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37 Funny Christmas Ornaments That Deserve the Top of the Tree

Ahh Christmas, what a great time of year. Presents, food, merriment…and even decorated trees! If you are in need of some new decorations for either your own tree, or someone’s that you know, this is the place to find it; especially if they have a brilliant sense of humor.

funny christmas ornaments

Hallmark What a Great Lamp! Ornament With Light

Hallmark are ready to bring a bit of 80’s nostalgia to your Christmas in the shape of this hilarious Christmas tree decoration. Inspired by the hit film: A Christmas Story, the decoration looks just like the famous leg lamp; pull the cord and it will even light up.


Rhinos Are Just Fat Unicorns Ceramic Ornament

There are two types of people at Christmas time: those that need a perfect, beautiful tree, and those that want nothing more than a fun, exciting tree! If you know someone that would appreciate the latter, grab them this comical decoration that features a festive rhino and a hilarious message.


Kurt Adler Resin Corona Extra 6-Pack Ornament

Who wouldn’t want to wake up on Christmas morning to the sweet sight of Corona? Whoever just popped into your head, pick them up one of these awesome ornaments that look just like a 6 pack of the brilliant beer! Great to look at and full of detail.

Prices Vary

Lucky Yodelling Christmas Pickle Ornament

The Germans know how to celebrate Christmas, but did you know that they have an age old tradition of hanging a pickle on their tree and seeing who finds it first? With that in mind, check out this cool pickle decoration that has a motion sensor and will start yodeling when anyone comes near.


Funcle 2018 Gift Ornament

Made from white porcelain, this tree ornament is one that will be kept forever. Perfect for the uncle in your life, it reads ‘Funcle, like Dad only cooler 2018’. Handmade to an exceptionally high quality, it is super funny and would make a great gift this festive season!


Kurt Adler Plastic Sushi Ornaments Set

Sushi is not something that seems to appear much at Christmas, which is a real shame for the lovers of this delightful food. If you know someone that loves sushi more than anything, help them to decorate their tree the right way with this 3 pack of sushi roll ornaments by Kurt Adler.


Crooked Christmas Gingerbread Tan Ornament

Want to make the holidays a little more hilarious? This gingerbread ‘tan’ ornament is just the way to do it! Funny both on the tree and off, this cool keepsake features a gingerbread man sunbathing on a baking tray…funny and festive, it will make the comedy lover in your life happy.

Prices Vary

Design Toscano Bigfoot the Holiday Yeti

The quest to find Bigfoot is one that has been undertaken by many a person throughout history. Help someone to discover the sasquatch Santa on their very own tree with this brilliantly awesome ornament that features Bigfoot wearing a Santa hat and carrying festive lights.


Kurt Adler Noble Gems Tacos Christmas Ornament

Tacos make just about everything better, right? If you are on the lookout for the perfect present for someone in your life this holiday season, this could be it. Constructed from hand painted glass, these glittery Taco decorations are the ultimate way to showcase their love for this great food on the Christmas tree.


Midwest-CBK Yellow Outhouse with Tin Roof Ornament

Brought to us by Midwest, this outhouse is a little smaller than one might imagine. Instead of sitting inside it, it can sit on your tree this Christmas and make every visitor laugh and smile! Constructed from painted wood and a tin roof, it will look simply great sitting upon the branches.

Prices Vary

Short Stack Glass Blown Ornaments

Pancakes are a tradition during the festive months. If someone in your life is in need of a new ornament for their tree, check this out! Hand crafted, this delightfully beautiful glass blown ornament features a short stack of pancakes that can be devoured by the eyes all throughout advent.


Design Toscano Blitzer The T-Rex Holiday Ornament

Christmas has been around for as long as the Earth, even dinosaurs used to enjoy this great holiday! To prove this, you should grab one of these decorations that shows a mighty T-Rex donning a festive Santa hat. Hand painted and high quality, it is the comical collectible that will be loved forever.


