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35 Legendary 20th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him and Her

20 years of marriage is no mean feat. You’ve both put in a lot of time, effort, and copious amounts of love to make it work, and that deserves to be celebrated. Choose the perfect 20th wedding anniversary gift by using this list as inspiration, and they’ll fall even more in love with you for it.

Show them that you’re as in love with them today as you were 20 years ago with the 20th anniversary gifts inside this list.

Intersection of Love Photo Print

The moment when you first met is an important one, especially when you’ve been together for 20 years, so why not personalize this print to have your names on, as well as the year you met? You can also choose the frame to match the anniversary you’ve reached, making it a perfect gift for your double-decade.

Prices vary

Custom Personalized Star Constellation Map

Stargazing is one of the most romantic things to do with your partner, but those pesky clouds mean it’s not always possible. However, with this personalized constellation star map, you’ll always be able to see what the stars looked like on an important night in your lives.

Prices Vary

Map of Our Hearts

Before you met your spouse, you were from different places and doing different things. Celebrate the place you came from before your love took you to where you are today, with this adorable personalized Map of Our Hearts print – perfect if you’re looking for 20th anniversary gifts.


Personalized Anniversary Pushpin World Map

There are so many adventures which can be had in 20 years. You might have a lot of photos to commemorate these trips, but this world map can show you exactly where you’ve been, or where you still want to go, by using the pushpins included.


Personalized Tree Throw

You can’t have a cozy night in without a blanket to snuggle under. Instead of buying a simple one from the store, why not go for this personalized one instead? Featuring a tree with your initials carved into the trunk, you can choose from three seasons to represent the weather when you met.


I Love You Necklace 120 Languages Inscribed

Sometimes, three simple words aren’t enough to express how you really feel about someone. Give your wife this necklace on your 20th wedding anniversary and show her that your love is just as strong in 120 languages. She’ll also receive a mini magnifying glass as well, so she can take a closer look at the words.


Anniversary Serving Tray

Bring your loved one breakfast in bed on this mango wood serving tray. Take a closer look at the tree trunks printed on the top and you’ll see your initials carved onto one, as a nostalgic nod to your early dating days. It’ll definitely add more romance to breakfast in bed.


Spirit Candles

They might not be impressed with this white pillar candle at first glance, but all they need to do is light it. As the wax begins to melt, the beautiful hidden bronze figure inside is slowly revealed, and once the whole candle has been burned away, the statues will make brilliant ornaments.


Stars Align Personalized Wind Sculpture

Hang this gorgeous spiral sculpture on your porch or in a window and watch it spin and twirl with the slightest breeze. As well as the moon and star shapes, you can add your names on, as well as a memorable date in your relationship, making it a perfect anniversary gift.


20 Years, We Still Do Custom Anniversary Ice Cream Spoons

Whether they decide to display these or use them to share a sundae, these engraved spoons make great 20th anniversary gifts. Being in love after two decades is something which needs to be celebrated, and that is exactly what these spoons do, telling the whole world that the happy couple would still choose each other.


Anniversary Willow Tree Hand-painted Sculpted Figure

Willow Tree figures are stunningly simple, but they show relationships between people really well. This one depicts the bond between a man and a woman, who are totally in love and locked in a forever embrace. Every happily married couple needs this figure in their home, to remind them of their own forever love.


Printable Back in 1998 Sign

This instant download print is the perfect gift to get for a couple who are celebrating their china (or platinum) wedding anniversary in 2018. In a chalkboard design, it displays everything you should know about the world in 1998, the year they cemented their love and said “I Do”.


Personalized 20th Wedding Anniversary Plate Gift

This beautiful decorative plate is made from wood so it can easily be engraved with the happy couple’s names and the date they tied the knot. It has a 12” diameter and comes with a free plate stand so it can be put on display as soon as it’s received.


Personalized Framed Burlap Wall Hanging

So many things can be achieved in 20 years of marriage, and building a family is possibly the thing you’re most proud of. Celebrate the happy home you created through your love with this personalized framed gift which will take pride of place above your mantelpiece.

Prices vary

20th Anniversary Christmas Ornament

Decorating your Christmas tree is one of the best family activities of the year. Make this year extra special with this ornament to mark the year that you reached your china anniversary, and whenever you get out this porcelain decoration, you’ll smile and remember your special day.

Prices Vary

The Personalized Anniversary Journal

As the years go by, you make loads of memories with the one you chose to spend your life with. Some of those memories can get forgotten or overshadowed, but not with this personalized anniversary journal where you can record memories from every anniversary, as well as photos from those days too.

Prices vary

Personalized Bone China Commemorative Plate

If you know a couple who have their 20th wedding anniversary coming up, you’ll want to get them a special present. This decorative plate can be personalized with their names as well as a personal message from you, and the date their special anniversary fell on.


20th Anniversary Gift Custom Cutting Board

There is nothing nicer than a unique gift as it shows that you’ve put a little bit more thought into it. Because this board is made of wood, the structure is unique to each one, and as you can add names and that special date, no one else around the world will have one like it.

