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100 Most Unique Mother’s Day Gifts of 2016

Mother’s Day 2016 is quickly approaching so be sure you knock it out of the park this year with a great gift for mom.

100 Most Unique Mother’s Day Gifts of 2016- love this list! It is the holy grail for cool and unique Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Try the World Subscription Box

Give mom a sampling of flavors from around the world with this Try the World subscription box. Each month they’ll send her a selection of different foods and items hand-selected from chefs in different cities, and each with a different theme.


Picnic Backpack

Mom can go on a picnic whenever she wants when she has this picnic basket. It holds everything she’ll need, including a table setting for two, a blanket, a wine bottle holder and even a wine bottle opener. All that’s needed is some nice spring weather and a shady tree.


Mother’s Day Flowers

There’s nothing more classic than getting mom flowers on Mother’s Day, and there’s a huge selection of flowers here. You’ll want to go with a reliable service that’s been earning repeat business for years. Don’t leave it to chance, make sure you light up mom’s day.


Chocolate Covered Berries

Mom will love the delicious mix of berries and chocolate with these chocolate-covered berries. They’re from Shari’s Berries, and word-of-mouth says this is the place to get your chocolate berry fix. Choose from an assortment of options, all guaranteed to make mom happy.


Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle Paperwhite is sure to delight mom because it’s one of the best e-readers out there and she’ll be able to download her favorites in just a minute and be reading them right away. If she already has a collection of Kindle books she can load them onto her new Kindle quickly.


Gourmet Mother’s Day Gift Baskets

Go gourmet with a gift basket designed specifically for Mother’s Day. You get to pick from an array of baskets that are all sure to please, including ones that attempt to create a spa experience for her, or a bottle of champagne so she can make mimosas at a Mother’s Day brunch.



If mom loves cooking in the kitchen you can help her have even more fun with the Inspiralizer, a top pick for Mother’s Day 2015. This little gadget takes fruits and vegetables and turns them into spirals and more so she can garnish a plate, or make noodles out of all sorts of different veggies.


Le Creuset Stoneware Mugs

With this set of Le Creuset stoneware mugs mom will be able to serve up a cup of coffee in an array of colors. These mugs are the real deal and stand up to wear and tear. They’re the sort of mugs she’ll be able to use year after year, and she’ll always remember your great gift.

Prices Vary

The Complete Medicinal Herb Guide

Help mom heal the natural way with this Complete Medicinal Herb Guide. She’ll be able to soothe aches and pains and treat minor conditions without the need for prescription or over-the-counter drugs. The gift of health is the gift that keeps on giving and one you can’t put a price on.

Prices Vary

KitchenAid Professional Stand Mixer

Time tested and chef approved, the KitchenAid Professional Stand Mixer is a staple in many kitchens across the country. There’s just so many things you can do with it that it can be involved in the majority of recipes in mom’s collection. It’s made to last as well, so a great purchase.

Too low to display

Mother and Daughter Letter Book Set

The perfect gift for mom if you’re a loving daughter that wants to help preserve the memories you’ve made together and cherish them for the long term. It takes you on a guided tour of emotions and has you sending letters to each other that help you express your feelings.



Mom will be able to grow indoors with the AeroGarden, and she’ll have her choice between herbs, flowers, and more. This is one of the top-rated indoor gardens out there, and she’ll especially love this if she lives in a colder climate where you can’t garden all year long.


City Food & Drink Tours

Send mom on a guided city tour that will have her experiencing the different foods and drinks they have to offer. One of the best Mother’s Day gifts for the foodie traveler that loves to get into a new city to start exploring their special dishes. A guide makes sure she doesn’t miss any must-sees.


Essential Oil Aromatherapy Set

With this aromatherapy set you’ll be able to help sooth mom’s stress and uplift her spirits with the power of essential oils. This is a great all-natural way for mom to relax and feel good, so it’s a great choice if you’ve noticed she’s been under a lot of stress lately.


