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50 Wedding Gift Ideas That Are Anything But Boring

Want to stand out with your wedding gift? Here is a collection of interesting wedding gifts that they’ll remember long after the big day. Be sure the bride and groom love your gift by giving them something that they’ll use and enjoy.

Don’t get them a blender! If you are looking for unique wedding gift ideas that are anything but boring, check out this awesome list.

Sealing Stamp Maker Kit

Handwritten letters may be taking a back seat to email, but the art of handwriting is just waiting to be resurrected with this sealing wax kit. Choose the bride and groom’s letter and they’ll soon be stamping those hand-written thank you notes with their very own old-fashioned monogram.


Anniversary Wine Box

There’s always something to celebrate, and an anniversary is no different. Take some time to pick out three of your favorite wines and box them up in this clever anniversary container as your wedding gift. The couple will be able to toast their love at the one, three, and five year mark.


Fake Trophy Moose

Don’t just give a gift; gift a project. This unique wall trophy hangs on your wall just like any other animal trophy would. The catch is that you have to put it together yourself! The kit comes with detailed instructions and all the materials the newlyweds need to create a new piece of wall art.


Magic Wand Remote

It’s no use trying to avoid it, the wizarding world of Harry Potter is here to stay. Give your favorite witch and wizard the power to control their TV with this programmable magic wand. With 13 functions, they can change the channel, turn up the volume, and more, magically!



This two pack of grocery bag holders may not be the most thrilling wedding gift on the list, but they are arguably the most useful. Avoid achy fingers and carry multiple bags at a time by inserting the handles into these convenient grocery bag holders.


Black Diamond Cliff Cabana

Got some extra cash you want to burn on your favorite bride and groom? Although this hanging cabana may cost a pretty penny, it is sure to provide the new lovebirds with a romantic space to snuggle up. Plus, it makes a unique camping accessory!


Mr. and Mrs. Personalized Cookie Jar

Does the bride love baking cookies? Does the groom love eating cookies? This personalized cookie jar is the perfect gift. Not only does it keep baked goods fresh, it can be completely customized with the happy couple’s name and wedding date.


60 Hour Candle

Most women love candles. Unfortunately, most men could care less. Make the bride and groom happy with this unique candle. The bride will love the natural, soft lighting and the groom is sure to love the funky, unique look. Plus, it lasts for 60 hours!


Eat, Drink & Be Married Platter

Whether the bride and groom like to entertain or you’re simply looking for a cute and clever, yet beautiful, kitchen accessory, this mariposa tray is the perfect wedding gift. Not only can it be personalized, it’s cleverly inscribed, “Eat, drink & be married.”


Irish Tradition Make-up Bell

It’s always important to bring a few traditions to a wedding, and the Irish have some really great traditions to choose from. One of the cutest is the make-up bell. In the future, when the bride and groom are arguing, they can simply ring the bell to end the quarrel.


Whisked Away Heart Whisk

The perfect gift doesn’t have to be expensive. The bride and groom aren’t likely to have seen a kitchen accessory quite like this heart whisk before. Not only will it scramble the perfect eggs, it will also look cute prominently displayed in their kitchen.


Travel Destination Maps

Every traveler needs a destination map! If the bride and groom like to visit new places, choose the US or World Traveler map. Each map can be personalized and comes with multiple flags so the happy couple can mark where they’ve been and where they’re planning to go.


Heart-Shaped Measuring Spoons

Why stop at the heart whisk when you can add heart-shaped measuring spoons to their wedding gift! Calibrated to be true to measuring standards, these cute measuring spoons come in varying heart sizes instead of the standard ovals seen on most measuring spoons.


Road Trip Cup Holder

Taking a road trip can be a lot of fun, especially for a newly married couple. Unfortunately, our electronics don’t always make it to the destination without the battery dying. Prepare the bride and groom for a successful trek across state lines with this cool power station that fits in a cup holder!


