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35 LMAO-worthy Gifts for Dog Lovers – Hilarious Gifts for Dog Owners

Are you looking for special gifts to give to the dog lover in your family? Add a little humor to the proceedings by picking something from this list of funny dog gifts, and you’ll be sure to bring a smile to their faces. From tees to toys, and books to mugs, you’ll find it all here.

Funny Dog Gifts

French Bulldog On A Tricycle T-shirt

Is there someone in your life that absolutely adores their French Bulldog? If that is the case, this hugely comfortable t shirt is an excellent idea for their next gift. Lightweight, soft and stretchy, the t shirt features their favorite breed hilariously riding a classic tricycle.


FAYALEQ Dog MomPrint Top

Do you know a dog mom? The person that loves nothing more than cuddling and caring for their dog? Get them something they will truly love and check out this comfortably casual blouse that reads ‘#Dog Mom’; funny and meaningful, it’s a great gift idea for any dog lover out there.


Dog Butt: An Off-Color Adult Coloring Book

Unique, fun, calming and extremely funny, this coloring book for adults is a hilarious way to destress and have some quality alone time. With tons of different breeds of dog displaying their poochy poo holes, you can have all the coloring fun in the world as you bring color where the sun doesn’t shine.


Pug Lives Matter

Pug lives matter is a statement that we can all agree with, although there are some people out there that would agree with it more than others. If you are you looking for a gift for those people, look no further than this t shirt that is available in a wide range of colors.

Prices Vary

Rude Wiener Dog Mug

This mug looks as standard as standard could be when cold, however pour in a little heat, get things nice and steamy, and watch as the wiener comes out! That’s right, this brilliant and hilarious mug changes in heat and displays a funny message along with a cute picture of a Dachshund.


Personalized If My Dog Could Talk Book

Personalize this awesome book to include your puppy and watch as the hilarious story unfolds before your very eyes. If My Dog Could Talk allows you to read funny fictional conversations between your dog and your child, and the things they get up to. Check it out here to see for yourself.


Throw the Damn Ball: Classic Poetry by Dogs

Do you have a discerning taste in literature? If so, you would be very interested to have a read of this collection of classic poetry by dogs. Throw the Damn Ball is a stunning way to take a look at the hilarious life of dogs and gain a further appreciation of our furry friends.

Prices Vary

Life is Ruff Shirt

If you know of someone that dotes on their fur babies, this top could be for them. Comfortable, high quality and available in a wide variety of colors, the t shirt reads ‘Mom life is ruff’. Funny and true, it’s a great gift idea for the dog lover in your life.


Bad Dog Coasters

Dogs have a really good habit of doing the exact opposite of what we ask them to do. These brilliant coasters would make awesome and funny dog gifts as they perfectly demonstrate pooches behaving badly. Take a look on the following page and see what you think.


Pug On A Scooter T-shirt

What could be funnier than a pug riding a scooter? Nothing, so pick up one of these t shirts right now. That’s correct, this t shirt features an adorable little pug having a whale of a time cruising around on its little scooter. Comfortable, soft and most importantly, funny.


Doggy Moodycards

Moody cards are guaranteed to make anyone laugh, especially when they contain hilarious images of dogs. If you are a dog lover, you should check out this collection of cards that will perfectly display your mood without you having to say a single word. Perfect for the office, or even at home.


Fetch These Mug

Make sure that the next gift you buy the pooch proud person in your life is this funny gag gift. Simple, but effective, the mug displays a picture of a pup flipping the bird and a caption reading “Fetch these”. A great conversation starter (or finisher) should you need it.


I Work So My Dog Can Have a Better Life Mug

Have you ever sat there, debating why you even bother showing up to work every morning? If your main reason for risking the rat race is to pamper your pooch, you are in luck as this mug is perfect thanks to the caption “I work hard so my dog can have a better life”.


I Just Want to Pet My Dog and Go to Sleep T-Shirt

They say that stroking a dog can actually reduce blood pressure and have an intense calming effect, so it is no wonder why so many people enjoy nothing more than chilling out and cuddling their puppy. If you know someone like that, you’ll definitely want to take a look at this t shirt.


If I Can’t Bring My Yorkie I’m Not Going T-Shirt

Every time you are invited somewhere, do you instantly wonder whether or not you will be allowed to bring your Yorkie as a plus 1? You are not alone. Save yourself from having to ask and wear this humorous t shirt that states your stance on going somewhere without your dog. Comfortable and cozy.

Prices Vary

In Dog Wines Funny Wine Glass

Do you know someone that can’t decide whether they love wine or their dogs more? If that is the case you should without a doubt consider getting them this funny wine glass that merges their love of both things! It can even hold up to 13oz of their favorite tipple.


Happy Pills Dog T-shirt

Dog lovers everywhere rejoice as this t shirt has been made just for you. Dogs make everything better, they are there to cheer you up when nobody else is. and will never judge you! If your dogs are your happy pills, check out this t shirt now; you won’t be sorry.

Prices Vary

Silly Mustache & Giant Tongue Dog Toys

Have a giggle with your dogs thanks to these side splitting dog toys. Funny enough to make the entire family laugh, they are fun for the dog and fun for anyone watching as they are shaped like a mustache and giant tongue. They are even multi award winners!


Dachshund On A Skateboard T-shirt

Picture this: you’re walking down the road and see a sausage dog cruising past on their skateboard; funny, right? Good, glad you think so as the following t shirt has exactly that printed on the front. If you like dogs, dachshunds or even skateboards, this t shirt is for you.