Personalized Wind Chimes

These wind chimes are not only nice to listen to they’re personalized in two different ways. You get to choose whether it reads Mom or Mother, and then you get to customize the bottom piece with your choice of three lines. Add a personalized message or go with her favorite poem or passage.


Intex Portable Hot Tub

You can’t go wrong when you get mom this portable hot tub. She’ll be able to soak her cares away as she sits in this easy-to-set-up hot tub that also gets great ratings from users. Great for relaxing muscles and a gift that can be used all year long.


Spa Day for Rest & Relaxation

You may just get bumped to the top of the son and daughter list when you treat mom to a day of rest and relaxation at the spa. She’ll indulge in massages, facial treatments, and more all in the capable hands of spa professionals. Go ahead, you know she’s worth it!


Numi Organic Tea Set

With this organic tea set mom will be able to sit and sip a variety of healthy teas, each with its own unique quality and healthy attributes. Not only that, but this is a flowering tea set, so she gets to watch flowers bloom as the tea is steeped.


Keurig K45

When it comes to single-serving coffee makers Keurig has established themselves as the market leader. So when you get this updated model you’re going with a proven winner that can make three different sizes of coffee, and let mom pick a different flavor every day.


Ferrero Roche Ultimate Collection

When all else fails, go with chocolate! Perfect for the mom who has everything, these succulent chocolates from Ferrero are dubbed the “Ultimate Collection” and include 24 pieces so she’ll be able to select from some of their most delectable varieties.


Love You Mom Miniature Papercut

Get mom this homemade miniature papercut and you can even take credit for it, as long as she’s not an Etsy junkie she’ll never know. This intricate paper cutout can be framed so that it can be properly displayed without having to worry about it getting ruined.


Personalized Sweatshirt Blanket

Give mom this comfy sweatshirt blanket and she’ll always treasure it. That’s because it’s not just super soft and cozy, it’s personalized with up to 8 different names that are in the shape of a heart. Perfect for the name’s of her children, or the entire family.


Birchbox Subscription Box

Mom is sure to feel spoiled when you get her a Birchbox subscription. Birchbox is one of the longest-lasting subscription box services because they load up the boxes with items that would be hard to find on your own, and they over-deliver each month, earning fans along the way.


Chemex Glass Coffee Maker

Style meets function with this glass coffee maker. It’s definitely not your Mr. Coffee electric coffee maker, it brews a tasty cup of coffee without the need for any moving parts. It’s all glass so it won’t add any extra flavors to your coffee, which is appreciated by coffee aficionados.


Real Plant Irish Hawthorne Necklace

Mom can wear a necklace with a real plant in it when you get her this Irish Hawthorne terrarium necklace. A great idea for the mom that loves flowers or gardening, and loves to wear jewelry that gets noticed. This necklace is sure to get people asking about it, which moms just love.


Click and Grow Indoor Herb Grow Kit

Give mom the ability to use fresh herbs all year long with this indoor herb grow kit that’s very easy she doesn’t have to be a gardener to get it to work. You just plug it in, fill it up with water, and put the plant cartridges in place and it starts to grow.

Prices Vary

Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum

This perfume is sure to be well-received, and as soon as mom smells it she’ll want to put it on. It’s a great scent that can be used for a special occasion or as an everyday perfume. It’s a floral-based scent, so it’s perfect if she loves the smell of fresh flowers.


Infuser Water Bottle

With this infuser water bottle mom will be able to drink refreshing water with the nutrients of different fruits pulled right into it. It’s great for keeping her hydrated, and works best for those that want to have a bit of flavor in their water without any chemicals.


Rejuvelle Bath Bombs Set

These bath bombs are just the thing for a mom that loves to take a hot bath to relieve the stress of the day. She simply places a bath bomb into the water and it transforms an ordinary bath into something extraordinary, with scents and salts that make the water extra soothing.


