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26 Homemade Christmas Gifts for Men

Hand-making your man a gift is a great idea because it shows you care, and have taken the time to make him something special. As long as the gift you give him is something he would have bought at the store, he’s sure to love it.

These gifts all meet the man standard and even though they are homemade they are sure to bring a smile to his face.

26 Homemade Christmas Gifts for Men- that they will actually like.

Manly Man Apron

This apron features manly icons on it so your man doesn’t have to feel strange just because he’s wearing an apron. It’s a great gift for a guy that likes to do a lot of indoor DIY projects, so he doesn’t get his clothes messy.

Lucky Penny Keychain

This Lucky Penny keychain is really easy to make, and will show him just how much you think of him and how lucky he makes you feel. It is made by personalizing a penny, and then using a copper plate behind it so it looks even better.

Instant Comfort Boxes

These instant comfort boxes are sure to brighten up your guy’s day anytime he starts to feel down. They are made with match boxes, so you can make them quickly and easily, but they will be no less sentimental to him. It’s a great way to send messages throughout the day even when you’re not with him.

Link Wall Hanging

Chances are if your man likes video games he is familiar with The Legend of Zelda, and if so he will love this Link wall hanger. It is handcrafted, but easy enough to follow the instructions provided so that it turns out great. It will look fantastic in any man cave or gaming area.

Wine Cork Ornament

This wine cork ornament makes a great choice for any man that likes wine, and is in need of a Christmas gift. It is made from wine corks so it is not very expensive, other than the wine that it came from. It’s a way to upcycle the wine corks and create a unique Christmas gift at the same time.

Fabric Bottle Bag

This bottle bag can be used to house any bottle of your man’s favorite beer, wine, or spirits. Rather than just hand him a bottle, you can give him this nice decorative bag that he can reuse again and again for whatever it is he’s drinking at the time.

Paint Stick Dominos

This domino set is in a rustic style, so if he likes to play dominoes it is a sure winner. They are made using paint sticks, that you then paint black, and then paint on the requisite number of dots. They are a nice oversized shape, and it really shows that you went to some extra trouble to make these, rather than just buy a domino set.

Leather Glasses Case

Give your man a place to store his glasses with this leather glasses case. It is leather on the outside, but the inside is soft so that it doesn’t scratch the lenses.

He’ll appreciate the gesture, and think of you everytime he goes to take out his glasses or put them away.

Animal Memo Holders

These animal memo holders are painted gold and can be made to hold whatever message you want. You get to customize them according to what you want to tell your guy on a daily basis, since they make great desktop decorations. He’lI think it is very thoughtful of you.

Football Trivets

These football trivets are sure to be a big hit at the next big game. Whether that’s the Super Bowl, or one of the college championships, these work great and are best used to hold game time appetizers like a big bowl of queso dip or a steaming pot of chili.

Handmade Electric Candied Orange Soap

This bar of orange soap is pretty unique because on the outside of it it has an electric guitar. This makes a great gift for a guy that loves to play guitar, or simply likes to rock out to his favorite music. Guys might not like the idea of getting soap, but once they see that it pays tribute to rock music, he’ll change his mind.

Contrast Pocket Singlet

This shirt has a pocket that is in stark contrast to the rest of it. This makes it stand out, and shows that you went to extra trouble of making this unique for him. This let’s him wear clothes that are casual, but still look nice since you can choose which shirts to you combine here.

Shirt and Tie Money

This is a way to fold up a bill in order to look like a shirt and tie. A few different ideas: you can put this in a card if the denomination of the bill is large enough, and that would be the only gift to him. Or you could get him an actual shirt and tie and use this as a way to personalize it with maybe a single dollar or a $5 bill.

Fibonacci Scarf

This scarf resembles something that you’d buy in a store, but is totally made by you. This means he is very likely to use it on a daily basis during the cold winter months, and when he does he’ll be reminded of how much you care about him and want to make him comfortable and warm.

Paint-Dipped Golf Tees

These painted golf tees are a great idea for a guy that loves to golf. They are a way to dress up his golf game without messing up his style. One tip would be to use the colors of his alma mater so that it has some extra appeal to him. Or you could use his favorite colors, or choose a rainbow look.

The Man Bouquet

This bouquet is not made of flowers, but rather is a way to gift your man some much needed new socks. Presentation is everything, and these socks are arranged in a row, and here they put them into an NFL base. This makes it more likely that he’ll enjoy receiving it, and won’t mind that you are giving him socks.

Handmade Mountain Man Detox Soap

This handmade soap is meant to help detox your man, and has a very fitting title. The cool part about it is it is shaped like a mountain, so he’ll think it’s neat that you were able to make a bar of soap like this. Most guys are in need of a detox, so this will pay dividends for everyone involved.

Catch of the Day Pencil Holder

Here’s a pencil holder that’s great for the fisherman in your life, and will remind him of as last fishing trip, or help him anticipate his next fishing trip. It features plenty of space to hold multiple pens and pencils, and has a cute fish that can be a welcome addition to a boring workspace.

Stenciled Coffee Cup

This stenciled coffee cup is great for the coffee lover in your life, and features a funny message: Drink Now Think Later. Because it is handmade, it has an artisan look to it that he’s sure to appreciate. If he drinks coffee every morning, this is one way to be sure that he will be thinking of you every morning as well.

60 Second Cufflinks

These cufflinks are great to use as a gift if you completely forgot to give your man something and need to come up with a gift quickly. The instructions show how to make a quick cufflink set that actually looks good.

If you put a bit more time into them you can really make them seem like they are store bought.

Guy Time Tickets

Give your man his guy time with these tickets, and he’s sure to appreciate it. These can be used to designate father son time, or you can use them to give your man a free ticket to watch his favorite sporting event, or have a night out with the fellas. It’s totally creative so you can adjust it to what you know he likes, and what you are willing to cede.

Tool Roll

Here’s a tool roll that will hold all of your man’s tools that you find around the house. One great way to present this gift is to round up his loose screw drivers, wrenches, and ratchets, place them in the proper compartments of this roll and give it to him already filled up.

Homemade Cherry Bomb Soap

This Cherry Bomb soap is something that he’ll definitely like because it is made to smell like cherry flavored cigars. If your man is a cigar fan, you can whip up this soap and he’s sure to enjoy bathing with it. The great thing is it still soap, so he’ll get nice and clean, and the cherry smell is something you will enjoy as well.

Stamped Leather Tie Clip

If your man loves his tie clips, you can’t go wrong with this stamped leather tie clip that features as many letters as you want on it. You can monogram it with three of his initials, or just go with the ampersand like they’ve done here, or you can put his nickname on it if it fits.

Golf Towel

Here’s a great gift for the golfer: a golf towel. Golfers always need a golf towel to wash off their balls after they clean them. It’s also nice to have around because sooner or later something is going to get wet, or sweaty. You can make this pretty easily, but it still looks great and he’ll desperately appreciate it.

Monogrammed Metal Collar Stays

These collar stays are totally handmade by you, and you can monogram them with his initials so this is a gift he’ll use on a regular basis. Collar stays help the point of the collar stay forward and in place, so they really make him look better while he’s dressed in a shirt and tie or suit.


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