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105 Best Gifts for Teens That Don’t Suck – Teen-Approved Gift Ideas

You’ll find a whole variety of gifts for teens with this seriously helpful (if we may say so ourselves) list. There’s something to suite everyone, from the geeky kind to the sporty, and even intrepid travellers, so take a look; no matter your budget you’ll find something amazing!

Whether they’re into makeup, longboarding, music, or just enjoy chilling out after a long day at school, you’ll find the best fitting gifts for teens right here.

Capture the Flag REDUX

Those hard to please teenagers will have hours of fun playing and working together in their teams, with this Capture the Flag game by REDUX – great for parties and camping trips. Play the game at night for a more intense, and even more awesome, glow-in-the-dark effect, and hange it up with the game variations.


Pusheen Cat Face Backpack Standard

This Pusheen Backpack will make the perfect gift for teens, especially girls, as they all love adorably cute and quirky things. This backpack is sturdy and durable – brilliant for all of the books and supplies needed at school. They could personalize the backpack by adding their favorite keychains and cool badges.


WINSTION iPhone Stand Charging Dock

Not only is this iPhone dock stylish with its gorgeous rose gold color, but it’s also brilliantly practical as it’s small and portable – meaning charging and syncing your iPhone to your laptop and devices on the go is now super easy, whether that’s at school, your accomodation, or even the library.


Lanyi Mobile Game Controller

Ready…aim…FIRE! We all know teens, particularly boys, love technology and cool gadgets, just like this awesome mobile game controller. The controller (which connects to their cellphones) is designed to be used with aiming and shooting games such as; Knives Out, Critical Ops, Rules of Survival, and Survival Royale, etc.


1000 Colors Puzzle

Give their minds a calming challenge with this 1000 Colors Puzzle, created by Clemens Habicht. Each piece of this puzzle has its own beautiful pigmented hue. Rather than focusing on copying the image details, they have to use their intuitive sense of color to help them complete this innovative puzzle.


Holylove Vibrant Color Pineapple Earrings

Girls are gonna love accessorizing any spring/summer time outfit with these stunning, unique and fun pineapple earrings by Holylove – that are sure to ‘sweeten’ up the look. They’re made with bright glass stones that will look absolutely stunning as they reflect and shimmer in the sunlight.


Rose Gold Pen with Big Crystal

Bling up those boring pencil cases with this boujee looking pack of rose gold pens. The ballpoint pens each have an eye-catching glass crystal – great for helping you still feel stylish and chic, even when doing that seriously boring school work. The pens have a smooth flowing black ink, so they’re no novelty item.


PS4 Controller Charger

This USB powered Playstation 4 controller charging dock charges 2 at the same time, so they always have a controller fully charged and ready to use whenever they need it. It’s portable and easy to put together, and it also has color changing LED lights – red when they’re charging, turning to blue once they’re fully charged.


Vlando Travel Tassel Jewelry Box Organizer

This lovely travel-sized jewelry box keeps all those pretty trinkets in one easy, accessible place. The box has a cute tassel detailed zipper ensuring all of those precious pieces are safe and secure, right where you left them – NOT spilled all over your bag and broken.


World Traveler’s Cork Globe

Whether your teen is filled with wanderlust, or maybe they’re just fascinated about Earth, this travellers cork globe will surely make an amazing, thoughtful gift. Not only is the cork globe special and unique, but it provides an entertaining talking point between friends as they chatter about the places they’d love to travel to.

Price varies

Under Armour® Personalized Duffel Bag

If they’re soon starting up at the gym, a new job, or they’re off to uni, they’re bound to appreciate this useful large duffel bag. It can be personalized with their name or a monogram, and can be a choice of multiple colors – so you know the bag will be easy to spot amongst everyone’s.


Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition

With (impressively) over 30 preloaded classic, much loved games, such as Kirby, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, and Super Mario Bros. this Nintendo Entertainment System (aka NES, originally released in 1985!) is not only going to provide hours upon hours of entertainment and fun, it’s also one massive, delightful nostalgia trip.

Prices Vary

Create Your Own Bath Bombs

We’re sure your teens have jumped on the bath bomb wagon by now, after all, who can really resist those colorful, deliciously scented bubbly balls? They provide the most relaxing self-made spas, just perfect for taking some time out. With this great gifts for teens, they can have tonnes of fun making their own!