Dyson V6 Cordless Vacuum

For the Dyson V6 cordless vacuum they’ve gotten rid of as much excess as possible, while still leaving behind a powerful vacuum that she can easily take from room to room. This is the sort of vacuum that is easy to use but is still strong enough to clean up bigger messes.

Prices Vary

Power Nap Pillow

Mom can take a nap wherever she sees fit with this power nap pillow. It blocks out the outside world and also makes sure her head is cushioned on all sides. She’ll quickly be able to turn any surface into a possible napping spot when she puts this on.


ZAQ Essential Oil Diffuser

This is a great gift because all that’s required is a bit of essential oil and it can turn any room into a aromatherapy hot spot. Help mom get rid of air deodorizers that fill the room with chemical sprays and go with all-natural oils that can improve her mood.


Tovolo TeaGo

It’s tea time anytime with the Tovolo TeaGo. Specifically designed for tea lovers in order to give them the ability to make tea while away from home. All that’s needed is some loose leaf tea and hot water. This acts as a diffuser, and seals up for easy transporting.


Glass Zipper Bag

Here’s a classic looking zipper bag that acts as a great candy serving dish. It gives the appearance of being a zip lock baggie that’s full of candy and opened. Perfect for jelly beans, gumballs, Werther’s Originals, and more, whatever mom is a big fan of.


Tibetan Singing Bowl

Help mom find her center the next time she does yoga with this Tibetan singing bowl. It’s specially designed to create a nice tone either by striking it with the included mallet, or by rubbing the wooden part around the rim to get the bowl to “sing”.


Personalized Cutting Board

You’ll be able to customize this cutting board especially for mom, with both her name and a phrase on the other end of the board. Great for moms that spend a lot of time in the kitchen and that love to cook, as cutting boards get a lot of use.


Timex Weekender Watch

With the Weekender watch by Timex mom will have a stylish watch that comes in an array of colors so you can pick the one that best matches her fashion taste and will go with the most outfits. The watch has a classic look to it that’s timeless, just like a mother’s love.

Prices Vary

I Love You to the Moon Necklace

Show mom that you love her to the moon and back with this necklace that has a distinctive style to it. The part that says I Love You is on a circular piece that fits nicely into a crescent moon shaped piece that reads To the Moon and Back.

Prices Vary

Dog Blueprints

For the dog-loving mom, these dog blueprints are a can’t-miss gift that is sure to find a place on her favorite wall. Just be sure to line this up with her favorite breed, either of her current dog or one she had while growing up to make it even more poignant.


Treatsie Subscription Box

Load mom up with treats when you get her this Treatsie subscription box. Every month she’ll get a new box in the mail filled with all sorts of goodies, and it can be a lot of fun to see what new things there are. All sorts of tasty treats delivered right to her door.


Yoga Paws

For the mom that likes to do yoga wherever the mood strikes, these Yoga Paws make it possible. They’re hand and foot pads that act as a yoga mat without the need to lug a yoga mat all over the place. She’ll be able to hold her favorite poses without worrying if she’s on the mat or not.


Gardener Folding Chair

They’ve thought of everything with this gardener folding chair. It’s just the right height for getting down in the dirt for weeding and planting. It has storage spots for all the tools and comes with an array of tools that will help her get plenty done in the garden.

Prices Vary

Mother Nesting Birds Necklace

When she wears this nesting birds necklace she’ll feel the joy of being a mom. You customize it according to how many chicks she has in her nest, anywhere from one to four. One larger bird represents the mom, with the chicks facing her and ready to learn about life.


Star Wars Family Car Decals

For the proud nerdy mom that’s a true Star Wars fan, go with this set of Star Wars Family car decals and get one for each member of the family. They even have Ewoks to represent pets, and Darth Vader to represent the Dark Father of the household.


Nest 8 Piece Bowl

This 8-piece bowl set nests into itself for easy storage when not in use. When in use it comes in very handy, especially if mom loves to bake and seems to run a shortage on bowls when she’s in the middle of a complicated recipe. Bright colors make them fun to use.


