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38 Gifts for Wine Lovers & Connoisseurs

If you have a wine lover in your life, these are the gifts they will be absolutely obsessed with and will use and remember for years.

Great list of unique gift ideas for wine lovers.

Vinturi Wine Aerator

The Vinturi Wine Aerator enhances the flavor and bouquet of your favorite wine. The aerator is used to pour wine into the glass and mixes the perfect amount of air into the pour each time. The tool is made of acrylic and features a no-drip stand. Perfect for any wine lover.
Prices Vary

The Wine Bible

The Wine Bible features everything you have ever wanted to know about wine in one book. This 904 page books covers everything from the essentials to the finer points about choosing, storing, and enjoying wine.
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The Corkicle chills and protects your wine bottle once it is open. The Corkicle is frozen and then placed into wine bottles. It is made from BPA-free plastic and contains a non-toxic freezing gel. It is easy to clean and eliminates the need for a bulky ice bucket.

Metal Chain Wine Bottle Holder

The Metal Chain Wine Bottle Holder is a funky way to store and display your favorite bottle. The holder is made from nickel-plated iron chain and creates the illusion of a floating bottle. It stands about eight inches tall.
Prices Vary

Metrokane Rabbit Wine Bottle Stoppers

The Metrokane Rabbit Wine Bottle Stoppers features a collection of four multi-colored wine stoppers. These stoppers create a tight seal in an opened bottle of wine, preventing spillage and spoilage. They are constructed from durable, non-toxic Metrokane silicone.
Prices Vary

The Complete Wine Taste & Aroma Kit

Wish you were a wine aficionado? Now you can learn how to test and smell wine like a pro. The Complete Wine Taste and Aroma Kit provides a comprehensive lesson on wine. It gives you the opportunity to smell the nine most common essences associated with wine and includes educational materials to prepare you for your next tasting experience.
Prices Vary

Vacu Vin Wine Saver

Keep open bottles of wine fresh with the Vacu Vin Wine Saver. It creates an airtight seal over bottles, allowing you to store open bottles for up to ten days. The Wine Saver comes with the pump and two stoppers.

Whimsical Animal Wine Opener

These wine openers have a lot of characters. The Whimsical Animal Wine Opener is available in three animal styles: seal, pig, and bull.

Around The World Wine Chest

The Around the World Wine Chest is one of the most impressive gift baskets you will ever give. The basket is filled with crackers, cheeses, snacks, and of course, two bottles of wine. It arrives in a classic chest that can be reused once the wine and foods are gone.

Wine Sack

The Wine Sack makes transporting and sharing wine convenient no matter where you go. Pour the wine directly from the bag and into the glass. Ideal for concerts and picnics. The Wine Sack is available in black and white.
Prices Vary

Wine Barrel Lazy Susan

The Wine Barrel Lazy Susan is made from the reclaimed wood of used wine barrels. Standard lazy Susan design makes retrieving wine from storage easy and convenient.

Ozeri Electric Wine Opener

The Ozeri Electric Wine Opener takes the effort out of uncorking your favorite bottle of wine. The modern design features an ergonomic grip for easy handling.
Prices Vary

Cork Coaster Kit

Create customized cork coasters with the Cork Coaster Kit. Kit comes with four wooden shadow boxes in the shape and size of traditional coasters. Fill the boxes with corks from your favorite bottles of wine as they are opened. The coasters create a sturdy base onto which to place your glasses.
Prices Vary

Wine Country Plates

These appetizer sized plates feature the designs from some of the world’s most beloved winery labels. Available in sets of six.

Goto Venetian Wine Glasses

It is true that the drinking vessel makes all the difference when enjoying wine. Drink your favorite from these Goto Venetian Wine Glasses. These hand-blown goblets were designed by Italian artist Massimo Lunardon. Each glass is one-of-a kind.

Skybar Wine Chill Drops

No time to chill your wine? Use the Skybar Wine Chill Drops. The chill drops chill a single glass of wine in less than ten minutes. Reds are chilled to the perfect temperature in just 90 seconds! The drops fit into most wine glasses and Champagne flutes.
Prices Vary

Riedel Wine Glass Set

The Riedel Wine Glass Set feature four glasses specifically designed to enhance the flavor of wine. There are two designs in each set, two Cabernet glasses and two Viognier glasses. They are made of non-lead crystal and feature smooth bowls and rims for drinking pleasure.
Prices Vary

5th Avenue Wine Gift Basket

The 5th Avenue Wine Gift Basket is packed with foods and wines any gift recipient will love. Each box features two bottles of red wine and snack foods intended to accompany and complement the flavor of the wines.

