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51 Really Useful Gifts for New Moms

New moms have a lot on their plates, so give them the best, most touching, and most useful gifts at the shower with this collection! From wonderfully pampering baskets for mom to amazing decorations for the nursery, we have everything she needs to feel prepared for her new arrival!

Amazing gifts that will pamper, thrill, and prepare the new mom in your life!

Welcome to the Club Parenting Milestones

Comedian and author Raquel D’Apice captures all the hilarity of being a parent in this amazing and real milestone book perfect for new moms! From baby’s first diaper blowout to baby’s first curse word, this is the perfect way to say “We’ve all been there, it’s OK!” A great shower gift!


Aveeno Baby Mommy & Me Gift Set

Pamper mom and baby with this gentle gift set from Aveeno! Pediatrician recommended, this set includes everything that baby needs for a soothing bath and after skin care, and some goodies to help relax and care for mom! A wonderful shower gift, or anytime “Thinking of you” present for a new mom!


Mother & Daughter Letter Book Set

Give the new mom in your life a wonderful gift that both she and her daughter will treasure for years to come! This letter book contains 40 cards and letters for mother and daughter to exchange and hold as keepsakes. An enchanting way to foster a special bond between mom and baby!


I Love My Mommy Because

Give mom and baby a heartwarming gift with this adorable book! Babies and toddlers alike will love to watch how the animals spend time with their mommies, and Mom will know just how much what she does each day means! A wonderful book for a new mother or for Mother’s Day!


Mom Life Snarky Adult Coloring Book

Give the mom in your life a humorous break with this adult coloring book that highlights the crazy joy of being a parent! This funny, high quality, coloring book is the perfect anti-stress gift for new moms, and a great baby shower gift! Wine and five minutes of quiet not included.


Silicone Teething Necklace

Teething babies need Momma and something to gum, and this necklace has both in one! This fashionable teething necklace gives baby something safe, soft, and tactile to chew, all while in Momma’s arms! A great gift for new moms, you can chill it for more soothing power!

Prices Vary

Mother Nestling Birds Necklace

These beautiful, handcrafted necklaces are perfect for the new mom, or any mom tending to her flock. A mother bird perches upon a branch watching over up to four babies at her side. Made from recycled sterling silver, each piece is as unique as she is. A wonderful symbol of a mother’s love!

Prices Vary

Baby Teething Bracelets

Mom can look fashionable even with a fussy baby with these great bracelets! Not just a colorful accessory, these 100% food grade silicone bracelets are designed for baby to teeth. Never lose a teething ring again, sooth baby as soon as you pick them up! A great gift for a new mom!

Prices Vary

Goobie Baby Naomi Silicone Teething Necklace

Give new moms a stylish way to keep baby comfortable while teething! This beautiful necklace looks like just a great piece of jewelry, but it’s made from safe, BPA free silicone and designed to be chewed! Great as a nursing necklace, it will be the best gift at the baby shower!

Prices Vary

I Love Mom with The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The loveable little bug from The Very Hungry Caterpillar is back to show Mom just how much she is loved! This wonderfully illustrated book is an amazing gift for new moms, or Mother’s Day for any mom! Wonderful illustrations and a heartfelt message, this book is a must for Mom!


Mommy’s Firsts Wine Bottle Covers

If you are going to be a mom, there’s going to be wine! Celebrate the new mom in your life with these adorable and funny Mommy’s Firsts wine bottle covers! Let her know that you’re really there for her, from her first meltdown to first playdate! A great shower gift!

Prices Vary

Strong Cup of Coffee Scented Candle

Fill the house with the wonderful scent of fresh coffee, even if it’s so crazy you don’t have time to brew it! These handcrafted soy candles get shipped fresh to your door, perfect for the new mom in your life! Smells so good, they might remind her to take time for a cup!


Growth Necklace

Becoming a mom is the ultimate challenge, and this necklace will show the new mom in your life you believe in her. Sterling silver, with a raindrop and two semi-precious stones, it represents renewal of life, courage, and rebirth. All she will have to do is touch it and know, she can do this.


Mom Gold Mug

Show the new mom in your life just how precious she is with this hand-made ceramic mug emblazoned with 22k gold! Made to order by an expert artist, this is the perfect baby shower gift to remind Momma that she needs to care for herself as she nurtures the little one!