The Best Bug Vacuum

Next time mom spots a bug in the house she won’t have to run and get your father. With this bug vacuum she can keep a good distance away from the intruder and watch it get sucked up and out of the way without worrying if it will crawl back out.


Ninja Master Prep Professional

The Ninja brand has established itself as a powerful blender, and with this Master Prep Professional offering they are solidifying that reputation further. Mom will be able to power through just about any task called for in a recipe, making cooking and baking easier.


Birdie Yarn Bowl

If mom loves to knit, you’ve just got to get her this Birdie Yarn Bowl. It keeps all of her yarn spools in place while allowing her to knit right from the bowl without getting things into a tangled mess thanks to a cut out that allows a strand of yarn to escape.


Sanuk Women’s Yoga Sling 2 Flip Flop

These yoga sling flip flops are just the footwear when she wants to relax but needs something on her feet. Ultra comfortable and available in a variety of colors, these flip flops are the right choice for trips to the store or the beach.

Prices Vary

NatureBox Subscription Box

Deliver delicious and wholesome snacks right to mom’s door with a subscription to NatureBox. Getting snacks right is one of the hardest parts of eating healthy, and with this service you’re taking some of the guesswork out of what to eat between meals.


UGG Women’s Dakota Slippers

Treat mom to the comfort of UGG slippers this Mother’s day. These have the same quality materials as UGG boots, and they feel amazing so you know she’ll be thinking happy thoughts about you each time she slips them on. The bottoms have a tread for stable steps around the house.

Prices Vary

Owl Eyeglass Holder

This owl looks extra wise when mom rests her eyeglasses on it. These make a great place to put eyeglasses so they don’t get sat on or misplaced. When not in use it makes a decorative piece that looks great on a mantle or shelf with its handcrafted look.


Wish Lantern

Make a wish and watch this lantern rise high into the sky. Mom will love this special event and remember it for years to come. It’s 100% biodegradable so you don’t have to worry that you’re polluting, and watching the light fly through the sky is mesmerizing.


Cuisinart Advantage 12-Piece Knife Set

With this 12-piece knife set mom will never be without the perfect knife for the job. They come in an assortment of colors, shapes, and sizes so she can choose the one she needs for each task. They’re stainless steel with a nonstick color coating.


I Love You Necklace in 120 Languages

Show mom you love her in over a hundred different languages with this special necklace. The script is written so small that from a distance it looks like part of the design, but with the included magnifying glass you can see the I Love Yous in all the languages.


Orchid Jewelry Tree

Mom will have a place for all of her jewelry when you get her this orchid jewelry tree. It’s made to handle necklaces, earrings, rings and more with its innovative design. It can make clarity out of chaos and easily lets mom find the piece she is looking for.


Jersey Garden Gloves

These gloves will help protect mom’s hands while being extra comfortable to wear. They’re made out of cotton and have plastic dots on the palm so that she can get a better grip of garden tools, weeds, and maybe even that wily gopher that eats her veggies!


Oh She Glows Cookbook

Give mom the gift of healthy vegan eating with the Oh She Glows cookbook. It’s full of delicious vegan recipes that can help lower her cholesterol, give her more energy, and sooth aches and pains caused by excess inflammation. There’s over 100 recipes for her to explore.


iRobot Braava

No more mopping the floor for mom! This smart little mopper is from the same company that spearheaded the automatic vacuum revolution. You just load it up and it goes to work mopping up the floor so she doesn’t have to do this tedious task anymore.


Toast to Mom Champagne Crate

Let’s all give a toast to mom, after all if it weren’t for her none of us would be here. This crate comes with a bottle of champagne and an elegant toast right on the outside of the box that you could read verbatim and it would probably bring a tear to her eye.


The Girl on the Train

For the book-loving mom, The Girl on the Train is sure to captivate her and keep her turning pages until it’s complete. If she loved Gone Girl she’s sure to love this one too, and in all likelihood they’re even working on making a movie from it.


