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44 Most Unique Baby Gifts for Baby Boys and Girls

Looking for something ‘out of the box’ for the lovely new parents in your life? Then take a seat because these wonderfully unique baby gifts are sure to have the pair either full on belly-laughing or swooning in sheer delight (at a time when they really could do with it).

Avoid the usual diapers, bottles, and blankets this time around and try something different but welcome, with these unique baby gifts.

Locally Brewed Onesie

Made from 100% cotton, this baby onesie has a hilarious beer design on the front, making it the ideal baby gift for parents who love to enjoy a locally brewed craft beer.


Sometimes You Fly

Life isn’t always easy and it’s full of ups and downs, but read this beautifully illustrated book with children and it will encourage them to keep going, even when things get tough.


Teething Pacifier Clip

Nothing strikes fear into a new parent’s heart than a lost pacifier, but with this unusual teething clip, missing soothers will be a thing of the past.


Baby Art Gallery

Encourage a love of art from an early age with these flash cards, which all feature a different and random monochromatic image to grab a curious child’s attention immediately.


Brooklittles Crib Sheets

Send them off to sleep in style with these luxurious crib sheets. Made from 100% cotton and in a range of patterns, they’ll never fight bedtime again.

Prices vary

Baby Hammock

It’s just not feasible to hold a baby all day, and that’s where this hammock comes in. Designed to help infants fall asleep faster, this is one item no parent should be without.


Owl Post Books Subscription

Depending on which Owl Books subscription you take out, little ones can expect to receive specially selected age appropriate books and toys which follow a different theme every month.

Prices vary

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine

All parents need gadgets to make their lives easier and this multi-functional one combines a nightlight, sound machine, and a time-to-rise alert which can all be controlled via a smartphone.


Baby Shusher

This gift pack contains two, 100% cotton muslin swaddles, 2 pacifiers and a Baby Shusher which uses a real human voice to lull even the most restless babies to sleep.


Hopscotch Milestone Swaddle Blanket

Every milestone should be celebrated, and with this hopscotch inspired muslin, memories can be captured each month – all a parent needs is a camera and their baby!


Ergonomic Carrier

Offering four ergonomic carrying positions, this Infantino carrier will keep growing babies safe and comfy while leaving parents hands-free, and includes a handy muslin hood and a silicone teether, too.


Watercolor Birth Announcement Pillow

There is nothing more precious than announcing that a new life has been brought into the world, and with this personalized watercolor pillow, that task has never been easier.


Table Baby Chair

Eating out at restaurants with babies can be a logistical nightmare, but as long as parents have this portable highchair, which can support up to 37lbs, dining out will be a breeze.


2019 Birth Year Box

Every animal associated with the Chinese calendar possesses certain traits, and this beautiful pig memory box provides a charming reminder of a 2019 baby’s unique and quirky personality.


100 First Words for Little Geeks

Nerdy parents everywhere will be jumping for joy when they see this pop culture board book, which contains 100 first words which all make reference to something gloriously geeky.


Ready to Fly Swaddle Blanket

It’s a parent’s job to provide their child with the confidence to spread their wings, and this swaddle blanket shows that they’re willing to do that from a very early age.


Kissable Mustache Pacifier

This 3 piece pacifier set is sure to make people laugh, as each one comes with a different design, including kissable lips, a mustache, and cutely gruesome vampire fangs.


See-Me Sensory Balls

Sensory play is an important part of childhood development. Give them these 4 brightly colored, translucent balls to encourage their gross and fine motor skills, logic, and color recognition.


HABA Ring Around Clutching Toy

Babies don’t need complex and noisy toys, they’re quite happy with something like this; a wooden teether with 5 bright rings which will entertain them as well as soothe their sore gums.

Prices Vary

Space Explorer Scenic Crib Sheet

Love them to the moon and back with this beautiful crib sheet, which is not only comfy enough for delicate babies, but it also makes an incredible photo opportunity, too.


Origami Boat Bath Toy

Made from natural materials and dyes, this origami boat-shaped toy is available in a range of colors and is ideal for teething, using in the bath, or simply sparking their imagination.

Prices Vary

Silly Sloth Bucket Bib

Save lost food and washing with this super cute bucket bib, which sports an adorable smiling sloth who’s more than happy to catch those crumbs and save those spills.


Rainbow Stacker

Not only does this 6 piece Grimm’s rainbow look stunning, but it also encourages imagination and role play as they turn it into tunnels, hammocks, and whatever else they can think of.


The Honest Company Gentle Baby Shampoo

With a sweet orange and vanilla scent, The Honest Company’s 2-in-1 shampoo and body wash means parents won’t need numerous products to keep their newborn nice and clean.