Big Bobber Floating Cooler

Treat the bride and groom to a little outdoor fun with this funky floating cooler. Whether the newlyweds love to fish or they simply love to lounge around in the pool, the Big Bobber Floating Cooler will make sure that a frosty beverage is always within arm’s reach.

Prices Vary

His Money/Her Money Ceramic Piggy Bank

Want to bring a smile to the happy couple’s faces with your gift? Not only are these cute piggy banks made of high-quality ceramic, they are cleverly inscribed. The bride and groom can store money for a rainy day or piggy banks can just be displayed on a shelf.


Custom Made Wooden Book Rack

Let the newlyweds showcase their love of literature with this unique wooden bookcase in celebration of their wedding. It lifts the books up off of a shelf and hangs them from the wall instead. Not only is it the most unique way to display books, the pins even double as bookmarks!


Shower Squids

The shower just isn’t big enough, especially when it’s full of men’s and women’s products. Reduce the clutter with these cool shower squids. Not only do they hold essential items like body wash and shampoo, you don’t even have to remove the bottle in order to use it!


The Organized Reader’s Bookstand

Staying organized can be a real challenge, especially if the newlyweds are moving into a new home. Provide them with a useful wedding gift with this book stand. Not only does it keep essential books at the ready, it can organize important documents and magazines too.


Self Adhesive Paper Art Deco Mural

Help the bride and groom decorate their new home with a unique wall sticker. It is an especially great gift for the couple who currently rents and isn’t able to paint the walls. It can easily be peeled off and discarded without damaging the walls on moving day.


Champagne Wishes Gift Basket

At a loss for what to get the bride and groom? Everyone loves a gift basket, but don’t settle for just any old gift basket. Choose the Champagne Wishes gift basket that comes with champagne or sparkling wine, Auberge Brie cheese spread, roasted almonds, and more.


Gilded Fig Vases

Vases are a dime a dozen, but these gilded fig vases are truly unique. They come in a set of three and are able to hold a small sprig of greenery or a flower. They are the perfect way to enhance a living room, kitchen, or office with a touch of class.


The Tabletop Fireplace

Whether the bride and groom like to entertain outside or you want to provide them with a little indoor pizazz, the tabletop fireplace is a great choice. Because it uses recycled liquid ethanol fuel, there is no smoke, smells, or sparks.


So Close and Pet So Far Shaker Set

Who needs a dog or a cat when you’ve got these cute salt and pepper shakers! These little guinea pigs make the perfect tabletop accessory. Plus, you can rest assured that no one else will have gotten the happy couple such a unique gift.


The World’s Lightest Carry On

Send the bride and groom off to their honeymoon with the perfect new carry on! Instead of hauling around a bag that’s heavier than the content inside it, this carry on weighs 66% less than other carry on bags of the same size!


Moscow About That? Cocktail Set

Does the happy couple like to mix their own drinks? Get them something truly unique for their wedding with this set of two traditional Moscow mule mugs. This unique set even comes with a matching mixing spoon and a shot measurer to ensure they get the taste just right.


Love Canvas

Show the newlyweds just how happy you are about their wedding with this Love Canvas. It is completely customizable. From the color scheme to the printed words and the canvas’ size, your favorite bride and groom will never find anything like it anywhere else.


Confetti Margarita Glasses

A wedding is the perfect occasion to celebrate, so celebrate by giving the newlyweds these cool confetti margarita glasses! The sturdy glass and colorful confetti design are sure to make the bride and groom feel like they’re at their favorite Mexican restaurant.


Molecule Cuisine Evolution Kit

What do you get the foodies who have everything? This amazing kit, of course! It shows you how to practice all the most popular molecular techniques seen on TV. From bubbles that pop in your mouth to frothy food foams, this kit will make dinner look like it came from a five star restaurant.