Julep Maven Subscription Box

How about a beauty box where mom gets to pick out the things she wants in it, rather than a mystery grab bag of items? That’s what happens when she’s a Julep Maven, each month she gets to choose from a list of items so she’ll never be disappointed when it arrives.


Sleep Master Mask

Mom will have no trouble getting her beauty sleep when you get her the Sleep Master sleep mask. It’s extra soft and comfortable so it won’t disturb her as she’s trying to get to sleep, and the dark conditions it provides means a better night sleep for great health.


Fresh Fruit and Godiva Chocolates

You just can’t beat the flavor combination of fresh fruit and Godiva chocolates, and that’s what mom gets with this amazing package. Navel oranges, pears, and Fuji apples provide real fruit flavor and assorted authentic Godiva chocolate is the cherry on top.


Portable Smart Washer

Help mom get difficult cleaning done when you get her this portable Smart Washer. It has the power of a pressure washer that she can wield with just one hand and use to clean a variety of chores around the house. She’ll thank you for saving her time and energy.


Wishing Ball

Mom makes a wish each week and places it in the wishing ball. As wishes accumulate in the ball they become part of its beauty, and a talking point for visitors that happen to notice it. Once the wishes go into the ball, they don’t come out, much like the wish made with birthday candles, one and done.


Himalayan Air Purifying Salt Lamp

With this air purifying lamp made from Himalayan salt you’re giving mom a multifunctional gift that she’s sure to appreciate. It gives off a soft, ambient glow while at the same time warming up the salt which helps to purify the air naturally.


Cardinal Bird Feeder

Bring cardinals into mom’s yard with this specially designed bird feeder. It’s made entirely of metal so it’s built to last, and holds plenty of seed so she won’t need to keep refilling it all the time. Over a dozen birds can feed from it at the same time.

Prices Vary

Flameless Tea Light Set

This beautiful set of tea light candles is one that mom can enjoy again and again without worrying if she’s turned them off. That’s because they use battery powered lights so there’s no flame making them safer and still providing the soft glow that candles are known for.


Burt’s Bees Tips and Toes Kit

Burt’s Bees has built a reputation for making high quality products that help protect the skin, and in this set mom is getting a range or products that help her from her head to her toes. There’s foot creams, hand creams, and even their highly rated lip balm.


Traditional Teatime for Mom

Let mom sit down to a refreshing cup of tea with this complete set that includes everything she’ll need, including the tea pot. There’s teas, cookies, and more to explore in this teatime set that reminds us all that it’s always a good time to sit and have a spot of tea.


Lodge Cast-Iron Skillet

A cast iron skillet may not seem like your typical Mother’s Day gift, but trust that mom will love receiving it if she enjoys spending time in the kitchen. There’s nothing quite like a sturdy cast iron skillet for grilling up food with a nice steady and evenly hot surface.


Pajama Warming Pouch

Bedtime is more fun when you’ve got a set of warm pajamas waiting for you to slip into. Give mom the ultimate in luxury with this pajama warming pouch and she’ll never have to go through the torment of putting on cold pajamas again. The ultimate creature comfort.


Minnetonka Kilty Suede Moc Hardsole

Relaxing comes easy when your feet are wrapped up in these moccasins, and these come with a sturdy hardsole so mom will have no trouble finding a sure step. They come in a variety of colors so you can pick something bright and cheery or more neutral depending on mom’s tastes.

Prices Vary

Message in a Bottle® for Mom

Mom will feel like she pulled this bottle from the sea and there’s a special message inside just for her. You can pick from a selection of poems and then write in your own message to fully personalize the scroll before it’s rolled up and put in the bottle.


Le Creuset Honey Pot

The classic stylings of this Le Creuset honey pot make it more fun to serve honey. It comes complete with a special wand that is the perfect utensil for doling out a dollop of honey, and the outside of the pot has an icon of a bee so there’s little doubt as to what’s inside.


