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49 Most Unique Gifts for Men of 2020 – Great Gift Ideas for Him

Socks, cologne, alcohol – all items which are well-received, but they don’t really require much thought. If you’re after something a little different, take a read through this extensive list of unique gifts for men, where you will find something for every discerning gentleman, from fishing on the fire, to food for thought.

Every man deserves the best, and this list contains some of the best and most unique gifts for men available today.

23andMe DNA Ancestry Test Kit

If you’re searching for unique gifts for men, then how about giving them the tools to find out just how unique they are? This DNA kit can trace his ancestry back through more than 150 countries worldwide, giving him an unrivalled glimpse of the men and women behind the man, using a simple saliva swab.



Do you cringe a little every time the man of the house turns his hand to DIY, worrying that he might be drilling into an electric wire? Keep him safe, and your house standing, with this fab Walabot. This handy gadget can see through walls, detecting wires, pipes, studs, and even pesky moving critters.

Price varies

Flavair Whiskey Subscription Box

Give the whiskey lover in your life the gift of membership to the exclusive Flaviar club. Simply choose the duration of their membership and your loved one will be treated to perks such as taster boxes, tasting events, and access to the most delicious whiskeys, courtesy of the gift card which comes with the package.

Price varies

Daily Harvest Smoothie Subscription Box

If you want your man’s cup to runneth over, take a look at this superb smoothie subscription box, which promises to deliver healthy and delicious superfoods, chosen by you, to the recipient’s door, ready to be frozen, heated, or soaked, all in perfectly proportioned cups for absolute convenience. Choose from weekly or monthly deliveries to suit.

Price varies

Snack Crate

Take your taste buds on a trip around the world with the monthly Snack Crate subscription service, and never be without goodies again. Each month, delivered to your door, you will receive between 5 and 20 different snacks, depending on the package you choose, from a new and exciting country, for moreish mystery munchies.

Price varies

Bombfell Men’s Clothing Subscription Box

You love your man, we get it, but his dress sense is a little…odd? Spruce up your spouse with Bombfell, a subscription service which delivers a selection of stylish threads to his door on a monthly basis, ready for him to try on in the comfort of his own home, then keep or simply send back.

Price varies

Driftsun Stand Up Paddleboard

If he’s itching to ride the waves again, why not treat him to one of these awesome paddleboards from Driftsun? From 10” inflatables to 15” multi-person boards, these eye-catching pieces of kit will let him float away on a sea of happiness as he dreams of shooting the curl once more (in a more sedate fashion).

Prices Vary

Bed Jet Dual Zone Climate Comfort Control for Couples

Some like it hot might be his favorite movie, but what happens when he prefers his side of the bed a little cooler? Give him the gift of a great night’s sleep with the BedJet temperature-controlled system for beds. In less than 3 minutes, he can be sleeping in cold comfort while you toast nicely beside him.

Price varies

Cocktail Grow Kit

You ‘herb’ it through the grapevine – the Cocktail Grow Kit from Uncommon Goods is the piece de resistance for any mixologist in the family. This kit contains everything needed to grow those all-important greens for the finishing touches, in a recycled egg carton. Includes basil, mint, lemon balm, thyme, lavender, and blue borage. Bottoms up!


Harman Kardon Aura Wireless Home Speaker System

Ideal for a minimalist home, this speaker is sleek, understated, and full of guts. With omni-directional sound and six mid to high range transducers, this sound system also has Bluetooth capabilities for the ultimate music experience, while the Customized Harman Kardon Remote app allows for effortless control.

Prices Vary

Adventure Essentials Survival Kit

Maybe he’s a survivalist, and maybe he’s not, but either way he’ll be well prepared for any eventuality, with this cylinder which carries all the essentials he’ll need in a zombie apocalypse.


Bonsai Tree Starter Kit

Growing Bonsai trees will be easy with this kit which contains seeds for the 5 easiest varieties, plus coco coir, biodegradable pots, pruning shears, and even a mini shovel.

Prices Vary

The Science of Cooking Book

They may know how to cook, but do they know the science behind it? This book makes the perfect unique gift for the curious cook on your gift list.


Dinosaur Mugs

Mugs are always a great gift to give, and this one comes with one of earth’s greatest creatures – the mighty dinosaur. There are five varieties available, including the Tea-Rex.


