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39 Genius Gifts to Give Your Fantasy Football Obsessed Boyfriend

Regardless of whether he is an absolute football fanatic or just a supporter of the local team, he will love getting stuck in when it comes to the fantasy league. If you are searching for something to get him that will help him win the competition, check out this collection of gift ideas.


PRINZ Money Fantasy Football Fund Piggy Bank

What is one of the best parts about the football season? That’s right, fantasy football. If your other half lives for the fun of the fantasy season, grab them this brilliant themed piggy bank that has been created specifically for their fantasy football fund that allows them to save their money accordingly.

Prices Vary

Fantasy Football for Smart People

Some people say that fantasy football is about luck, but with enough knowledge anyone can put together a season winning strategy. If your boyfriend comes close to winning every year, make this season his first on top by investing in this awesome book that will help him become better than his opposition.


Fantasy Football Draft Master Mug

He may only watch the games on the sofa, but does that mean that he can’t be the best fantasy manager in the whole of the USA? Of course not. If he prides himself on his managerial skills, pick him up this enormous ‘draft master’ mug and let him drink to success.

Prices Vary

Franklin Sports NFL Team Fan Face Mask

Some people are football fans, others are super football fans. If there is someone in your life that is a huge devotee of their NFL team, they need to attend the games in one of these masks. High quality and full of detail, it will follow the theme of their favorite team and show their dedication to the whole world.

Prices Vary

Make Fantasy Football Great Again T-Shirt

Do you know someone that is planning and campaigning to become this year’s fantasy football winner? Help them treat the rest of their league to a lot of laughs by buying them this hilarious ‘make fantasy football great again’ t shirt. It worked for Trump, why not for them?

Prices Vary

NFL Collapsible Round Table with Carry Bag

How cool is this? Any and every football fan would love to chill with their friends around this fun table. Decorated in their favorite team’s colors and featuring their emblem, the table benefits from four built in-cup holders and the ability to be folded down for transport/storage.

Prices Vary

Fantasy Football Coffee Mug Trophy

Some people live for the great game, it is the one thing that keeps them smiling (if their team is winning). Treat the football fan in your life to this exciting ceramic mug that can not only hold 15oz of their favorite liquid, but also reads a hilarious message that they will love.

Prices Vary

Fantasy Football Index 2018

For some people, fantasy football is just a hobby, for others it is a serious competition amongst friends, strangers and colleagues. If the man in your life takes it seriously, allow him the opportunity to read this exciting 2018 fantasy football index that will help him finish in a better position than ever before.

Prices Vary

KOVOT Inflatable Football Target Set

Every sports fan relishes any opportunity that they can get to throw a football. If they are looking for a way to get better, pick them up one of these exciting and inflatable 5 feet tall targets! Fun for everyone and a real hit at BBQs in the summer.


NFL Mens NFL Foam Sport Slide

Sliders are comfortable, convenient and can look great too! If the football lover that you know and love needs a new pair of footwear, make them happier than ever before by ensuring that they get to wear a pair of these NFL themed sliders. Simply choose their favorite team and wait for the smiles.



NFL and BBQs go together like peanut butter and jelly. If you know that your other half has a favorite team that they adore, you need to take a look at these NFL BBQ sets. Decorated with the colors and logo of their team, they’ll be grilling with a grin all year long.

Prices Vary

Personalized Football Quizbook

The time between games can seem like an eternity of waiting. If you know for a fact that your boyfriend is counting down the time ‘til he can next see his team, buy him one of these personalized football quiz books that is full to the brim with quizzes, facts, and other fun stuff.


Fantasy Football Commish T Shirt

Does your man feel as though he is the most important person in the entire fantasy football season? It is good that he feels confident! With this t shirt, his confidence will be turned into comedy when everyone sees that he is the ‘fantasy football commish’.