Socksmith Womens’ Avacado Novelty Crew Socks

Are you really a teenager if you’re not asking for smashed avocado on toast, for breakfast EVERY morning (to take a picture of and inevitably post online)? We’re just kidding, but seriously, how adorable and fun are these avocado print socks? You’ll need a pair for everyday of the week.


Dachshund on a Skateboard T-Shirt

MilkyMug over on Etsy has designed and made these super sweet and funny skateboarding daschund tees. Aren’t they just delightful? They really will put a smile on any passer-bys face, for sure. Silly, comfortable and soft, you couldn’t want anything more from a handmade shirt.


Embroidered Pink Make-up Bag

Makeup fanatics are going to love these personalized cases, which are just the right size for all of your favorite brushes, foundations, eyeshadows, mascaras and more. The embroidered name or initial can be made from a whole rainbow of thread colors, so they can be made in the recipients favorite.


I Wear This Shirt Periodically Funny T-Shirt

Chemistry jokes are ‘so dium’ funny…well, even if you didn’t appreciate that hilarious joke, we’re sure your science ‘nerd’ will. They will also love this super punny shirt, which has the periodic table on it and the phrase ‘I wear this shirt periodically’; teens taking any class related to science are sure to enjoy it.


Earth and Beyond Bracelets

Handmade by women in Guatemala, these beautiful bohemian bracelets will make a wonderful gift for everyone. This is a set of 10 Earth and Beyond bracelets, each of them representing a planet; the gorgeous golden one of course for the sun, dark green for earth, a delicious dark red for mars, etc. Just wonderful.


Personalized Journal

Made from recycled paper products, this simple yet useful notebook, will make a great gift for teens that are conscious of their carbon footprint. Not only is the journal eco-friendly, rigid, and perfect for school and adventures with friends, but it’s also personalized, for that extra thoughtful touch.

Price varies

Q&A a Day for Me: A 3-Year Journal for Teens

This Q&A a Day for Me Journal is a surely unique idea, we’ve never seen a journal that’s made to span across 3 years. It’ll be a fascinating and emotional exercise for teenagers to see how much they’ve changed and grown up – as their answers will definitely change and develop over the years.

Prices Vary

RAVPower Luster Mini Portable Charger

There’s nothing more annoying than when the battery dies on your device, so rather helpfully, this sleek gold portable power bank is made for charging your cellphones, tablets and more, on the go. This one is special however, as it adapts the device to maximize its charging speed (impressive, huh?).


Pick Punch

If you find your son or daughter constantly asking you to re-order them new guitar picks because they’ve lost yet another (understandable, they are pretty tiny) then this snazzy Pick Punch is the solution for them. It fits in any bag, and punches out a pick from any old or unused credit card, or memberships cards etc.


Bluetooth Droplet Speaker

Whether they’re singing an imaginary gig in the shower, having a pool party, or just chilling at the beach, they’re gonna be the star of the show with this aptly droplet shaped bluetooth speaker. Not only is it cute, but it’s water AND sandproof resistant, making it the best speaker for playing tunes anywhere and everywhere.


Qivange Hair Chalk Pens Set

While we’re on the subject of parties – this set of hair chalk pens is the perfect way of quickly sprucing up any hair do. They’ll also be great for abstract portaits for art classes, or even making themselves feel ultra snazzy and stylish at festivals, with the glitter pens adding that extra pizzazz.


My YA Reading Club Subscription Box

Give them the gift that keeps on giving with this book subscription service. Once a month they will receive 2 exciting books and a cool free gift, choosing from either real life, fantasy fiction or they can even choose to be surprised, so they never know what they’re gonna get.

Price varies

Sungwoo Foldable Silicone Keyboard

No one wants to carry heavy bags around with them, especially teenagers,and now they can lighten up their load a bit with this Sungwoo foldable silicone keyboard. The flexible waterproof keyboard neatly rolls up, so not only is it light, but it’s compact and dustproof, too (handy for those who just quickly shove things in their bags).


Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Toothbrush

They may be a little too old for you to brush their teeth for them, but of course you still want them to have healthy, ultra-clean teeth. You needn’t worry if they have this Phillips Sonicare Diamond Clean Toothbrush – it has different settings, ensuring each part of the mouth is squeaky clean, even those important gums.


Stencil Name Personalized Beach Towel

Save confusion about whose towel is whose with this personalized beach towel. They’ll never have to guess if this towel is theirs, as their name is printed in a large sketchy font over the entire towel, so no one will accidentally pick it up, either. Choose from 4 color combos to make it your own.


DIY Molten Lip Gloss Kit

Provide ultra fun entertainment at their parties and sleepovers with this DIY lipgloss set. The set makes up to 6 glosses, so they’ll each be able to choose whether they want their lipgloss pink or purple and either watermelon or bubblegum flavored, yummy and seriously cool – we wanna make our own now, too!


PlayStation 4 Console

We’re sure everyone’s heard of the revolutionary Playstation 4, but have you seen this new and ultra sleek, slim version? Not only does it look amazing, but it also has a whopping 1TB of storage, so there’s no need to worry about having to annoyingly delete files to save their games, apps, videos and more.


Motivational Water Bottle

Getting busy adolescents to drink their daily amount of water can be such a struggle, but with this Motivation Water Bottle, they’ll be sure to remember to drink it all, then fill it straight back up. This bottle will make a thoughtful gift for teens, nothing says ‘I care’ more than ensuring they stay hydrated.


Grip Strip

The Grip Strip; this cool little thing keeps all of your necessities stuck in one place, from your phones to pens and even sunglasses – no it’s not glue, it’s a silicone strip made from a clever polymer compound. Plus, if you notice it’s losing its ‘stick’ just wipe it, and ta-da, sticky again.


97 Things to Do Before You Finish High School

Your high school teachers don’t teach you everything, but this genius book just might. 97 Things to do Before You Finish Highschool helps you learn all about the exciting things, like planning your first road trip, making your own time capsule, and how to shut down the party before it gets too rowdy.

Prices Vary


‘Revolutionize the way you paint your nails’ with Tweexy – it’s a little silicone nail varnish holder that you can hold on your fingers, so you can literally paint your nails anywhere. Tweexy accommodates every type of nail varnish bottle, holding it steady as you move, so you don’t have to worry about accidental spillages.


Bluetooth Banana Phone

This item is simply bananas – make all of your friends laugh with the Banana Phone, it’s a bright yellow banana shaped handset, that connects to your device via bluetooth. This phone means no monkey business though, as each sale helps towards Gearing Up for Gorillas – a conservation team that helps Mountain Gorillas.


NeoConcept Great Wave Door Way Curtain

This doorway curtain will make a sweet gift for art students and fans, as it’s inspired by the famous Ukiyoe The Great Wave off Kanagawa. The curtain brings a certain chilled out and relaxing vibe to any room, great for setting the scene for hours of revision or even painting your own masterpiece.


Adjustable Distressed Trucker Hat

The distressed style is all the rage at the moment, so this Trucker Hat will fit right in and complete any outfit, making anyone look effortlessly cool and trendy. With its Wilderness Area symbol (a tree) embroidered on it, it will be perfect for any nature enthusiast


Wireless Bluetooth Beanie

Who doesn’t enjoy having hands-free music on the go? The Music Hat is a beanie hat which has no bulky headphones or fiddly wires, just a small button to change the song and volume easily. The hat is great for the gym, hikes or running – or even shopping as your hands will be free.

Prices Vary

Fender Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar

In a gorgeous Lake Placid blue, this Fender Electric Guitar will make the most amazing gift for any teen, whether they’re already guitar playing experts or even if they want to start a new hobby and learn. The guitar is comfortable, beautiful looking and luxurious feeling, making for a certainly professional instrument.

Prices Vary

GoldCoast Skateboard Complete Longboard

GoldCoast bring you this stunning bamboo longboard. Longboards make exercise fun and exhilarating, so your lazy teenagers are guaranteed to leave their beloved screens and games alone for a while and actually go outside! Crazy. Their beautiful logo is printed underneath the board ready to be shown off when carried or displayed.

