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24 Most Memorable Wedding Gifts for the Mother of the Bride

Choosing wedding gifts for the mother of the bride is a double edged sword; the new son in law wants to make a good impression and her daughter wants to reassure her that their relationship isn’t going to change. Luckily, these items are memorable enough for her mom to be pleased with the presents she’s received and give the bride and groom her blessing.

Thoughtful and memorable gifts for the mother of the bride.

Wedding Hankerchief for Mom

Moms will always cry at weddings, especially the mother of the bride. Present her with this personalized handkerchief before the vows take place, ready to catch those tears.


Mother and Daughter Compact

Looking her best will be important to her which is where this compact will come in handy; she’ll be able to touch up her makeup without missing a moment of the speeches.


Frame Mother of the Bride Frame

The sacrifices a mom makes for her children often go unnoticed while they’re small. Show her some gratitude with this photo frame, designed to make her feel appreciated.


Mother of the Bride Mug

With this personalized mug, she’ll be able to drink her coffee from it on the morning of the wedding; and then swap it for something stronger later on!


Mother of the Bride Robe

Made from cotton and lace, these robes are perfect for the bridal party to get ready in. Why not get the mother of the bride a different color? She’ll stand out then.


Personalized Ring Dish

Whoever it’s from, this ring dish will show the mother of the bride just how loved and appreciated she is; there’s even a matching one for the mother of the groom.


Personalised Wedding Gift Print

If a daughter has a good relationship with her mom, she’ll always have someone by her side and fighting her corner, which is exactly what this personalized print shows.


Mother Daughter Necklace Set

Jewelry is an important finishing touch on a wedding day. With this matching set, the bride and her mother can represent their close relationship, even though the bride is getting married.


Mother of the Bride Art Print

Just because the bride is moving onto the next chapter in her life, there’s no reason why her mom should be left behind, and this artwork is a good example of that.


Mother Of The Bride Tote

Watching her daughter get married is an important part of any mother’s life. She’ll be able to show it off to everyone with this cotton canvas tote bag.


Personalised Stacked Hearts Necklace

A wedding day isn’t just special for the bride and groom, it’s memorable for the parents too. This stacked hearts necklace is a great way for her to celebrate her newfound title.


Mother of the Bride Custom Locket

When looking for gifts for the mother of the bride, jewelry is always a good option. Present her with this personalized locket which contains the date of her daughter’s wedding.


Burlap Wine Bag

She might want to indulge in a glass of wine for her sorrows; her daughter getting married is bittersweet. This burlap bag is perfect for holding a bottle of her favorite tipple.


Custom Candle Label

Candles always make great gifts, no matter the occasion. With these labels, her favorite candle will become unique and she’ll never want to throw the jar away.


Custom Wedding Handkerchief

This custom handkerchief is sure to get the tears rolling, even before the wedding has started. The meaningful words on it will tug at her heartstrings, and she’ll be the proudest mom ever.


Personalized Photo Clutch Bridal Clutch Bag

Turn any photo into a unique clutch bag for the mother of the bride to use on the big day; no one will need to ask who she is as her bag will do the talking for her.


Personalized Hand Stamped Heart Keychain

Choose any quote to be stamped onto this keychain and she’ll carry these meaningful words with her for years to come, long after her little girl has gotten married.


Custom Wedding Handkerchief

This lace trim handkerchief will become her must have item at the wedding. Not only is it useful for those tears but the words on it will mean the world to her.


All That I Am I Owe To My Mother Keepsake Box

Whether it’s a petal from the bride’s bouquet or some confetti, she’ll be able to keep small mementos of her daughter’s wedding day inside this keepsake box.


Mother of the Bride Bracelet

When a woman gets married, the hardest thing for her mom is accepting that her little girl is growing up. This bracelet will give her the reassurance she needs.


Mother of the Bride Pearl Bracelet

Having the perfect jewelry will help the mother of the bride feel her best on the big day. Give her this pearl bracelet which will finish off her outfit beautifully.


Mother of the Bride Earrings

These beautiful drop crystal earrings are sure to catch the light and make the mother of the bride feel like the diamond she is as she celebrates her daughter’s marriage.


Heart Necklace

With one necklace for the bride and one for her mom, this rose gold set will go with any outfit so they’re perfect for be worn after the wedding day.


As I Say I Do Compact Mirror

If a mother has done her best, her children will be shining examples of her. This compact mirror has a beautiful rhyme on the front, always reminding her that she’s amazing.


3 Thoughtful Wedding Gift Ideas for the Mother of the Bride

How To Make Diy Air Dry Clay Jewelry Bowls

Instead of buying gifts for the mother of the bride, these DIY clay bowls will be perfect. They can be used to hold almost anything, from jewelry to hair ties.

Diy Air Dry Clay Jewelry Bowls

These DIY bowls are made from air dry clay, meaning there’s no need for a kiln; you could engrave sweet messages into them and paint them in a rainbow of colors.

Diy: Gold-decorated Clay Jewelry Dishes

The beauty in making something at home is that every item created is unique. These gold decorated clay bowls can be personalized with the recipient in mind.


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