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15 Adorable Valentine Shirts for Everyone (+ DIY Ideas)

Valentine shirts are for everyone, not just love-struck couples and die-hard romantics. From a subtle whimsical animal print to a big and beautiful glittery heart, and even a tee which is perfect for a single dog-loving girl on ‘Galentine’s’ Day, there are more than enough adorable options here for you to choose from, and if what you really love is a spot of DIY, there are some cracking ideas for you to create your own, too.

Cute and lovey-dovey Valentine shirt ideas.

Hedgehugs Valentine T-Shirt

Even millions of prickly spikes can’t keep the two loved-up hedgehogs on the front of this fun and funky tee apart, proving that nothing can get in the way of true love.


Anti Valentines Day Shirts

If you’ve ever wanted to write your own message on a Conversation Heart, now is the time to do it, because this t-shirt comes with a heart just waiting to be personalized.


You Octopi My Heart Shirt

With a sweet play on words, this Valentine shirt is subtle enough to be worn all year round and will make a lovely gift for anyone who loves these 8 tentacled sea creatures.


Mommy and Me Heart Shirts

If there are two or more ladies in your life, you can have them both match in the sweetest way possible with these stunning tees which display a big, glittery heart.


Mama's Valentine Sweatshirt

If a little person holds the biggest piece of her heart, this adorable sweater comes in a variety of color combinations and tells the world that their heart belongs to their mama.


Would You Be Mine, Could You Be Mine Shirt

Sporting the iconic Conversation Heart on the front, this kids’ raglan tee asks the question ‘Would you be mine, could you be mine?’ to which the answer will be a resounding ‘yes!’


Gnomes Valentine Shirt

This Valentine shirt is definitely a case of gnome sweet gnome, as three little elfin figures decorate the front, in a stylish red, pink, black, and white heart-shaped design.


Loads of Love Plaid Valentine Truck Shirt

Give her a wagon load of love this Valentine’s Day with this fun raglan shirt, which features a plaid-covered truck which is spilling over with big juicy hearts.


Love Heart Sweatshirt

Simple but effective, this sweatshirt features a sweet heart on each elbow, and the word ‘love’ across the left hand side which can also be printed in red glitter.


Llama Love You Forever Shirt

Few animals bring about a smile like the llama, which is why this pretty pink t-shirt is such a great fit for Valentine’s Day – it will turn even the biggest frown upside down.


I Love You Slow Much Sloth Valentine Shirt

If you love someone lots and sloths, this shirt will make an adorable Valentine gift, and as it’s available in 6 stunning colors, there’s bound to be one to suit your girl.


Bee Mine Valentine Shirt

We all know how important bees are to the planet, but the one on this vibrant red tee is essential on Valentine’s Day for no reason other than it’s so cute!


My Dog Is My Valentine Shirt

Valentine’s Day needn’t be a sombre affair for a single girl this year especially if she’s Mom to a furry four legged child, in which case she’ll wear this shirt with pride.


Lovers Gonna Love Long Sleeve Shirt

There’s no room for hate in the world, and February 14th is the perfect time to turn the old saying ‘haters gonna hate’ into a positive, loving alternative.


XOXO Y'all Shirt

Available in an astounding array of colors, this Valentine’s shirt offers hugs and kisses to everyone, and will spread the love on Valentine’s Day and every day.


5 Diy Valentine Shirt Ideas

Heart Cut-out Valentine Shirt

A fun way to upcycle two old t-shirts, this tutorial shows you how to create one stunning shirt with a cut out heart which allows the tee below to peep through.

Mr. Steal Your Heart Shirt

Take one raglan shirt and turn it into a sweet little top for the little heartbreaker in the family using a Cricut machine, transfer vinyls, and an iron to adhere the lettering.

Love Bites Shirt

Sink your teeth into making this super cool Valentine’s shirt for any little man who prefers their holiday clothing a little less ‘love-y’, using freezer paper, fabric paint, and a simple plain tee.

Shot Through the Heart Stenciled Valentine Shirt

This tutorial comes with a free printable stencil which can be used to paint this fabulous and not-too-icky design onto a child’s (or adult’s) t-shirt for a great Valentine’s shirt idea.

Permanent Maker Heart Shirt

This t-shirt is SO simple to do, and can be customized to include whichever colors are your child’s favorites – you could even get the kids involved in decorating their own.

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