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15 Adorable Valentine Shirts for Everyone (+ DIY Ideas)

Valentine shirts are for everyone, not just love-struck couples and die-hard romantics. From a subtle whimsical animal print to a big and beautiful glittery heart, and even a tee which is perfect for a single dog-loving girl on ‘Galentine’s’ Day, there are more than enough adorable Valentines shirt ideas here for you to choose from, and if what you really love is a spot of DIY, there are some cracking ideas for you to create your own, too.


He’ll be breaking everybody else’s hearts but yours when he’s wearing this cute t-shirt. Available with black or red raglan sleeves, this shirt features a large red heart across the front, with the word ‘Breaker’ running right through the middle. Tee comes in sizes up to age 10/12.

Let everyone know that your little boy is a smooth operator by kitting him out in this sweet Valentine shirt. Short sleeves or long are available, but both styles have a large graphic on the front that names him as ‘Mr Steal Your Heart’, along with a tiny red heart.

She can play her cards close to your chest this February with this striking card-themed shirt. Made from cotton or a cotton/polyester mix, this Queen of Hearts tee features a large playing card on the front, with her Majesty sporting a pair of cool shades and holding a mobile phone.

This is a shirt we could all relate to, because who needs love when you can have sleep, right? With sizes to fit babies (onesies) up to adult 2XL, it’s a great tee for kids, or adults who are single and want to steer away from all the hearts and flowers.

The ideal top for teachers, this tee comes in a huge range of colors, and is printed with the alphabet on the front. However, this is no ordinary alphabet, because the ‘I’ and the ‘U’ are highlighted in red, while the ‘O’ has been swapped with a vibrant red heart.

Nothing says love and friendship like the relationship between Snoopy and Woodstock. This cute shirt needs no words, just the graphics which show the black and white beagle hugging his best feathered friend and sidekick. There are five colors to choose from, in men’s, women’s, and youths’ fits.

Star Wars fans will adore this fun t-shirt that comes in men’s, women’s and youth’s sizes. With a jubilant looking Chewbacca on the front holding a heart aloft, the graphics also include the adorable phrase ‘I Chews You’, making it an ideal gift for your other half.

While love is a universal language, there are many ways to say it. This cotton top bears a large heart outline in white on the front, with the four letters of the word ‘Love’ represented by the symbols used in American Sign Language. For kids size 4 up to adults 3XL.

The ideal shirt for a single guy or gal, this soft and cozy shirt declares their love for their choice of ‘partner’ in attractive white print. With more than 20 colors available, it’s the perfect tee to wear for a romantic coffee date for one, because singles deserve love, too!

Perfect for Valentine’s Day but also as a funny t-shirt for anyone who is a fan of this hip hop dance move, this tee can be ordered in 10 different colors. With a plain background, the shirt features a giant heart wearing shades, and performing the move known universally as ‘The Dab’.

If they love romance as much as they love Star Wars, this adorable Valentine shirt will make an awesome gift. With five gorgeous colors to choose from, this tee features everyone’s favorite Jedi Master on the front, with a funny movie-themed pun to go with him.

Let’s face it, if Darth Vader tells you to do something, you do it! And on the front of this t-shirt he is announcing that he is your Valentine! It does seem as though old Darth has a soft side, though, as his eyes have taken on the shape of two hearts.

How utterly adorable are these t-shirts for Valentine’s Day and beyond? With the little ones’ shirts or onesies saying ‘Love you Mama’ with red plaid hearts underneath, the adult’s version states ‘Love you more’ in exactly the same font and adorned by identical hearts.

Romance isn’t a new concept – it’s been around since the Cretaceous period, as this dinosaur t-shirt shows. Holding a big red heart in his teeny tiny arms, the silhouetted T-Rex is printed onto a red and gray raglan shirt, and also features his famous cry of ‘Rawr’.

It’s a little known fact that dinosaurs were romantic creatures, and the mighty T-Rex was the biggest Casanova of all! Captured on the front of this black, blue, or gray tee, this dino is wearing a pair of awesomely cool shades, holding a heart and announcing his intentions.

If you’re looking for a Valentine shirt that’s not as obviously ‘Valentine’, this patchwork one is for you. Plain and simple, this gray tee features 3 large hearts on the front, in red buffalo plaid, black buffalo plaid, and leopard print, for the coolest mix of colors and designs.

Mexican food is the perfect nosh for a romantic evening, and what better place to wear this funny t-shirt than a Mexican restaurant? Choose your favorite color, and then watch the smiles as people read the pun on the front, complete with sombrero and trademark ‘tash.

Be subtly romantic this year with a shirt that has a distinctly Celtic vibe. There’s a wide selection of colors to choose from, but each one comes with a black or white heart, intertwined with an infinity sign on the front. Sizes also range from newborn to adult 3XL.

10 Diy Valentine Shirt Ideas

Put your Silhouette to work by making this amazing Heartstopper t-shirt for the kids and adults alike this Valentine’s Day. This tutorial uses flocked t-shirt vinyl for a fuzzy, soft look, but you can use any kind of iron-on vinyl you like.

Loads of fun to do and super impressive to wear, this tee can be made using the wording shown in this example, or any wording you choose. The freezer paper makes a great stencil, and you can select any spray paint color that will really stand out against the background.

Put the Cricut machine to good use and create this sweet arrows design for your family’s Valentine shirts. Simple, clean, and funky, this design has a totally up to date vibe, and looks great in a simple black or white, although you could use any color to suit your chosen shirts.

Rather than wear your heart on your sleeve, how about wearing it on your chest, instead? This easy project shows you how to create the word (or shape) of your choice using a simple crochet or braiding technique, and then sew it onto your tee for a fabulous stand-out design.

Design and make your own Valentine’s Day wear by following the steps in this simple guide. Use a plain white tee for maximum contrast, and then get to work making random or spaced-out circles and hearts all over the front – the foam ‘spouncers’ make the circles super easy.

If they want to join in the February fun but don’t want anything too love-y, this pirate skull tee is perfect. You can use any kind of t-shirt, although the raglan sleeves add a really casual feel, and then layer the heat transfer vinyl shapes to create the heart-shaped eye-patched skull design.

Sometimes the simplest of designs are the most effective, as this cute t-shirt shows. You can use a Cricut machine, make a stencil from freezer paper and use fabric paint, or hand-cut the heart from heat transfer vinyl, but whoever way you choose, this tee will look adorable.

Jazz up a plain top with sequins in this deceptively easy DIY guide, and you will be able to shimmer your way through the season. Using iron-on transfer paper, you can create a heart as big or as small as you like, and then iron it straight on to the fabric.

If you want to make a shirt that’s unashamedly romantic, have a go at this cute ruffled heart design. Made entirely from old t-shirts, you can create this fabulously decadent heart in varying shades of pink and red, and attach it to the tee for a wonderful 3D effect.

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