Silicone Manual Breast Pump Hands Free

Give a gift that is gentle on mom and nurturing for baby with this ergonomically designed silicone breast pump. This BPA free, manual breast pump, is both gentle and quiet, so it won’t wake baby! Portable and discreet enough to carry anywhere, it’s the perfect, thoughtful gift for moms!

Prices Vary

Straight Outta Mommy Infant Gift

Sassy, trendy, and smart, this cute outfit is perfect for a baby shower! The new mom-to-be will love this awesome little shirt that will make everyone smile! Outstanding fabric quality, soft and durable, it’s the perfect outfit for pictures or babies first trip home! Don’t miss out on this great gift!


Personalized Family Print

Give the mom in your life a wonderful gift to treasure for years to come with this great personalized print! This print is completely customizable, with hair, skin tone, and clothing! Comes completely framed with hardware on high quality paper, perfect for new moms or as a baby shower gift!

Prices Vary

How Not to Hate Your Husband After Kids

Help the new mom in your life tackle the last taboo on parenting with this lovingly written book! How Not to Hate Your Husband After Kids is a funny, thoughtful book that is part memoir, part self help book, with real, actionable advice. Great for a baby shower gift!


Infant Care Troubleshooting Flowchart

Take the edge off of parenting with this cute Infant Care Troubleshooting Flowchart! New moms will love this clever set of magnets that they can rearrange into hilarious, problem solving, lines! All the questionable advice she needs, or doesn’t, right on the fridge! This is great for a baby shower game and beyond!


Pee Pee Teepees

If you have ever changed a baby boy you know it comes with a chance of showers! Worry no more with this ingenious and adorable solution! Pee Pee Teepees pop over the little squirts squirter so that you can change the diaper without ducking for cover! Great for new moms!


Mom Son Charm Bracelet

A sweet gift symbolizing the special bond between mother and son in this adorable infinity bracelet! The new mom in your life will adore the four sweet charms, including tiny feet, and adjustable design of this sleek bangled bracelet. Great for baby showers or a gender reveal party!


New Mom Gift Box by Peachy Power

Give a new mom or mom-to-be a box of luxurious treats with this amazing gift box! This box comes with a silicone teething necklace to soothe baby, moisturizing body butter, artisanal hard candy, and a soft handmade sleep mask! A perfect, pampering addition to the hospital go-bag!

Prices Vary

Engraved Fingerprint Pendant Necklace

For a gift she will always keep as close to her heart as her love for her little one, this fingerprint necklace is perfect for the new mom in your life! Delicate and charming, this engraved sterling silver necklace comes in three finishes gold, rose, or silver.


Please Return to Mom Coffee Mug

A gift as funny and as real as parenting itself, this mug is the perfect thing for the new mom in your life! Great for a baby shower or Mother’s Day, this handcrafted mug comes emblazoned with the reminder that sometimes mom is just too busy to remember her coffee!


Mama Bear Mug

Give the new mom in your life a great start, and a warning to others, with this fabulous Mamma Bear mug! Emblazoned on both sides, this mug is handcrafted ceramic that is scratch and wear resistant, microwave safe! Made to order, you pick the established year. A wonderful shower gift!


Q&A a Day for Moms 5-Year Journal

Mothers and their children share so many precious moments, and this wonderful five year journal is a beautiful way to capture them! Simply turn to the date, and answer the question on the page! Soon the book will be filled with treasured memories! Perfect for the new, or soon to be mom in your life!


Be Still White Speckled Campfire Mug

In the hectic rush of motherhood, it’s easy to get caught up in the bustle. This beautiful white speckled campfire mug will help remind her to take a moment, breathe, and just be still. Dishwasher and microwave safe, it’s the perfect, low maintenence gift for the new mom just starting her journey!


Mother Of the World Necklace

Let her know that she is the world to your family with this brilliantly crafted necklace. Sometimes all she needs is a gentle word of love and appreciation, and this engraved sterling silver medallion hold a special reminder under a 22K gold and brass petal overlay. Perfect for new moms!


New Mama Natural Gift Box

Give the new mom in your life healing and comfort with this amazing post-partum kit! This special gift comes with a calming and balancing tea, lip balm, a soothing salve for baby, and another one for mom and the whole family. Great for a welcome home gift for a new mom!

