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38 Bachelorette Shirt Ideas for Your Bride Squad

A bachelorette party is a rite of passage; something an engaged woman has to do with her closest girlfriends before they send her off into married life. Every detail of this celebration is planned…but what about some incredible bachelorette party shirts? If this isn’t something you’ve thought of, take a look at the various tees, […]

33 Epic Bachelorette Party Favors You Can Only Get Online

Show your friends and bridesmaids how much you appreciate them with these unique bachelorette party favors. Not only are they epic but you can only buy them online, meaning a lot of them are customizable or can be personalized to suit you.

28 BAWSE Bachelorette Decorations for the Best Party Ever

When choosing bachelorette party decorations, it can be difficult to find ones which fit the theme. This list is filled with banners, balloons and bride to be crowns which will definitely fit any color scheme. By choosing the right decorations, the woman of the hour is sure to have the best party ever.

21 Hilarious DIY Bachelorette Party Games for All Your Girls

From a Drop Your Panties game to carving a cucumber into a phallic shape, this list has some of the most fun and hilarious bachelorette party games around. Whichever one you play, it’s guaranteed to have all your girls rolling around with laughter and celebrating your journey to becoming a wife.

25 Unique Bachelorette Party Gift Ideas (That Are NOT Raunchy)

When one of your good friends is getting married, buying bachelorette party gifts is high on the agenda. However, not every bride wants those typical raunchy gifts! Choose from the thoughtful items on this list; they’re perfect for any woman who is about to get married.