Prices Vary

Metal Fortune Cookie with Personalized Fortune

Don’t put your wishes for the bride in groom in a plain old paper card like everyone else. Turn your message into the perfect gift with this metal fortune cookie! Not only is the fortune cookie silver plated, it also contains the message of your choice.


Wedding Invitation Personalized Frame

Picture frames are a dime a dozen, but the bride and groom won’t find a picture frame quite like this one anywhere else! Customize the frame with their wedding invitation, a special poem, or other personal message to provide them with an heirloom they will treasure forever.


Custom Comic Portrait

Share a love of comics with the bride and groom? Don’t just get them any old wall portrait; wow them with a customized comic portrait! Using a picture that you supply, All Pop Art will turn it into a comic portrait that the newlyweds will surely want to prominently display in their living room.


Industrial Chandelier

Do the bride and groom prefer an industrial touch? Nothing enhances a modern space quite like this industrial chandelier. Featuring Edison-style light bulbs, this unique lighting accessory is sure to provide the perfect focal point in the kitchen or dining room.


Paw Me a Cup Tea Set in Cat

If the bride and groom love cats, and they love to drink tea, they are sure to love this unique tea set that looks just like a black cat! Not only is it fully functional, but because it’s so cute, the newlyweds will likely want to leave it out on a table to display.

Prices Vary

Hollow Book Safe

Give the bride and groom the gift of secret storage! This clever book has been hollowed out to hold small items that you want to keep away from prying eyes. Simply place it on a shelf and no one will know the secret that hides within. Plus, there are many book titles to choose from.


White Whale Mixer

Whether you’re the older brother, or it’s your older brother who is getting married, this is a great gift for the bride and groom who like to eat, drink, and be merry. This cocktail mixer is handmade using Siberian fir and lemon to give vodka drinks a unique kick.


Pewter Wedding Plate

Useful wedding gifts for the kitchen are always great, but a personalized decorative item is always a wonderful way to commemorate an important life event. This detailed pewter plate is completely customizable and will look beautiful proudly displayed in any home.


Pierced Porcelain Hurricanes

Most interior decorators will tell you that lighting is everything. Whether indoors or out, help the bride and groom set the mood with these porcelain hurricanes. Because they are pierced with small holes, they resemble the constellations in the sky when candles are lit inside.


On the Go 6-Pack Cooler

The tailgating bride and groom probably haven’t ever seen anything quite like this cooler before! From the game to the backyard and everywhere in between, this six pack cooler will make sure that those brewskis stay chilled to perfection. Plus, it’s easier to carry than traditional coolers.


All the Reasons Chalkboard

Make sure the bride and groom always remember why they married each other with this special chalkboard. It is a great way for the couple to leave sweet notes for each other every day. You can even customize it with their names and wedding date.


Wall Art Cork Holder

What to do with all those corks? If the bride and groom take pride in their wine, they aren’t likely to want to throw the corks out. Instead of keeping them in a box in a closet, provide the happy couple with a way to display all those cool corks with this wall art cork holder.


Monogram Embroidered Bath Towel Set

Looking for a practical gift, but don’t want to give a wedding gift that’s too boring? Consider this monogramed, three-piece bath towel set. Not only is the monogram customizable, but you can even pick the color of the thread used on the monogramming.


Wedding Cookie Bow Box

Not sure what to get the happy couple for their wedding day? Everyone loves cookies! After a full day of wedding festivities, the bride and groom are likely to crash in their bridal suite. Wouldn’t it be great if they had a delicious snack?


And They Loved Happily Ever After Pillowcase Set

So many wedding gifts can be personalized, but the bride and groom aren’t likely to be expecting personalized pillowcases! Their names can be customized and are included on each pillowcase along with the sweet sentiment, “… and the Loved happily ever after.”


LED Starter Kit

Built-in light fixtures with dimming capabilities are extremely popular with homeowners, but they can be every expensive to install. Let the bride and groom customize their indoor lighting to suit their needs with this cool, adjustable lighting kit that works with any standard lamp.