Prices Vary

The Sh!t No One Tells You Guide

Babies don’t come with instructions! Someone hands you an adorable little package and you’re on your own! No one tells anyone the ugly, screaming, pooping truth…until now. Bestselling author Dawn Dais hands out truth like baby wipes in this hilarious, supportive book that every new mother should read!


Go the F**k to Sleep

Admit it, we have all had that night, (or month of nights) where we have wanted to tell our dear sweet pumpkin to “GO THE F**K TO SLEEP!” Hailed as a “Parenting Zeitgeist” by the Washington Post, this irreverent, real, and hilarious book is perfect for the new mom. (She’ll understand soon!)


Hidden Crystal Candle

Remind the new mom in your life of her hidden power and the life she has brought to this world with these amazing hidden crystal candles. Choose from a stone that represents healing, good luck, or success, and with soothing and empowering scents, these are a perfect gift!


Mom’s Five-Second Memory Journal

Capture the joys and wonder of being a mom in the five seconds you have! This lovely journal gives prompts that will let you write an entry in no time! A great gift for new or soon-to-be moms, and non-chronological, it is a guilt free way to create a keepsake!


New Mom Gift Wine Labels

Give the perfect new mom gift with these hilarious wine labels! Each mommy milestone, from baby’s first public tantrum to girl’s night out can be attached to a bottle of wine! Trust us, not only will she love it, she’ll need it! Attach it to her favorite wine and enjoy!


Omg Baby Boom Baby Bandana Drool Bibs with Snaps

A perfect baby shower gift for a new mom, these adorable bandana drool bibs are the perfect way to keep baby neat, stylish, and dry! Unisex and adjustable, these country perfect bibs are an easy way to keep baby dry! So many colors they’ll go with any outfit!

Prices Vary

Bandana Baby Bibs for Boys and Girls

Give the new mom in your life a gift that will save her time and laundry! These adorable little bibs for boys and girls are stylish and will pair with any cute outfit! Adorable enough to wear all day, there will be no need to change outfits after every mishap!

Prices Vary

Motherhood Tree of Life Custom Necklace

Give the new mom in your life a tribute to her strength and the roots that she has put down for the family. This two hemisphere, sterling silver locket holds the inscription “from deepest roots, tallest branches grow.” And the tree gently shelters up to four birthstones. A lovely shower gift!

Prices Vary

Baby Keepsake Library

Baby grows faster than you think, and it’s hard to keep all the precious memories in one place, until now. This lovely, museum quality, keepsake book is perfect for keeping footprint cards, baby teeth, a favorite nubbie, all in one place! A great shower gift for a new mom that she’ll treasure!


Mom Mode Off Deep V Grey Shirt

Ok, so you can never really turn it off, but this comfy tee will remind her to try! For those rare girl’s days out, or just a day where she’s not feeling it, this funny shirt gives everyone a heads up that mom needs a break too! Great for new moms!


Baby’s First Book of Prayers

A great shower gift for new mom’s “Baby’s First Book of Prayers” is a beautifully illustrated introduction to prayer the whole family will treasure! This padded, embossed, and foil stamped edition is perfect for baby, and the messages of love and contemplation will be important to baby for years to come!


New Moms Need New Swear Words Coloring Book

Every new mom eventually learns that her old vocabulary just isn’t going to work! (Usually right after a certain word gets repeated!) This hilarious adult coloring book not only relaxes, but gives mom new words to use instead of the ones she’s thinking! Don’t fudge up! Get it today!


Letters to My Baby

Give a new mom a gift that her and her baby will treasure for years to come! A 2015 Oprah’s Favorite Things pick this amazing book comes with 12 fold and seal letters that she can write now to capture the precious moments of childhood, and give later.


Baby Book by Yasmeen Ismail

Record the beauty and growth of baby’s firsts with this wonderfully illustrated journal! Perfect as a shower gift for a new mom, this wonderful book comes with multi-textured paper, amazing illustrations, and even pockets and envelopes to save tiny treasures and mementos. Simply follow the gentle prompts, and create a special treasure!


Mom’s One Line a Day Five-Year Memory Book

In this busy world, it is so easy to feel guilty that we aren’t recording every single moment. Moms now wear so many hats, it’s hard to keep up! Perfect for a new mom, or any mom on the go, this book captures just one line a day to create a keepsake!


