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37 Cute Gift Ideas for Dads Who Love Their Furbabies

Does your Dad love his dogs just as much (if not more) than he loves his children? Treat him to something extra special with this awesome and exciting collection of dog gifts for Dad that will help him show the world just how much he adores his beloved pooches.

dog gifts for dad

Golden Retriever on a Bike T-Shirt

If you want to proclaim your love for dogs everywhere, there is no better way than with this awesome handmade t-shirt. Displaying a golden retriever going for a cycle, it is a comfortable way to keep at least one dog near you at all times. You can even get it sent with a gift message.


Boxer Dog Pattern Socks

Do you know someone that is just obsessed with their dog(s)? If so you can treat them to an extra comfortable way to be surrounded by Boxers at all times. These dog lover spandex socks are knee high and will keep their legs warm and toasty on long dog walks.


Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Very Good, Very Bad Dog

Anyone that has a dog knows how many awesome, funny, sad and exciting stories dog owners pick up over the years of their dog’s life. This cool book is full to the brim with a great collection of 101 stories about dogs; it’s perfect for anyone that has a big ol’ soft spot for canines.


Bad Dog Wisdom Tumblers

Are you looking for that perfect gift for Father’s Day that involves good humor and man’s best friend? If so, these tumbler glasses feature a series of pictures of dogs behaving badly. A great way to make your dog loving Dad laugh every time he has a drink.


Texts from Dog

Texts from Dog is exactly as it sounds, a paperback that is full to the brim with texts from one man’s bulldog. This hilarious collection of texts tells the story of BatDog and his ongoing quest to keep his neighborhood safe from various enemies. Take a look now and see what you think.

Prices Vary

Moccasin Pet Bed

Does your Dad love his pet so much that he lets his pet play with his slippers? Make sure it never happens again and get him this awesome moccasin pet bed that will keep his little fur baby cozy, warm and comfortable in their very own shoe. It’s even washing machine friendly!


The Dogist: Photographic Encounters with 1,000 Dogs

Anyone that loves dogs would not pass on the opportunity of seeing beautifully captured images of dogs and their lives. The Dogist contains stunning pictures of 1000 dogs – it’s no wonder it reached the New York Times bestseller list. Check it out here if you are a dog lover.


Furbo Dog Camera

Does your Dad just hate to leave his precious pup at home alone? Treat him and his dog this Father’s Day and get him a Furbo Dog Camera. This gift would allow him to video chat his dog from his smartphone, and even dispense treats to keep his furbaby happy and content until he gets home.


All You Need Is Pugs

If you know someone that lives by this motto, you definitely need to get them this jumper. With “All you need is Pugs” printed on the front, it is a fashionable and comfortable way for them to express their love for all things dog to the world. A great dog gift for Dad.

Prices Vary

Dachshund On A Skateboard T-shirt

What’s better than a sausage dog riding a skateboard? You cannot think of a single thing that is better, can you? This handmade t shirt is ready and raring to make your Dad’s Father’s day a million times better as he parades his love of dogs, Dachshunds and daring sports.


This Guy Loves His German Shepherd Shirt

Does your dear old Papa love his German Shepherd? What better gift for him is there than this exceptionally well-made t-shirt that would make an awesome Father’s Day gift this year. With “This guy loves his German Shepherd” printed on the front, he can proudly display his dogs, even when they are not with him.

Price varies

Really Important Stuff My Dog Has Taught Me

How would you like owning A New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe and Indie Bestseller book that is all about dogs? This hugely popular paperback book is full to the brim with things that dogs have taught us; you’d be surprised at just how many life lessons we learn from pooches.

Prices Vary

Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover’s Soul

Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover’s Soul is a truly awesome book that has been brought to us by the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. This beautifully written book has been filled with heartwarming stories surrounding the ownership of dogs; ideal for any and every owner.


The Bad Dog Doormat

Give the gift that will have everyone laughing at the same time with this bad dog doormat! Showing the hilariously frustrating life of owning a dog, it is the perfect present for your Dad this Father’s Day. High quality and durable, it is a great purchase.


Dogs Because People Suck T-Shirt

Do you prefer dogs or humans? It is a difficult choice as dogs are just so darn adorable. If your Dad loves his pack of dogs, you should definitely have a think about getting him this awesome t shirt that reads: “Dogs because people suck”. It speaks for itself really!

Prices Vary

I Was Normal A Few Dogs Ago T-shirt

Check out the following colorful t shirt if you are looking for dog gifts for Dad this Father’s Day. The t shirt itself has a funny message on the front that all dog owners will be able to relate to, along with 3 colorful and cartoon dog images. A great addition to any dog lover’s wardrobe.

Price varies

Life Goal Pet All The Dogs T-Shirt

Be honest, you want to pet all of the dogs in the entire world, don’t you? Who wouldn’t? With this t shirt, you can shout it to the world as it states your life goal in big bold letters. From Malamutes to Terriers, this tee might get you a step closer to petting them all.

Prices Vary

Aquapaw Dog Bathing Glove

Any dog owner will tell you how much of a chore bathing their dog can be. If your Dad is hoping for some great gifts that will help him become a better dog owner, you should buy him this dog bathing glove this Father’s Day and make bath time a better time.


Pedigree Poem Pillow

If you are in the market for a truly special gift for your dog loving Father on Father’s Day, this could be it. The Pedigree Poem Pillow is the ultimate way to help them celebrate their favorite breed in poem form on a comfortable and cozy cushion; check out the list of breeds available here.