Mother’s Day Luxury Spa Gift

Mom will have everything she needs to pamper herself silly when you get her this luxury spa gift set. It includes plenty of items that will help transport her to a new state of consciousness, such as a bubble bath, facial soap, and moisturizing lotion.


Godiva Sweet Spring Gift Basket

Many moms love Godiva choccolate, and if your mom is one of them then she’ll be delighted when this arrives at her door. It’s not one, not two, but six different kinds of Godiva chocolate that cover a range of different tastes. The basket itself is a nice presentation and embossed for extra effect.


Elegant Pajama Set

Mom will really enjoy slipping into these comfortable pajamas every night, and you can choose from different colors to pick her favorite. They’re highly rated and made from bamboo, a breathable fabric that is perfect at maintaining temps throughout the night.


Being Mortal

This book tackles some pretty tough subjects, but also offers the hope that medicine can help us through to the end of life and not just work at prolonging it. It provides insight and a different perspective that can help an aging parent as well as their children.


Jewelry Travel Storage Pouch

Mom will now have a place to store her jewelry when she travels, the perfect gift for a newly retired mom that is set to take the world by storm. This pouch is styled like a well-traveled post card and opens up to reveal plenty of space to hold all of her jewelry.


All the Light We Cannot See

You might not hear from mom for a few days as she devours this captivating book that is one of the highest rated reads in a long time. It tells the story of a girl and boy on an inevitable collision course with each other and the events that follow.


Thug Kitchen Cookbook

Show mom how to cook like a thug, and maybe add some more colorful vocabulary to her lexicon with the Thug Kitchen Cookbook. It will show her how to make healthy food that she’ll actually want to eat, and includes recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and more.



If mom is a big Apple fan you can get her the iNecklace and she’ll be able to show off a lit up power icon around her neck. This is one classic Apple styling that has remained a constant for years, and still adorns many of their products that have a dedicated off switch.

Prices Vary

CounterArt Flexible Cutting Mats

The great part about these cutting mats is that there’s four of them and each one has their own icon on it so you end up cutting the same type of food on them each time you use them. Help mom reduce the likelihood of foodborne illness with these innovative mats.


Silicone Grilling BBQ Gloves

These gloves may not be the most stylish ones she’s ever worn in the kitchen, but they feel nice and they’re flexible so she’ll be able to get a better grip on what she’s taking out of the oven or off the grill. Their soft silicone material makes them easy to wear.

Prices Vary

Root Assassin

Mom will be able to smash through roots this spring like never before when you get her the Root Assassin. Like any good assassin this has been designed to do just one job, and that’s to get rid of pesky roots. No more struggling with a shovel or other gardening equipment.

Prices Vary

TOMS Women’s Canvas Slip-On

These canvas slip on shoes by TOMS are sure to become mom’s newest favorite footwear. They’re great for wearing around town on errands or just relaxing in the backyard. You’ll also get the bonus of having a pair of shoes donated to someone that needs them for every pair you buy.

Prices Vary

Teavana PerfecTea Maker

Making the perfect cup of tea is half art and half science, and you can get the science part knocked out when you get mom this Teavana PerfecTea tea maker. It rests right on top of her mug so the tea brews right where it’s supposed to go.


Roadside Emergency Kit

Know that mom will be alright even if she has a roadside emergency with this emergency kit. It contains all that she’ll need to signal for help and to remain calm while she waits. Jumper cables, a rain poncho, and other helpful items will ease her stress during an emergency.


Wonder Woman Apron

Let mom know you think she’s a superhero when you get her this Wonder Woman apron. When she dons it the figure of Wonder Woman lines up just right so it appears that she’s wearing the costume. For all that she’s done for you, she’s pretty close to the real thing.


Unlikely Friendships Book

Moms across the country love books like this one that show cute pictures of animals with cutesy stories that go along with them. In this book they’re showing animals that usually aren’t friends cuddling and canoodling in oh-so-precious photographs.


