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38 Incredible Bachelorette Party Shirts for Your Bride Squad

A bachelorette party is a rite of passage; something an engaged woman has to do with her closest girlfriends before they send her off into married life. Every detail of this celebration is planned…but what about some incredible bachelorette party shirts? If this isn’t something you’ve thought of, take a look at the various tees, tanks and shirts here and choose some which will fit the theme of the party and the personality of your bridal squad.

The best bachelorette party shirts for the bride squad.

Palm Tree Bachelorette Tanks

Every bride needs a strong tribe around her when she’s planning her big day. These customizable tanks are a must for every member of a bachelorette party.


I'll Bring The… Shirts

Give every member of the bridal squad their own job with these personalized party tanks. Let them all know what they need to bring to the celebration.


Wizard Themed Bachelorette Party Shirts

Harry Potter fever is still sweeping the globe, even though the books and films came out a while ago. These wizard themed shirts are perfect for a magical bachelorette party.


The Office Bachelorette Party Shirts

Fans of The Office will understand the references on these shirts and maybe even name the episode each quote is from; everyone should decide whether they’re a Jim or a Dwight.


Whiskey Bent and Veil/Hell Bound

Available in black for the bridesmaids and a white one for the bride, these country themed bachelorette tanks will add the finishing touch to any Western themed party.


Friends Bachelorette Party Shirts

There’s not one person alive who doesn’t know the TV show Friends. Perfect for millennial brides, show that you’ll always be there for each other by wearing these t-shirts.

Prices Vary

Yas Queen I Said Yas Shirts

Is there a better time to show off your fierce side than with these bachelorette party shirts? Be the queens you are as you celebrate your last night as a free woman.


Cat Bride Squad Shirts

Whether you’re a cat person or your bachelorette party is taking place near Halloween, these black and white feline tanks will make you all look absolutely purr-fect.

Prices Vary

I Do Crew

These Friends themed tees are perfect for bridesmaids, showing that they’ll always be there for you. Just don’t do a Ross, make sure the right name is said at the altar!


Engaged Drunk AF Shirts

There are two requirements at a bachelorette party; to be engaged and to get drunk. Luckily, these themed tees show that the bride and her ‘maids are both.


Nacho Average Bride Let's Get Smashed Shirt

No one wants to be an average bride. Celebrate a final fiesta with these Mexican tanks, with ones for the bridesmaids and a special one for the bride.


Feyonce Shirts

Channel some of Queen Bey’s confidence with these fierce tees. Choose a white one for the bride and let the ‘maids choose their own colors or have them all matching.


Bachelorette Party Tank Tops

The unicorn trend is everywhere, even bachelorettes haven’t escaped it. Get these magical unicorn black tanks for your bridesmaids and then you can wear the white wifey one.

Prices Vary

Bride Tribe V-Necks

Available in 11 colors, these simple V-neck tees get the message across. With the words “Bride Tribe” across the chest, everyone will know what you’re out celebrating.

Prices Vary

Beyonce Bachelorette Party Tanks

Perfect for fans of Queen Beyoncé, these black racer back tanks can say anything you want across the front; with the white Feyoncé one especially for you.


What She Said, Brews before I Do's Shirts

Wearing matching tanks for a bachelorette party will make amazing photos and hilarious memories; and this white bridal one has some black ones which will complement each other perfectly.

Prices Vary

Team Bride Bachelorette Party Pink T Shirt

Being part of a bridal team is one of the most exciting things a woman can do. These matching pink Team Bride tees are simple and can be worn with almost anything.

Prices Vary

Floral Bride Squad Shirt

These beautiful floral themed tanks add a touch of femininity to any bachelorette party, with one for the bride, a special one for the MOH and matching ones for the bridesmaids.


Bride Tribe Ring Finger Shirts

When you get engaged, people want you to show off your ring. You don’t want to be doing that at your bachelorette party so let these tees give people the finger instead!


I Do Crew Shirts

Get these I Do Crew bachelorette party shirts for your bridesmaids and wear the white I Do one yourself; they’ll get your ‘maids in the party mood straight away.


