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38 Unusual Christmas Gifts All Freaky Dogs (And Owners) Will Love

Our pets become fully fledged members of our family, so they shouldn’t miss out during the holidays. Spoil your pooch this year with some Christmas gifts for dogs chosen from this list. We’ve scoured the Internet to find you the top picks which are available at the moment, and neither you or your dog will be disappointed.


Texsens Innovative Traveler Bubble Backpack

Perfect for small dogs, this backpack style carrier means you’ll be able to take your dog anywhere without anyone telling you no. The semi-sphere window will allow your pooch to admire the world as it goes by and shows everyone else what precious cargo you’re carrying. Also, the adjustable padded straps are super comfortable.


Dog Mom Racerback Tank Top

A lot of us think of our pets as our furry babies. If dogs are your pet of choice, this tank top will be the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Let the world know that you’re proud to be a dog mom and that you’d protect your pooches as you would your human babies.


Poochable Travel Dog Bottle

When you’re out and about with your dog, finding somewhere for them to eat and drink isn’t the easiest task. Solve that problem by popping this 2 in 1 travel water bottle into your bag. As well as giving your pet access to water, you can also put some food into it as well.


Sojos Crunchy Natural Dog Treats

Whether you give them treats for learning a new trick or just because you love them so much, these Sojos peanut butter and honey ones will become their new favorite. Made from premium, all-natural ingredients and shaped like little bones, you dog will get super excited whenever he sees you pull out this box.

Prices Vary

Squeaky Dog Donuts

Who said dogs can’t have donuts? Obviously they can’t have the real thing, they’re full of sugar, but that doesn’t mean they have to miss out. These soft and squeaky toys will be a great substitute so while you’re tucking into a donut, they can feel like they’re in on the action too.


HIPPIH Collapsible Pet Booster Car Seat

Just like children, dogs need to be kept safe when in a car; having them in the boot simply isn’t enough. This car carrier is absolutely perfect for smaller dogs as it has 2 support bars to keep your pooch safe while you’re out and about, and when it’s not in use, it’s easily stored away.

Prices Vary

Hand Knit Dog Ornaments

Get your fur baby involved in Christmas this year, and choose from 13 different breeds of dog to feature on your tree. Hand knitted in Peru, these adorable pooches will look amazing among the glittering baubles and the twinkling lights, and because they’re palm sized, they won’t get lost among the pine and tinsel.


Custom Painterly Pet Portraits

This would be the perfect portrait for you to put in your home to remind you of your dog forever. They become members of the family, so losing them can be just as difficult as losing a human member, but this custom painting will remind you of how they were when they were still with you.

Prices vary

Dog House With Stairs

The typical kennels that we see are pretty standard and aren’t that inviting at all, but this wooden house will soon become their favorite place to be. With stairs up to a balcony which is perfect for sunning themselves, and a front porch, your pooch will love being in the doghouse.

Prices Vary

Intertwined Canines Necklace

If you’re a dog lover, this necklace is the one for you. Two doggy shapes, in sterling silver and bronze, are intertwined to form the shape of a heart. Never again will anyone ask what you’re favorite animal is as they’ll be able to see it on your new favorite piece of jewelry.


Large Dog Blueprints

Blueprints are fascinating to read, but have you ever seen one of a dog? This unusual print would look beautiful in the home of any dog lover; you can select the breed of dog you’d like to feature on the print, and then simply choose where in your house you’d like it to go.


DoggieLawn Disposable Dog Potty

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a yard, this disposable dog potty will always give them somewhere to do their business. It’s a great way to get small puppies used to the idea of going in the garden, as well as being suitable for older dogs who can’t quite make it out of the door.


Wild About You

They say that a dog is a man’s best friend, and there’s never been a truer sentence said. Dogs will be loyal to you until the end, and this gorgeous sculpture shows that. Made in wax and then cast in bronze, it’ll look amazing on your desk or maybe your mantelpiece at home.


