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27 Incredibly Unique (And Special) Wedding Rings Under $1,000

Getting married is an important event in anyone’s life and choosing the right ring is vital. This list has many unique and special wedding rings, all under $1000, so the perfect one can be chosen for him and her, no matter the budget.

The most unique and memorable wedding rings under 1,000 dollars.

Art Deco Ring Set

This engagement ring set has a touch of the 1920’s about it and it’s absolutely perfect if her birthday is in October or November, as these rings feature those birthstones.


Pear Cut Wedding Ring Set

If she loves sparkle, this set is the one for her. The pear shaped engagement ring and custom handcrafted wedding ring can be made in either white, yellow or rose gold.


Mountain Lake Wedding Ring

With golden mountains against a steely gray sky and silvery lake, this man’s 18k gold and sterling silver wedding ring would be perfect for a fan of J.R.R Tolkien’s work.


Whisky Barrel Wood Antler Black Ceramic Ring

There’s never been a more manly ring. The materials used to craft this ring scream masculine, from white oak whiskey barrels to fallen antlers; it’s ideal for a “man’s man”.


Meteorite and Dinosaur Bone Ring

Made from meteorite and dinosaur bone, this aerospace grade titanium wedding ring would suit a man who absolutely loves all things science; especially topics on space and paleontology.


Pear Shaped White Topaz Ring

When buying an unusual shaped engagement ring, finding wedding and eternity rings to fit is a challenge. But this set of stacking rings are a match made in heaven.


White Gold Trinity Knot Wedding Ring

The meaning behind the trinity knot is to represent the three life cycles of a woman which is what makes this unusual 14k white gold ring absolutely perfect for any special female.


Treble Clef Wedding Ring

The good thing about this ring is that it’s unisex so it can be given to any gender, especially if they’re a fan of music or are talented enough to create their own.


Elegant Leaf Floral Design Diamond Wedding Ring

Available in 5 different precious metals, from white gold to platinum, this leafy floral wedding ring will definitely stand out against the standard plain ones which most people have.


Moissanite Oval Forever Classic Engagement Ring

A classy ring for a classy woman. Choose from white, yellow or rose gold to make this solitaire ring her dream ring and one she’ll be happy to show off.


14k Gold Ring

Made from 14k gold, this diamond ring is definitely chunkier than standard ones but that’s what unique wedding rings are all about; choosing one that no one else will have.


14K Rose Gold Celtic Flower Wedding Rings Set

It’s always special when the bride and groom’s wedding rings are part of a matching set. These Celtic style rose gold ones are the perfect way to symbolize marriage.


Contemporary Wedding Band

The oxidized sterling silver in this ring has almost turned black, making the gold specks fused to the surface stand out more than they would on a plain silver background.


Chevron Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

This elegant pear shaped engagement ring will look beautiful on her finger, it almost has a chandelier feel to it which makes it look more expensive than it is.


Pear Cut Morganite Engagement Ring

It’s easy to see how well the engagement and wedding ring fit together in this set, like they were made for each other; just like the bride and groom to be!


Lace Crown Black Diamond Ring

Lace is often chosen for her wedding dress but why stop there? Incorporate this elegant golden material into her ring; it works wonderfully with the black diamonds.


Diamonds and Pearls Eternity Ring

An eternity ring is given either at the birth of their first child or on their 10 year anniversary, whichever comes first. With diamonds and pearls, this ring is unlike any other.


Big Oval Pink Morganite Engagement Ring

If her favorite color is pink, there’s no reason why she can’t have a pink engagement ring. The oval shaped morganite will catch the light exactly as a diamond would.


Stackable Ring

If she’s one of a kind, she needs a unique wedding ring to represent her. This set of three stack together perfectly, with the gold and diamonds complementing each other well.


Tree of Life Ring

In Norse mythology, the Tree of Life is a symbol of uniqueness and strength. This ring is a great way to represent how marriage changes a person for the better.


Large Gemstone Ring Set

Buy this ring set in either white, rose, or yellow gold, depending on her preferences. She’ll be a very happy lady wearing these rings on her finger.


Tungsten Diamond Ring

One of the unique things about this man’s ring is that is can be personalized with up to 25 letters, so a special message can be left on this ring forever.


Wild Crown Branch Wedding Band

If they’re into nature or just love being different, this crown shaped ring will be perfect. The solid yellow gold has been made to look like the wood from a tree branch.


Pear Shaped Double Halo Wedding Ring

She will be very impressed when the box is opened and this ring is revealed; the light catches on the stones and twinkles, just like her eyes.


Diamond Star Ring

With sparkling natural diamonds going halfway around the band, this delicate wedding ring can be made in a choice of 5 materials depending on her personal taste.



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