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22 Gourmet Gift Baskets for the Happiest 2019 New Years Eve Ever

New Year’s Eve is one of those nights that we look forward to all year long! If you or someone you know enjoys the merriment of this brilliant night, pick up a selection of these wonderful gift baskets that have been filled to the brim with delicious and delightful foods and drinks.

There is no need to worry this NYE, these gift baskets will make the night (and the morning after) simply awesome.

Happy New Year Gift Basket

Sweet treats, candies and snacks are a great way to help someone in your life celebrate a new chapter in their life. They will love nothing more than waking up on the 1st of the 1st and indulging on buttered peanut crunch, sugar cookies, and so much more. What a way to start 2019!


New Year’s Gift Basket of Celebration

The New Year is a wonderful time to be grateful and thankful for many things; the people that you love being one of them. Treat them to the gift that keeps on giving by giving them one of these decadent and deluxe gift baskets that are full to the brim with wine, snacks, and gourmet foods.


Toasting to the New Year Gift Basket

At the stroke of midnight, it is time to raise your glasses in celebration of the year gone by. Buy someone the tools needed for the perfect toast and invest in this basket of goodness. Not only will they receive a bubbly bottle of Prosecco, but also cheese, crackers and even delightful chocolate chip cookies.


Louis Roederer ‘Cristal’ Brut

There is no better time of the year to pop open a bottle of champagne than the transition period between the old year and the new. When everyone in your life is singing Auld Lang Syne, ensure that they have access to this exciting bottle of premium Louis Roederer ‘Cristal’ Brut.


Table In Tuscany Italian Gift Basket

Italy is famous for its food, and if there is someone in your life that would prefer the tastes of this brilliant country as opposed to the usual festive foods, say hello to this Table in Tuscany gift basket, filled to the top with some of the most delicious flavors to come from this great place.


Healthy Gift Basket Deluxe

The words ‘healthy’ and ‘snacks’ do not often go together. If you are searching for something special to get the health conscious person that you know and love this coming New Year, all you need to do is introduce them to one of these healthy gift baskets that contain a smorgasbord of healthy, tasty and exciting goodies.


Robert Mondavi Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Fine wine is never overrated, especially when it comes in the form of a basket. With the end of the year in sight, the people that you appreciate deserve to enjoy their night in style! Supplied in a stylish basket, you will discover a bottle of Robert Mondavi Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2012, alongside decadent delights.

Prices vary

Around The World Beer Bucket

Beer really could be considered the nectar of the gods, and that is why this awesome gift will make any lager lover really happy! The cool steel bucket is home to some of the best and most exciting beers from around the world, along with sausage, cheese and other snacks, to be washed down with them.


Vintners Elite Selection

If you want to make someone feel really lucky at the stroke of midnight, this is what they need. The beautiful leather serving tray will have been prefilled with at least 2 bottles of delectable wine and a range of accompaniments such as chocolate, cheese and even more!

Prices vary

Dom Perignon With Personalized Gift Box

If you really want to push the boat out this coming New Year’s Eve, do so with this present. Not only will you be giving the loved one in your life a spectacular bottle of Dom Perignon, you will be giving it to them in a keepsake gift box complete with a personalized, engraved plaque.

Prices vary

New Year’s Gift Basket of Indulgence

There is no better time to indulge than during the festive period, which does not end after Christmas! With New Year’s still to enjoy, this gift basket of indulgence will make that night (and early morning) full of enjoyment, sparkling wine, and gourmet treats that will be enjoyed by just about everyone you are with.

Prices vary

Champagne And Confections

Luxury can be summed up in two words: chocolate and champagne! If you are looking to make someone feel special at the end of this year, treat them to this champagne chiller that has been filled with your choice of champers and a pairing of terrific truffles that will be enjoyed by any and every recipient.

Prices vary

The Royal Champagne Gift Basket

Do you want to make someone feel just like a member of the monarchy? If so, you need to invest in this royal champagne gift basket. That’s right, suitable for the Queen of England herself, this leather tote contains your selection of champagne, alongside luxury chocolate from some of the most prestigious names in the business.

Prices vary

Snack Gift Basket

The holiday season was practically made to give people an excuse to snack – we all know it. This New Year’s Eve, make sure that everyone in your life has access to the best snacks with thanks to this basket. Containing cookies, sausage, pretzel pieces and so much more, it’s definitely in good taste!


Gourmands Cheese Selection

Cheese is amazing, who can deny it? Whether you whip it out whilst watching the countdown or save it for the first morning of the year, this brilliant board contains cheddar, brie, crackers and a lot more to make the people in your life happier than ever. All wrapped up neatly in an insulated picnic cooler.

Prices vary

Orchard’s Abundance Fruit Gift Basket

Sweet treats do not always have to be unhealthy, that is a common misconception. If you know someone healthy that would enjoy sweet things at the end of their year, this collection of gourmet food is right up their alley; from fresh, crisp fruit to cheeses and dips, it won’t threaten their resolution before it has begun.


Wine Party Picnic Gift Crate

If you are throwing a party to commemorate the need for a new calendar, take a look at this. Ready to go, this stunning collection of high quality picnic style food and drink will turn any get together into a party. From wine to cheese to meat, it contains everything needed to toast the new year.


Classic Red Wine Gift Basket

Red wine is one of those things that can be used to make any and every occasion a special one. As the clock counts down to 0, use this gift basket to turn everyone’s attention away from the minute hand, and onto the delicious and gourmet snacks that accompany the included Italian red.


Snack Gift Basket

Whether you are picking it up for a friend, or stocking up for your own NYE party, this basket has the ability to satisfy everyone’s end of the year yearnings for festive foods. The awesome keepsake hamper has been stocked to the brim with only the best snacks, from trail mixes to kettle corn.


Red Wine & Dark Chocolate Gift Basket

Everybody knows that red wine and dark chocolate go together wonderfully, and this decadent duo of flavors can be achieved with this basket of goodies! Containing your choice of full bodied red wines, you will also discover a ton of treats that all contain the legendary ingredient of dark chocolate.

Prices vary

Microbrew Beer Bucket Gift Basket

We all know a beer lover, right? There is at least one person that lives for this brilliant and hoppy drink in all of our lives, and with 6 delightful microbrew beers included in this one collection of gifts, alongside the very best high quality and gourmet snacks, your beer lover will be full of New Year’s cheer.


3 Diy New Year’s Eve Gift Baskets

Diy Happy New Year Gift Basket

Not all gift baskets have to be bought, and with just a little bit of inspiration you will be able to create your own to give to friends and family this holiday season. Simply follow the link here, and you will be directed to a page brimming with inspiration and ideas.

Diy New Year’s Night In Gift Basket

Not everyone wants to go out and party on New Year’s Eve – a lot of people prefer to stay in and celebrate in the comfort of their own home. If you know somebody that is just like that, use this article to create them their own gift basket full of NYE fun and goodness.

Diy New Year’s Gift

Every single year, we celebrate the ending of the previous 12 months and the beginning of a brand new era. Make sure that everyone you love is ready to celebrate by putting together one of these fabulously inspired boxes of party essentials, to ensure that they can say goodbye to the old year with a smile.

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