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27 Helpful, Handy and Hilarious New Mom Gift Baskets

Welcoming a new baby into the world is always fun and exciting, especially for first-time moms, but it can all be a little overwhelming! This list is designed to help you find the perfect new mom gift baskets with items to help her in the first weeks to take care of herself.

New Mom Gift Basket

Earth Mama New Mom Organic Gift Box

Few things are more magnificent than having a baby. However, with the new responsibilities, some new moms forget that self-care is even more important than it has ever been. Earth Mama offers a gift box with five organic items to help mommy during her postpartum recovery as she enjoys her precious bundle.

Prices Vary

Welcome Baby Boy Brownie Gift Box

Little boys may be made of snips and snails and puppy dog tails, but their mommas might appreciate a sweeter gift. (Although brand new baby boys are actually pretty doggone sweet.) Choose a brownie gift box with gourmet brownies in a cute blue “welcome” box to congratulate mom.


Congrats, Mama! Gift Box

Congrats, Mama! reads the insert card which you can personalize when you choose this thoughtful collection. It includes a scented candle, luxurious hand balm, and bath salts with essential oils. It’s a beautiful present to congratulate a new parent and remind her to take care of herself, too.


Mom’s Make Life Beautiful Gift Basket

Having a baby is hard work! Finding new mom gift baskets — to congratulate them, express your admiration, and remind them that self-care is essential — is easy. The Bountiful Giving Tree has beautiful arrangements with a variety of options to send that special mama a little something special.


New Mom Survival Kit

Here’s a clever selection of fun items you can choose for a customized box of goodies for your favorite first-time mother or the seasoned pro. Congratulating mom on the birth of a new baby is always appreciated, especially when there’s a touch of whimsy in luxury items every mama needs.


Welcome Baby Girl Cookie Gift Box

Do you know what is made of sugar and spice and everything nice? Besides little girls, that is. How about cookies? And what a great gift this selection of cookies is! Packaged in an adorable pink gift box, you can send your congratulations with half a dozen varieties of baked delights.


Happy Mama Gift Box

Nothing is as special as an item handmade with love especially for you. Not everyone has the talent or skill to craft meaningful gifts, though. When you select this fun collection, it includes one-of-a-kind items designed to make a new mother smile, as well as to help simplify life with a newborn.


Gift for Parents Gift Basket

When you want to give a gift of luxury that reminds your loved ones to take the time to indulge themselves, this box is ideal. It has all the fixings for a good old-fashioned and hearty New England breakfast, from the blueberries to the real maple syrup. Perfect for congratulating new parents.


New Mom Gift Set

After months of self-denial, this whimsical set is ideal for the new mom who is ready to celebrate her new arrival with a sip of champagne. Wine glass, candle, and t-shirt set are certainly not for the faint of heart, but is an ideal gift for the saucy momma in your circle.

Price varies

Mum And Baby Gift Set Box

Welcoming a new baby into the world is a privilege we cherish. So when the opportunity arises, we want to be sure the congratulatory items we select are as precious and unique as the little one. Customizable options help ensure the “Mum and Baby” set reflects your thoughtfulness and good taste.


Postpartum Survival Kit

LeaBee Naturals offers the perfect postpartum survival kit with several unique items especially created to help soothe mom and baby in the days following childbirth. These are all natural items for a new mom’s aches that she doesn’t know she needs until she does. Your proactive think-ahead planning is a life-saver.

Price varies

Welcome Baby Gift Basket

What an adorable blend of new mom and new baby items. You can choose a blue or pink option, reflected in the onesie featuring “Hi” on the front, mug proclaiming “best mom ever,” and a keepsake floral piece. You can also customize a candle with the baby’s name or the family name.


New Mommy’s Spa and Baby Gift Basket

This is the mother of all new mom gift baskets: it includes items for baby, items to create treasured keepsakes of some of baby’s firsts, and luxurious spa items for the new mommy. Caring for a newborn is easier for a woman who takes good care of herself. She’ll love your thoughtfulness.

Prices Vary

New Mom Care Package

It’s not an urban legend: most new mothers get so wrapped up caring for their miraculous little bundle of joy that at some point they forget to take care of themselves. The New Mom Care Package includes simple basics to help mom feel better and a personalized note of encouragement from you.


New Mom Succulent and Spa Gift Box

Becoming a mom is the bomb! It’s also a lot of wearying work and takes a toll on a body. This thoughtful gift includes a little potted succulent, a scented candle, and fizzing bath bomb. These all provide soothing scents and help remind the little mama to take some time for herself.

Price varies

All Natural New Mommy Gift Basket

Organic, natural ingredients go into all of the items selected for this lovely collection of sustainable products to help make a new mom’s life after baby a little more relaxed. With soothing essential oils and fragrances designed to pamper mom and encourage her to take time for herself.


Great Expectations Gift Basket

“Great Expectations” is a basket full of delightful and fancy girly goodies for the mom-to-be. Scented lotion, bubble bath heretofore only seen at upscale spas, and an adorable journal for capturing precious memories and later, to record baby’s important firsts. This definitely will meet your expectations for giving a great gift.


Mommy Survival Kit

Customized with all the basic essentials for a little pampering session, the Mommy Survival Kit features hand-selected items to let mom know she’s special and deserves a break. Whether it’s to take time for a facial or to enjoy a manicure, this is the complete package all in one, especially for mom.


Jumping for Joy for The New Mommy! Gift Basket

The Jumping for Joy collection is about the cutest new mom gift basket you’ll see. The adorable little frog plushy catches your eye and won’t let you go! When you notice that the set includes luxurious lotion, cookies, and beverages for the sassy coffee mug, you’ll know you’ve chosen the perfect gift.

Prices Vary

Motherhood Survival Kit

The Motherhood Survival Kit is great for the mom-to-be, new mom, or seasoned pro having a tough day. It’s a little bit of whimsy to help cheer her through a low moment. You can customize the ideal message, or choose one of ours, then add the appropriate items for the perfect pick-me-up.


Aveeno Baby Mommy & Me Gift Set

Aveeno is well-known for addressing issues of sensitive and tender skin with comfort and care. This gift set includes the high-quality products you trust for a special new baby and his or her mommy. Bath and moisturizing items are included for all of their full-time skin care needs.

Prices Vary

Mommy and Baby Cute as Can Bee Gift Basket

This honey of a collection is bee-beautiful. First of all, there’s a giant plush bee who’s busy as can “bee” keeping all the fabulous Burt’s Bees and Baby Bee items for the new mommy and her wee infant safe in the handsome hamper. It really is “Cute As Can Bee.”


3 Diy New Mom Gift Baskets She’ll Never Forget

Diy New Mama Gift Basket

The best basket is the one with everything a new mom needs, chosen especially for her, for her lifestyle, and with her preferences in mind. Just knowing someone is so thoughtful is a huge gift in itself. This DIY list gives you some great ideas to create the perfect “New Mama” present.

Diy New Mom Gift Basket

This DIY list will help you be the best friend ever to the new momma. Some of these handy items she will need aren’t sexy or cute, so it’s likely no one brought them to the baby shower. She will appreciate you all the more because of your practical thoughtfulness.

How to Create A Hospitality Basket for New Moms

Friends and family are always the first to show you love. If they have experience, they can also add their wisdom. If you’re wondering how to really shower a new mom with love and wisdom, here are some fun, sentimental, and practical ideas for a DIY hospitality basket to welcome her home.

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