Molecular Gastronomy Kit

If mom acts like a mad scientist in the kitchen back her up with this molecular gastronomy kit that turns dinner into a sort of science project. But relax, the resulting dishes won’t blow up in your face, but instead will delight your taste buds with new flavor combinations and textures.

Prices Vary

Heated Foot Bath

Nothing relaxes the body faster than giving your feet a break and letting them soak in a hot bath. This heated foot bath lets mom target her feet for relaxation without having to run a full bath or get totally wet. It includes rotating jets for maximum stress release.

Prices Vary

Funky Veg Kit

For the mom that’s grown everything, get her this Funky Veg Kit and watch as she delights in growing odd looking vegetables that actually taste really good. It includes everything she’ll need to get the process started, and her green thumb takes care of the rest.

Prices Vary

Spa In a Basket

Sometimes it’s nice to turn your own home and bathroom into your private oasis with the help of a Spa in a Basket. This thoughtful gift takes away the need for a trip to the spa and adds in the privacy and comfort of staying at home.

Prices Vary

5 Foot Roses

Regular roses just won’t look the same when these five footers show up at her door. Blow mom away with the help or roses that are almost as tall as she is and you’ll be giving a gift she’ll never forget. After all, who can forget the time when giant roses showed up?


Beauty Box Five

Mom’s already beautiful, and the goal of a Beauty Box Five subscription is to accentuate that beauty. Each month she’ll receive an assortment of beauty products that can help tip her off to things she’ll want to buy again, and to new ideas of how to look her best.


4 Hour Chef

In this bestselling book Tim Ferriss uses cooking to show you how to learn just about anything faster and easier. This guy is a master at life hacking and getting the most out of your time here, and this book reads like an encyclopedia of tips to enhance your life.


Le Creuset French Oven

Armed with this classic piece of kitchenware mom will be tempted to make all sorts of casseroles and roasts. You don’t have to let on that this is your ulterior motive for the gift, but get ready for some good eating when mom has this new tool on hand.


25 DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day Coupon Book

Mom will love cashing in her coupons over the coming weeks and months when you make this adorable coupon book for her. Fill for redeemable things she loves like hugs, kisses, chores, and anything else you can think of. A totally customizable and thoughtful gift.

Shrinky Bracelet

Help mom look her stylish best with this shrinky bracelet you can make by hand. Moms love it when you take the time to make them something yourself, and it shows you care enough to go the extra mile for them. The instructions make this a pretty easy project.

Mother’s Day Message Mail

Employ the help of the United States Postal Service to make mom a unique and unforgettable gift involving a series of cards you mail to her. When placed together they form a larger message that only appears when the envelopes are placed in the right order.

Mother’s Day Felt Flower Brooch

If mom loves to dress up for her Mother’s Day celebration make this felt flower brooch to help her accessorize. It’s really pretty and coincides with the spring weather and the emergence of all types of spring flowers. Plus she can wear it year after year.

Citrus and Herb Sea Salt

Make this sea salt gift for mom and she’ll have a flavor upgrade on some of her favorite dishes. It’s seasoned with herbs and flavored with citrus to give it that extra something special that can turn a boring meal into something better.

DIY Marble Serving Tray

Serve mom breakfast in bed on this marble serving tray that you can make by hand. The tray is not too hard to make, and breakfast doesn’t have to be either. It’s the attempt that counts, so give it your best shot or just put some fresh fruit on a bowl of yogurt.

Crocheted Dishcloths

Many moms spend a fair amount of time in the kitchen, which makes these dishcloths a great gift especially when she finds out that you crocheted them yourself. They come with a nice printable gift tag to make it look fancier when you give it to her.

DIY Nest Necklace

With this DIY nest necklace you’re giving mom a symbol of her motherhood that also looks good when she wears it. This is the sort of necklace that gets compliments from strangers, and it’s easier to make than you might think at first glance.