NFL Plastic Hip Flask

Every person should have access to their own hip flask, and if your man is due a gift, make it extra special by buying him one. Not only is the flask itself brilliant, but it comes with a leather wrap that will be decorated with the colors and logo of his favorite team in the NFL.


Authentic NFL Stadium Seat Cufflinks

Treat your favorite person to a piece of football history that they can carry with them whenever they like. These authentic NFL stadium seat cufflinks have been created using pieces of salvaged seats from actual NFL stadiums; simply select their team and await the magic!


Football Stadium Lights End Table

Wow, how incredible is this? Hand assembled, this end table is unlike anything you have ever seen. Containing an authentic 3D model of your man’s favorite NFL team’s home ground, the end table is the gift that he will keep forever and always. It even contains LED lights in all the right places.


Fantasy Football Championship Belt Trophy Prize

Each year, thousands upon thousands of groups of friends get together in the most intense sporting competition ever…fantasy football. If your bf and his pals are one of these groups, check out this fun and humorous fantasy football championship belt that can be awarded to the winner each year.


Littlearth NFL Scarf & Gloves Gift Set

No football fan can have enough merchandise. If you are searching for something new to get your NFL obsessed significant other, get them this fun scarf and gloves kit. Officially licensed and ready to buy, both the scarf and gloves will feature his team’s logo and colors.


2018 Fantasy Football Draft Board and Player Labels Kit

Are you are on the hunt for a fun and more exciting fantasy football draft board than ever before? Whether it is for yourself or the person that you love, this giant board will ensure that draft night is a success thanks to the colorful stickers and brilliant layout that you can expect.

Prices Vary

The Northwest Company Officially Licensed Throw

Come on, who wouldn’t want a giant blanket that screams out their favorite team in the entire NFL? The football loving person in your life will be happier than ever before when they unravel this officially licensed plush blanket that will come complete with their team’s logo.


Fantasy Football For Dummies

If there is someone in your life that absolutely loves football and is looking into getting into the fantasy side of the season, this is the book that they will need. ‘Fantasy Football for Dummies’ is the book that will take any complete beginner through the steps needed to become a fantasy legend.

Prices Vary

My Fantasy Football Team Sucks T Shirt!

No matter how much research, strategizing and planning fantasy football managers do, they can never guarantee that their team will amount to much. If someone you know has ended up, yet again, with a poor team, pick them up one of these t shirts for guaranteed laughs.

Prices Vary

NFL Pittsburgh Steelers Hover Helmet

Through the power of electromagnets, you can treat the NFL fan that you know to something extra special. Seriously clever in design, this NFL hovering helmet will feature an ACTUAL hovering helmet from their favorite team, and is the ultimate keepsake gift that you know they will enjoy.


Zippo NFL Lighters

If your football loving friend or lover is in need of a gift, you have come to the right place. Official Zippos make excellent gifts; however, special edition Zippos make even better gifts! These particular lighters have been created with NFL teams in mind and are perfect for sports fans everywhere.


Fantasy Football Draft Shirt Fantasy Legend Tshirt

Fantasy NFL is easy, there are just a few simple steps that need to be followed: research, mock, drink, draft and repeat. This brilliantly fun t shirt details these all important steps and is a great present idea for the football fan that you know and appreciate.

Prices Vary

NFL New England Patriots Full-Print Tool Box

Send them to work or into their hobby shed with a toolbox that reflects their one big passion…football. Covered in their favorite team’s graphics, these NFL themed tool boxes have been created using quality steel and will not let them down when they need it the most.


Commissioner Draft Party Commish T-Shirt

How funny is this t shirt? Absolutely ideal for anyone that enjoys themselves a bit of fantasy football, this item of clothing reads ‘The Commissioner’ and is a hilariously funny way to elect them as an important figure in this fun game. Their competition will find it hilarious.


Fantasy Football Legend Tshirt

Brought to us by Crazy Dog T Shirts, this simple yet fitting garment will make the sport fanatic in your circle of friends grin from ear to ear. Great to look at, the fun shirt reads ‘Fantasy Football Legend’ and even boasts an image of a football.