Accoutrements Krampus Ornament

Some people love Christmas for the good feelings, delicious food and large men in red suits…other people love Christmas for the evil Krampus that appears every year. If someone in your family prefers evil over good, help them decorate their tree with this terrifying Krampus ornament.

Prices Vary

Jesus Christmas Ornament

Are you looking for a way to remind someone of the real meaning of Christmas? It’s Jesus’ big day. Celebrate in style with this decoration; it is a special occasion after all! With the words ‘Go Jesus! It’s your birthday!’ and an image of the big man itself, it will make the holiday period so much cooler.


Find X Funny Math Ceramic Christmas Tree Ornament

Ahh math…some people love it; some people loathe it. Whoever solved this equation definitely knows what they’re doing when it comes to numbers and shapes. Hilarious in design, this great tree decoration features an equation with a comical answer that everyone that sees it will appreciate.


Santa Riding Shark Santa Jaws Ornament

Christmas is just full of festive pun. If you know someone that has a nautical side, this is the tree ornament for them during the holidays this year. Featuring Father Christmas riding a shark, this side splitting resin ‘Santa Jaws’ is ready and waiting to make their holidays even better.

Prices Vary

TheGag Farting Reindeer Ornament

With the festive period around the corner, it is time to start shopping for some new trinkets for the tree. If the person that you are shopping for has a funny side, they need this fun farting reindeer ornament! That’s right, one squeeze of his butt cheeks and out it comes.

Prices Vary

Cape Shore Santa in Outhouse Making His List Ornament

When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go, right? Even Santa has to rush to the loo when nature comes calling. This super funny hand painted decoration shows the man himself sitting in the outhouse smoking a pipe and writing his naughty/nice list! A funny, lighthearted way to spread a little festive cheer.


Accoutrements Lederhosen Unicorn Ornament

Looking for a funny way to decorate a friend or family member’s tree? This is how to do it. Simple yet stylish, this comical ornament showcases a standing unicorn proudly wearing pink and sparkly lederhosen. It can hang on the tree or even stand of its own accord!


Toilet Paper and Poop We Go Together Ornament

Certain things go together well: peanut butter and jelly, ham and cheese…poop and toilet paper. Constructed from wood, this tree decoration showcases a cute picture of the last listed pair with the words ‘we go together like’. Perfect for your other half, but which half are you?


National Lampoon Christmas Vacation Village Cousin Eddie

Do you know someone that is a huge fan of the National Lampoon films? Brilliant. If you have been thinking about getting them a new bauble for their tree, this could definitely be the way to go. This brilliant decorative piece features cousin Eddie in the morning, and has even been hand painted.


Garden Gnomes Figurine Ornament

Elves, gnomes and a whole host of mythical creatures are associated with the great time of year that is Christmas. With that in mind, check out this cool Zen gnome that is ready to enjoy the festive period in peace and tranquility upon your tree! Take a look at what is in his beard, too.


Hallmark Nutty But Nice Sisters Squirrels Ornament

Hallmark have a way of making people feel special on those all important occasions and times of year. This Christmas, show your sister how much you love her by getting her this funny yet adorable tree decoration! Featuring two squirrels and the words ‘sisters, nutty but nice’.


Chinese Take Out Box and Fortune Cookie Ornaments

If there is someone in your life that would rather be chowing down on chow mein as opposed to turkey, these are the trinkets for their tree this holiday season. High quality and great to look at, these two ornaments look just like a Chinese takeout carton alongside a fortune cookie.

Prices Vary

Olive You I Love You Ceramic Christmas Ornament

Three words can mean so much…if you are looking for a way to tell someone just how much you love them in the funniest way possible this Christmas, this decoration is the way to do so. With a picture of an olive and a ewe, it really is pretty self explanatory.


Kurt Adler Polyresin Santa on Wine Barrel Ornament

Leave Santa cookies and milk and he’ll be happy, leave him a barrel of wine and he will be drunk. Treat the wine lover in your life to this cool knick knack that they can hang on their tree! Featuring Santa himself sitting in a wine barrel surrounded by grapes and glasses, it’s hilarious.


