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24 Must-Buy Mail Order Food for Your Super Bowl Party

The Super Bowl is an enjoyable event for sporting fans everywhere – it’s just incredible. However, there is one part of this event that will really get people excited…the food. If you are hosting a football party of your own, use this here list to find the best mail order food in time for the big day.


Artisan Meat & Cheese Platter

Watching sports is as good of an excuse as any to eat your favorite foods. With the exciting action from the NFL keeping people on the edge of their seats, consider stocking up on one of these delicious artisan cheese and meat platters that will provide enough game day goodness for everyone.


Premier Cheese and Charcuterie Feast

It’s not always enjoyable having to create and arrange a spread of good food when there are exciting things going on in the world of football. With so many different varieties of cheese available, this delicious cheese and charcuterie feast will put a smile on the face of anyone that tries it.


Chocolate Covered Mini-Donuts

Wow, just looking at these miniature donuts is enough to make anyone start to drool! Dipped in Belgian chocolate and hand finished with some of the best toppings available, you can guarantee that there will be only crumbs left by the end of the first half.


Charcuterie and Personalized Tasting Board Gift

Supplied with a personalized maple wood tasting board, this brilliantly beautiful collection of artisanal cured meats and accompaniments is ready and raring to take everyone’s attention away from the game and onto their stomachs! This selection of sausages and salamis is just waiting to please.


Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies

Select your favorite theme of fortunes and get ready to watch as your friends and family open up a delicious treat to find them enclosed. These stunning and handmade fortune cookies have been dipped in delightful chocolate and decorated in small batches; with 12 in a box, it’s hard to say no!


Artisan Cheese Hamper

There are so many different countries creating amazing tasting food that it can be truly hard to keep up! If you have been looking for ways to really treat the guests at your Super Bowl party, this whopping collection of artisan cheeses, meats and more is just the way to do so.


Gourmet Chocolate Dipped Oreo® Cookies

Everyone loves an Oreo, but do you know anyone that has ever tried a supercharged Oreo? When the first whistle blows, offer everyone in the room one of these wonderfully unique chocolate dipped Oreos complete with awesome embellishments and watch as they continue to smile whether your team wins or loses.

Prices vary

NFL Popcorn Tins

Even if you are wearing your football jersey and have flags hung on every wall, these NFL popcorn tins are a remarkable way to show the love that you have for your team. Perfect for sharing, the tins themselves showcase your team’s helmets and contain fresh, gourmet popcorn.


Classic Elegance Gift Tower

As if watching the football was not treat enough, you can now enjoy the game surrounded by an Elegance gift tower. These great to look at boxes contain decadent treats that scream both elegance, and enjoyment; from butter toffee peanuts to handcrafted popcorn, there is something for everyone.


Gourmet Chocolate Dipped Pretzels

The day that you first discovered chocolate dipped pretzels must have been a good one; well, get ready to experience it all over again when you try these unbelievable chocolate dipped pretzels. Hand dipped in the highest quality chocolate and adorned with delectable toppings, who can say no, especially during the Super Bowl.


Gourmet Grilling Gift

If you believe that the best time to get the grill on is during the football season, you could well be right. Get ready to hear that sizzle as you fire up the heat on this collection of steaks, chicken breasts and burgers. All consisting of high quality meats, you can soak up your beer in style.


Reserve Charcuterie and French Cheese Gift

Arriving cooled and ready to eat, this exciting gift of French cheeses and charcuterie will keep your guests calm and content during the entire game! Consisting of a trio of meats, two wonderful cheeses and other accompanying treats that will go well with your NFL party.


Gourmet Meat & Cheese Sampler

What goes perfectly well with a bit of football and company? Crackers, cheese and meats, right? If you are hoping to lay out the ultimate spread for your friends and family at the Super Bowl, you should definitely check out this enormous gourmet meat and cheese sampler basket.


Italian Cheese and Charcuterie

Are you aware of the quality of the cheeses and charcuterie that come from the great country of Italy? You will be after you indulge yourself and your loved ones with this gift crate containing some of the best that Italy has to offer, ready to present and be enjoyed.


