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19 Coolest Gadgets & Gizmos for Dogs

These are some of the coolest dog gadgets on the planet, and any one of them is sure to improve your dog’s lifestyle and give them a taste of the doggie good life. There have been many advances in high-tech dog products, linking up your smartphone to many of your dog’s daily routines. Choose any one of these for your dog and they’re sure to thank you in their own special way.

19 Coolest Gadgets and Gizmos for Dogs- your dog (and you) will love these!

Dyson Groom

The Dyson groom make quick work of all of that dog care that gets onto upholstery, carpets, and clothing. Dyson is known for making high quality vacuum cleaners, and they have really outdone themselves with this affordable dog hair solution. It’s designed to be used right at the source, and is said to get the undercoat before it ends up all over the house.


Tagg Pet Tracker

The Tagg tracker lets you drive right up to your dog when they get loose. It features GPS capabilities, which beams a signal so that you can easily track your dog using your smartphone’s maps app. No more lost dog worries and stress. You can even get text and email alerts so you know right away when they’re off the grid.


GoDogGo Machine Ball Fetcher

This ball fetcher from GoDogGo will keep your dog busy for as long as they want to be. It doesn’t take long for a dog to wear out its master with a game of fetch, but this fetch machine makes it so your dog can keep playing even when you tire out.


Wigzi Tangle Free Dual Dog Leash

The dual dog leash by Wigzi makes it so you won’t have to deal with a tangled leash ever again when walking two dogs at the same time. The solution comes from the way it is designed, so that neither leash can cross over the other, causing the dreaded tangle.

Prices Vary


The Petnet lets you feed your pet from anywhere using your smartphone. This is a great way to make sure your dog gets their meal at the right time each day, even when you are not there. All that we need now is a gadget that can walk your dog when they need to go out, and you can put this dog ownership thing on autopilot.


Pet Cube

The Pet Cube let’s you interact with your pet while you are away, and even play games with them using a laser pointer. You can keep your pet company even when you are not at home, just by using your smartphone. It also let you give your pet some encouraging words, or even scold them for getting into the trash.


Garmin Astro Dog Tracking System

The Astro Dog Tracking System by Garmin helps you pinpoint exactly where your dog is at any given moment. This can let you rest at ease knowing that they are still in the yard, or it can help you locate them if they’ve gotten lost. You no longer have to wonder where they are, since you’ll have their GPS coordinates.

Prices Vary

Pet Chatz

Pet Chatz lets you have a video conference with your pooch, just by using your smartphone connected to their video monitor display. This makes it so you can check in on them from time to time while you are at work, or otherwise out of the house. You can even give them treats using the device, so your dog knows you’re still thinking of them.


Pavlovian Puppy Potty Trainer

This potty trainer uses Pavlovian methods to train your puppy to go outside when they feel the urge. This will help prevent accidents and also strengthen your bond with them because you won’t have to get upset when they do their business inside or on your favorite rug.



The FitBark is a great way to track your dog’s activity each day so that you’ll have a clear picture of whether or not they have been getting enough exercise, and when was the last time they were fed. It is similar to the kind of tracking devices they have for us humans, but specifically made for a canine.


The Canine Shower Stall

Have a specially designated shower stall for your dog so they don’t have to use the family bathtub, are avoid your washing attempts using the backyard hose. This stall keeps the dog contained, and makes it much easier to get them all cleaned up. Turns bathtime from a task to a breeze for you both.


Dart Automatic Laser Pet Toy

This laser toy lets you have playtime the easy way by simply turning on the toy and letting it do its job. It will keep your dog entertained with a laser beam that moves around in random ways that your dog won’t figure out, and won’t get tired of.

Prices Vary

Nite Ize Light Up Ball

The light up ball lets you play fetch with your dog even when the sun goes down. Dogs love it because they want to play at any time of day, and night time is no reason to stop playing just because it got dark. Just be sure you are playing in an area that is clear of any objects so your dog doesn’t get hurt.


Halo Mini Dog Collar

The Halo mini color lights up so you can see your dog at night, and cars can see them too. This makes a great gift for your dog if you like to take nighttime walks with them. It’s important that you wear bright colored clothing and lights, and now your dog can have a special collar.


Whistle Dog Activity Monitor

The Whistle Dog Activity Monitor is a way to track your dog’s activity throughout the day, and get a better idea of how much activity they’re getting in addition to other statistics. It is a way to visually see your dog’s daily activity, and it gives you an objective way to size up how they’re doing.


Go-Go Dog Pal

The dog Pal is a way for you to use an RC controller to play with your dog. You get to control a little critter powered by you that drives around the backyard beckoning your dog to chase it. It will be interesting to see who wears out first, your dog or the batteries on this Dog Pal.


WaterDog Automatic Pet Drinking Fountain

If you have an outside dog, this is pretty much a necessity. It’s an automatic drinking fountain that turns on when your dog approaches, and turns off after they leave. They’ll quickly figure out that they can get a drink whatever they want by walking up to it, and this means they’ll stay properly hydrated even through the hot summer months.

Prices Vary

Dog Cooling Bed

Keep your dog cool with this cooling bed, and they’ll definitely be thanking you all summer long. Dogs can overheat pretty easily, even though there are quick to pant when they start to get hot. It’s important to keep them cool, and this bed can really help with that as it diffuses heat when they lay on top of it.

Prices Vary

PetZen Dog Treadmill

This dog treadmill will keep your dog in top shape even when the weather doesn’t permit a walk outside. This is handy for those that live in very cold and snowy winter regions, and it means you don’t have to feel so guilty if you can take them for a walk each day. This also makes a great alternative for those that don’t have a lot of mobility but still want to keep their dog in shape.

Prices Vary

8 DIY Dog Gifts

No-Sew Dog Toy

This dog toy is easy to make for you, and a lot of fun for them. It uses up an old t-shirt, but frills it enough so that it’s irresistible to your furry friend. Not having to sew it means you can make a new one quickly if they go through it easily.

Floral Dog Collar

Here’s a dog collar that will make them look totally cute, and gets them ready to be a wedding if needed. It all starts with a regular dog collar, and with a few simple additions you’ve got a pretty floral piece that accentuates them nicely.

Decorative Treat Jar

This is a gift that you’ll appreciate more than they will, since their only concern is the treats inside. It’s a way to decorate an otherwise bland treat jar and turn it into something that looks great on your countertops.

Hand-Stamped Dog Tags

These dog tags are hand-stamped, so you can put your dog’s name on it and other pertinent information like your phone number in case they get lost. You can also make it in a custom color that matches their personality.

Valentine Dog Scarf

This is the perfect scarf to make for them so they can wear it every Valentine’s Day. It makes them look extra cute, as if they needed any help. You can be sure they’ll get some extra petting when they’re wearing this.

Double Dog Bed

Got more than one dog? Give them both a place to sleep with this double dog bed that features one bed on the ground, and another smaller bed at an elevated height. It takes up less space but still gives each dog their own bed.

Scottie Door Stop

Any dog lover will appreciate this door stop made in the form of a Scottish Terrier. Of course this makes the perfect gift if they actually have that breed of dog, but even if they don’t it should still be something they’ll enjoy and use.

Rope Ball Dog Toy

The reason they’ll love playing with this dog toy is that there’s a surprise treat tucked away in the center. They’ll work their hardest to get at the treat, and the tighter you can make the rope ball the more trouble they’ll have with it.


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