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27 Outrageously Masculine Gifts for Manly Men

There are men, and then there are manly men. For that grizzly, man in your life you’ll have to cater your gifts to his tastes. If you’re lost on the kinds of things he’d like, we’re here to help. Here are some of the best gifts you can give a guy that men want to be.

27 Outrageously Masculine Gifts for Manly Men- if your man would rather chop wood then iron his favorite pair of skinny jeans.

Campfire Cologne

Bring the unmistakable smell of a campfire to a cubicle near you with campfire cologne. It’s a way to infuse yourself with the smell of the great outdoors using true-to-life smoke rather than a phoney liquid. You can take the man out of the forest, but you can’t take the forest out of the man.


Balls of Steel Whiskey Drink Coolers

Sound off like you’ve got a pair! These whiskey coolers won’t melt like ice cubes do, they’ll just cool off your whiskey like they’re supposed to. You may have seen whiskey stones before, which are a similar idea, but these send the message that you’ve got what it takes to be a man.


Dogfish Head Beer Soap

Beer loving men will also love the idea of cleansing their body with the goodness of beer. Basically you can’t go wrong with anything beer-related for a manly man, because the two go hand in hand. This is made from a hand-crafted IPA so don’t be surprised to find him smelling himself all day.

Prices Vary

Wild Man Beard Conditioning Oil

Beards can be a real eyesore, but the manliest of men will sport them because it’s the most rugged look you can get. You can help them soften things up a bit with this leave-in conditioner that is designed to make it silky and smooth. Keep the rugged look, lose the prickly feel.

Prices Vary

Bricktown Jerky Sampler

What’s better than beef jerky? More beef jerky! This pack has them covered with all of the dehydrated meat snacks they can handle, with not just beef but also turkey and pork thrown in for good measure. It comes in a nice gift packet which even the most macho guy can stop to appreciate.

Prices Vary

John Wayne Ceramic Mug

John Wayne was a man’s man, and there’s nothing cooler than having The Duke on your coffee mug. He’s captured in a classic pose, in full western garb, and shooting a look that let’s everyone know who’s in charge. Aside from that it’s microwave and dishwasher safe, just like Mr. Wayne would have demanded.


Stanley Classic Flask

This old school flask is like taking a page out of history, but is still one of the best ways to sneak a swig when the mood strikes. It’s got a wide mouth on it, so he’ll have an easier time getting a proper drink from it, not like those sissy thin mouth flasks.


Moonshine Cologne

If he’s more at home drinking from a bottle of selfmade moonshine than hobnobbing at a cocktail party, get him the cologne to go with it. This is an actual cologne, not really moonshine, and is meant to be worn the same way you’d wear any other cologne.


One Man Wolf Pack T-Shirt

If he’s a fan of The Hangover he’ll love this One Man Wolf Pack tee, which features the likeness of Alan and captures the essence of the speech he gave on the roof of the casino. No need for him to cut his hand to make it official, he can get the point across with a t-shirt.


“Beerd” Can Beer Cozy

This beer cozy gives his beer a beard, so he can drink it in style. When a bearded man drinks beer it only makes sense that the beer should be bearded as well. This gift makes great photos as well, and is sure to keep the beer cold, as beards do a good job of insulating the face.


Farkas Eye Black

When your weekend warriors hits the fields make sure he looks as rough and ready as can be. This is the kind of eye black the pros wear, it’s meant to help see the ball in the sun, but what it really ends up doing is making him look even more rugged and aggressive than he already is.


The Man Hanger

This hanger isn’t messing around. It’s not the cheap plastic hanger that you can get 20 of for like a dollar. This is made out of rebar, the metal wires used in construction to help hold buildings together. Holding up his clothes is going to be child’s play for these.


Duct Tape Bi Fold Wallet

Does he use duct tape for everything? If so he’ll get a kick out of this duct tape wallet. It’s lightweight, thin, and extra durable. It’s entirely made out of duct tape, except for the metal grommet which can attach to a chain connected to his pants so it never gets lost or stolen.


Grenade Screwdriver Det

What man doesn’t want his screwdriver set to resemble a weapon? In this case it’s a hand grenade that opens up to reveal a pretty deluxe screwdriver set, complete with both types of heads, plus more. Once the project is finished it all gets wrapped back up into grenade form.

Prices Vary

Budweiser Replica Vintage Beer Can Collection

Here’s a way for him to have an instant collection of Budweiser cans throughout the decades. This collection goes back as far as 1926 and showcases the different style changes that the cans have undergone over the last 80 years and more. A quick visual history lesson on Bud.


Plaid Flannel Shirt

Plaid flannel is pretty much the unwritten fashion staple of today’s burly man. They go great with beards, beers, chopping wood, and anything outdoorsy. This offering by L.L. Bean is a true classic, and is well made for years of regular use. You can even add monogramming to make it one-of-a-kind.