Dogs Guide to Humans Book

We as a race never really think about what dogs think of us – if only there was a way we could find out! Get as close as you ever will to finding out thanks to this book that would make an exceptionally funny dog gift. Titled ‘A dog’s guide to humans’, that’s exactly what it is.


Boston Terrier On A Bike T-shirt

A Boston Terrier riding a push bike looks a lot cooler than one might imagine. Oozing style and sass, this t shirt has that exact print on the front of it, helping you to show others just how much you love your dog. Handmade, comfortable, and high quality; it’s a must have.


A Dog’s Guide to Cats

Dogs and Cats have had an unusual relationship over the years, some hate each other and some love each other, but wouldn’t it be interesting to find out exactly what dogs think of their feline counterparts? Now you can with this funny book that teaches other dogs how to deal with a pussy cat’s presence.


Pomeranian On A Tricycle T-shirt

If your pal has a Pomeranian, they would love this t shirt for their next birthday. Featuring a fluffy looking Pomeranian aboard a tricycle, it is a cute, gag way to show the world how much they actually love their dog. Handmade, soft, and made from 100% cotton.


It’s Too Peopley Dog Shirt

We all know someone that prefers the company of canines to their own species, and who can blame them? If you are looking for a gift for the dog lover that you know, get them this t shirt and watch as they laugh and love it at the same time. It is even available in different colors.

Prices Vary

Zen Dog Garden Sculpture

Do you find peace when playing with puppies? Are pooches your favorite way to connect with your inner self? Bring a little mindfulness to your back yard with these Zen Dog garden sculptures. Stunning to look at, they would be perfect for any and every dog lover looking to take a step back from stress.

Price varies

The Dogfather T-Shirt

Classically simple and eternally awesome: The Dogfather t shirt. This great looking, well made t shirt is here for you to pick up for you or any of your dog loving friends or family. Inspired by the ever famous film series, it is a must for dog owners everywhere.

Prices Vary

Corgi On A Trike T-shirt

Corgis must be doing something right, even the Queen of England absolutely adores them. If you know someone like the Queen that can’t live without Corgis, you should get them this brilliantly funny gag gift that shows a Corgi riding a tricycle. Funny, comfortable and stylish.


Golden Retriever On A Bike T-shirt

Golden Retrievers just scream regality. They are elegant, intelligent, and overall great dogs. If there is a Golden Retriever fanatic in your life, get them this t shirt that shows this awesome breed mounting a bicycle. Simple and funny, it is a gift you know they will love and appreciate.


It’s Not Drinking Alone If The Dog Is Home

We all know someone that would always rather spend time with their favorite pet and have a glass of their favorite wine. The next time you need to buy that person a gift, get them this wine tumbler that reads ‘It’s not drinking alone if the dog is home’; you will not be sorry.

Prices Vary

English Bulldog On Trike T-shirt

Is there British in your bloodline? Or do you just really love Bulldogs? In either case, this t shirt will be right up your alley. Standing (not very) tall and riding a tricycle, there is a Bulldog printed on the front for everyone to appreciate. A great way to show your love of this breed.


Only Talking to My Dog Today T Shirt

Most dog lovers will tell you that the more they know dogs, the less they like humans! If you know someone who fits that bill, this t shirt couldn’t be more appropriate. “I’m only talking to my dog today” says all there is to say when adult conversation is too much effort.


Cute Dog Socks

Put your best foot forward when looking for funny dog gifts for the pooch people in your life, with this set of five adorable doggy socks. Each pair features the face of a furry friend, and will keep the coldest of paws toasty on those long walks with man’s (or woman’s) best friend.

Prices Vary

Handle Every Stressful Situation Like a Dog

Ah, if only life were that simple. This sign is the perfect gift for the dog lover with a sense of humor, and acts as a reminder that a dog’s philosophy is best – although we don’t recommend actually carrying it out! A great mantra for everyone that if something serves you no purpose, just walk away.


Wisdom Panel Breed Identification DNA Test Kit

Have you ever asked your dog just who he thinks he is when he’s done something he shouldn’t? Well, now you can answer your own question with this DNA testing kit for dogs. As useful as it is interesting, this kit will give you unrivalled insights into your four legged friend.


My Dogs Are The Reason I Wake Up Shirt

How sweet is this t shirt? At least, until you read the small print! Perfect for the dog owner whose pet likes to wake with the sunrise, this tee will have other owners nodding in sympathetic agreement as you trudge wearily along on that early morning walk, long before the civilized world is awake.

Prices Vary

3 Comfy Diy Dog Beds You Wish You Could Fit In

Diy Dog Bed

Pamper your pooch by giving him his own special bed on which to lay his furry head, made by your own fair hands. Using old items which you probably already own (and if not can be picked up at thrift shops) you can make this super comfy bed in next to no time.

Diy No Sew Dog Bed

If you love the idea of making your own gifts, but lack the sewing know-how, then head over to this blog post to find out how to make this gorgeous pet bed that involves no sewing at all. Using old t shirts or fleece fabric, you can create this cozy cushion that Fido will adore.

No Sew Dog Bed

This dog bed looks so comfortable, you might be tempted to make a human sized version for yourself, and, best of all, it requires absolutely no sewing. Simply choose your fabric, and follow the instructions on Miss Frugal Mommy’s blog to create this gorgeous bed for your best friend to chill out on after long walks.

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