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35 Football Toys, Gear and Collectibles for Kids

Check out these game-winning suggestions for the coolest toys, gear, and collectibles for kids who love Super Bowl. Whether you are looking for active toys that will get the whole family into the backyard or miniature collectibles and cool wall art, you will find impressive ideas for fans of all ages on this list.

NCAA Hover Helmet

Score a touchdown with the coolest gift ever. Like magic, these miniature helmets of your kid’s favorite NFL team continually levitate and rotate over the display base. The innovative design uses electromagnetic force to create an incredible display of team pride, making this a clever nightlight, as well.

Prices Vary

Bo Jackson Signed Oakland Raiders Mini Helmet

This is the real deal. If you have a Bo Jackson fan, he will go wild over this miniature Oakland Raiders helmet actually signed by the running back himself. The certified autograph comes with a certificate of authenticity backed by a comprehensive guarantee, so you can feel confident you have a true collector’s item.

Prices Vary

Football Stadium Art

This framed 3-D work of art celebrates your fan’s favorite stadium. The scale model is carefully handcrafted with multiple layers of birchwood to create depth and dimension, and it also includes a photograph, official team logo, mascot, and fun facts. Now your kid can imagine being at the big game every time his favorite team plays.


2018 NFL Score Football Cards

Be an MVP gift-giver with this complete set of 2018 NFL Score Football Cards. The box contains 11 packs with 12 cards each for a total of 132 cards. There is also a bonus memorabilia card per box and you’ll get the first rookie cards of the 2018 draft. A must-have gift for card collectors.


Custom Football Wall Decal

This winning wall decor is a custom, vinyl cut-out of your child’s favorite player or even of your little footballer himself. You choose the name and number for the back of the jersey and select from among five sizes. The largest silhouette is 3’ tall and available in 15 color choices.

Prices vary

NFL Tackle Buddy Inflatable Punching Bag

Your little guy will love practicing his moves with his “tackle buddy” punching bag, custom designed to look like his favorite team. Choose from favorites like the Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, and more. Practice tackles all day long because this easy-to-inflate toy is guaranteed fun.


Quarterback Touchdown Game

This football toss outdoor game is tons of fun for kids and adults. The heavy duty frame holds four targets and it comes with four miniature footballs. It also includes instructions for four different throwing games – QB Touchdown, Tic Tac Toe, Around the World, and 21. Great for the beach, camping, and more.

Prices Vary

Diggin Black Max Light Spiral Football Toy

This cool light-up football means there is no reason to stop playing when the sun goes down. There is a multi-colored light show when you throw, and a steady green light when you catch. Plus, the light-up spiral ring around the middle lets you concentrate on throwing tighter spirals and longer throws.

Prices Vary

FOCO NFL Unisex Thematic Piggy Bank

Now your thrifty kid can save his pennies in a piggy dressed like his favorite team. With official colors and logos, plus cute details like the Colts version featuring a horse’s mane, the Giants’ pig wearing a Liberty crown, and the Seahawks sporting an umbrella, these banks are adorable.

Prices Vary

NFL Capsules Buildable Full Set

This must-have set of collectible, buildable figurines features one for each of the 32 NFL teams. At a tiny 2 ¼”, they are perfect for play or display. They would make adorable party favors, if your little fan can bear to give them away, or they can keep them all for themselves.

Prices Vary

Tangle NightBall Glow in the Dark Light Up LED Football

Are you ready for some football? Now you can play day or night, because it doesn’t matter how early it gets dark with this light-up football. Each movement or impact causes it to light up in the night sky, and its slightly larger size is great for younger players.

Prices Vary

New York Giants NFL Action Figure Set

These officially licensed action figures are tiny in size (1” tall), but big on fun. Each set – one for all 32 NFL teams – contains 11 players in either their Home or Away jerseys. They work with an electronic football game board to recreate epic games, but they are also perfect for free play and decor.

Prices Vary

Franklin Sports Licensed Youth Helmet and Jersey Set

Now, your kid can dress like the pros while watching his favorite team in this amazing dress-up set. Whether for Sunday football watching, dress-up play, or Halloween, your little one will love his team jersey and kid-size helmet with chin strap. You might even have a hard time getting him to wear anything else.


NFL Deluxe Electric Football Game

This deluxe NFL electric football game is the ultimate gift for kids of all ages, including adults who act like kids. It comes with 85 pieces featuring everything you need to play right out of the box, including two Triple Threat Quarterbacks that pass, run, and kick. It also includes 70 team stickers to customize your players.

Prices Vary

Riddell Texans NFL Replica Speed Mini Football Helmet

Houston Texans’ fans will go wild over this miniature replica of the Revolution Speed helmet design. It uses the special-order facemask of the real thing and contains authentic internal padding of the actual design that the players wear. This collectible adds a special touch to the little fan’s room decor.


Football Teams Poster

This colorful poster is mounted on foam core and features all of the major football stadiums across the United States. Make it a family goal to hit some of your little fan’s dream destinations and commemorate it with the included push pins, or just enjoy it as fabulous wall decor.

Prices vary

The Everything Kids’ Football Book

Do you have a curious kid who can’t get enough football facts? The Everything Kids’ Football Book is the answer you are looking for. Packed with information including the history of football and the NFL, stats and record holders, how to predict Super Bowl teams, and more, this book scores a touchdown on every page.


Custom Kids Sports T-Shirt

This adorable, customized football shirt is available in a range of sizes from babies to big kids. Select either a black or white shirt, with alternate colored lettering, and print your little football fan’s name and favorite 1 or 2 digit number. These cute shirts are perfect for game day or tossing around a football.


