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25 Things Every Dapper Man Needs

There are only a few essentials that make it into a dapper man’s collection of clothing and accessories. Use this as a checklist and you’ll be well on your way to looking your best no matter what the occasion.

25 Things Every Dapper Man Needs

Trunk Club

Whether you need a sense of style, or want to put it on autopilot, Trunk Club is the way to go. You receive clothing that has been hand-picked by a stylist so it’s actually going to look good on you. One cool feature is they don’t charge any sort of membership fee, and it’s ridiculously easy to get started and have your first box on its way.



Make sure that your underwear is always looking its best, even if it’s not visible most of the time. A dapper man needs to be dapper from head to toe, underwear and outerwear alike. MeUndies will send you fresh underwear each month so you can systematically replace the worn out ones with new ones.


Metal Collar Stays

Keeping your collar where it needs to be and looking sharp is a whole lot easier when you have these metal collar stays helping you out. Avoid the unruly look of your collar going wherever it feels like, and take control of the situation for a smooth and refined look.

Prices Vary

Tie Clip

A tie clip helps keep your tie where you’d like it, and prevents you from looking like a slob with an out of place tie. It’s the one defining piece that can take you from looking so-so in a suit to looking like a pro. Make sure you don’t forget this essential item.

Prices Vary

Men’s Leather Zip Top Travel Kit

This travel kit will have you looking your best while on the go, and it also makes sure that you don’t forget any essential items. It’s sturdy so it protects what goes in it so you don’t have to worry about things getting smashed or exploding on you.

Prices Vary

Leather Wallet

When you take your wallet out, what does it say about you? When you take out a nice leather wallet it makes you look like you don’t even need the money, because you’re so money. Here’s a respectable offering that will send a message whenever you pay for something.


Leather Messenger Bag

This messenger bag simply looks great, and will hold all of your essential items each day. It can also be used on short trips because it has plenty of compartments for everything you need to not just in your daily life but while you’re gone for a long weekend or other excursion.


Nose Hair Trimmer

You simply can’t look dapper when you’ve got a thicket of nose hairs growing wild, so tend to your shrubs and make sure you don’t have a single stray nose hair to throw off your look. For the money this is the best nose hair clipper we’ve found that does the job.


Titanium Money Clip

A money clip sends the message that you’re no stranger to carrying cash, and it’s a great way to separate your cash from your wallet and cards so that you don’t need to take out one to get to the other. No use taking out your credit cards when you’re paying with cash or vice versa.

Prices Vary

Assorted Dress Socks

White socks are great for the gym, but outside of that you’ll want to make sure that your feet and ankles are covered in a nice pair of dress socks, preferably in a color that matches the rest of what you have on.


Foot Grater

Giving yourself a pedicure is the manly thing to do, and rough, calloused feet are a big no-no if you want to make sure you’re always bringing your A game to the scene. Never wear sandals or go barefoot without using this first.


Electric Shaver

Using an electric shaver is a great way to avoid the nicks and cuts from a straight edge razor. It’s perfect for sensitive areas like the neck that tends to get razor burn on it more easily than other areas. The trick is you have to spring for the more expensive one, because there is a quality difference.

Prices Vary

Designer Jeans

You can rock a pair of jeans and still look dapper, but the trick is that they can’t look like you picked them up at the supermarket and paid $20 for them. Spend a little more and get a pair of jeans that looks like you actually give a care about how you look.

Prices Vary

Classic Sunglasses

You can’t beat a classic look and sunglasses make up a big part of it. These Ray Bans are classic, nearly vintage in their styling and will make you look very dapper indeed. The best part is you’ll also be protecting your eyes at the same time.


Two-Piece Suit

In earlier times dapperness required a three-piece suit, but times have changed and now you can pull of the same look with a smart two-piece suit. This is an example of the kind of suit that you can get that will make you look smashing without breaking the bank.


Sharp-Looking Watch

A great-looking watch completes your look, and also serves a purpose. When you put on all of the things on this list, the suit, the socks, the collar stays, the tie clip, and you finish it off with this stylish timepiece you’ll be looking dapper for days.


Leather Belt

Your belt is a piece that will often go unnoticed, unless it all worn out and needs an upgrade. Make sure that you’ve got this covered by getting both the black color and the brown color to go with different outfits.


Classic Shaving Kit

This shaving kit dials it back to the old days and helps you give yourself a classic barber shop shave. You’ll be amazed at how much closer you can get when you properly prep yourself with a shave brush. Stay smooth for a increased sense of refinement.


Magnetic Cuff Links

These cufflinks are sure to get noticed because they don’t have a button or a clasp on them, they stay together with the power of magnets. You might feel like James Bond when you wear them, and it can be your little secret that they’re magnetic.


Intense Therapy Lip Balm

Your lips get a lot of attention because when you talk people’s eyes will naturally be drawn to your mouth. Make sure you’ve got perfectly supple lips that aren’ dried or cracked with this therapeutic lip balm.


White Dressy Shirt

No wardrobe is truly complete without a bright white dress shirt. You can use it as part of a suit, or wear it with a pair of jeans for a dressed down look. No matter what you need it for, it will provide stunning results.

Prices Vary

GQ Subscription

It may seem cliche, but a GQ subscription will keep you abreast of the latest in men’s fashion and taste so you will always be able to stay relevant while keeping your own sense of style. Sure, most of the magazine is full of adverts, but there are still some gems tucked in there.

Prices Vary

Tumi Luggage

When you travel, travel in style with Tumi luggage. These are not only durable and well-designed, they look great too, and you’ll have no trouble spotting your luggage on the carousel. It will be the ones that look better than the rest.

Prices Vary

Wingtip Dress Shoes

Complete your ensemble with a comfortable pair of dress shoes. The wingtip design is time-tested and remains fashionable decades later. If you don’t already have a pair of brown shoes, be sure to pick one up because it goes with more outfits than black shoes.



You can’t go wrong with a subscription to Mantry. They’ll send you an assortment of food that will keep you stocked up on the finer things in life. A dapper man is a well-fed man, and this is a way to make sure that you never run out of tasty things to sample.



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