Prices Vary

Nevertheless She Persisted Puzzle

“Powerful women, may we be them, me we raise them” – empower your daughters and make them feel just as mighty and amazing, as they truly are. If they feel unbeatable, then they will be, and with all of the 24 strong historical women on this puzzle, they’re bound to gain some inspiration.


Chalkboard Boom Bowl

You don’t need to waste your device’s battery power with unnecessary applications, wires and speakers with this super cool Boom Bowl. It’s deliberately small and portable, but don’t underestimate it, it will still boost your phone’s own speaker by an impressive 15 decibels. It also has a chalkboard finish for your doodles.


Pug on a Scooter T-Shirt

If graphic tees are your thing, then you’re gonna love this adorable and ever so funny pug on a scooter shirt. Nobody can resist their famous big eyes and squashed snout, or that little curly tail – especially on a scooter, LOL. You’ll have everyone’s attention for all the right reasons.


Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Oh boy, these headphones are simply stunning! (We know what we’re putting on our christmas list this year). Beats headphones are famous for their sleek, stylish designs and unbeatable quality, not only in build, but sound, too. These headphones are also foldable, so they’ll fit in your purse with ease.


Shake N Make Ice Cream Maker

Who wouldn’t want homemade ice cream in 3 minutes?! We know we would!. Just mix salt, ice and your delicious flavoring of choice, close the lid, shake vigorously for about 3 minutes, and voila! Instant, delicious ice cream – isn’t that just amazing. You can even try making fro-yo (frozen yogurt) too – yum.


Too Faced La Creme Lipstick Unicorn Tears

Girls who like to stand out from from the crowd are gonna rock this slightly unusual, but seriously pretty Unicorn Tears lipstick from the popular brand Too Faced. The lipstick can be worn in 2 ways, either over a matte lipstick to give it a holographic look or by itself for a sheer lavender lip.


Stance Mens Artoo Socks

Star Wars fanatics are going to feel like they’re moonwalking in these funky R2-D2 socks. Let’s bring you down to Earth for a sec though and talk about how comfortable and soft they are; not only that but they’re made to last with their reinforced heels and toes, so you don’t need to worry about holes.

Prices Vary

Hidrate Spark Smart Water Bottle

Stay hydrated wherever you go with this genius battery operated water bottle. It glows red to let you know that you need to take a drink – but how does it know, we hear you ask. Well, it connects via bluetooth to your health & fitness apps, such as Fitbit, Apple Watch, MyFitnessPal and more!


EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystem

Teenagers mostly live busy lives and as such, won’t have the time to have a pet, let alone look after one – but with this awesome EcoSphere, not only is it fascinating but there’s no walking, grooming or even feeding involved. Watch in awe as the tiny little shrimp inside feed on the algae.


100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

Grab some delicious popcorn, settle down, and start the movie marathon. This unique poster will make a great gift for teens, as what better way to relax after school than with a film? Though choosing which one to watch can be a task, so scratch off a square and it’s chosen for you! Easy as 1-2-3.


Tarte Girls Just Wanna Have Sun Set

Fake it til’ you make it! – Girls love using self-tanner every now again, and why not? Who wouldn’t want that gorgeous sun-kissed look, especially during vacations and the warmer months. With this Tarte 4 piece set, you can achieve just that with their foolproof Brazillience self-tanner, gorgeous Amazonian clay bronzer, and more.


LZWIN Creative Hand Made Brain Knitted Hat

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the brainiest of them all? Well, obviously it’s going to be you with this interesting and certainly eye-catching brain beanie. Those interested in science and biology will find this hat amusing, but it’s also thick and cozy, handy for keeping your real brain warm and toasty.


Kikkerland Blok Lamp

Those who enjoy the edgy, simplistic look will have to add this concrete lamp to their desk. It’s powered via USB so it can connect to your pc or laptop. The lamp also has a space on its base, for you to add a succulent plant, which are easy to look after and they’re pretty, too.


Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera

We’ve all seen those old fashioned, bulky looking polaroid cameras, but this clever Polaroid Snap Digital Camera is much smaller and way more modern. The camera instantly prints out the photo you’ve just taken, ready for you to add to a photobook, scrapbook or to a frame, and it also saves a digital version


Urbun Elf Earbuds Headphones

You’re certainly going to grab everyone’s attention with these hilarious, yet cute Urbun Elf Earbuds Headphones. They’ll be perfect for elvish cosplays and costume parties; not only that but they’re made with ergonomic soft material that conform to your ear shape so they’re super comfortable and high quality in build and sound, too.