Sweet Dreams Tap Night Light

Every parent knows that a reluctant sleeper makes for a difficult night, but this tap on nightlight will cast a soothing glow over the nursery which will gently fade after an hour.


Tummy Time Baby Water Mat

A play mat filled with water sounds messy, but this one is 100% leak-proof and provides a brand new experience for babies who love tummy time as they bat at the floating creatures inside.



Designed to wick away moisture, these machine washable wool runners make perfect first shoes for babies, as they’re super soft and keep feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Prices vary

Moon and Back Swaddle Blanket

Made from soft, breathable cotton, this beautiful blanket is the perfect place for capturing photos as well as making a cozy swaddle for after the photoshoot is finished.


Counting Hands Blocks

Counting is a skill which is taught from an early age, so use these maple and walnut blocks as a starting point to show children how to count to 10 using their fingers.


Lovery Play Kit

Designed to suit babies’ ages and stages, The Play Kits subscription service will deliver a box full of safe, age-appropriate Montessori-based toys every 2-3 months to keep little ones leaning and engaged.

Prices vary

Polar Bear Baby Mat

Make sure baby is safe and comfortable while having exercise time with this polar bear shaped play mat, because who wouldn’t like a cuddle with a soft and squishy bear?

Prices vary

Dinosaur Blocks

Each brightly colored building block in this amazing set features a different dinosaur, as well as useful information about each prehistoric creature, including their size, territory, and their period in time.


Blooming Bath

The blooming bath is an adorable sunflower-shaped cushion which holds babies securely so they can be bathed in even the smallest of tubs, or even the kitchen sink.


Cloud b Twilight Turtle

Soothe their nighttime worries with this turtle shaped nightlight. With a star projector and three color cycle, this will be the only companion they need to drift off to sleep.


HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper

This bassinet will make life so much easier for a new parent, thanks to the Soothing Center and the 360 swivel, which means getting baby in and out of bed is a breeze.

Prices Vary

Animal Key Ring Toy

There’s something about Mom or Dad’s keys that babies just love, so make sure theirs are safe with this set of stainless steel animals which jingle like a real set of keys.


But Not the Armadillo

Parents and children alike will fall in love with Armadillo as he wanders through this adorable board book, picking berries, smelling flowers, and taking a nap in the middle of a meadow.


Baby's Calendula Soak and Washcloth Set

Using only the most natural of products, this calendula bath soak will ease baby gently into night time, while the soft organic cotton washcloth will make washing a breeze.


Personalized ABC What Can I Be Book

Children have their whole lives ahead of them, so help them recognize their potential from an early age with this personalized book which shows them an ABC of different careers they could do.


Personalized Baby Pillow

These handmade pillows are sure to make any parent smile, each one is personalized with the baby’s name, date of birth, and you can also choose the color of the thread, which stands out nicely against the hemp canvas background. They’d make a great addition to any little one’s nursery.


Superfood Teething Toy

‘Kale’ we help you? Yes, we ‘avo-can-do’ with these quirky Superfood Teething Toys. Everything is always 100% cuter when it’s food shaped, so you know their toy box needs this tasty, chomp-tastic teething trio – especially since they’re made with no horrible nasties, just 100% natural latex.


Personalized State Birth Announcement

Get patriotic with these super lovely Personalized State Birth Announcements made by Jill McDonald. Each one is a wonderful, custom piece of artwork that’s all about your new bundle of joy, the awesome great state they were born in, and packed with cool features and eye-catching illustrations.


Sloth Pals Mobile

Sloths are funny creatures, though we should all take a leaf out of their book and slow down a little, especially to take in those precious moments with your newborn. So what better way to decorate their nursery than with this lovely Sloth Pals Mobile – the knitted sloths will definitely bring a touch of charm.


Organic Cotton Teethers Veggie Crate

These sweet Organic Cotton Teethers are here to ‘grow’ with your baby. They’re sensationally soft, making them the perfect first toys for your baby and once they get their movements down, they’ll be chomping on them in no time. Toddlers can use these friendly veggies for role play, too.


Day In The Life Baby Blanket

New parents will find this ‘Day In The Life Baby Blanket’ very humorous, because really, it is ALL babies do (besides crying every now and then). It’s a wonderfully unique baby gift as it will definitely bring a smile to their faces while they’re up for the 4th time that night feeding him/her.


Sriracha Baby

Everyone is sure to get a ‘kick’ out of this hilarious Sriracha Baby outfit. This is the perfect gift for those who consume hot sauce like water – and who could blame them, it is delicious, just like their sweet new babe. Just remember, you don’t want to shake this babe-shaped bottle!


