowl to hold their gold jewelry, using a balloon, newspaper, and some Mod Podge – oh, and some gold leaf. It’s a really simple tutorial but will produce such gorgeous gifts that you won’t be able to feel ‘gilt-ey’ about them being home-made.

Diy Monogram Chalk

Chalkboards are everywhere, and with chalkboard paint being readily available why pay a fortune for one when you can make your own? Take any MDF shape – initials, or even words work well – and turn them into a personalized chalkboard for a teenager’s room? Just add chalk!

Super Easy Mousepad Project

Turn a plain, boring mouse mat into a work of art, worthy of even the fussiest of teenager’s desk! Imagination is your only limit, as literally anything can be painted on to the mat using a brush and acrylic paint. It’s really that simple.

Diy: How To Make A Hollow ‘Secret Stash’ Book

Younger siblings have a habit of rifling through big sis or big bro’s room, looking for a secret stash of candy. Help your teenagers protect their treasures with a secret stash book. This tutorial shows you how to turn a boring book into the best hiding place for when little eyes come looking.

Lucky Lollipops

Teenagers do seem to think money grows on trees, so why not give their very own? Well, technically it’s a plant, but you get the idea. Rather than giving them a fistful of cash, why not turn each bill into a flower by following this instructional, and intersperse them with lollipops and other small goodies?

Diy Neck Candy

Girls love their jewelry, no matter what age, and handmade gifts are always well received. These necklaces are pretty and unusual, and are also easy to make using easily sourced items and some you probably already have at home. They make a real chain-ge from store bought ones.

Summer Is Almost Here

It doesn’t matter how old your daughters get, they will always be little girls at heart. And little girls love bubbles. Combine art with childhood by making your teenager her very own bubble wand, using beads in her favorite colors, which she can keep and use whenever she feels nostalgic for those carefree summer days.

Little Zippered Bow Pouch

Do you remember the fun of pass the parcel when you were a kid? Recreate that fun teenage style, by making adorable zipper bags to hide the ‘real gift’ in. You could even make several, each one smaller than the last, so your teenager will have a set of matching cosmetics bags PLUS the final gift.

Simple Photo Frame Diy

These photo frames open up a world of possibilities for displaying photographs. The wooden background gives the whole thing a rustic feel, while the decals can be adapted to the occasion, the person in the photo, or even the color of their room. A very simple but highly unusual gift.

Diy iPhone Cases

Clear phone cases are a Godsend when it comes to DIY gifts, especially for teenagers. Clear cases are easy to find, and provide a perfect ‘blank canvas’ for whatever design you want to try. Nail polishes are perfect, as are gemstones, sequins, and even googly eyes for a monster theme!

Falling Star Earrings

Catch a falling star and put it in your jewelry box. Ok, so not quite the right lyrics, but that’s exactly what you can do with these ultra-easy earrings which can be made in a matter of minutes, using simple and inexpensive jewelry supplies. Ring the changes with other shapes, such as hearts, for a full set.

Wire Wrapped Pendants

Wire wrapped pendants are on trend at the moment, but these artisan jewelry pieces can cost a small fortune. Make one as a gift for your teenager, using wood, shells, rocks, anything that catches your eye, and decorate them with wire to create stunning, individual pendants.

Diy Gift: Terrarium Kit

Terrariums require minimal care so have a go at making your own to give to a teenager to brighten up their room. Start the ball rolling with a handful of stones in the bottom of a jar, some charcoal in a bag, and the printable instructions and let them build their very own little garden in a jar.

Curly Wood Frame Chalkboard

Make chalkboards that really stand out by buying decoratively shaped wooden photo frames and giving them a DIY makeover. Paint the frames and then distress them if you like the ‘worn’ look, and then work the backboard into blackboard with special paint and/or coating and voila! The prettiest chalkboard you could find.

Diy Nautical Stripe Yarn Bracelets

All those years making pompoms with your kids is about to pay off with this stylish tutorial for nautical bangles. By wrapping red, navy, and while yarn around a basic bangle, you can transform it into a bracelet that is definitely nautical but nice! Teenage girls will love them!

End Of Year & Teacher Gifts

Teenagers love to congregate at coffee shops, which makes this gift perfect! Take a clear Starbucks’ cup, and add a gift card, trinkets, candy or even cinema tickets for a night out with the girls. Alternatively it could be filled with all sorts of spa goodies for a sleepover.

The ‘Stay Put’ Elastic Bookmark

Bookworms will adore this DIY gift, and it will keep books looking newer for longer. There’s nothing more frustrating than losing your place in a book, but turning the corners down just makes them look dog-eared. This fabric bookmark solves the problem – no corners, no lost places, and therefore no stress!

Decorative Gift Wrap

There’s no time like Christmas to put your DIY skills to the test, and this tutorial will show you how to make a gorgeous clock for any teenager’s room – boy or girl. Using wrapping paper in a style/theme they like you can rustle up a professional looking timepiece in no time at all!