MasterPieces NFL-Opoly Junior Board Game

NFL-Opoly is what you get when you marry the classic game of Monopoly with the excitement of a professional football game. Little fans collect key positions and equipment as they go around the board, while also making trades and draft picks to complete teams of the same color to earn the most money.

Prices Vary

Diggin Jr. Squish Football

Perfect for little fans ages 3 and up, this squeezy, squishy football is easy for small hands to grab onto. It’s also easy to throw and helps improve coordination and confidence. This is the perfect first ball to toss around during halftime. You’ll love the electric blue and lime green colors of this soft toy.

Prices Vary

Franklin Sports NFL Deluxe Youth Uniform Set

Whether he’s a Cowboys’ fan or roots for the Chicago Bears (or one of dozens of other NFL teams), he can dress like he is ready to take the field with this complete ensemble by Franklin Sports. Get pants, jersey, helmet, chinstrap, and a set of iron-on numbers for customizing like his favorite player.

Prices Vary

Kaskey Kids Football Guys

This super cool set is an entire football game in-a-box. You get 2 full teams in different color jerseys, 1 referee, goalposts, and a 32” x 20” washable felt football field. The 2” figures are not only great for role-playing their beloved game, but make adorable cupcakes toppers or table centerpiece.

Prices Vary

Blitz Champz Card Game

Just because it’s a rainy day doesn’t mean you can’t play football with this cool card game. Blitz Champz is a fast-paced, easy-to-learn game that lets kids practice strategy and test their football knowledge, all without putting on a helmet. A full game can be played in 15 minutes, perfect for a half-time game break.


Nerf Sports Dude Perfect PerfectSmash Football

This ball and target set is a great way to practice throwing. It helps develop their aim and hand-eye coordination every time they play. You can hang, stand, or toss the target and even try some trick shots. It comes with the ball, two-piece target and holder, and instructions. Get ready to rumble!


Franklin Sports Youth Football Goal Post Set

Play a backyard game of football or host a field goal competition with this huge goal post set. Posts adjust from 4 to 6 feet tall and the weighted base (use sand or water) keeps it in place. It comes with a mini 8” football, ideal for first-time players and future football champions.


ESPN Future Pro Junior Football

Your future sports star can learn to play like a pro with this ESPN Junior football. The design provides the perfect hand-placement for throwing a soaring spiral and makes a precise target for kicking a game-winning field goal. This ball is not only fun, it’s also strategically designed to foster sports skills in aspiring athletes.


MasterPieces NFL Matching Game

Got a little football fan who can’t get enough of his favorite game? This matching game for ages 3+, features all 32 NFL teams on pairs of cards. Each set features the color, logo, and official helmet of that team. Spend a fun afternoon developing matching and memory skills while learning all the team names!

Prices Vary

ImpiriLux Inflatable Football Toss Sports Game

Turn the playroom into a carnival with this inflatable toss game. One side features a football player at the goal posts and the other side has a tiger mascot holding a target, perfect for practicing those game-winning spirals. This is a great activity for an afternoon inside when the weather isn’t cooperating for backyard game.


Franklin Sports Playbook Youth Flag Football Set

Want to help your little football fan learn the fundamentals of the game? This miniature-size football set includes a ball and two flag sets of five, perfect for teaching short distance and longer plays. The exclusive design of the ball makes it easy for young hands to grip and throw.


Personalized Football Locker Growth Charts

This is the most adorable growth chart you have ever seen. Designed to look like a kid’s sports locker with all the gear inside, it is also a unique and creative piece of wall art. Track your little athlete’s height as he gets closer every day to playing in the pros.


Nerf Sports Aero Howler Football

This unique football design has a long-distance tail that allows it to fly through the air making “howling noises” as it goes. The foam construction lets kids grip tight before sending the Aero Howler zipping down the field. This is a fun alternative to a traditional ball.


NFL Vintage Throwback Football

These replicas of vintage footballs are just gorgeous and will be a star player in your kid’s bedroom. Officially licensed by the NFL, your favorite team’s logo is laser-stamped on the composite leather that has been distressed to appear old. At 9”, it is slightly smaller than today’s regulation football.


Wilson NFL MVP Junior Football w/ Pump & Tee

You can’t play football without a football! Get your junior player this official NFL, youth-size ball made of composite leather. It comes with a pump and inflation needle to keep it aired up for best performance, and a tee to set-up for epic field goals.


Miami Dolphins Sports Jersey Art Print

This personalized poster of your kid’s favorite team makes a winning statement in their room. Have their last name and favorite number printed on the jersey, just like their hero. The saturated colors and high quality printing give the image a three-dimensional effect and it’s printed on thick, museum-quality matte paper.

Prices vary

FOCO NFL Plush Mascot

Sometimes you love the mascot as much as the team. If that is the case for your fan, choose a mascot plush including the Miami Dolphins, the Pittsburgh Steelers, the San Francisco 49ers, and more! These 8” characters are perfect for display or a nap buddy. Handcrafted and officially licensed, your kid will love it.

Prices Vary

3 Diy Football Themed Games for Kids

Diy Football Toss Game Plans

Grab your tools and check out this tutorial for building a backyard toss game. There are so many ways to customize, including this gorgeous all cedar version. Leave it natural or paint it like a football field. No matter how you decide to finish it, the outdoor fun you’ll have with it is priceless.

Diy Bean Bag Football Toss

This sweet little football toss game is perfect for indoor play and super-simple to make. All you need is a little felt and some scissors, then sew or hot glue according to directions. A large piece of green felt becomes the field while you whip up football bean bags for tossing.

Diy Football Pinata

You probably had no idea how easily you could make a football pinata but with this tutorial, you can whip one up in no time. Brown and white duct tape transforms your cardboard into a football, then fill with candy and toys. Perfect for the kids on game day or a great birthday party activity.

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