Food Smoking Cloche

Infuse dishes or drinks with this awesome piece of kit, which comes with a ‘gun’ to apply the flavor directly, and a hose which will add a richer taste to any food they choose.

$10.00- $200.00

Canvas Fishing Rod and Reel Organizer Travel Bag

Stop the struggle of juggling several rods and reels at any one time by giving him this organizer which can carry it all, plus tackle and more equipment, in a more convenient way.


88 Great Conversation Starters for Husbands and Wives

If the art of conversation has died between a couple you know, this set of conversation starters will make a great white elephant gift that might just make (or break) their marriage.


Beard Bib

This bib will save the bathroom from getting covered and him from getting nagged by attaching to the mirror, giving him a safe place to trim his whiskers without making a mess.


Shiitake Mushroom Log Kit

If there’s not mushroom in the garden for growing their own food, how about giving them this kit which will allow them to produce their own crop of delicious shiitake mushrooms indoors?


50 States Traveled Journal

Make sure they document every memory from their travels across America with this journal which provides 2 pages for each of the 50 states, along with some useful prompts, too.


Viking Ram Horn Stein

Nobody will mess with whoever is drinking from this tankard, which is shaped like a Viking’s helmet, complete with skull and ram horn handles, and holds 13oz of mead or beer.


Collapsible Water Bottle

Forget carrying around an empty bottle on a hike – this 18oz bottle collapses down so it can fit in the pocket when empty, then opens back up when it’s ready to be refilled.


REESES Variety Pack

Lovers of Reese’s will go absolutely nuts when they open this bumper box of nutty delights, including peanut butter cups, big cups, and Reese’s stick bars – 30 of them to be exact.

Prices Vary

USA Beer Cap Mapp

If you know someone who loves to hoard beer bottle tops, give them somewhere attractive to store them, like this maple outline of the USA which holds 69 of them.


5-in-1 Tool Pen

How neat is this little gadget? The real working pen also features a tape measure, screwdriver, stylus, and bubble level, for a 5 in 1 tool kit that’s super discreet.


YETI Hopper Flip Portable Cooler

Let them keep cool with the YETI Hopper 8 which can hold up to 6 cans of something delicious, plus ice, and comes with wide mouth opening for easier access.


Cordless Drill Holster

It’s not quite pistols at dawn, but this holster will make them feel like Butch Cassidy as they use it to hold their weapon of choice – in this case, a cordless drill.


Minimalist Aluminum Slim Wallet

This incredibly slim wallet can hold up to 12 credit or debit cards, has a money clip for notes, and features RFID blocking protection to keep your private information safe.


Sushi Socks

Never mind tootsie rolls, how about salmon rolls FOR their tootsies, instead? These 3 pairs of socks come disguised as delicious sushi, and are perfect for the Japanese cuisine aficionado.

Prices Vary

Hockey Stick BBQ Set

Not only do these BBQ tools look cool, but they come with a history as well, because they’re crafted from real game-used hockey sticks which have seen their fair share of action.


Rememory Game

For Game Night with a difference, the Rememory Game is a beautiful tool with which to access long forgotten memories that really should be shared and honored. The prompt cards included are designed to trigger a memory which includes a time, place, and person, and would make a sentimental gift that they will treasure.


Portable Camp Grill And Charger

Bringing camping bang up to date, this invaluable Portable Camp Grill and Charger does exactly what it says on the box. The smokeless furnace, which runs on renewable fuel such as twigs and pine cones, allows you to boil water or cook, while the integrated charger keeps smartphones ready for action, day or night.


Baseball Stadium Blueprints

Let your baseball fan hang his hallowed ground right where he can see it, with a blueprint of his favorite baseball stadium. Whether he’s enamoured with Ebbots Field, or is Busch Stadium’s biggest fan, you can have his beloved stadium framed for posterity, which also comes with design specs and major event moments.


Diy Tamale Kit

Whether you want to celebrate your Mexican heritage, or would like to introduce a new food idea into your family, this Tamale kit is for you. Once cooked (all the ingredients are included) you can eat them as they are, or do as the Mexicans do and incorporate them into a new family tradition of gift-giving.