DIY At Home Spa Treatments

Treat yourself with these DIY homemade Spa Treatments. There’s a choice of bundles; DIY Masks so you can create your own luxurious face masks, hair treatments to soothe your hair back to full health, DIY Toners – create relaxing organic facial mists – and lastly scrubs to exfoliate and care for your body’s skin.


Xbox Game Pass

Here we have a code for an Xbox Game Pass, where you’ll have unlimited access to brand new Xbox One games, as well as all of your favorite older ones for the Xbox 360. Every month there are new additions to the Game Pass catalog, so there will always something new for you to enjoy.


Fortnite Game

Everyone’s going to have a ‘blast’ with this exciting Xbox One game – Fortnite, Deluxe Founders Pack. The game is all about joining other players and forming teams to build the biggest forts and battle against mountains of monsters – you can also craft and loot in other giant worlds, too. Sound fun? Try it out!

Prices Vary

I Flexed and the Sleeves Fell Off Tank Top

Gym bunnies will have a right ol’ laugh while wearing this funny tank top which reads ‘I flexed and the sleeves fell off’. It’ll be hilarious to wear out, or just while showing off and training at the gym. It will also make a great tongue-in-cheek joke for those who don’t work out at all.


Marc Jacobs Round Sunglasses

Ohhh, these sunnies are so gorgeous, you’ll need a pair (or 2) ASAP. Protect your eyes in style with these beautiful Marc Jacobs Marc170s Sunglasses – with the rose gold, pink and gray frame, they’re certainly going to be making passers by jealous. These will make the absolute perfect outfit accessory for summer.


Blocky World Window Vinyl Wall Decal

We all know teenagers change their minds in the blink of an eye so when it comes to decorating their bedrooms in a theme, it’s pretty hard. However, with wall decals you can swap and change them whenever you please. So this ‘Blocky World’ (just like Minecraft) will make a great gift for a teen.

Price varies

FitMe Wooden Wobble Balance Board

Improve your balance and core muscles with FitMe’s Wooden Wobble Balance Board. It comes with exercise videos that anyone can follow, and it’s also compact so it’ll fit away neatly under a bed or in a cupboard – a great gift for teens who live in dorms and don’t have much storage but still want to exercise.

Prices Vary

TONYMOLY 02 Panda’s Dream Dual Lip & Cheek

First of all, let’s talk about that panda packaging, how adorable?! It’d look SO cute displayed on your vanity. This handy Panda’s Dream lip and cheek duo is from the brand TONYMOLY, this one is in shade 02 – both pink shades can be used as a youthful tint either as a lipstick or cream blush.


Harry Potter Black Cauldron Ceramic Soup Mug

Bubble up your own delicious delights in this wicked Ceramic Harry Potter Soup Cauldron (mug). If you’ve seen the movies, which we’re sure you have, you’ll know that the cauldron is inspired by the ones they use in Potions Class. It even has a lid to keep your magical soup warmer for longer.


Toast Heated Pillow

Enjoy the joys of warm toast in bed and on the sofa without all the annoying crumbs with this super cute Toast Heated Pillow from Firebox. Just charge it up by USB (the cable is included) and it’ll stay nice and ‘toasty’ for up to 4 hours, perfect for cold nights or a comforting cuddle.


Fortnite Socks

Earlier we wrote about Fortnite the game, well now you can get the whole package as you can even buy Fortnite socks! Yep, that’s right, socks. Who wouldn’t want to stuff their feet in these comfortable bad boys, especially with their feet up while playing the game? Nothing better.

Prices Vary

Decision Making Top

Flipping a coin to make your decisions is so yesterday, decide your fate with this Decision Making Top – let’s face it, it’s much cooler. You can choose for it to say ‘me or you’, ‘now or later’ (handy when deciding to do the dishes now or tomorrow) and the obvious, ‘yes or no’.


Tangle NightBall Glow in the Dark Football

The fun and games don’t need to stop just because the sun’s gone down, well not now anyway with this neat Tangle Nightball – the glow in the dark football. Don’t worry about losing track of the ball in the dark as all impact and even movement triggers it to light back up again, but brighter.