Customized Bottle Of Wine

A Customized Bottle of Wine is the perfect gift for any occasion. This gift comes with a bottle of California Winemaker’s Red, a miniature corkscrew, bottle stopper, drip ring, and pour spout. The bottle is engraved with your personal message.

Snow Ski Wine Rack

The Snow Ski Wine Rack combines your love of skiing and drinking wine. Each rack is made of the end of a repurposed ski and features three slots for storing bottles of wine.

Wine Preservation System

The Wine Preservation System is perfect for keeping each of your opened bottles of wine preserved until you are ready to drink. The system chills wines to the perfect temperature and maintains their quality for up to ten days. The sleek designs suits any style of decor.
Prices Vary

Personalized Wine Cellar Sign

Bring your love of wine into your home d?cor with the Personalized Wine Cellar Sign. Each sign is laser engraved with your family name, location, and date of your choice, and can be used in your wine cellar, kitchen, or bar area. Perfect for a wedding gift!

Hootch-Owl Corkscrew

The HOOTCH-OWL Corkscrew opens your wine with character. The corkscrew features quirky owl design and is constructed from vintage metal.

Steel & Stone Man Wine Holders

These quirky bottle holders are perfect for any wine lover. Each set of Steel & Stone Man Wine Holders feature three posed men, laying, kneeling, and standing. They securely hold your bottles of wine until you are ready to use. These holders are a great way to highlight the favorite bottles in your collection.

Wine Tasting Bags

Fun for any party! Wine Tasting Bags allow you to make the labels on various wines to create a completely neutral tasting experience. See if your guests can choose their favorite wines based only on taste! Each set feature six individually numbered burlap bags, a velcro pouch for storage, and a game pad and wine reference chart.
Prices Vary

Robert Mondavi Reserve Cabernet

The Robert Mondavi Reserve Cabernet is featured in this gift set that includes a single bottle of one of the world’s best loved wines. Also included in the set are two glasses, a corkscrew, a wax seal, dark chocolates, and the wooden box.

Double Wall Wine Glasses

Double Wall Wine Glasses are ideal for any connoisseur of wine. The double wall construction creates an isolation barrier, keeping wines at their optimal temperature longer for drinking. Enjoy your wine as it was meant to taste from start to finish with each glass.
Prices Vary

Zinzig Wine Game

The ZinZig Wine Game is perfect for those who want to show off their wine knowledge. Each game comes with six pieces, three bottle covers, a tasting guide, trivia cards, blind tasting cards, and nine wine deeds.
Prices Vary

Wine Cage

Protect your wine collection in this stylish cage. Perfect for smaller collections or to highlight certain bottles in a sizeable collection.

Haier Wine Cellar

Create your own miniature wine cellar with the Haier Wine Cellar. Features storage capacity for up to 16 bottles of red and white wine. Keeps wines at the perfect temperature for storage so your collection remains in pristine condition.
Prices Vary

Reclaimed Wood Wine Rack

The Reclaimed Wood Wine Rack is a stylish way to store your wine collection. The rack is capable of holding up to 13 bottles and fits nicely on table tops and shelves.

Mustache Drink Markers

Identify your wine glass at gatherings and parties with these fun Mustache Drink Markers. Each marker affixes to your wine glass and alerts you to your particular glass with its unique color. Available in sets of six and made from 100% silicone.
Prices Vary

The Classic Wine Duet

The Classic Wine Duet is a gift box featuring a pairing of two wines and snacks. Choose from three different combinations of red and white.


Everyone’s favorite board game with a wine theme! Wineopoly is played by the same rules as a traditional game of Monopoly, but features fun wine-themed figurines, properties, and actions.

Wine Barrel Cork Cage

Store your used corks in a fun place with the Wine Barrel Cork Cage. This cute metal cage is the perfect decorate and serves as a functional piece for keeping the corks you collect.
Prices Vary

Metrokane Wine Tools Kit

The Metrokane Wine Tools Kit comes with everything you need to enjoy a bottle of wine. It features a drip-stop ring, a foil cutter, a bottle sealer, wax remover, and an extra worm. Items are constructed of polycarbonate and reinforced nylon, and fit securely into the storage case when not in use.
Prices Vary

Sonoma Wine Country

Enjoy three bottles of wine from Sonoma Wine Country, shipped right to your door. Ideal for gift giving or to enjoy on your own.

The Wine Lover’s Cookbook

The Wine Lover’s Cookbook is filled with recipes perfect for accompanying great wines. The book features 100 recipes ranging from appetizers to dessert, all intended to be paired with one of 13 wines.
Prices Vary