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19 Most Comfortable (And Luxurious) Bridesmaid Robes

Making sure that the bridal squad look amazing on the morning of the wedding is a priority; the photographer will be there to take photos of everyone getting ready. Check out this list of the most comfortable, yet luxurious, bridesmaids robes and ensure that everyone looks beautiful; even before their hair and makeup is done!

The most comfortable and fun bridesmaid robe ideas.

Navy Cotton Waffle Robes

Made from a cotton waffle fabric, these robes come in a variety of colors and can be personalized to have each member of the bridal squad’s name or initial on the chest.


Floral Satin Kimono Robe

Available in 11 colors, this kimono robe is perfect for a bride and her ‘maids on the morning of the wedding; the satin material and floral pattern make it look much more expensive.

Prices Vary

Savannah Collection Personalized Robe

These bridesmaids robes have a lace trim which definitely gives them a luxury feel. There’s even the option to have them embroided to make them personal to each bridal party.


Customized Robes

Perfect for small bridal parties, this set of four robes can be personalized with either names or titles. They also come in a variety of colors, complete with a floral design.


Cotton Bridesmaid Robes

Choose whether to have each member of the bridal squad matching in the same primary color, or have everyone in different colored ones with these feminine floral robes.


Magnolia Robe Collection

A lot of brides like to feel pretty for their wedding. Start the day off right with these floral satin robes, available in three colors with a white one for the bride.


Personalized Cotton Lace Bridesmaid Robes

With the option to have either initials, first names, or even titles embroided on these lacy cotton robes, they can be made truly personal to each individual.


Satin Personalised Bridal Robe

These bridal robes can be made in a variety of colors, meaning they can match any wedding color scheme, along with each person’s name and the date of the big day.


Floral Robes For Bridesmaids

In a delicate floral pattern and with a lace trim, these four robes are ideal for a wedding with a feminine feel; it’ll make the bride feel beautiful when she’s getting ready.


Blush Lace Trim Bridesmaids Robes

Sometimes simple is best. These block color robes have a lace trim which instantly makes them feel feminine without taking the attention away from the bride herself.


JOYTTON Wedding Party Satin Kimono Robes

It’s easy to get carried away with personalizing a robe; however, it can be expensive. Go for these ones with the word “bridesmaid” on the back in rhinestones.

Prices Vary

Turkuoise Turkish Cotton Knee Length Robe

When getting hair and makeup done, a lightweight robe is ideal. These Turkish cotton ones are perfect – the waffle texture is comfortable without making everyone hot and bothered.

Prices Vary

Turquaz Linen Lightweight Waffle Kimono Robe

Not only will these linen robes be perfect for the morning of the wedding, but they’ll make ideal gifts for the bridesmaids to thank them for being there on the big day.

Prices Vary

Satin Bridesmaid Robes

Make sure the bridesmaids are all matching with this set of five robes. Customize them with either an initial or a name so each person knows which one is theirs.


Zarachilable Long Kimono Robe

These long kimono style robes will offer some modesty on the morning of the wedding, while everyone is getting ready for the celebration the day will bring.


Palm Leaf Robe Bridesmaid Robe

Perfect for a beach wedding, these bridesmaid robes have a palm leaf pattern on them which gives them an instantly tropical feel. They’ll look amazing in the wedding photos.


Kimono Bridesmaid Robes

Every bridal party is unique, and these simple robes can be customized to make them personal to each person within that squad; there’s even one for the bride herself.


Lace Bridal Robe

These block color lacy bridal robes are perfect as they are but with the option to add personalized embroidery, each robe can be customized to each individual.


3 DIY Bridesmaid Robe Ideas

Diy Iron-on Robe

Save some money and have a go at making this DIY bridal robe at home. It’ll be easy to make one for each member of the bridal squad and have them matching.

How To Make A Breezy, Beautiful Kimono Robe

A lightweight robe is an essential item for every bridal squad. Instead of going out and buying some, follow the instructions in this blog post to make this kimono style one.

Diy Bridesmaid Robes

This blog post contains 9 easy steps which will turn this DIY project into something fun. It couldn’t be simpler to create beautiful bridesmaid robes at home.


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