Prices Vary

Beach Buddies Trays

Whether they live near the beach, or they simply wish they lived near the beach, these trays are the perfect gift for beach bum brides and grooms. They depict cute sea critters, but because they are made out of iron with an enamel coating, they are tough enough to withstand any party.


Wedding Blessing Jar

For the religious couple that looks to scripture for strength, consider this hand-painted wedding blessings jar. Each hand blown jar comes with 31 inspirational quotes and sayings that will help the bride and groom focus on what’s important during tough times.

Prices Vary

Cocktail Rimming Sugar Kit

Do the bride and groom love to wow guests with unique, signature cocktails? Provide them with a way to floor future guests with this cocktail rimming kit. The kit comes with 16 artisanal colored sugars that are sure to match any cocktail the happy couple whips up.


Lazy Kitchen Tools Set

Give the bride and groom a leg up in the kitchen with this two-piece tool set from Rachael Ray. In addition to being made out of durable silicon, both the spoon and spatula have notched handles that can easily rest on the sides of cookware, preventing drippy messes.

Prices Vary

Hersheys Kiss Crystal Candy Dish

During busy days, it can be difficult to remember to give your sweetheart a kiss. Provide the bride and groom with a way to remember to shower each other with affection. Made of sturdy Godinger crystal, this accessory can be filled with kisses and placed in any room in the home.


10 DIY Wedding Gift Ideas

DIY Horseshoe Wedding Gift

Keep the tradition of giving the bride a horseshoe but make it more modern and crafty with this awesome horseshoe wedding gift idea. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate their wedding, wishing them luck, and giving them something to help decorate their new home.

His and Hers Silhouette Pillows

Here’s a very personalized way for you to help them immortalize their wedding day. Make them these his and hers silhouette pillows and they’ll each have a place to rest their head. Use their photos to make them customized, and they’ll have something to remember their love.

Pallet Wedding Gift

For the rustic couple this pallet wedding gift is a sure bet. Once you’re finished you’ll have a very artistic gift for them, and it will look great on a front porch or on a wall in their house. It’s a fun gift to make if you like working with wood, and has a great look to it.

DIY Paper Rose Wedding Bouquet

Make the bride a paper rose wedding bouquet that looks even more stunning than a bouquet made from actual flowers. This bouquet not only includes the flowers, but also has some of the green leaves to make it look even more realistic. A thoughtful gift that can even be placed in a vase.

Geometric Monogram Art

When you make them this geometric monogram art you’ll be helping them make the transition to married couple. Be sure that she’s taking his name on this one so you’re giving an appropriate gift. It’s a simple and striking design that they can showcase for years to come.

DIY Etched Bourbon Glasses

The customizable nature of these etched bourbon glasses means you can put whatever special message you want onto them. Pair this gift up with a nice bottle of bourbon and you have a stunning gift that they can enjoy bottle after bottle as the years go by together.

Mr. and Mrs. Mugs

It’s always nice to have a mug to call your very own, and with this Mr. and Mrs. mugs DIY project you’ll be giving them a nice gift that they can enjoy each morning. Whether they’re coffee or tea drinkers they’ll be all set with these cute matching mugs.

DIY Lace Wristlet

Help the bride accessorize by making her this DIY lace wristlet. It gives an added extra touch and is both elegant and attractive. Just be sure it fits with the bride’s style and you’re good to go. With just a few simple items you can make this craft quickly for a last minute gift.

DIY Wedding Ornament

When their first Christmas comes they’ll be prepared with this DIY wedding ornament. It’s a gift they’ll have to wait on because you’ll need to use one of the best pictures from their wedding day in order to make it. They’ll treasure it each Christmas season.

Kissing Couple Box Wrapping

Once you have the perfect wedding gift picked out for the happy couple you’ll want to make sure it’s wrapped to perfection. This kissing couple box wrapping is just the thing to take the right gift and make it even better. They’ll love the extra attention to detail.

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