Prices vary

20th Anniversary You Are My Rock Gift Idea

Your other half, whether they’re your wife or husband, will have been there for you through thick and thin and have remained true to those vows you took 20 years ago. This solid metal rock will be a great representation of how much you value your relationship.

Prices Vary

Unique 20th Wedding Anniversary Memory Book

Fill in this beautifully color illustrated journal using the prompts inside and you’ll have a completely unique 20th anniversary gift. It’ll be one of a kind, just like your relationship, and will be a lovely keepsake for you to store and show your grandchildren one day.


What I Love About You by Me Book

There are many reasons why we love our other half, and the smaller ones often get forgotten. This book is the perfect way for you to express everything you love about your spouse, as each page has a different prompt so you won’t forget any details.


The Metal Foundry 20th China Wedding Anniversary Sundial

Our ancestors used sundials to tell the time before we invented clocks – this one is timeless, just like your relationship. It’ll make a beautiful addition to your home, whether you keep it indoors on your mantelpiece or in your garden where you could use it to gauge what time of day it is.

Prices Vary

Foundations Love Mini Angel Stone Resin Figurine

You might feel that your spouse is your guardian angel, there whenever you need someone to turn to. This mini stone resin figurine would be a perfect small reminder that you should never take them for granted, and that their love means more to you than anything.

Prices Vary

20th Anniversary Personalized Couple Sound Wave Art

Whether you simply say “I love you” or you have a special phrase or nickname you say to each other, with this awesome framed gift you could turn that into unique sound waves. You can even choose the colors for the wave to appear in, and the font your special message is typed in.

Prices vary

Custom Wooden Clock with Monogram

Once you’ve reached 20 years of wedded bliss, you can be sure that your relationship will stand the test of time. Take a look at this personalized clock which you can add your family name to, as well as the date of your wedding day; at least this way you’ll never forget it!


Journey of True Love Serving Bowl

Not only will this serving bowl make a great wedding anniversary gift, but you can also bring it out at your dinner parties and show it off to your guests. This hand thrown design is glazed so it has a wonderful shine to it and around the rim, there’s a beautiful poetic saying.


Love is Pillow

Love is a funny thing. It feels different for everybody but no one’s life is complete without it. Add this soft pillow to your sofa or bed and remind yourself of how lucky you are to have found love with that one special person with whom you’re spending your life.


20th Wedding Anniversary Christmas Ornament

Every family has those special decorations which they’ve collected over the years, slowly getting rid of the generic plain baubles. Add a new one to your collection with this beautiful 20th anniversary one so you’ll be reminded of your love when you decorate the tree every Christmas.

Prices Vary

Promise Willow Tree Hand-painted Sculpted Figure

Willow Tree gifts are beautiful and every home should have one. They seem to depict relationships between people so well, and Promise is no different. Reminiscent of a couple’s first dance together as husband and wife, this gentle figurine is perfect as an anniversary gift.


20th Wedding Anniversary Wall Plaque

20 years of marriage sounds like a long time, and it takes a lot of work for a marriage to last that long. This wall plaque outlines the months, weeks, days and hours of time, patience, and love that you’ve put into your marriage to reach this milestone anniversary.

Prices Vary

1998 Silver US Half Dollar Coin Ring JFK Kennedy

On this day 20 years ago, you exchanged rings which you’re still wearing today. 2 decades later, and now you can get your husband another ring which has been made from a US Kennedy Half Dollar coin which was minted in 1998, the year you got married.

Prices vary

Engraved Wooden Cutting Board

There are a lot of options with this cutting board so you can make it truly your own. Choose the size as well as the wood it’s made from so you know your other half will love it, then add the details of your special day and you’ve got a truly unique anniversary present.

Prices vary

Personalized Constellation of Love

You fell in love under the beautiful night sky so this framed constellation print will make the perfect present for your other half on your anniversary. You’ll forever be able to remember how the stars looked on the night your life changed for the better.

Prices vary

20th Anniversary Gift Necklace

It’s strange to imagine life without your other half, isn’t it? And if you think about it, every decision you ever made led you to her, and that’s what this necklace celebrates. With two interlocking circles representing your everlasting love, it’s a perfect 20th anniversary present.


3 Cute Diy Anniversary Gifts

Diy Spooning Since…Anniversary Gift

Cuddling up with your partner at the end of a long day is the best feeling in the world. Whether you choose to make this for an anniversary present or just because you want to show them how much they mean to you, it’s a cute idea and so easy to do.

Diy Together Since T-Shirts

Perfect for all married couples, these matching t-shirts will show everyone how long you’ve been married. It won’t cost you a lot of money either, because you do it all yourself so you’ll be able to make them even if you’re a bit short on cash.

Diy Marquee Sign

You can’t let a milestone anniversary like your 20th go by without celebrating with your friends and family. Have a go at making this DIY marquee sign for the venue of your party, and because it lights up, it’s perfect for both day and night time celebrations.

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