Hockey Puck Chillers

‘Puck-er’ up and get your laughing gear around a delicious glass of undiluted whiskey, made nice and cold by these coolers with a difference. Ideal for the hockey fan, these pucks are made from sandstone – simply place them in the freezer before using, and then put that biscuit in the basket for pure, unadulterated taste Heaven.


Spigo Indoor LED Light Grow Garden

Growing herbs or other plants doesn’t come much easier, or more stylish, than this. Sleek and modern, this Spigo Indoor LED Light Grow Garden goes through three cycles of light – 8 hours of white light (ideal for reading), 8 hours of fuschia light for perfect growing, and 8 hours of night light, for perfect ambience.


Preseton Bag from Impressed Bag Co

Travelling can present a few difficulties for men who need to keep their clothes in pristine condition, which is where Preston comes in. A unique gift for men, Preston allows suits to be carried wrinkle-free, thanks to its innovative magnet system, while also offering enough space for all those other necessities. It’s perfectly ‘suited’.

Price varies

A Hole Paperweight

If you have someone on your gift list who can be something of a pain in the butt, this good natured yet functional paperweight from Uncommon Goods is just the job. Handcrafted from steel, this paperweight features the letter ‘a’, followed by an actual hole, to convey in a tongue-in-cheek fashion how you see him.


Natural Cork Bow Tie

Wooden your man just love to have this bowtie in his closet? A statement piece for sure, this bowtie is made entirely from the bark of the cork oak, providing a stunning yet flexible conversation piece to wear to any event. Dressed up or dressed down, this is one gift that really should take a ‘bow’.


DJI Drone

Reach for the stars (ok, maybe not the stars but the tops of the trees?) with a DJI Drone. Equipped with a 4k camera, 32 MP Sphere Panorama, Smart Capture and a flying time of 21 minutes, the Mavic Air is a little flying machine with a LOT of attitude.

Price varies

Fan Chest Subscription Box for Sports Fans

If you know your man well, you’ll know his team. And if you know his team you now know how to get him this awesome sports subscription box, delivered straight to his door. Crammed full with memorabilia, apparel, headwear and other merch, each chest also includes a golden ticket, giving him the chance to win big!

Price varies

Winc Wine Subscription Box

Whether the gent in your life considers himself a true sommelier, or just wants to expand his knowledge, a Winc Wine Membership will open him up to a whole world of fine wines, delivered monthly, straight to the door. With over 100 different ones on offer, he will receive 4 superb bottles, 12 times a year.

Price varies

FlashForge 3D Printer

Bring art to life with your very own incredible 3D printer. Perfect for beginners, the FlashForge Finder will take your designs and print them out as actual three-dimensional shapes using non-toxic PLA and fully encased heating components for added safety. This model also features a 3.5” color touchscreen and Wi-Fi, USB, and Flash Drive connectivity.


Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer

Grab a core muscle workout from the comfort of your own home with the Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer. Designed to improve your balance and strengthen your core muscles, this board is also a whole lot of fun and is great for practicing your stance before tackling the waves on a surfboard.


Kabob Grilling Baskets

Picture the scene – a balmy night, and a barbeque just for two, when oops…all the meat and veg have fallen off the stick and into the coals, lost forever. Make ruined kabobs a thing of the past with these awesome kabob baskets, which keep all those delicious morsels right where they should be.


Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses

Change the tone of the conversation the next time you share a glass of wine by using this set of two utterly genius musical wine glasses. By running your wet finger around the rim, you will create a beautiful note, and the more you drink the more notes you will hit! Make sweet music, together.


Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

The eco-friendly will adore this notebook, which can be used over and over. A highly unique gift for men who love their planet, this book not only saves each page to the cloud using the app included, but, by putting the notebook in a microwave, the pages can be wiped clean and used all over again.


Principles Of Flight Tie

Does your man have his head in the clouds? Help him understand how mankind has managed to fly with this super slick silk tie, which features striking graphics which show the principles of flight. With drawings of cockpits, effect of wind on flight, and other aerodynamic diagrams, this is one gift that will make him soar.


Pick Punch

‘Pick’ up this super useful gift for the strummer in your life, and he’ll never be without the sound of music again. Turning virtually any old credit card, membership card, or ID badge into a guitar pick, this punch makes short work of creating a brand new pick, quickly and easily – music to his ears.


Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

Spice things up for his next birthday with this Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit. Containing a variety of mouth (or eye) watering peppers and powders, this kit also supplies the vinegars, sugars, and equipment you will need to produce six bottles of your very own hot and spicy sauces.


Equation Geek Watch

Get your geek on with this nerdy numbered timepiece from Uncommon Goods. Using mathematical equations, each number on the watch face is represented by its more complicated equivalent, making telling the time a lot more fun for brainiacs, and a lot more complicated for us mere mortals who just don’t understand!


Hard Working Mans Hygiene Kit

Men need as much pampering as the rest of us, so what better way to do that than with the Hard Working Man’s Hygiene Kit? This rugged-looking set comes with all manner of masculine smellies, including soap, hand and foot lotion, and all-important lip salve so he can kiss you goodbye on his way to work.


BLACK+DECKER MAX Lithium Pivot Vacuum

They might be bad at picking their socks up off the floor, or leaving the toilet seat down, but most men do appreciate their own little space being clean. Whether it’s for his car or his man cave, this powerful hand vacuum from Black and Decker will keep things ship shape in his own little area.


Neighborwoods Map Coasters

Home is most definitely where the heart is, so raise a toast to your heartland, without leaving any nasty rings on the furniture, thanks to these handmade Neighborwoods Map Coasters. Each set of four is mapped out on cedar with various points in your place of choice, making this a memorable gift to someone missing home.


Decision Paperweight

The grown-ups answer to the magic 8 ball, this Decision Paperweight makes a light-hearted and unique gift for men who can be a little indecisive. With eight possible answers to life’s questions, this little spinner will tell him whether or not he should do it, or even if he should pass the buck!


IcoSoKu Brainteaser Puzzle

Dot to dot just got a whole lot harder with the IcoSoKu Brainteaser Puzzle, the brainteaser which can be taken apart and put back together again as often as you like. With literally thousands of games possible, this puzzle will help strengthen critical thinking and help improve math skills, and every configuration has a solution.


Anti Theft Backpack

Commuting to work can be a thief’s paradise, so make sure they leave empty handed with this superb anti-theft backpack, which has been designed to hide a whole number of security devices, such as hidden zippers, anti-cut fabric, and concealed pockets. It even has an integrated charging port for added peace of mind.


West Coast Style Ipa Beer Brewing Kit

If your man is only here for the beer, then why not give him a gift which will enable him to brew his own? This kit contains everything needed to produce one full gallon, or ten 12oz. bottles, of delicious, artisan West Coast style IPA beer, including grains, yeast, malt extract and hops.

Price varies

Taco Serving Kit And Storage Box

So you want to taco bout great gifts for guys? Then listen up while we tell you about this superb Taco Serving Kit and Storage Box. Containing four taco holders and six hand-blown glass bowls, this handsome collection ensures the fillin’ without the spillin’, not just on Tuesdays but on any day with a ‘y’.


100 Things To Do Scratch Off Poster

‘Never regret the things you did, only the things you didn’t do’ is a quote we would all do well to live by, and with this scratch-off poster, you won’t be regretting a single thing. Full of things to do, from the insignificant to the life-changing, this poster will inspire you to grab life by the horns.


Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster

Make sure it’s only your food that gets toasted, and not your fingers, when you use this fun and functional Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster. Combining that great pastime, fishing, with outdoor cooking, you can cast your line and get perfect results, every time, as you flip and turn your food on the end of the line.


Stoneware Tv Dinner Trays

Yes, it’s ideal to sit down at the dining table for every meal, but sometimes all we want to do is crash in front of the TV with our food, right? This set of two stoneware TV dinner trays allows you to do just that, while keeping hot, cold, sweet, and savory foods separate and secure.


Personalized Whiskey Barrel

Ageing loses its negative connotations when you give this gorgeous gift to any whiskey drinker. Each miniature oak barrel can be personalized with names and dates, and, once prepared, can be used to store and age their favorite spirit, until it reaches its flavorsome peak, at which time it can be poured straight from the barrel.

Price varies

26 Creative Diy Gifts for Him He’ll Love

Diy Wooden Tool Carrier

Give a handyman a handy tool box, made by your own fair hands, by following the instructions in this superb tutorial. Ideal for carrying several tools, you can make this carrier to measure, using clear pine, a few power tools, and a couple of other woodworking bits and pieces.