Funny Mom Ceramic Christmas Tree Ornament

Do you love your mom? If you and her share a special relationship and the same sense of humor, this bauble will make her Christmas brilliant. With the words ‘good moms let you lick the beaters – great moms turn them off first’; when you’ve stopped chuckling, check it out.


Grumpy Cat Mini Holiday Ornament

How funny is Grumpy Cat? Very, is the correct answer. This plush, soft and squeezable holiday ornament shows Grumpy Cat featuring a gift bow and a wonderfully lovely message that reads ‘your gift is in the litterbox’. How sweet is that? Pick it up for someone in your life now.


Tree Buddees Selfie Stick Snowman Christmas Ornament

Selfies are the way to go nowadays, there is no better way to take a picture of oneself. This classic looking snowman is using his stick arm to take the picture as opposed to a selfie stick! Hilarious and highly detailed, it will look awesome on any and every Christmas tree.


Mac and Cheese Glass Blown Ornament

Mac & cheese is that great, most people would be happy waking up to it on Christmas morning. If somebody that you know adores mac & cheese more than anything else, they will have no quarrels over looking at a glass blown bowl of the delicious stuff swinging from a branch throughout advent.


Accoutrements Bacon Ornament

Accoutrements make a lot of hilarious gag gifts, and this tree ornament is no different! Bacon really is one of the finer things in life and is loved by so many people – it’s just awesome. Give someone a piece of bacon that they can hang on their Christmas tree and watch how happy it makes them.


Accoutrements Squirrel In Underpants Ornament

What could be cooler than a golden glass squirrel swinging from a tree in its underwear? Not much really. Funny and full of charm, this awesome decorative festive piece would look awesome on your tree, or even given as a gift! It has to be seen to be fully appreciated.


Old World Christmas The Throne Ornament

Taking a seat on the throne means different things to different people, some think of a giant sparkly chair and others think of relieving themselves whilst reading a good book. If you associate the throne with the toilet, this glass blown ornament would make a great addition to a friend’s tree.


Kurt Adler Budweiser Bud Light Six-Pack Ornament

Bud Light can make a lot of things better, advent included. Hang this miniature version of a 6 pack on the lager lover in your life’s tree this festive season and watch on as they smile and beam. Apart from the size, nobody will be able to tell they’re not the real, drinkable product.


Hallmark A Christmas Story Ralphie Bunny Costume

Do you know a big fan of ‘A Christmas Story’? This treasured, cult classic of a Christmas film is a tradition of many person’s festivities. Pick them up one of these delightful and hilarious ornaments that features Ralphie Parker wearing his infamous and ridiculous pink bunny costume.


Bite Me Worm Bait Fishing Christmas Ornament

Got a fisherman friend? If they can take some time away from the lake this winter to put up a tree, help them to decorate it by buying them one of these. With the words ‘bite me’, the decoration features a worm and a fishing bobber that will proudly hang from the top branches.


Accoutrements Christmas Tree Giant Googly Eyes

With the holidays just around the corner, this pair of googly eyes will make everything a whole lot funnier. Instead of your Christmas tree looking lonely in the corner, you can bring it to life by giving it eyes and, in turn, a personality. Hilarious to look at!

Prices Vary

3 Hilarious Diy Ornaments to Gift of Keep for Yourself

Diy Bacon Ornament

Special Xmas decorations do not have to be expensive, or even shop bought. If you are on the hunt for a funny, homemade way to brighten up someone’s branches, this is the way to do it. The following page contains all of the information needed to create fun and fuzzy bacon, ready to hang.

Diy Hilarious Dog Ornaments

Funny and perfect for children, this cool Christmas project is great for those that love to craft. With a few simple materials and a little time, you will be able to create hilarious DIY dog ornaments that can be hung straight on the branches of your tree during the holidays…how cool is that?

Diy Half-Eaten Gingerbread Ornament

If gingerbread men are so delicious, why are there so many whole and untouched gingerbread ornaments hanging on trees all over America every winter? With this epic DIY guide, you will find a free pattern for sewing a simple and half eaten gingerbread man that can be hung straight onto a branch.

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