Gold Metal Mesh Pineapple LED Lantern String Lights

Ling’s Moment brings you this 5ft string of gorgeous gold mesh pineapple fairy lights. These will really ‘light’ up any room…ba dum tsss. The pretty lights not only look great but they are a brilliant way to bring some ambience to the room and help relax after a long day of stressful school.


KOR Delta BPA Free Water Bottle

The KOR Delta Water Bottle keeps things beautifully simple with its striking see through design made from BPA free plastic. The bottle also has a threadless spout for seamless, comfortable drinking – though it also comes off and leaves a wider hole for inserting ice cubes and easier cleaning.


Ibagbar Canvas Backpack

Keep camping trips, hikes, and days out nice and simple with this Ibagbar rucksack – it’s large enough to carry everything you need, from water bottles, to extra socks and snacks. It can even be used as a duffle bag, suitcase, shoulder bag and more, as it has extra straps to transform it.


3D Grenade Ice Cube Mold

Create your own ticking time bomb with this 3D Grenade Ice Cube Mold – only, this time we’re not counting down to an explosion, we’re waiting for it to melt. This will make an usual yet exciting gift for teens as they won’t resist showing off their grenade shaped ice cubes, or ‘planting’ them in their drinks.


Ztl Fabric Flower Cat Ears Headband

Whether you’re dressing up as a soft kitty for halloween, going to a festival, beach trip, fun summer photoshoot or just enjoy wearing adorable accessories, these floral cat ears will look seriously cute, no matter the occasion. Trust us, you won’t want to take them off afterwards!


Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera

Capture all of those unbeatable precious moments with friends and family with the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8. This camera is cute and compact, so it’s light enough to carry everywhere with you in your purse, ready to take, store, and print out all of your important, stand-out memories.

Prices Vary

Northpoint Lightbox

Whether you want to display a cute little catchphrase, inspirational quote, your name or just a welcoming message to guests, say whatever you wanna say with this Northpoint Lightbox. It comes with 109 letters, numbers and symbols that you slide into the box to spell out the words.


Jersey Pillow Cover

If your teen is a sports player themselves, is a massive team supporter, or they just like sport, they’re going to love this personalized jersey pillow cover as it can be made with their name and a number that’s special to them. It’ll make a heartwarming decoration to any bedroom.


Loot Crate Subscription Box

This awesome subscription is every geeky kid’s absolute dream. No matter their nerdy obsession, there’s a Loot Crate just for them. Once a month they get a box full of t-shirts, figurines, home goods, memorabilia, badges, funky socks and more – all catered to them, how cool?!

Price varies

Doinkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board

You’ll be hitting the ‘bullseye’ for sure with the Doinkit Darts magnetic Dart Board; it’s a much safer way of getting kids and teens confident with not only the game, but the practise of throwing darts and learning all of the rules and scores, too. You don’t need to worry about holes in walls, either.


My Daughter, My Heart Necklace

There’s nothing that represents the special and precious bond between mother and daughter more than this gorgeous necklace does. The My Daughter, My Heart necklace has one pendant with the heartwarming quote “My daughter, the other half of my heart” and the other pendant has a pretty heart design. Simply lovely.


Bluetooth Speakers with Flashlight and Microphone

This is the best speaker for pool parties, playing music at the beach and it’s even useful past sunset with its inbuilt LED flashlight. You can connect to it via bluetooth so everyone can have a go at playing the music of their choice, with enhanced bass they’re bound to sound amazing, too.


Finish This Book

From the best-selling creator of the popular ‘Wreck This Journal’ comes a collaboration with you, yep you read that right, YOU. It’s expected of you to help her finish the mystery of the unexpected discovery, which is the pages of this very book that she found at the park. Research and write away.

Prices Vary

Tarte Starters Skin & Color Set

Giving your teen daughter the gift of feeling like the prettiest version of themselves, will be the best gift ever, right? The Tarte starters Skin & Color Set comes with everything they need to not only nourish and moisturize but prep and prime their skin too, ready for their makeup routine.