Hand-Stamped Jewelry

With this tutorial you’ll be able to make a range of different jewelry, all hand-stamped with a special message for mom. You can stamp her name or initials, or just put “mom” on it. You can also decide between a necklace or bracelet.

Painted Wooden Bead Bracelet

This bracelet is just begging to be worn on Mother’s Day, so don’t be surprised if she wants to put it on right away. It’s simple, yet refined, and will go with either a white or cream colored dress, or most shades of purple.

Mother’s Little Boy Sign

Make this for a mom with little boys and you’ll be summing up just what it’s like to take care of boys because they’re ready for action from the time they wake up to the time they go to sleep. A touching and poignant piece that will make it onto the wall for sure.

My Mother’s Face Card

This card shows a quote from George Elliot that’s sure to elicit some tears from mom when she reads it. The quote is “Life began with waking up and loving my mother’s face.” and has a wonderful picture to go along with it, or you can use one of your own.

Lemon Buttercream Bouquet

This bouquet of flowers is actually a bouquet of cupcakes, making it the perfect gift for a mom with a sweet tooth. They’re arranged in a way that makes them look like flowers, but with a tasty surprise. This is a fun gift to make, and surely she’ll share.

Spreading the Love

Make this chocolate spread and be sure to print off the label that comes with it. It’s one of those gifts that has a clever phrase to go with it, in this case “Spreading the Love” in the form of chocolate that can go on cookies, crackers, and more.

Handprint Flower Bags

Immortalize the teeny handprints of the little ones with this handprint flower bag. It’s just a matter of getting the hand prints in circle to represent the flower pedals and helping the kids paint the stem and leaves to complete the picture.

Kid Painted Umbrella

Mom will love walking around town with this umbrella which showcases some serious kid art on it. It’s as fun as letting the kids go to town on an umbrella with different sized brushes and then letting it dry when they’re done. Be sure to use waterproof paint.

Mini Monogrammed Notebook

Mom’s sure to think of you each time she jots a note down in her mini monogrammed notebook. Everyone loves to receive things that are personalized for them, and this notebook has her initials on it so everyone will know whose notebook it is.

Passion Tea Sugar Scrub

Sugar scrubs are great because they’re all-natural ways to exfoliate the skin, and this passion tea sugar scrub is no exception. Sugar does an awesome job of sloughing off dead skin, and they’ve infused it with citrus tea for added benefits.

Coffee Infused Bath Salts

Bath salts have a way of turning your day-to-day bath tub into a luxurious experience. These bath salts come infused with the scent of coffee, so they’re perfect for bath-loving coffee-loving moms, of which there are plenty.

Monogrammed Candle

This decorative candle is made special by monogramming it with mom’s initials. It’s interesting to note that it doesn’t take much to make a really special gift that mom will use and enjoy and that you took the time to make on your own instead of just buying something.

DIY Terrarium

With this terrarium you’re giving mom a way to enjoy nature indoors and tend to a living ecosystem. Add your own personal touch to it by placing one of your old favorite toys in there so she’ll always know who it’s from.

Spring Flower Seed Starter

Spring is the season for flowers and this seed starter kit is the perfect way to kick things off properly. If you know mom is itching to get in that garden and get some flowers going, you’ll hit this one out of the park with a thoughtful yet easy gift.

Root Beer Float Sugar Scrub

This sugar scrub smells just like a root beer float, and will appeal to moms of all ages that love the sweet treat. It’s sure to relax them and make them nostalgic, and could even get them craving an actual root beef float so be ready.

Mother’s Day Gift Box

Wrap up your homemade or store bought Mother’s Day gift in this special box and you’ll be that much closer to knocking her socks off on her special day. It only comes around once a year so make sure you go all out and show her just how much you care.

Fresh Flower Gift Tags

Finish off your Mother’s Day 2015 gift with these fresh flower gift tags and you’ll be adding that extra special touch that moms definitely appreciate. It’s the right season for a gift tag like this, and it’s the best way to top off your gift, no matter what you get her.


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