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21 Most Unique Mother’s Day Jewelry Gifts

You can pick one of these unique Mother’s Day jewelry gifts for mom and she’s sure to love it. Each one is special and has a distinct design different from many of the mainstream gifts you’ll find.

21 Most Unique Mother’s Day Jewelry Gifts- love this unique jewelry for moms! So many cool ideas here.

Mother’s Necklace

Give mom this mother’s necklace featuring a mother and child and you’ll be giving her a unique piece of heart that she’s sure to cherish. The image is simple yet at the same time iconic, and will be a great accessory with a number of outfits, or an everyday piece.


Custom Motherhood Necklace

This custom necklace features a Tree of Life motif and inside the necklace itself are birthstones representing each of her children. You can select up to three different stones to go inside, so unfortunately this won’t work for bigger families.


Custom Family Bracelet

This bracelet is like wearing a part of your family tree on your wrist, and features branches that connect to each other, and discs that hang from the leaves representing different family members. Part charm bracelet, this is one charming piece of jewelry.


My Lucky Stars Necklace

When mom counts her lucky stars she’s really counting the blessings that are each one of her children. Get her this “My Lucky Stars” necklace and she’ll be able to wear stars that represent each of her kids, as well as one big star for her.


Personalized Family Birthstone Necklace

This necklace has a lot of different features to it, including two pieces that slide together, one with a tree and birthstones for each family member, and one with a list of the names of each family member. A unique and customized jewelry gift just for mom.

Prices Vary

Mother and Child Necklace

This necklace is a direct representation of the chain that mom is forming with each child hanging from her arms. It shows that mom is always there for support, and that each family member is connected to mom and to each other. Can be customized up to three kids.


Personalized Mother’s Day Jewelry

These stamped necklaces are personalized in a few different ways. First each disc has the name of a child stamped onto it, but there’s also the special touch of having a separate piece attached to the disc with their birthstone encased in it.


Nest Egg Necklace

Here’s a necklace that opens to reveal a specific number of eggs inside. You can get up to four eggs at once, accommodating larger families, and the necklace will still be able to close. It is a great conversation starter, since it catches the eye even when it’s closed.


Double Heart Necklace

This is a beautiful piece of jewelry that has a nice big heart and then a smaller heart that fits right inside the bigger one. It represents that a child really does take a piece of mom’s heart with them, but that they can always fit back together.


Glass Birthstone Necklace

Here’s the perfect gift for a new mom, or a mom that just has one child. You can get them a glass birthstone necklace from the month you were born, and they can wear it with pride with just about any outfit. Each month has a different and special look to it.


Heart Cuff Bracelet from a Daughter

For all the daughters out there looking for the perfect jewelry gift for mom, this could be it. It’s a cuff bracelet that has an inscription on the back that reads “The love between a mother and daughter knows no distance.” Great for daughters living far from home.

Prices Vary

Personalized Locket Necklace

Get mom this personalized locket and you’ll not only be able to put her initial on the front of it, but there’s also a place for two different pictures on the inside. Keep precious memories close to her heart with this very thoughtful gift.


You Are Loved Always Inspiral

When it’s all said and done moms just want to know that they are loved, and that’s where this spiral necklace comes in. It has the inscription “You are loved always” and it’s hand stamped so no two are exactly alike. The spiral shape really draws the eye.


Intertwined Hearts Necklace

When hearts are intertwined love flows back and forth freely, and that’s the message with this necklace. It is personalized with up to three names and three birthstones, making it the perfect gift for moms with three children, or a family of three.

Prices Vary

Mother of the World Necklace

Give mom a reminder that “To the world you are a mother, but to your family you are the world” with this very special necklace. It keeps the message hidden behind a pretty gold flower that swivels out of the way for easy reading.


Mother’s Infinity Bracelet with Initials

The love between a mother and her children is infinite, and that is on display with this Mother’s Infinity bracelet. It features an infinity design complete with the initials of her children and coordinating birthstones. Also works for grandmothers and grandchildren as well.


I Just Want to Tell You Necklace

This necklace reminds mom on a daily basis that you love her. One hearts says “I just want to tell you…” and the other heart says “I Love You.” This is the gift to give your mom if you sometimes call her up just to say I love you.

Prices Vary

Parent Nestling Necklace

This necklace is great at representing the role that moms and dads play in our lives. It features a duo of birds on one side, and the number of children represented as baby birds on the other. Choose from one to four baby birds to customize it accordingly.


Mother’s Charm Bracelet

This charm bracelet encompasses all of the things that you think of when you think of mom. It’s bright and colorful while at the same time not being too loud, and it’s a bracelet she can wear all the time or on special occasions, like Mother’s Day brunch.

Prices Vary

I See Myself in You Pendant

With a mirror this pendant becomes one of the most unique pieces of jewelry you can get mom this Mother’s Day. This is just the right gift for children to get their parents if they look just like them, or have a lot of their personality treats or qualities.


Mother Daughter Heart Necklace

This is a tear-jerker gift if you’re a daughter that lives far from your mother. Show her that you’re one heart living in two places, and it will make it even more special when you reunite. Each necklace looks good on their own, and put together it drives the message home.

Prices Vary

9 DIY Mother’s Day Jewelry Gifts

Wooden Heart Necklace

Make mom this wooden heart necklace and she’ll love that you took the extra time to craft something with your own hands. With the included tutorial it’s not a very difficult craft, and the results always come out nice.

DIY Lace Earrings

These lace earrings are sure to get worn on Mother’s Day, and they look so good that you may have to let mom know that they’re made by hand. This is the sort of gift that she’ll love wearing, and if anyone asks she’ll be sure to let them know they were made by you.

Potted Plant Necklace

For moms that love to play in the garden, this potted plant necklace is the perfect thing you can make. It’s sure to get noticed and likely will start conversations with other gardening enthusiasts. It also looks like a real piece of jewelry.

DIY Floral Bangle Bracelet

This floral bangle bracelet is something you can make fairly quickly for mom, making it a great last minute gift idea. Making something by hand is always appreciated, and it lets you save the day since she doesn’t have to know how long it took.

Mom Necklace

You can’t get much more classic than this MOM necklace, which simply has the word mom in big block letters. You have to use your best judgement to determine whether your mom in particular would want to wear this necklace, but most would gladly do so.

Inspirational Leather Necklace

This is billed as a craft project that dads would love to make for their wives. It’s an inspirational bracelet made from leather, and is sure to become one of her favorite pieces. Just be sure she likes to wear bracelets, because not all moms do.

DIY Mother’s Day Bracelet

Here’s a beautiful bracelet that just about anyone can make, regardless of their crafting ability or experience. In the step by step instructions you’ll be guided on how to make it, with just a handful of different pieces of material needed.

Bird Nest Necklace

You may have seen bird nest necklaces for sale for a pretty ridiculous price, but this tutorial shows you how to make them with a few pieces that you can pick up on the cheap. However, the finished product makes it look like something you bought in a store.

DIY Upcycled Butter Knife Bracelet

Take an unused butter knife and make something really awesome from it. With this DIY bracelet tutorial you’ll be shown how to make a bracelet that looks really stylish, by cutting up the knife and adorning it with different accessories.


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