Diy Jewelry Organizer

This is a very simple but much needed addition to any girl’s bedroom. Jewelry gets tangled, and earrings get lost, which is why this jewelry keeper is so impressive. By using a photo frame, decorative metal sheets and a few pretty door knobs, you can produce a beautiful jewelry holder worthy of Tiffany’s.

Diy Glitter Snow Globe Ring

Festive jewelry is a lot of fun to wear in the run up to Christmas, and these home-made snow globe rings are perfect! The empty globes and ring bases are really inexpensive, so all you have to do is fill them with whatever your teenager will like – glitter, fake snow, and teeny tiny Christmas trees!

Diy Telephone Bookends

There’s nothing phone-y about this pair of retro bookends, made using a pair of old phones and some metal. The phones can be painted, glittered, or even decoupaged to produce totally unique bookends worthy of any teen’s book collection, and requires only basic DIY knowledge.

Gold Dipped Glitter Clutch

Take one standard clutch and turn it into a statement piece fit for any red carpet event. The design is up to you – if it can be masked off it can be glittered on! Keep it simple or make it seasonal, you know your teenager’s tastes so get blinging for a Christmas gift she will love.

How to Make Horse Hair Jewelry and Accessories

With some forethought and preparation, you can make a horse hair bracelet for yourself or a friend, by saving a bunch of hair from grooming sessions. This tutorial tells you how to braid the hair into a beautiful and sentimental fashion accessory that will grace the wrist of whoever wears it.

Diy Stuffed Felt Rocking Horse Ornament

Rocking horses are one of those toys which have stood the test of time, and this guide will show you how to make a miniature rocking horse Christmas tree ornament with felt, glue, and embroidery floss. Keep it traditionally brown, go Dala red, or even give it markings to resemble your own horse.

D-ring Belts

Belt up instead of saddle up with this simple DIY project, which uses D-Rings in place of buckles. These belts are incredibly easy to make, and require only belt webbing, D-Rings, and needle and thread along with minimal sewing know-how. Suitable for boys and girls, these belts are a cinch to make.

Minaudiere With Golden Horse Tutorial

Bag a bargain and save your money to back the winning horse with this superb DIY tutorial, which shows you how to turn a glasses case into a purse worthy of the winner’s enclosure. With a little Mod Podge magic, glitter, and a plastic horse, you can produce a show-stopping accessory to complement any outfit.

Spiced Latte Hand Soap

Spice up Christmas, or any other occasion come to that, with homemade hand soaps. The shea butter base is infused with cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and coffee for the most comforting soap you will ever have the pleasure of using. Wrap in cellophane and add a ribbon for a beautiful gift idea, too.

Homemade Tinted Lip Balm

Making your own lip balm is the only way to know exactly what goes in it, and this DIY shows you exactly how to do that by using wonderfully natural oils, and adding a tint using dried beetroot. Single pots make great stocking stuffers, or find other ways of tinting and make a whole set.

Winter Sugar Body Scrub

Counteract the harsh effects of winter cold and indoor heating by making this winter sugar body scrub, which is jam packed with wonderfully comforting ingredients. Brown sugar, coconut oil, and winter spices will really put the ‘ahhh’ into bath time, as a gift for yourself or a friend.

Homemade Bath Bombs

Make someone, or everyone, home-made bath bombs as an indulgent gift for birthdays, Christmas, or just because. Using household ingredients, fragrant oils and a little wrapping pizazz, you can rustle up a whole set of bath bombs to keep everyone feeling and smelling da bomb.

Easy Handmade Goat’s Milk Citris Soap

Making home-made soaps from goat’s milk can make baaa-th time much more fun for whoever you give them to. Using a goat’s milk melt and pour base along with dried citrus fruits and essential oils, you can turn out these wonderfully rustic looking invigorating bars, and this tutorial shows you exactly how to do it.

Candy Cane And Lime Swirl Bath Salts

Bath salts can be a little bland unless you make your own, thanks to the thought and time put into them. These candy cane and lime swirl bath salts look fabulous layered into their jars, and thanks to the Epsom salts, sea salts, and essential oils they are hugely beneficial too. Great DIY gifts for everyone.

Homemade Gift: Scented Salt Scrub

Using hard candy flavoring oils, each pot of this scented salt scrub can be made to fit the likes of each recipient, making it a truly individual gift for anyone – men, women, boys and girls. The DIY video shows you exactly how to make them, and even includes free printable labels for that extra personal touch.

Diy Gingerbread Scrub

For a DIY gift that is good enough to eat (literally) you can’t beat gingerbread, man. Using brown sugar, oil, ginger and mixed spices, this gingerbread scrub can be whipped up in no time, making it ideal for last minute gifts, and the smell is truly evocative of Christmas baking. Perfect.

Spiced Orange Christmas Soap

The oils and butters in this DIY soap make this one of the creamiest, most luxuriant soaps around, and you can make them in your own kitchen. With a scent that is synonymous with Christmas, this spiced orange soap needs to be made a few weeks in advance to allow for curing.

