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44 Bridesmaid Gifts They’ll Love

Your bridesmaids have your back on the most important day of your life, so it’s time to reward them with a special gift that shows how much you appreciate their services. Trust us, even if they’re your besties they’re still going to expect a great gift from you to really put the icing on top of such a wonderful day.
Let them know just how much you appreciate their help with the perfect bridesmaid gift. You've assembled your team and now it's time to show your thanks with a great gift that will commemorate your special day and the role they played in it.

Recycled Glass Tree Globes- Wishes

A stunning collection of decorative globes is perfect for the bride who wants to say so much more than thank you to her bridesmaids. Each in this collection of four handcrafted 6-inch glass globes represents peace, love, remembrance, or joy. It reminds your bridesmaids that you treasure their friendship.


Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses- Set of 4 With Bamboo tray

If your bridesmaids are little more adventurous or just appreciate the smooth taste of high-quality tequila then this may be the bridesmaid gift for you. This unique set of four shot glasses is carved from stunning pink Himalayan sea salt that helps accentuate the flavors of first-rate tequila.


Engraved Compact Mirror

Do you want something personalized for your bridesmaids? Then an engraved compact mirror might be the gift you are looking for. These engraved mirrors are a true reflection of a bridesmaid’s beauty and also thank her for her support throughout your hectic and special day.


Vintage Treasure Personalized Jewelry Box

Let a bridesmaid know how much she means to you with this beautiful vintage jewelry box that can be personalized with a custom engraving. It features a stunning beveled glass top with a lavender trim and dangling heart charm. It is ideal for tabletop display and will remind her of how much you appreciate her friendship.


Signed With Love Engrave Purse Hanger

To thank your bridesmaid while also gifting her something useful, consider giving your bridesmaid a purse hanger engraved with her name. This stylish and sturdy piece of hardware will keep her purse clean while also reminding her how much you value her support.


Engraved Ice Cream Bucket With Scoop

Everyone loves ice cream, just not when it melts. With this personalized and engraved ice cream bucket your bridesmaid’s ice cream will stay chilled on her next girls’ night in. This fun and unique gift is perfect for the young at heart bridesmaid who loves ice cream.


Framed Succulent Wall Art

Do you want to surprise and intrigue your bridesmaids? Then a framed piece of succulent wall art might be the right bridesmaid gift for your ladies. This vertical wall garden provides your bridesmaids with a gift that keeps on giving: unique wall art year round!


Sea Glass Bowls- Set of 4

Are you having a beach wedding or just want to give your bridesmaids something unique that they can actually use? Then this set of four sea glass bowls might be right for you. Made of recycled glass in the USA, the bowls feature a matte finish that will bring elegance to their next gatherings.


Sea Glass Earrings- Seafoam

Many brides give their bridesmaids beautiful pieces of jewelry as a thank you. So why give them the standard pearl earrings when you could give them something memorable? These sea glass earrings are hand cut and melted overnight in a kiln to give the glass a beautiful and natural worn look.


Ice Cream Parlor Mixing Set

If you are looking for a fun and vintage-style bridesmaid gift, this ice cream parlor mixing set is perfect! For her next girls’ night in she’ll be able to embrace her inner child and create customized flavors on a genuine marble slab that is kept cold in the freezer.


Personalized Soap Original Luxury Gift Set-Name (w/towel)

Your bridesmaids should be pampered, especially after all they did for you on your special day. What better way to say thank you than to gift them luxury soaps engraved with your personal note of appreciation? These luscious bar soaps are hand carved and perfect for even those with skin sensitivities.


Counter Balance Wine Bottle Holder- Initial

This gift is perfect for the bridesmaid who enjoys a glass of wine at the end of a long day. The solid wood design of the wine holder will not only display her favorite bottle of wine, but also amaze with its physical feat.


Silk Braided Friendship Bracelet

This grown-up take on the classic childhood friendship bracelet brings an adult elegance to your bridal party while also displaying your lasting friendship. There are 29 different colors to choose from so you can even incorporate your wedding’s colors. These unique bracelets will remind your bridesmaids of how much your friendship means to you.