Picture Your Pet President

Do you think that your dog would do a good job if they were in the White House? With this custom drawing, you’ll finally be able to see what they’d look like, sat in the Oval Office addressing those very important affairs. Your pooch could even hang this in the White House when they’re finally President!

Prices vary

Daisy1993 Sports Cars Pet Bed

Give your pet somewhere special to sleep with this sports car design bed. Not only is it super soft and comfortable, but it looks really cool, too. The inside mat is easy to remove so you can clean it whenever it looks a little mucky, bringing their sports car back up to scratch.

Prices Vary

Haute Diggity Dog Starbarks Coffee Collection

If you love a cup of coffee from Starbucks every now and then, this toy would be perfect for your dog. This parody plush is from “Starbarks” and it’s their famous “Frenchie Roast”. It’s squeaky so it’ll grab their attention and it’s durable enough to withstand the rough and tumble of a dog playing.


Zen Dog Garden Sculpture

We could all do with having more Zen in our lives, and these garden statues remind us of that. This playful pair will be the perfect addition to a home with dogs, and will give you a gentle nudge daily to take a moment out of your busy schedule to relax and find your center.

Prices vary

Grab and Go Dog Dinette

You’ll always be able to offer your dog fresh water with this portable dinette. Simply fill it up before you leave the house and then quench your dog’s thirst while you’re out on your walk. Alternatively, you could fill it with some food or snacks if you’re planning to be out for a while.


Custom Pet Bowl Name

Whether you have more than one dog or you just like your pooch to feel special, these personalized dinner bowls will be the perfect thing to serve their dinner from. Available in three colors, you’ll never mix up their food bowls again so you won’t have to deal with a grumpy dog come feeding time!

Prices Vary

Petsfit Indoor Wooden Dog House with Wire Door

Perfect for both inside and in the backyard, this wooden dog house will provide your dog with warmth and shelter to sleep. It’ll let him get his forty winks away from any disturbances, and the wire door means that he shouldn’t be able to escape when you don’t want him to.


Do You Look Like Your Dog Matching Game

It’s said that an owner can start to look like it’s dog but is that true? This hilarious pairs game puts that theory to the test as you try to match the dogs to their owners based on looks. Will the theory be proved correct, or will it be a load of old dog doodie?


BINGPET Security Dog Shirt

Owning a dog can be a great deterrent for people who come to your home with the wrong intentions. Even if your dog isn’t the biggest one in the world, it doesn’t mean he can’t protect your family, and this vest labeled with the word “security” will warn any thief not to enter your house.


Musher’s Secret Pet Paw Protection Wax

A dog’s paws are put through a lot more than our feet; we have socks and shoes to protect our tootsies but dogs don’t usually wear anything. This 100% natural wax will protect their doggy paws from hot and cold surfaces as well as helping any wounds to heal with the rich Vitamin E.


Aquapaw Dog Bathing Glove

Washing your dog can be the most difficult thing you ever do, they really don’t like it. With the Aquapaw, the stress is taken away from both you and your dog. It comes with an adapter for both your shower and the garden hose, while the flow can be controlled by opening and closing your hand.

Prices vary

Etna Soft-Sided Brick Pet House & Mat

Give your pet pooch somewhere comfortable to sleep with this soft brick style house. Perfect for both indoors and outside, this cute house has a Velcro attached roof with a chimney, while the bottom cushion is super padded making it perfect for any pet you might have.


Engraved BFF Necklace Keychain

Show the world that your dog really is your best friend with this necklace and dog tag duo. Remember those best friend necklaces you’d have in high school, where you’d have one side of the heart and someone else would have the other? Well, now your dog can have the other half as his tag!

Prices Vary

Dog Diggin Designs Runway Pup Collection

Your dog can be just as fashionable as you are with this Chewy Vuiton squeaky toy. The plush exterior hides the squeaker within so to other people, it’ll look as though your dog is following the latest fashion trends, but what they’re really doing is playing with their new favorite toy.