Black Labs Matter Shirt

This hilarious parody t shirt helps raise awareness for an important cause as well as show the world just how much you love your Labrador Retriever. Ideal as a Father’s Day gift, this t shirt is comfortable, well made and perfect for Labrador lovers everywhere.

Price varies

Fur and Flowers Dog Doormat

Sometimes the most welcoming part of a house is the big ol’ ball of fur that showers you with love as soon as you cross the threshold. Extend that welcome to your door mat with this exceptionally awesome fur and flowers dog doormat. Check it out right now on the following page.


Dog Shaming

What started as a hilarious website has now become a paperback book that you can own; Dog Shaming is the side splitting book containing tons of confessions from dog owners everywhere sharing the funniest and most absurd stories about their beloved pets. A great read for dog fanatics.

Prices Vary

Custom Pet Nose Print Necklaces

They say that dogs don’t see us as their owners, they see us as part of their pack. If you are looking for dog gifts for Dads this Father’s Day, these custom pet nose necklaces are made using an impression of your pets nose, leaving you with a personal and heartwarming gift to give your old man.

Price varies

Doge In Space Shiba Inu The Astronaut

If you like to spend your time on the internet then you must have seen the hilarious doge meme circulating the realms of the web. This hilarious Shiba Inu has been sent to space to pose for a funny picture that has been printed onto a comfortable cotton t shirt. Take a look now!


You Lost Me At “I Don’t Like Dogs” T-shirt

Is your Dad a dog person? If so, this Father’s Day you should definitely treat him to something canine related. The following t shirt features the words ‘You lost me at “I don’t like dogs”’ and is a great way for them to show the world that they love their fur babies more than anything else.

Price varies

Drink Beer Pet My Dog Tshirt

Would your Dad say “drink my beer and pet my dog” if you asked him to describe a perfect day? If the answer is yes then he is in for a treat, as the following t shirt has those very words printed right onto the front of it. There’s even a choice of colors available.


English Bulldog On A Trike T-shirt

Few things in life would be cooler than an English bulldog riding a trike – just imagine it for a second! If you know someone that would find that just as cool as you, you are in luck as the following t shirt is decorated with none other than a full color image of just that.


Dog Likes Me Best Mug

This Father’s Day, get your Dad a gift not just to commemorate his love for his human babies, but his fur babies as well. The following coffee mug set features a funny mug, delicious coffee, a cookie cutter and even a recipe for dog bones – the perfect way to treat him and his dogs.

Prices Vary

Dog or Cat Pet Pawprint Keepsake Kit

Many parents have an imprint of their child’s hand as a baby; cute, huh? Well now you can get the exact same thing but with your pet’s paw print – awesome. Ideal as a Father’s Day gift, this frame comes with the personalized imprint, pictures, and even memorable dates surrounding your pet.


Wild About You

This stunning display piece is an ideal way to commemorate one’s love for man’s best friend. Created by Jay Rotberg, the sculpture itself features a man and his dog sharing a moment and is perfect for any dog lover’s desk, mantelpiece, his bed side table, or just about anywhere.


Dog Grooming Gift Set

If your Dad loves to spend as much quality time with his puppy dog as he can, get him this epic dog grooming gift set for Father’s Day and see just how happy it makes him. Containing only organic, high quality grooming products, he can pamper his pooch to his heart’s content.


Ultimate Pawprint Keepsake Kit

Perfect for pet lovers, this ultimate pawprint keepsake kit contains enough stuff to create 2 beautiful and high quality imprints of your pet’s paws that will last forever. Easy to use and quick drying, it can be a quick and simple way to get a lasting impression of your pet.


If I Can’t Bring My Dog I’m Not Going T-Shirt

Save the awkwardness of having to explain your absence and get this t shirt that gives the reason in big bold letters for the whole world to see. Made from cotton, and with a range of colors available, this ‘If I can’t bring my dog I’m not going’ t shirt would make a great gift.


Custom Pet Portrait Cufflinks

Help your dad keep a part of his beloved pet with him at all times with these custom pet portrait cufflinks. Perfect as a dog gift for Dad, these cufflinks are made using sterling silver and will feature an engraving of a pet portrait supplied by you; a beautiful gift for your pooch loving pa this Father’s Day.


Embark Dog DNA Ancestry Test Kit

By just taking a cheek swab, this dog DNA kit will be able to tell you a whole array of information regarding your dog’s ancestry. The test itself will tell you about your dog’s health, their bloodline, and will even tell you if your dog is susceptible to certain illnesses.


3 Diy Gifts For Dog Lovers

Diy No Sew Dog Scarf

No sew projects are by far the best DIY projects around as just about anyone can complete them. This one would make a great gift for dads this Father’s Day as it leaves you with a stunning, homemade scarf that your dad can use to keep his pooch warm and cozy.

Diy Photo Coaster

DIY gifts can be a whole lot more personal than store bought stuff; if you want to give a gift that means more to the recipient, you should check out the following article. With all of the information you could need supplied, you will be able to create some stunning DIY photo coasters in no time.

Diy Dog Canvas Silhouettes

The dog lover in your life deserves to receive something extra special for their next gift. Using this DIY guide you will be more than equipped with the knowledge to create a truly awesome dog silhouette canvas of their beloved pet. Check it out now to see what you think.

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