Scratch Map

No one wants a boring generic map when an awesome one exists. This scratch-off map makes the perfect gift for teens who have the travel bug – simply scratch off each place they’ve visited and before they hang up their passport for good, they will have a whole rainbow on their wall.

Price varies

Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote

With over 190 channels and apps, you have never ending viewing entertainment just for you, with this new generation Amazon Fire TV Stick. Just like the older versions, however it’s new and improved with its included Alexa Voice Remote – simply ask Alexa to play your favorite programme and she’ll load it up for you.

Prices Vary

Pusheen Kigurumi Unicorn Hooded Zip Up Suit

Why not enjoy your favorite shows and movies in unbeatable comfort with this adorable Pusheen Kigurumi Onesie. In fact, why not order seven of them so you I have one clean for everyday of the week. Comfy and cute, you might want to get yours in your basket ASAP, before they’re all sold out.


olloclip 4-in-1 Lens System

Stun everyone with the amazing quality of your photos with this Olloclip 4-in-1 lens system for your iPhone. No longer will your photos be just the standard like everyone else’s, you’re sure to be a cut above the rest. The lenses are interchangeable, so you can even choose to have a fish-eye lense for wider shots and more.


Peace and Love Earrings

Handmade in 22k gold, these Peace and Love earrings are no underrated gift. With one earring being a hand making the Peace sign, and the other a hand making the sign for Love, any happy go lucky person will be more than grateful to receive these and show them off to the world.


Beautify Large Mirrored Rose Gold Glass Jewelry Box

This stunning rose gold colored, mirrored glass jewelry and makeup organizer will look amazing showcasing your daughter’s makeup collections, prettiest jewelry items (like the pineapple earrings) and any other of those little trinkets and tiny pieces she wants to keep safe. Comes with three drawers, nine sections, and ‘crystal handles’ for the ultimate in chic.

Prices Vary

KrakBox Skateboarders Subscription Box

Skateboarding enthusiasts are gonna LOVE this bimonthly subscription service as it’s catered just for them – from new wheels to annuals to apparel and even their own Krak Mag, full of exclusive interviews and other related subjects, you won’t want to miss this. You even get offers if you pay upfront.

Price varies

Single Cup Loose Leaf Tea Infuser

Fill the duckling infuser with your favorite brand of loose tea, fill the cup with boiling water and ta-da! You have an instant delicious cup of tea. The cup is made of heat-resistant glass but it also has a pink outer body made from silicone to further prevent scalding, and it also looks cute, too.

Prices Vary

Lush Candy Box Wrapped Gift

Girls are going to adore this sweet-smelling gift box from Lush. The beautifully wrapped box is full of organic handmade delights, ready for you to pamper and spoil yourself with. Inside the box is Snow Fairy shower gel (this is our favorite ever product by them), Lush Pud bath bomb, and other high quality items.


Ice Orb Levitating/Floating Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Wow, how impressive is this genius gadget? So cool! This gravity defying speaker will make any room instantly look awesome and futuristic – so this is definitely the best choice of gift for teens, not only can they listen to their music with it but it also has a USB slot for charging their devices.


Xbox One X Console

Spoil them for their birthday, or any other important, momentous occasion like graduating, etc with the incredible Xbox One gaming console. This is the most powerful console, and this beautiful version has a whopping 1TB of storage – with more than enough space for games and apps, it also plays your favorite blu-ray movies, neat hey?

Too low to display

Overwatch Game

Earlier on, we listed the Playstation 4 console, well this game right here will be the perfect accompanying gift with it. This is Overwatch Game of The Year version which comes with 10 bonus loot boxes full of cosmetic items for the Overwatch heroes – and they’ll definitely be needed to help them in the battlefield.


Unisex Professional Slim Business Laptop Backpack

This professional yet stylish looking backpack is brilliant for carrying everything you may need throughout your day from water bottles to work books – it even has the room to fit your laptop, so there’s no need to carry an extra case. It’s a charming light green color with lovely faux leather buckles and detailing.


Razer Overwatch ManO’War Gaming Headset

Bring gaming to the next level with this awesome Razer Overwatch ManO’War Gaming Headset. Your tech-savvy gaming teenagers are gonna love this, as it has so many commendable features, such as pull out and flexible microphone boom, super comfortable over-ear plush cushions, wider headband for ultimate comfort during prolonged gaming sessions, and more!