Baby’s First Year Memory Book

Take the pressure off the new mom in your life with this easy and fun to do first year scrapbook! Each page is beautifully decorated and easy to follow. A place for everything from pre-baby pictures and ultrasound to your hospital bracelets to baby’s favorite things! A lovely gift!


A Mother Is a Story Celebration of Motherhood

A celebration of motherhood told in letters, quotes, and beautiful watercolor, this book is the perfect tribute to the mom, new or established in your life. Each page is a loving, sometimes irreverent, look at all the amazing and sublime craziness that is motherhood. A wonderful way to show her you care!


Ballerina Herbal Warming Slippers

Give the new mom in your life a touch of relaxing aromatherapy and comfort with these luxurious slippers! These super soft slippers have soles that are filled with lavender and thermal conductive flax seeds, you can heat in the microwave to release the soothing scents and give warmth. Perfect for the hospital go bag!


Up & Raise Clay Baby Footprint & Handprint Picture Frame Kit

Capture those sweet, tiny, fingers and toes forever in this adorable frame! This white frame comes with two places for pictures and a clay kit that will cast those perfect little prints for years to come! Perfect as a shower gift for a new mom, it’s a keepsake they both will treasure!


Custom Sail Rope Calligraphy Name Sign

Welcome baby to the world with this wonderful calligraphy sign! These beautifully cut signs are perfect for the nursery, and will let them know how loved they are for years to come! Handmade, it comes in pine veneer or driftwood grey. This is an amazingly beautiful gift, perfect for a new mom!


My Life Story So Far

A gift that will last for generations, this journal will become a treasured keepsake! Wonderful for a new mom, or anyone who wants to record their life so far, this beautiful book will help you pass along traditions, treasured stories, and wisdom. Fill as you like, no pressure, just treasure!


Baby Nail File

New moms will love this nail file set for babies and young children! A great shower gift, this set takes the fear and worry out of keeping those tiny little fingernails smooth, and their adorable faces scratch free! Made of float glass, long lasting and extremely hard to break!


25 DIY Gift Ideas for New Moms

Diy Nursing Cover Tutorial

Make a beautiful DIY nursing cover with this tutorial! This nursing cover is designed to keep baby covered when you choose to be discreet, without overheating baby or being too restricted! A perfect, handmade gift for new moms choosing to nurse, with clear, easy to follow instructions!

Homemade Baby Shampoo

If you’ve ever worried about what exactly is in your baby’s shampoo, this is the perfect solution! This gentle, simple to make shampoo comes with only a few ingredients and will set your mind at ease! Perfect for the new mom that wants to make her own baby products, or as a gift!

The Diy Pacifier Bunny

Create a perfect fuzzy that will sooth baby with this pacifier bunny! This simple DIY project makes missing pacifiers, and baby knocking them out of their mouth, only to scream that they don’t have it, a thing of the past! A great gift for a new mom, she’ll thank you!

Yarn Wrapped Letter Tutorial

For a wonderful, personalized gift, these letters are the perfect thing! The new mom in your life will love welcoming her new baby with a beautiful yarn wrapped letter! No matter how crafty you are, you can create a gift that will make a statement at the next baby shower!

Knit Receiving Blanket Knit Baby Hats Combo

Follow along these simple directions and you’ll create a perfect set of blankets and hats for baby! These adorable hats will set off any outfit! Simple to make, you’ll want to create one for each day of the week! Perfect as a shower gift for a new mom!

New Mommy Survival Kit

Give a personalized, wonderful gift to the new mom you love with this survival kit! If you want to give her something that she’ll really use, this mommy kit is the best thing going! She’ll love revealing a special message with each diaper, and the thought and care you’ve put into it!

Beginner Knit Baby Booties Moccasins

Even a beginner can create the cutest gift at the baby shower for the new mom in your life! These adorable moccasin style booties are a great way to welcome the new little one into the world, and mom will love them so much they are sure to be part of the going home outfit!

Little Birdie Wall Hangings

If you’re going to be a new mom, or want to give the perfect gift at the shower, these birdie prints are amazing! Easy to do, these prints make a colorful splash on any nursery wall! The birdies are crafted of fabric, and have adorable button eyes! A beautiful craft project!

Make A Baby Bonnet From Two Fat Quarters

Any baby can be the belle of the ball with these super cute bonnets that are so simple to sew you’ll be waiting for the next friend to be expecting! These wonderful bonnets only take two fat quarters of fabric and a bit of ribbon, and voila! Great gift for new moms!