Diy Paracord Chair

This highly unusual and unique gift for men looks like it comes from a high end store, when in fact you can make it at home with a few items and basic woodworking knowledge. This fantastic guide shows you step by step how to produce a paracord chair, perfect for any man cave.

How to Turn a Hardcover Book Into a Hidden Safe

Turn an old book into a hidden safe by following the instructions in this guide. With step by step instructions, you will be able to produce this ingenious place to store your valuables and keep it hidden in plain sight, among all your other books. Just don’t use a First Edition!

Diy Golf Club Covers

If you’re a dab hand with the needles, follow this pattern to knit up a set of these cute golf club covers which will keep his sticks in pristine condition.

Diy Console Table

If you’re aiming for a white elephant gift that’s a little bigger than most, dig out your power tools and follow this guide which will result in the most gorgeous X-based console table.

Diy Wood Grain Flask

Flasks are a common gift idea, but they can be a bit samey. Customize an ordinary one by covering it in wood grain contact paper, and personalizing it with the recipient’s name.

Diy Tie Rack for Men

Fancy having a go at woodworking but don’t know where to start? Check out this tutorial which shows you how to make a rustic wooden tie rack that is super simple to make.

Diy Scented Sachets

You can visit thrift shops or use shirts that he’s outgrown, but either way, these shirt pocket sachets are an inspired idea and will keep his closet smelling divine.

Diy Leather Luggage Tag

Leather is a great medium to work with, but sewing it can be a little tricky. Why not make these gorgeous leather luggage tags instead, which honestly need no sewing at all.

Diy Passport Holder

This leather passport holder is really sweet, and it can be customized to suit. Choose a different color leather, stamp a name or message, and then decide what pattern to use. Simple.

Diy Wall Sconce

Up the ante when it comes to making a wooden gift by creating this absolutely beautiful Japanese-inspired wall sconce, which will be well worth the time and effort it takes.

Diy No-sew Bow Tie for Him

Keep him looking dapper without the dilemma of how to sew with this no-sew bow tie which can be made with a few dabs of glue and some scraps of fabric.

Diy Desk Organizer

If you have a basket lying around (or find one in a thrift store) you can turn it into this pretty picnic hamper by adding colorful elastic to hold everything in place.

Diy Mason Jar Sleeve

Mason jars make great alternatives to mugs, but as they don’t come with handles they can get hot. Make this cover from leather, and you’ll have the perfect solution for keeping hands safe.

Homemade Jack Daniels Bbq Sauce

Turn a Jack Daniels bottle (once the contents have been consumed, of course) into possibly THE coolest sauce dispenser you will ever see – it’s incredibly easy to do!

Diy Orange Bitters

Do you know a gin lover whose drinks supply needs pepping up? Make them a bottle of orange bitters by following this recipe, and they’ll never settle for plain tonic water again.

Diy Marble Tray

This marble tray is really easy to make, but looks absolutely stunning, and all it needs is a marble slab, drawer pulls, felt pads, and some very strong glue.

Diy Cufflinks

These adorable shrinky-dink cufflinks could be made by kids or adults, depending on what look you want to go for, but either way, he’s going to love wearing them to work.

Diy Leather Wallet

This little leather wallet is a really sweet idea, and doesn’t require any special know-how – just some soft leather and a sewing machine will result in a practical and heartfelt gift.

Diy Mens Slippers Gift

Slippers make great white elephant gifts, but you can spruce them up by stuffing them full of smaller gifts such as candy, jerky, snacks, cosmetics, and even gift cards.

Diy Bar Stool

If cost isn’t an issue, take a look at this tutorial which shows you how to create these fabulous bar stools which are bang on trend with the ‘industrial chic’ look.

Diy Mens Pop Art

Brighten up Dad’s workspace with this collection of tool pop art pictures which can be based on his actual tools, and feature handwritten messages to really make them personal.

Diy Spice Rubs

Most men are happiest when they’re grilling at the BBQ, so make these spice rubs to take their grilling to thrilling, with spicy chicken, blacken, herb, and classic steak seasonings.

Simple Homemade Leather Keychain

Keychains make great gifts – they’re small and easy to make, but provide multiple reminders every day of the person who made them. This one is perfect, especially for dads, husbands, sons, and brothers.

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