LED Word Clock

This seriously neat and modern clock makes time telling even simpler than before. It has LED light up words to tell you the exact time, so just a quick glance at this intelligent clock will let you know. It may just be a clock, but trust us, your friends will find this pretty impressive.


Solar System Bracelet

You no longer need to look through a telescope to see the beautiful planets, now they can be here with you right on your wrist with this Solar System Cuff. It’s a stunning silver tone bracelet which has a beautiful gem like planet encased in its own setting. It’s a simply lovely piece of jewelry.

Prices Vary

Smart Phone Sleeper

At first glance, this smartphone holder may look like it’s just for being incredibly lazy, but actually it’s pretty practical. The base slots in under the mattress, or underneath an object, and will hold your phone for you, so reading an online blog or following a yummy baking recipe, has now become much easier – hoorah!

Prices Vary

Question Block Light

The Mario obsessed will love being able to bring a little piece of his world into their own with this Question Block Light. It really looks like it’s just been picked up out of the games and placed into your own home – it’s a surely fun way of sprucing up any bland room and adding ‘character’.


Miss Sweet Led Lighted Tri-Fold Makeup Mirror

This Miss Sweet tri fold travel mirror makes getting ready, wherever you are, a total breeze (besides the outfit choosing, obviously). The pink mirror folds up and fits neatly in any suitcase or rucksack, and it also lights up so putting makeup on in a dingy motel room on vacation, is no problem.



As a parent you’ve probably bought toy guns for your kids, or had relatives gift them instead, but even with the softest of ‘bullets’, no one wants to be hit in the head or back as they’re trying to relax. The Airzooka uses only air, so even the best (or worst) shooters won’t cause pain!


Waterproof Chroma Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This super funky FIREROSE LED gaming keyboard by 1STPLAYER makes gaming even more fun. It’s high quality and comfortable to use, brilliant for not only gamers but programmers and those interested in coding, too. The LED’s have 3 different settings, so you can vary how bright they are to keep from them from distracting you.


Studio Ghibli Howl’s Moving Castle All Year Calendar

Anime fans, especially teens that are fond of Studio Ghibli’s movies and shows, are going to love this gift – it’s a super unusual but seriously cool (just like their movies) year long calendar. It’s inspired by Howl’s Moving Castle and its incredible detailing makes it a proud looking, stunning showcase.


theBalm in theBalm of your Hand Face Palette

Balm Cosmetics bring you this aptly named ‘In the Balm of your hand’ face palette. Just like their other products it has unique, old style almost pin-up like packaging, that is really pretty. The palette has 3 gorgeous blushes, 4 pigmented eyeshadows, bronzer and a champagne colored highlighter – perfect for making loads of gorgeous looks.


5 Diy Gifts Every Teen Will Love

Diy Cutest Cord Tacos

Goodness knows what they get up to, but the minute you pack your headphones away into your bag or pocket, they instantly end up a knotted, tangled mess – to prevent this from happening try out this cute DIY, after all, who wouldn’t want adorable cord tacos? Especially if they stop the tangles.

Diy Crochet Chevron iPad Mini Case

If you have an iPad you know how nail biting it can be to try and prevent it getting scratched, and no one likes bulky cases – by following this adorable crochet case tutorial, not only will you have your own pretty case but you’ll have probably have learnt a few new tips and tricks, too.

Diy Pom Pom Market Tote

Have a go at your own ‘pom pom project’ and follow this market tote tutorial over on Damask Love. Not only is it practical, but it’s seriously cute, too. She says it’s pretty easy to make, and you only need a few supplies from the craft store, so why not try it out?

Diy Terrarium Kit

No doubt you have a few empty, useless jars lying about, so why not recycle them and give them a new purpose? Follow this super easy and fun DIY on how to make a Terrarium Kit over on Wit & Whistle. She lists what you’ll need, so take a trip to the store and get creating!

Diy Glitter Cup

What goes better hand in hand than a teenager and, well..a Starbucks cup? (Don’t worry, there’s no way wecould make it through a day of school without a coffee, either). Personalize and make your own super sparkly DIY Glitter cup by following this tutorial, and you’ll have everyone asking where you got it.

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