Diptyque Build Your Own Candle Scent- Set of 3

Pamper your bridesmaids with a set of these personalized candles that cater to each lady’s tastes. On their next home spa day they’ll be reminded of how much you appreciate them. Choose from fruity, floral, herbal, spicy, and woody scents to create a unique trio for each of your ladies!


Birch Box 12 Month Subscription

For a gift that keeps on giving the Birch Box is the ideal gift for your bridal party. Each month your bridesmaids will be sent a box of beauty supplies to try. Give your bridesmaids the gift that will continuously pamper them for an entire year.


Embossed Leather Passport Holder

Destination weddings are always popular and often require a bridal party to carry passports. This embossed leather passport holder will tastefully protect your bridesmaids’ most important travel documents. These genuine leather passport holders are perfect for the traveling bridesmaid and can be personalized with her name.


Organic Spa Basket

Packaged in a beautifully woven keepsake basket, this bundle of spa goodies will delight your bridesmaids. Moreover, these organic products are dye-free and made of all natural products. Pamper your ladies while also thanking them for their continued friendship and support.


Lifetime Orchid Candle

This unique candle is made to last a lifetime much like your special bond with the ladies of your bridal party. Give your bridesmaids the everlasting gift of nature with this handcrafted candle that is filled with a gorgeous faux orchid and natural scents.


Glass Globe Terrarium Kit

This large 8-inch glass terrarium comes packaged with everything the nature-loving bridesmaid needs to create a self-sustaining ecosystem and art piece. It’s easy to grow and naturally thrives on neglect by only requiring minimal watering. Give your special ladies the gift that keeps on giving.


Comfort Candle

After a long day there is nothing better than lighting a candle and breathing in its soothing scents. Give your bridesmaids a gift that will soothe their souls and remind them that they are some of the most important people in your life. This unique candle comes with a special message of friendship and memories.


Dawn Redwood Tree-To-Be

This long thought to be extinct rare species of redwood is beginning to flourish once again. The beautiful lacy foliage is a reflection of the natural beauty of your bridesmaids, which makes it the ideal gift for your outdoor wedding.


Name a Star Gift Set

Give your bridesmaids a thank you that will last a lifetime. Your ladies have shown that they are shining stars all on their own. With this exciting gift set there is everything you need to name a star after your stellar bridesmaids. They’ll even be given a guide with instructions on how to locate their stars.


Vitamin E Skin Care Starter Kit

After your special and yet exhausting day your bridesmaids deserve to be pampered. This inclusive Vitamin E skin care kit will help protect their skin against environmental elements like the sun and pollution. Help your ladies top off their daily routine with a touch of luxury.


Monogram Birthstone Pewter Necklace

Remind your bridesmaids of your appreciation and friendship with this stunning monogrammed and birthstone necklace. Let your special ladies know that you haven’t forgotten all that they do for you with this custom pewter necklace complete with a shimmering pearl and their birthstones.


Bamboo Tea Box

Although this beautiful bamboo box is typically used to house high-end teas, your bridesmaids can use it to store anything from jewelry to craft supplies. Add a special touch by laser etching each bridesmaid’s initials onto the hinged lid.


Lumen Oil Candle Shadow Projector

Choose from one of five beautiful designs crafted to cast enchanting shadows from a tiny stainless steel tree. As the flame flickers the shadow tree appears to be disturbed by a slight breeze. This twist on a normal candle will mesmerize your bridesmaids and bring a unique experience to their next home spa day.


Molten Sculptural Bowl

Made of natural and manmade elements, this unique decorative bowl adds a special touch to any space. Give your bridesmaids a truly distinctive piece of art that provides an eye-catching setting for flowers or serves as a one-of-a-kind wine decanter.


Cherry Blossom Snow Globe

This beautiful snow globe is reminiscent of the springtime and will delight your bridesmaids even in the winter! The miniature pink flurries will mesmerize your ladies as they enjoy each petal and reflect on their unique friendship with you. Give your bridesmaids the gift of springtime year round with this distinctive snow globe.


Deep Sea Sand Art

For a unique take on the classic sand art craze from the 1990s, this deep sea sand art piece brings an adult elegance to the once-kitsch fad. Through the use of entropy the ephemeral sandscape changes with each rotation of the glass ring and will remind your bridesmaid of her childhood.