It's Your Day Clothing

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing for your bachelorette party, these matching tanks are perfect. You’ll all match, even with a special one for the Maid of Honor and you, the bride.


Hubby and Bubbly Tanks

Bubbly and a hubby (to be); two things you need for an amazing bachelorette party. These matching tanks will show that you have both and are in store for a fun time.

Prices Vary

Pineapple Bachelorette Party Shirts

Perfect for a celebration by the beach, these teal colored tanks have rainbow watercolor pineapples on the front. There’s even a matching white one for the bride.


Down To Fiesta Bachelorette Party Shirts

Grab that guacamole and a sombrero; it’s time for a final fiesta with your closest friends. Get dressed up in these bridal party tanks and let your hair down.

Prices Vary

Feyonce Shirts

Channel that inner queen and party with the confidence of Beyoncé with these tees. You and your girlfriends will have the best time and the photos will look incredible.


Bachelorette Party Shirts

In a variety of different colors, one to suit every skin tone, there’s one of these tees for the bride, another for the maid of honor, and then more for the bridesmaids.

Prices Vary

Pour the Wine His Last Name Is Mine Tank

It’s expected that a lot of alcohol is consumed at a bachelorette party. If the choice of drink is wine, these vino themed tanks are absolutely perfect.


Brides Babes

Wear these tees at your bachelorette party and then again on the morning of your wedding while you get ready; there’s even a variety of colors for you to choose from.


Mexican Themed Bridal Party Tanks

Get the party started with these fitted racer back tanks. Perfect for a Mexican themed party, they’ll be the “taco” of the party as you have the best time.


Beachin Bride Tanks

Isn’t it the dream to celebrate the last of your unmarried life on the beach? Celebrate your upcoming marriage by the ocean while wearing one of these tanks.


Bride or Die, Bridin' Dirty Shirts

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a theme or if you’re going for a Western one, these “Bridin’ Dirty” tees are ideal; especially with the “Bride or Die” one to match.


Wizard and Witch Theme Party Shirts

Are you a Muggle or a witch? A Hufflepuff or a Ravenclaw? Bring all of your closest friends together for a magical bachelorette party and celebrate you.

Prices Vary

I Said…We Said Shirts

Once a woman has said yes to her beau, the main thing that’s on her friends' minds is the bachelorette party. These monochrome tanks are the perfect finishing touch.

Prices Vary

Bride Squad Shirt

There’s nothing like a simple tee when putting together an outfit, and these bride squad ones are no exception. Every member of the party will look incredible with little effort.


It's Your Day Wife of The Party Tank

If you’ve been described as the “life of the party”, it’s time to upgrade to “wife of the party” now you’re engaged; there’s even matching tanks for your ‘maids.


Bridal Party Tanks

The bright blue of these tanks is sure to grab the attention of passersby, especially with the matching white one for the bride. There’s a tank for every member of your squad.


5 DIY Bachelorette Party Shirt Ideas

Diy Iron On Bachelorette Drinking Team Tank Tops

Whether it’s the job of the bride, maid of honor or the bridesmaids, these DIY bachelorette party shirts are so easy to make, and cheaper than buying them too.

Diy Bleach Shirts

If you thought bleach was just for cleaning, think again. It can be used to create some amazing pieces of clothing, like these bridal squad ones for a bachelorette party.

Diy Bachelorette Party Swag with Cricut EasyPress2

This tutorial doesn’t just explain how to create amazing t-shirts at home, but it also explains how to make some incredible bachelorette themed items too, such as tote bags and beer sleeves.

Diy Bride Tribe Iron On Tank Tops

Deciding on matching bachelorette party shirts for your bridal party can cost a pretty penny, but not if you follow this DIY tutorial and have a go at making them yourself.

Diy Mrs T-shirt

Often, simple is best. That’s why this DIY glittery “Mrs” tee is great for the bride. She’ll be the center of attention on the night and enjoy celebrating her upcoming marriage.

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