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24 Sentimental Gifts for Mom

The best way to make mom happy on Mother’s Day or on her birthday is to give her a sentimental gift that makes her eyes all misty and elicits a big hug and a heartfelt “awwwww.” This list of gifts for mom will pull at her heartstrings and give her goosebumps.

Get your mom one of these unique sentimental gifts to show her how much you care.

I Love You

You don’t have to beat around the bush or get crafty when you buy your mom a sentimental gift. You can come right out and say it: I Love You. This glass sculpture says everything you need to say with the best four words a mom could ever hear.

Prices Vary

Super Mom Pendant

She does it all. She’s done it all. She carried you, fed you, clothed you, took you to school, drove you in circles around town, and drove you crazy when you were a teen. She’s been with you through all the ups and downs of life. Get her this pendant to let her know Superman has nothing on her: She’s Super Mom.


Mom’s Favorite Sayings

One of the funny things about all the sayings on this sentimental plaque for mom is this: when you’re a kid, you get so tired of hearing these things you think you might lose it. But when you grow up and become a mom—you say every single one of them yourself.

Prices Vary

Inspirational Bangle

Get mom a sweet piece of jewelry this year. This bangle is a great sentimental gift for a daughter to give to a mom for birthday or Mother’s Day. It’s a thin, silver-toned hammered twist bangle engraved with a touching phrase. It comes in a gift box so all you have to do is wrap it up.

Prices Vary

Scentimental Candle

Set the mood right with this natural soy wax candle made just for moms. It comes with a gift card and a personalized message from you—anything you want mom to know, just tell the makers and they’ll print it. It comes in a reusable mason jar that will last for years.


“Ima” Necklace

You don’t have to speak Hebrew to appreciate the skill and artistry that goes into this charming necklace for mom. It’s a gold pendant engraved with the word “Ima”—Hebrew for mother—and accompanied by a beach stone worn smooth by years of natural ocean water. The two elements together strike a perfect balance.


Metallic Music Box

Mom will love this metallic music box. She can keep it on her dresser, display it in the family room, or keep it by her bedside to store her everyday jewelry. It’s velvet lined with a brushed silver finish and a jewel encrusted lid.

Prices Vary

Angel Ornament

You may have heard your mom call you her little angel over and over when you were growing up. Now its time to return the favor. This statue lets mom know you feel the sameexcep

Prices Vary

A Prayer for Mom

This touching wall print says it all. Mom will come to tears when she reads the inscription on this sentimental gift. Let her know you feel truly blessed she’s your mom. We bet you’ll cry a little bit, too, when you watch her open it. You might even get a little teary just buying it for her.


Framed Poem and Picture

This is a great gift for a dad—or any relative—to collaborate with for a young daughter or son. Because you know the little ones need some help when they’re getting gifts for their parents. You choose your favorite picture, and the sentimental poem and picture frame takes care of the rest.


Light Up Heart Plaque

Good mom? Awesome mom? Okay Mom? No, none of the above. We know that you know that your mom is nothing but “The World’s Best Mom.” You can tell her so with this light up glass stature, set on a silver base and accented with tea-rose prints.


Love Lives Here Word Birds

When you think of love birds, it’s usually two people in love, making googly eyes at each other out in public. These love birds are different, though—they’re love birds that tell mom she’s made a wonderful home for you, and that no matter where you go, you know that her home is where it all started.

Prices Vary

Personalized Family Print

This family print is for the mom who has a quirky sense of humor and might not go for things that are too traditional or too sentimental. Don’t get us wrong—it’s plenty sentimental, but in a cute and cartoony kind of way. The artist can customize it to fit your family, pets included.


Personalized Scrabble Art

Some families play trivia games, some go for things like Monopoly, Clue, or Risk, and then there’s another breed: the Scrabble Family. You know who you are. This gift is a winner for the matriarch of a the big-time Scrabble Fam. The creative artist will find a way to fit everyone’s name into a touching family theme.