NFL Officially Licensed Fantasy Football Draft Kit

Are you on the hunt to find a brand new, highly detailed NFL draft kit? This one is colorful, full of detail, and is ready to make the whole process easier than ever before. Large in size, it really is the perfect way to start the season.

Prices Vary

Pro Specialties Group NFL Playing Cards

When the football is not on, fans everywhere must find themselves some way of keeping busy and having fun! Playing cards is a great way to do this. If you are looking for a new deck, consider these NFL themed cards that are offered in each and every team branding in the league.


NFL Acacia Wood Pilsner Beer Glass Gift Set

Does your man turn the entire process of watching a football game into a special ritual? Snacks, drinks, scheduled toilet breaks? If so, help make his game time even more special by investing in these NFL Pilsner beer glasses that come complete with a presentation box and his team’s logo.


Chicago Bears NFL Light Lamp

Perfect beside his bed or in his man cave, this LED lamp is unlike any other. Depicting his favorite team’s football helmet, the lamp has the ability to glow in 16 different colors and even has a dimmer mode! Have it personalized with his name for that added touch.

Prices Vary

Fantasy Football League Champion Monster Trophy

Every year, millions of groups of friends, family and colleagues go head to head in an intense battle…the fantasy football league! If you know that the competition this year is more fierce than ever, pick up this brilliantly funny trophy that the winner will be eternally proud of.


2018 Fantasy Football Almanac and Draft Guide

Not everybody finds it easy to have a good fantasy football season; it seems like it would be, but it is full of twists, turns and surprises. If you know someone that could do with a few tips and tricks, check out this book that will fill them with useful information when it comes to their draft.


The Northwest Company NFL Zone Read Beach Towel

Football fans can never get enough merchandise, they absolutely love it! Whether they use it at home or on vacation, this beach towel is just perfect for helping them to show their love and pride for their favorite team. Select their team from the dropdown and away you go.


NFL TeenyMates Mystery Packs

Thanks to the NFL, lovers of sport everywhere have access to new, exciting and fun products such as these. With 12 mystery packs included, your football fan will be able to indulge himself in series 6 of the NFL’s Teenymates. Perfect for display or just as collectors’ items.

Prices Vary

Fantasy Football Draft Board

Do you know somebody that is readier than ever before for their fantasy football draft? Awesome, because with so many different draft boards available, it can be hard to pick one. Cost effective and with the ability to hold up to 12 teams over 24 rounds, this one is a definite contender.

Prices Vary

Matthew Berry Fantasy Life Sound Button

Come draft day, everyone is full of excitement and there is a lot of screaming and shouting! Save your football lover’s voice box and pick him up one of these brilliantly cool keyrings that come complete with 6 different football inspired sound buttons that he will love (everyone else…not so much!)

Prices Vary

NFL Tackle Buddy Inflatable Punching Bag

No matter what team they support, pretty much every person that enjoys football also enjoys tackling to their heart’s content. With this brilliant and decorated inflatable Tackle Buddy punching bag, they will be able to complete the craziest takedowns in a safe and controlled manner.


3 Diy Football Gifts for Him

Diy Fantasy Football Team Coasters

Regardless of whether they would want to place their beer or their coffee on the table, they will need coasters. Treat them to a set that they will love more than any others by using this cool tutorial to find out how to create homemade fantasy football team drinks mats.

Diy Fantasy Football Draft Board

Fantasy football draft parties are a lot of fun, and everyone looks forward to them. If you do not want to buy a draft board this year, you are in luck as this article has been created to show you exactly how you can make your very own at home.

Diy Eat Sleep Football Man Cave Sign

If you know someone that likes nothing more than to watch football in their favorite little den, this man cave sign tutorial should be your go-to if you are getting them something special. Simple to create yet extremely effective, they will absolutely adore it.

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