Nuts and Chocolate Wishes Tower

Chocolate, nuts and other decadent nibbles are what you will find in this wonderful tower. If you are hosting a special event for your football loving friends, make sure that they have access to goodies galore by purchasing this sweet selection of food in time for the first whistle!


Chocolate Paradise

Some people have a sweet tooth, others prefer their foods more savory. If you and your friends enjoy sports and sweet things, take a look at this chocolate paradise. Containing more than just chocolate, you will find cookies, medallions…even truffles, all ready to be enjoyed with the big match up.


Festive Favorites Gift Tower

Check this out! Colorful, creative and full of food, this gift tower is perfect for any celebration. Whether your team wins or loses, just make sure that you and your pals can chow down on the candies, popcorn, snack mix and more that you will find nestled beautifully inside.


Cheese Tasting Celebration

If greasy sliders are not your preferred sport-supporting foods, you can bring a touch of elegance to your football party with this cheese tasting celebration board. Arriving ready to serve, it plays host to a wide and wonderful selection of cheeses, meats and the perfect foods to serve them with.


Sweetest Treats Gift Tower

Do you believe that watching a big game is the perfect time to sit back, relax and enjoy the finer things in life? Awesome, then you need to think about grabbing one of these towers of sweet treats for your sports party. No matter what you fancy, you will find something to suit your tastes within.


Microbrew Beer Bucket Gift Basket

We can all agree that sinking a frosty cold one whilst cheering on our favorite team is a great way to spend the day. If you are having a few people over for the big game, invest in this cool gift basket. Inside you will discover 6 microbrewery beers, alongside jerky and other popular bar snacks.


Baked Goods Sampler Gift Basket

Who doesn’t love to indulge themselves in baked goods every once in a while? Whether you will be celebrating or drowning your sorrows after the all important showdown, you can do so with a smile on your face as you leap into this basket of brownies, cookies, and blondies.


Premium Angus Steak Selection

It’s hard not to grin when you are presented with steaks. Make sure that everyone that you invite to your NFL party goes home as happy as Larry thanks to this premium angus steak selection. With a selection of different Chicago steaks arriving at your doorstep, all you need to do is stick them on the grill.


From The Bakery Gift Tower

Bakeries are the birthplace of too many exciting snacks to mention, sweet or savory! If you lean towards the sweeter end of the spectrum, score the winning touchdown when you present your loved ones with a gift box that has been filled to the brim with brownies, cookies and more.


Cured Meats and Artisan Cheese of the Month Club

If you are having people over to cheer on your team, the least you can do is feed their cheering with the best food around. Forget burgers and hot dogs, they would much prefer to watch the game with the help of artisan cheeses and cured meats, all available thanks to this subscription box.

Prices vary

5 Fun Diy Ideas for the Ultimate Super Bowl Party

Diy Game Day Stadium

Ha! Get a load of this. Get everyone into the sporting spirit by presenting them snacks in nothing other than a miniature football stadium! If you would love to know just how to make this awesome snack stadium, head over to the following page now.

Diy Super Bowl Sunday Football Pennant Banner

Decorating the house is a wonderfully effective way of getting the adrenaline pumping before Super Bowl Sunday. Instead of spending a fortune on decorations, why not use the information found here to create your very own football themed pennant banner; they look great and are simple and easy to make.

Diy Foam Finger and Mini Megaphones

Foam fingers and megaphones are a fun and exciting way to cheer on your team. If you have little ones attending your NFL party, the blog that follows this page contains simple yet detailed instructions on not only creating mini foam fingers, but also cool megaphones for kids, too.

Diy PVC Goal Post

Everyone loves Super Bowl parties, there is just something about the atmosphere and excitement that makes everyone have a great time. If you would love to decorate your place in time for the big day, take inspiration from the following blog that details how to make a PVC goalpost right at home.

Diy Printable Football Squares

Having a football pool can make Super Bowl celebration events even more enjoyable, just ask the mom that wrote the following blog! With the free printable that you can find there, you will be able to host your own football pool in the simplest way ever.

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