Homemade Baby Wipes

For a wonderful, eco-friendly way to keep baby fresh and clean, try these DIY baby wipes! Every new mom wonders what is in the products they are using, and these wipes take away that worry by using all baby safe materials! Perfect to use with cloth diapers!

Best Baby Shower Gift Ever

Give the best gift ever at the next baby shower with this clever folder system tailor made for the busy new mom! These folders will help her keep track of everything from feeding and nutrition, to doctor’s visits! She’ll love these practical and easy to use folders!

Diy Modern Woodland Mobile

Make a mobile full of woodland whimsy with this wonderful tutorial! The new mom and baby in your life will love this adorable mobile made from wonderful cut outs that bring the woods indoors! Watch the little one gaze in wonder as their new woodland friends go in gentle circles above!

Cupcake Onesies Gift Idea

Give a whole box of fun to the new mom in your life by turning onesies into adorable cupcakes! This easy craft is the perfect way to celebrate the new arrival with a sweet touch! All it takes is a few special ingredients, onesies and socks! A great gift!

Diy Easy Pom Pom Rug

Add a perfect piece of colorful puff to baby’s room with this wonderful DIY pom-pom rug! This tactile treat is wonderful for baby to touch and explore with little toes! A wonderful gift for the new mom in your life! Or something to create while you wait for your own bundle!

Alphabet Personalized Sign

New moms, welcome your sweet little bundle to their nursery with this adorable alphabet print! This sweet print will be the centerpiece of your child’s room for years, from the day they come home to when they learn how to spell their names! A beautiful gift for showers too!

Fabric Applique Onesie Tutorial

Create a gift that will surely be the keepsake baby comes home in with this adorable fabric applique onesie! This adorable, one of a kind gift is sure to thrill the new mom in your life with the whimsical cut outs in any pattern you choose! Perfect for baby’s first picture!

Easy Stretchy Baby Headband

New moms, give your little diva the most beautiful accessories in town with these adorable DYI stretchy headbands! Easy to do and soft on baby’s delicate skin, they are the headbands that she might not fuss right off! With cute flowers and sassy flair, they are perfect for any occasion!

Baby Name Embroidery

Create something that your child will treasure forever with this amazing DIY name embroidery! Whether it’s for your own child or the new mom in your life, these delicate looking embroidered names will be perfect on any nursery wall! Step by step instructions with pictures that are easy to follow!

How To Make A Felt Butterfly Mobile

Give baby a fluttering, colorful world to gaze up at with this wonderful DIY felt butterfly mobile! Easy to craft, this mobile will entertain, sooth, and captivate baby as they rest in their crib! A great shower gift for new moms, this one is sure to please!

Crossover Baby Bib Pattern

This crossover bib is the perfect gift for any new or expecting mom, and its easy to follow pattern is a joy to sew! Great for making personalized, one of a kind bibs that will either match any outfit or stand out bright, you’ll love making and giving these!

Diy Elephant Tail Hanger

Turn any plain robe hook into a special craft for baby’s room with this amazing DIY project! This creative template is a wonderful way to bring whimsy into baby’s room, and simple! A great finishing touch to surprise the new mom in your life!

Reach For The Stars And Dream Big Printable

This is the perfect gift for the new mom in your life! A great shower gift it reminds both mom and the precious little one to always reach for the stars! Print it, paint it, craft it or frame it, it’s a delightful way to show them you care!

Mini Kite Origami Diaper

This sweet congratulations card is the perfect way to tell the new mom in your life you are so happy for her! An adorable origami diaper is the perfect touch to this wonderful DIY card that will be a treasured keepsake of the new arrival! Simple and touching, she’ll love it!

Hand Sanitizer Jacket Tutorial

Give the gift every new mom won’t want to be without with this practical and adorable DIY hand sanitizer holder, perfect for hanging off the diaper bag! No new mom wants germs near her bundle of joy, and this handy sanitizer holder will help her defend her baby in style

Diy Baby Headbands

New moms, create wonderfully gentle headbands for your little one that won’t pinch or leave that dreaded dent with this DIY guide! These headbands are a snap to make, but they won’t snap baby! Super soft and easy as pie to make, your little dumpling will be the most comfy stylish baby anywhere!

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