Portable Indoor Pet House/Bed

You’ll be able to keep your dog warm and comfortable with this portable bed. It can be used inside your home or in the back yard and if you do any traveling, you can pack it up with your things. The best part is that it can be washed easily without it losing its shape.


Elevated Dog Bowls Stand

Most dogs aren’t big enough to eat at the table, but that doesn’t mean they have to eat off of the floor. This wooden elevated bowl stand is perfect for your best friend to eat their food in a dignified manner, and because there’s room for two bowls, he can have his water on there, too.

Prices Vary

Dog Bowl Water Bottle

If you take your dog on a lot of long walks, you’ll know that it’s not always easy finding fresh water. Next time you go out, put this bottle into your bag. It can be filled with up to 20oz of water, and the adjustable strap means it can be attached to almost anything.


Turdlebag Dog Waste Tote

Instead of grabbing a handful of poop bags and stuffing them into your pocket before you take your dog out on his daily walk, take this Turdlebag instead. It provides somewhere to hold your poop bags as well as having a handy pocket for your keys and wallet.


Dog Diggin Designs Credit Card Squeaky Toy

Dogs are lucky, they don’t have to worry about money and bills like we do. That’s why they can play with this credit card all day long without the threat of overdue charges. With a hidden squeaker in the middle, your doggy will soon make this his favorite toy.

Prices Vary

Fur and Flowers Dog Doormat

This doormat will be the first things visitors see when they come into your home, and it’ll definitely make them feel welcome. With the word “Hello There”, a cheery flower wreath, and an adorable puppy face looking up at them, they’ll never want to leave.


Air Kong Squeaker Extra Small Tennis Balls

All dogs love tennis balls but they always seem to disappear. Whether your dog eats them, they end up all chewed, or flung into a neighbor’s garden by accident, you can never have enough. That’s why this six pack of tennis balls comes in handy, for whenever one mysteriously vanishes.


Go Fetch Magnetic Bottle Opener

If you’re a dog lover, you’ll want your home to reflect that, down to the very last details. This magnetic bottle opener is in the shape of a dog which will not only take the cap off of your chilled bottle, but it’ll also hold it in its mouth until you put it in the trash.


Prevue Pet Products Small Pet Playpen

When you bring home a puppy, it’s a bit like having a baby. You need to teach them not to chew the furniture or pee on the floor, and this multi colored playpen will give them somewhere safe to roam while they learn how to behave when they’re in your house.


Pedigree Poem Dish Towels

Choose your favorite breed of dog to feature on this colorful dish towel and you’ll always be reminded of their best parts. With different colored dogs all over the towel as well as a poem outlining the characteristics of your chosen breed, it’ll look amazing in your kitchen.


Washable Durable Pet Tent

We’ve all seen those adorable play tipis which you can buy for children, but if your dog keeps trying to sneak into your kid’s one, you won’t need to fight them anymore. This nautical style tent is the perfect size for small pooches to curl up in and have a nap.

Prices Vary

3 Woof-worthy Diy Dog Gifts

Diy Dog Balm

We have balm for when our lips get chapped in the winter, and face cream for those broken capillaries, so why aren’t we treating our dogs the same? This DIY dog balm is just the thing their paws need after those freezing cold winter walks in the snow.

Diy Dog Leash Holder

Make somewhere to hang your dog’s leashes when they’re not being used with this tutorial. If you’re fed up with getting tangled up in his lead as you try and get your coat out, this leash holder is the perfect place to store his collars and leashes in between walks.

Diy Fleece Dog Toy Tutorial

The rope toy is one of the most recognized styles you can buy, but if you follow this tutorial, you’ll be able to make one, instead. Choose the colors which you want your dog’s new toy to be in, and it won’t matter how many times he wrecks it because you’ll be able to make another.

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