Message in a Bottle Set

Thank your beautiful bridesmaids with a personalized note of appreciation and friendship. It comes with two glass bottles nestled in a reclaimed wood base. One of the bottles comes with a cork stopper and blank scroll so you can inscribe your personal message. This unique set is perfect for displaying your friendship.


2 in 1 Body Lotion Candles- Set of 4

Candles and body lotion are staples for any luxury spa day at home. Why not surprise your bridesmaids with a candle and lotion all in one? These unique scented candles become a warm body lotion in the process. They are designed to nourish and pamper your special ladies with their coconut and botanical oil formula.


Our Special Friendship Personalized Photo Cube

Inscribe this beautiful natural wood photo cube with your message of thanks and love for your bridesmaids. They have been there with you along the way supporting you and helping you make memories. Capture some of your favorite moments with each bridesmaid in this exclusive photo cube designed to showcase your appreciation and friendship.


Vintage Purse Pill Box Case

This beautiful mint green enameled case with a blossoming pink rose is the perfect gift for the bridesmaid on the go! She’ll never lose her small knickknacks in her purse again and will be reminded of your never-ending gratitude and friendship.


Orchid Plant Terrarium Glass 12 Inch

This gorgeous 12-inch domed terrarium complete with an orchid puts a modern twist on thank you flowers. You can choose from white, purple, or pink orchids and even customize the moss to suit each of your bridesmaids and add a personal touch.


Indoor Tabletop Fountain

This is no ordinary tabletop fountain. Its handmade design with interconnecting cavities gives it amazing visual depth and great sound. Your bridesmaids deserve a little peace and tranquility so why not give them a one-of-a-kind piece of art they can personalize themselves?


Old Shanghai Women’s Kimono Robe Short

Pamper your bridesmaids with these beautiful kimonos that come in a variety of colors. These fashionable and functional satiny robes will keep your bridesmaids looking stylish on the big day. The stunning robes are perfect for pre-wedding bridal party photos and will have everyone looking her best!

Prices Vary

Drop Rainbow Bath Light

This uniquely shaped droplet light provides the perfect finishing touch to any setting. Its relaxing colors will whisk your bridesmaids away on a journey of respite from their often hectic lives. Its floatability means that it is perfect for the bathtub or pool.

Prices Vary

Color Me Monthly 12 Month Subscription

For the colorful bridesmaid give her the gift of a one-year subscription to one of the trendiest and most affordable nail polish services. Once a month she’ll receive one surprise nail polish color and be reminded of how awesome she is!


For The Makers 6 Month Subscription

For the creative bridesmaid gift a six-month subscription to For The Makers. This unique service will provide your bridesmaids with easy and fun DIY kits every month. There are a variety of collections to choose from, which means you’re sure to find something for each special lady in your bridal party.


Fair Treasure 3 Month Subscription

For the socially conscious bridesmaid give the gift of fair trade. At Fair Treasure they curate some of the best fair trade items such as jewelry, accessories, and home décor from artisans around the world. These unique items not only highlight your bridesmaids’ natural beauty, but also help support true craftsmen and women.


Kitchen Table Passport 6 Month Subscription

This is the perfect gift for the travel-hungry bridesmaid. Once a month your bridesmaid will be whisked away to a new exotic location right from the comfort of her own kitchen! These packages include local authentic recipes as well as locally sourced mementos so your bridesmaids can have an all-in-one travel adventure at home!


Twiggy Originals Personalized Bridesmaid Paintings (1)

Do you want to give something truly original to your bridesmaids? Then consider ordering these one-of-a-kind Twiggy Original paintings of your bridesmaids. You can customize the paintings to reflect the personality of each of your bridesmaids. Forgo the pearls and give them something truly memorable.


Origami Owl Custom Jewelry Living Lockets

Lockets are a popular bridesmaid gift, so why not modernize it with these stunning living lockets? There are a variety of colors and styles as well as charms to fill each locket. Personalize it for each bridesmaid to show your appreciation and love for them on your special day.

Price will vary depending on the locket and charms that are chosen.

Set of 5 Personalized Locket Necklaces

If you are going for a classic look, yet want to personalize your gift then choose these beautifully hand-engraved lockets. Place a photo of you and your bridesmaid as a truly personal thank you for all she has done to support you.



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