ManHands Manly Scented Soap

The soaps come in an array of interesting scents like Fresh Cut Grass, Bacon, and even the leathery smell of a baseball glove. This leaves ordinary hand soaps in the dust, at least when it comes to giving your hands a manly aroma. Also try Beer, Pizza, and Butter Popcorn varieties.


Zombie Survival Tool

In any zombie horror flick there’s always one man that steps up to answer the call, and when he does he’s usually brandishing a weapon of some sort. This survival tool can smash open windows, split zombie heads, and chop down a tree for kindling all in one.


Sex Panther Cologne

Take a page out of Brian Fantana’s notebook and wear Sex Panther cologne in order to attract the ladies. It’s pulled right from Anchorman and is officially licensed, so you know it will work every time 60% of the time. Unlike in the movie this actually smells good.

Prices Vary

Dynamite Fire Starter

These fire starters are Dyn-o-mite! They look like the real thing, and even come in a box labeled as such, but they’re really efficient firestarters without the giant explosion. Turn heads and start conversations at the next bonfire or fireplace lighting. You can even get refill packs to reuse the box.


Craft Beer & Snacks Basket

Most manly men won’t go within 10 feet of a gift basket, but they’re willing to make an exception for this one. That’s because it’s filled to the brim with an assortment of specialty beers and delicious snacks, enough to get through a poker night with the fellas or a long weekend solo.


Stone Drink Dispenser

There’s a certain elegance to stone, maybe it speaks to our time spent in the Stone Age, or maybe it just seems like it will last forever. With this drink dispenser you’re getting ancient looking reliability in a modern day liquor dispenser. This is cut right from cobbled granite for years of use.


Monogrammed Steak Brand

A true grillmaster leaves his mark on his meat so everyone knows who cooked their steak to perfection. This monogrammed brander makes it easy to char your initials right onto that sirloin, giving it a very distinct look. This is hand-forged out of iron, the same way you’d make it if steak branders was your business.


Personalized Gallon Jug of Tabasco

Real men like it hot, and this gallon of Tabasco sauce will definitely come in handy. Hot sauce tastes good on everything manly, like pizza, chili, chicken wings, and more, so having a ready supply is important. They say it expires after one year, which is no problem for a hot sauce loving man.


Mounted Squirrel Head

Small game hunting is nearly as manly as the real thing, and this mounted squirrel is proof that some good things come in small packages. But in actuality, no squirrels were harmed in the making of this wall mount, so no need to call PETA, just a fun gift for a hunting enthusiast with a personality.


Merica, [email protected]#$ Yeah T-Shirt

If your man has been known to walk around the house singing the classic song from Team America, they’ll love this shirt which features the refrain in a cool design. It makes for a fun shirt while on a bar crawl, and is sure to illicit a response from anyone that reads it and recognizes it.


Unbreakable Hatchet

This hatchet has been dubbed unbreakable, so he can swing as hard as he wants with no worries of a broken handle or blade. That comes in handy when you’re splitting wood and on a roll, you don’t want to wonder if your ax can keep up with you. This features an ultra sharp bland for more one-strike splits.


9 Manly DIY Gifts for a Masculine Man

Tool Box Cake

Make him this tool box cake and he’ll be getting one of the manliest cakes around. They walk you through the whole process, including a blueprint so you get this just right. A fun way to surprise a Mr. Fix-it on his birthday.

Manly Man Apron

This apron is for the grill master, and helps him show off his manly love of all things meat. Beef, pork, chicken, and fish make up the four food groups, with barbecue tools criss crossing them all. Great for the upcoming grilling season.

Lucky Keychain

Every guy will feel luckier with this keychain. If he’s a dad just follow this exactly, but if he’s not you can still use this, just stamp his name on it, or stamp the word lucky onto it. A very manly keychain, indeed.

Fire Starter Kit

Here’s a way for that manly man to start a fire, whether you’re camping out in the woods or just having a bonfire in the backyard. It doesn’t matter if this is a pretty fancy container for it, it’s the fact that he’s starting a fire caveman style.

Man Bouquet

This bouquet is one that any guy would love to get. It features the NFL logo on it, and instead of flowers it’s full of brand new socks for him to wear. It’s a clever way to disguise the fact that you’re giving him socks as a gift.

Fishing Pencil Holder

For the fisherman you can’t go wrong with this fishing pencil holder. This is sure to make it onto his office desk. If he’s the sort of man that is more likely to catch dinner than buy it from the store, you’ve got a great DIY gift here.

Leather Mason Jar Mug

Any time you add leather to something you make it more masculine. Here they’re taken a mason jar and made a mug out of it by wrapping it in leather. It will protect his hands from the hot or cold drink and just looks rugged.

Candy Tackle Box

Let him that that you’re the best catch he’s ever caught with this fun candy tackle box. Send this along with him on his next fishing trip and he’ll have a sweet reminder of how good he’s got it back home.

Masculine Gift Wrap Ideas

Once you have the perfect manly gift picked out you’ll need a clever way to wrap it that doesn’t girly it up. Here are some masculine gift wrap ideas that are sure to make what’s inside well received.


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