Sweet Corn Booties

Get them all laughing with these ‘corny’ yet SO adorable Sweet Corn Booties. These handmade booties will make great photoshoot props (especially for funny photos you want to embarrass them with once they turn 18) though as delicious as they look, you may want to leave the butter off these ones.


Vibrating Saw Grasp Toy

Set them off to work nice and early with this neat Vibrating Saw Grasp Toy – just kidding, though it will be incredibly cute to see them holding the same (safe) tools as Daddy or Grandpa, won’t it? This toy is more than just looks though, it vibrates and crinkles, keeping baby engaged and stimulated.


Taco Booties

These unique booties are certainly something to ‘taco-bout’, for all the right ‘seasons’. Handmade with natural wool in Kyrgyzstan, these yummy looking booties aren’t like any of the mundane ones you’ll find in the usual baby stores – so ‘guac’ are you waiting for? Go and join the fiesta!


Coat Of Arms Personalized Birth Announcement

Announce your special bundle with their very own custom Coat of Arms. Hand drawn by Patricia Carlin, you can personalize the art with the baby’s name, birth weight, star sign, parents names, birth date and more! What a sweet yet delightfully royal way to celebrate the newest family member.


Tortilla Baby

What filling do you like in your tortillas? Chicken, beef, melted cheese, some hot sauce perhaps? Well, you’ve probably wanted to just wrap your newborn up and take a munch, with them being just SO scrummy, and now you can with their very own Tortilla Baby Outfit – a must-have for fun family photos.


Triceratop Booties

Your own ‘stomposaurus’ will go crazy for these roarsome Triceratop Booties. These woollen handmade booties are great for little boys – especially if you’re going to have a dino-themed photo shoot, or maybe their nursery is a prehistoric wonderland, whatever it may be, it will be done with comfortable talons, um…feet.


Mountain Baby Swing

Why go for a classic plastic swing, when you could ‘push’ the boat out and gift the new parents one of these utterly gorgeous handmade swings, instead? Made in a lovely modern mountain print, this versatile swing comes with a carabiner so you can install it inside or out for instant playtime fun.

Price varies

Don’t Knock Sign

Nothing is more frustrating than just getting baby to sleep and then receiving an unexpected knock at the door (even more so if it’s just a pesky door salesman). So warn off all unwanted visitors with this funny tongue-in-cheek sign that tells them all that if “they wake it, they take it” ha!


We Match! Ctrl + C & Ctrl +V T-Shirt and Bodysuit Set

Celebrate the new mini-me with these quirky Copy and Paste matching shirts. Whether the new babe looks just like Mom or Dad, they’re sure to adore these lovely shirts in a choice of white or pink. They’d make great photo props to look back on in a few years time, for sure.


Taco Dreams Mobile

While they may be too young to tantalize their taste buds with the utter joy of tacos, that doesn’t mean they have to go without. With this glorious handmade mobile, you can still stimulate their senses in, let’s face it, a pretty dang cool (or should we say hot) way.


Personalized Storybook Pillow Legend

Have them embark on their very own adventure with this lovely Personalized Storybook Pillow. Not only can you customize the main ‘character’ by having it match the baby’s hair color, skin tone, and name, but parents become the ‘authors’ and family members can even leave a great review, how neat is that?


Sara Kety Baby-Boys Newborn Tiny Tux One

Oh gosh, just how adorable will their little man look in this uber handsome Tiny Tux (for newborn baby boys)? Only the most dapper baby could pull this super smart outfit off; team them with a pair of previously mentioned Oxford Socks for a get-up that will have everyone swooning and begging for a squeeze.

Prices Vary

We Match! Bear Set

Oh gosh, these matching family shirts/onesies are incredibly heartwarming. This awesome shirt set from We Match! will make adorable outfits for family days out or for your first ever photoshoot as a trio. The shirts read “papa bear” “mama bear” and “baby bear” and are just completely aww-worthy.


2 Unique Diy Baby Shower Gifts

Diy No Scratch Baby Mittens

From Made to Be a Momma come these genius, yet rather cute, DIY No-Scratch Baby Mittens. It’s unbearable watching babies accidentally hurt themselves, especially since it always happens to be in the few seconds you take your eyes off them, which is why these clever mittens are a must-have.

How to Make Baby Sock Roses

You can’t go wrong with a gift that’s not only cute but useful – so have a go at making one of these sweet Baby Sock Rose Bouquets. It may take a few minutes to get the hang of making your first ‘rose’ but once you’ve mastered it, you’ll have a bouquet in no time.

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