Prices Vary

Long Distance Love

There are a lot of prints like this made for just two people—but this is the first one that includes the whole family. This creative piece of art links mom to all her kids, no matter how far they’ve roamed in search of their own lived and identities. Contact the artist to personalize it with a saying your mom will love.


Treasured Passages

Don’t let life slip by. If you’ve ever wanted to tell your mom how much you love her, but you haven’t been able to find the words, this is the gift for you. It gives you the prompts, the envelopes, and everything you need to let her know exactly how you feel.


Mother’s Garden Stone

For the mom who likes to spend her days in the garden, tending to her flowers, weeding the beds, and making sure her tomato plants are on track for a bountiful harvest, this is the right gift. It’s ready for the outdoors—you can put it there when she’s not looking, and she’ll have a sentimental moment when she comes upon it by chance.


Family Signpost

This clever gift is for a mom whose children have flown the coop and scattered to points beyond. Put it up out in the back yard so she can know in one glance where all her kids are, and how far they’ve gone. It looks like one of those funky posts you see in adventure magazines.


Mother Elephant and Baby

If this isn’t the absolute definition of sentimental and cute, we don’t know what is. If mom loves animals, especially elephants, then she’ll love this one. These two wooden figurines have padded feet so they won’t scratch delicate surfaces.

Prices Vary

iPhone Case for Mom

Moms are royalty. No one knows that better than moms. This year you can recognize that fact with this iPhone case that lets her know you know, too. In fact, you know that moms are actually just above royalty—we’re not saying almighty, but they do know and see everything.

Prices Vary

Family Chain

From the time you were itty-bitty, mom was there to keep you safe. She kept you from bonking your head on the coffee table, falling off the play structure, and tumbling down the stairs. This necklace, handmade from bronze, brass, and copper, shows exactly how mom catches her kids—any way she can.


Mother and Child Bronze

This bronze statue captures the joy of a mother and child in a lovely moment of play. Which is amazing, because it’s so simple. It’s truly artistic and makes the perfect gift for a mom who appreciates something unique that’s sure to start conversations when guests come over.

Prices Vary

Vintage Sheet Music Bracelet

Pink hearts, roses, silver plating, antique sheet music—it doesn’t get much more sentimental than this lovely handmade charm bracelet. It’s a labor of love for the artist, and it will express your love for mom without question. She’ll wear it for years and feel special every day she has it on.

Prices Vary

Coloring Book for Mom

We’ve put coloring books for moms on some of our other lists, but this one is something special. It’s designed to be fun, relaxing, and take the stress out of daily life. Each picture takes up a full page and is designed to work best with colored pencils.


5 DIY Sentimental Gifts for Mom

Mom Coupons

What mom needs more than anything—aside from the recognition that she’s the total bomb—is a little bit of help. This funny DIY gives mom just that. Coupons for help with the chores that keep her busy from day to day. This one is great for Mother’s Day or a birthday.

Pineapple Tea Towel

Mom loves giving knick-knacks as gifts. Now you can give her a gift that will make her gifts the best-wrapped ones out there. This simple five step tutorial shows you how to make a pineapple tea-towel gift wrap. Make a bunch of them, so mom never und out!

Photo Gift Wrap

So you’ve already got a gift for mom that’s perfect. You know this one’s a winner. Take it a step further with this awesome DIY. You’ll need to be handy with a computer, but if you have the basic skills, it will take you no time at all to personalize your wrapping paper with pics of you—or you and your mom together to make it over-the-top sentimental.

Keepsake Pillow

There’s nothing on earth that gets a mom more pictures of her kids—except pictures of her kids that are made in a way that’s really special. This DIY shows you how to make a keepsake pillow featuring a picture silhouette. Dads can do this for their kids to give to mom, or you can find a baby pic of yourself to bring back the memories.

Messy Frames

Here’s one for dads or older siblings to make for mom on Mother’s Day or her birthday. It’s a fun and creative way to jazz up some old picture frames. And then, of course, fill them with pictures of her favorite people on earth, her children. The entire process should take under an hour.

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