Diy Boot Scraper

There’s an old English saying that states ‘where there’s muck there’s brass’. Now, we can’t promise brass, but we can promise brushes and clean boots! This homemade boot scraper is simple to make but highly effective, and by using recycled wood you won’t be leaving a carbon (or muddy) footprint.

Diy Bit Warmer Tutorial

Take the bit between your teeth and produce one of these fabulous bit warmers, just perfect for those cold mornings when that metal is just too cold to handle. Using polar fleece and rice, you can easily produce a microwaveable bit warmer that will stop you having the cold shoulder when you carry it.

Easy White Horse Decor

Most people will have at least one long-discarded toy horse from their childhood languishing at the bottom of a toybox. Give it a new lease of life with a porcelain-look makeover! With just a couple of coats of white spray paint, you can produce a beautiful ornament which looks deceptively expensive. It’s a winning idea.

Chalkboard Horse Place Setting Diy

Make these clever place settings as a gift for any horse enthusiasts – they’re much more fun than normal ones and can be re-used again and again. Spray cheap plastic toy horses with chalkboard paint, leave to dry, and just add chalk. This is one gift that really does have their name on.

Crafts For Men: Comic Book Coasters

Whoever your teenager’s superhero is, he (or she…hello, Wonder Woman) can be turned into a coaster, ready to hold up a cup while saving the furniture from rings and tea stains! Make just one, or even a whole set, for a great gift for comic book fans.

How Freezer Cooking Saves Money

Forrest Gump once said that life is like a box of chocolates, and that certainly rings true with this fab DIY idea! Take an empty chocolate box (bonus…you get to eat them all) and then replace them with cash in various denominations. Just watch a teen’s face fall when they think they’re just getting candy!

Diy Photo Booth Strip Bow

A fun way to decorate a teenager’s gift, this bow is made using Photoshop and a little creativity. It’s a beautiful way to put the finishing touches to a special gift, and is one they will treasure for years to come. Stunning, simple, and definitely one of a kind.

No Sew Denim Mini Bag

Sometimes all a girl needs is a purse just big enough to carry her phone, her keys, and a chapstick. Using an old pair of jeans, you can make a handy little bag and embellish it with whatever you want to suit their personality. The perfect size for the perfect teenager.

Diy Marble Dipped Vessels

Plain white vases and bowls can be given a sophisticated look thanks to this very easy step by step guide to marbling. Using any colors you want, just drop nail polish into water, swirl, and dip, to make stunning gifts for a teenager’s bedroom.

Superhero Comic Book Magnets

Fridge magnets make great stocking fillers, and are also a great way to bring out a girl’s geekiness! Take old comic books and acrylic shapes and let your imagination run wild! Characters, phrases, even a few lines of text can all be made into inexpensive fun items for your very own superhero.

Diy No Sew Tote Bag

Tote bags are absolute faves for carrying the million things teens need in their daily lives. If you’re not good at sewing, this DIY tote bag tutorial shows you how to make one without having to thread a single needle! Understated but fun, and you can have so much decorating it!

Diy Word Bracelets

These bracelets are adorable, and so easy to make, and all you need is some hemp (or other string) in the color of your choice, and a word bead for each one.

Diy Pencil Case

Follow this tutorial for details on how to decorate a plain pencil case in three different designs – the more glittery, the better – or adapt it for ideas of your own.

Diy Wire Wrapped Bracelet

Wire wrapping is a great way to make jewelry, and can be used with beads, leather, or even wrapped around existing pieces to add interest. Follow this guide to find out how.

Diy Chalkboard Cell Phone Case

These chalkboard cases are a fun way to jazz up her phone, and can be used to write reminders, messages, or even motivational quotes to get her through the day.

Diy Yarn Ball Pom Pom Bookmark

Super simple to make, these pom pom bookmarks need nothing more than yarn and scissors, and would make adorable stocking stuffers for the teenage bookworms on your list.

Diy Lap Desks

If your teenager likes to use her laptop in bed, lap desks are an essential piece of kit to keep things level and avoid overheating. Make one yourself by following this easy DIY.

Diy Monogram Chalk Slate

Chalkboards are great fun for leaving messages, and this one can be made by using an MDF letter and spraying in chalkboard paint before adding a handle for hanging.

Diy Glitter Blocked Cuff

Add some glitz to the color blocking trend by making one of these glitter blocked cuffs, which look great either dressed up or dressed down, using biodegradable glitter for an eco-friendly Christmas gift.

Diy iPad Case

Duck tape comes in all sorts of wonderful colors, and it can be used to great advantage in this simple DIY project which shows you how to make a unique iPad case.

Homemade Peppermint Lip Balm

Lip balms are a teenage girl’s best friend, so make sure she has a stash of them by whipping up your own, using shea butter, beeswax, and nourishing jojoba oil.

Diy High School Diary

Make her a diary she will cherish by checking out the step-by-step guide in this blog post, using a simple ring binder as a base and adding photos and embellishments.

Diy Blanket Scarf

If she refuses to wear a coat ‘because it’s not cool’, at least you can keep her wrapped up with a homemade blanket scarf that requires no sewing and is bang on trend.

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