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31 ROFL-worthy Bachelorette Party Ideas – Best Games and Gifts of 2020

A bachelorette party is designed to be fun, a great way to send off the bride before she becomes a married woman. This list is filled with the most unique (and funny) games and gifts, as well as perfect bachelorette party ideas which will make her so grateful for her friends. Every idea in this collection is designed to give her a good time; you might even say they’re ROFL-Worthy.

Hilarious bachelorette party ideas. The best gifts and games.

Drinking Buddies Cocktail/Wine Glass Markers

Not all bachelorettes want to visit a “male entertainer” but that doesn’t mean you all have to miss out. These hunky drinks markers will definitely make her night.


Unique Bride Tribe Sashes Pack

Every bachelorette party needs sashes. Go against the norm with this pack, available in four colorways and in packs of 7, 12 or 18 depending on the size of the bridal party.


Bachelorette Party Wine Label Pack

While it’s important that the bride to be celebrates her last night of freedom, these wine labels also remind her of what she’s getting herself into as she enters married life.


Bachelorette Party Bride Squad Fanny Packs

Dance the night away without worrying about a handbag. This fanny pack is perfect for the bridal party to put all their bachelorette supplies in while staying hands free.

Prices Vary

Malibu Moments Bachelorette Party Decorations Kit

Set the party atmosphere with this party decorations kit. It comes with a bridal sash, balloons and banners which can be used at home or even taken to the club!


Plastic Chambongs Champagne Shooter Drinkware

Get into the party mood by bringing out these champagne shooters. Fill with your favorite fizz and get drinking; they’re ideal for getting drunk in a classy way.


Fifty Shades of Chicken: A Parody in a Cookbook

Not every bachelorette party needs to be in a club; a simple night in with the girls is also good. Use this parody cookbook to make some deliciously dirty chicken dishes.

Prices Vary

Rose Gold Bachelorette Party Bride Tribe Cups

The last thing the bridal party wants to do the morning after the night before is wash up. That’s why these 16oz decorated plastic cups are perfect.

Prices Vary

Bachelorette Party Flash Tattoos

Stop the bridal party doing something they’ll regret by using these temporary tattoos before they go out; the tattoos will also make a cute accessory for any outfit.


Cheers Bitches Beer Can Sleeves

Even a 12 pack can be decorated for a bridal party. With a special sleeve for the bride and pink ones for her bridesmaid, these sleeves will keep any drink cold.


Personalized Future Mrs Socks

Gift the bride these personalized socks and she won’t get tired of wearing them. They’ll be perfect for her to pull out on her honeymoon as well as every anniversary.


Inflatable Banana Ring Toss Game

Watch the bridal party fall over laughing as they try and toss rings over an inflatable banana while they’re slightly intoxicated; it’s a genius bachelorette party idea.


Rose Gold Bride to Be Sash

This beautiful bridal sash is decorated with a floral pattern which is sure to show off her feminine side, with the rose gold lettering making it look more expensive than it is.


Personalized Panties

These personalized panties will finish off her bachelorette party outfit. Add her future husband’s face to them or maybe even her favorite celebrity. They’re sure to make her smile.


Personalized Sleep Mask

Before the big day, it’s important that every bride gets enough beauty sleep. This personalized sleep mask will ensure she gets all the sleep she needs to wake up refreshed and ready.


Bride to be Decoration Set for Bachelorette Party

No bride to be is complete without wearing a bridal sash and a veil at her bachelorette party. She wouldn’t want to get mistaken for one of her bridesmaids, would she?



Get this game out when the men and kids aren’t around and a bottle of wine (or two) has been drunk. It’s a game every group of female friends should have.


Future Mrs Gift Set

Every bride needs some beautiful new jewelry to wear on her wedding day. These stunning sets will make a lovely gift from one of her bridal party.


Final Fiesta Banner and Glittery Cactus Man Garland

This gold glittery banner and garland set is perfect for a Mexican themed bachelorette party. Celebrate her “Final Fiesta” with cacti and nearly naked men wearing sombreros.


Bride To Be Tote Bag

Not only will the bride be able to put all her essentials in this tote bag for her wedding day, but it’s also perfect for her honeymoon, too.


Kate Aspen Classic Wedding Survival Kit

It’s guaranteed that a bride will forget something on her wedding day. This polka dot wedding survival kit contains all the necessary supplies she’ll need to get hitched without a hitch.


Bride Makeup Bag

Being a bride only lasts for one day, but she can remember how she felt getting ready on the morning of her wedding with this makeup bag.


Bride Towel

If the bridal party are lucky enough to be whisked off somewhere for the bachelorette party, this bride beach towel is a must for the lady they’re celebrating.


Personalized Champagne Flutes

With these personalized stemless champagne flutes, every member of the party will know whose drink is whose; and they’d make excellent party favors after the drinking is done.


Bachelorette Party Photo Booth Props

Taking photos is a must at any bachelorette party. This 72 piece set of photo booth props will make the whole experience more fun and it’ll be hilarious looking back at them.


Plastic Beaded Bridal Shot Glasses Necklaces

Is there a better accessory for a bridal party than a shot glass necklace? This set has 5 pink ones for the bridal party and 1 white one for the bride.


Final Fiesta Bachelorette Party Cups

Personalize these cups with the bride’s name and her colors of choice and pass these around at the bachelorette party. They also make great favors for the members of the bridal brigade.


Rose Gold Pink Bachelorette Party Decorations Kit

No bridal shower is complete without the right supplies. This kit contains a bride sash, a tiara, temporary tattoos, veil and a bachelorette banner; everything she needs to have a great party.


Bachelorette Dare Card Party Game

Take the fun up a notch with this dare game. It comes with 20 scratch-off cards, each with a fun dare, which every girl in the bridal party can join in with.


Bride To Be Wedding & Anniversary Countdown Table Block

Once she’s booked the date, she’ll be counting down the days. This table block will let her know how long is left and how long it’s been since she said I Do.

Prices Vary

7 DIY Bachelorette Party Ideas

Diy Confetti Poppers

Don’t rely on the stores for bachelorette party ideas. Instead, use this tutorial and have a go at making these DIY party poppers, perfect for adding a personal touch.

Diy Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktail

Have a drink waiting for the bride when she arrives at the party destination. These cotton candy champagne cocktails not only look sweet but taste absolutely delicious.

Diy Bachelorette Party Headbands

Grab some supplies from the craft store and get making these DIY bachelorette headbands; one for each of the bridesmaids and a special one for the bride.

Diy Bridal Sash

If finding the right decorations isn’t possible in a store, have a go at making this bridal sash. Don’t stop there though; make one for each member of the bridal party.

How to Make Strawberry Margarita Jello Shots

Jell-O shots are a must have for any party, but these strawberry margarita ones are delicious. They’re even set in a strawberry so there’s no washing up involved!

Diy Lipstick Pinata

Pinata’s are so much fun but the traditional multi-colored horse isn’t great for a bachelorette party. Use this tutorial and make this lipstick themed one from scratch.

Diy Hen Party Decorations

Tissue paper garlands add the finishing touch to party decorations and it’s no different for a bachelorette party. Have a go at making some with this tutorial, and save some pennies.

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