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22 Hilarious Birthday Gifts for Sisters That Love a Good Laugh

Sisters – you love ‘em and loathe ‘em in equal measures, but one thing’s for sure…you wouldn’t be without them. With that in mind, choose birthday gifts for sisters which aren’t overly sentimental, overly serious, or overly sickly, and you’ll be onto a winner. Wearable, squeezable, and even punchable, these ideas will suit your sibling relationship perfectly.

Merlot Infused Coffee

Make her a morning person with these Merlot infused Arabica coffee beans, which have been aged in an oak wine barrel, infusing them with the subtle tastes of red wine.


The Sister Custom Prayer Candle

If your sister is the saint of the family, this hilarious candle makes the perfect gift. Have her face superimposed into a nun’s habits, with your choice of title displayed underneath.

Prices vary

Toast Heated Pillow

Sisters – the best thing since sliced bread! This cuddly rechargeable slice of toast stays warm for up to 4 hours, giving her plenty of time to snuggle up and relax.


Eggplant Squish Ball

Who said vegetables are boring? This gorgeous eggplant might not taste good but it’s super squishy and perfect for squeezing and pummelling the stresses of the work day away.


Unicorn Sister Mug

Showing just what she means to you, this ceramic, dishwasher-safe mug is the perfect birthday gift for sisters who love their morning coffee. After all, she’s definitely unique-orn.

Prices vary

From Crook to Cook Snoop Dogg Cookbook

If Dogg food doesn’t sound appealing, check out Snoop’s recipe book which includes incredibly named dishes such as Baby Got Back Ribs and California Rollin’. It’s the coolest cookbook ever!


Stuffed Blobfish

Forget cutesy plush bears, give her this stuffed blowfish for her next birthday and she won’t know whether to laugh or cry. Just don’t tell her it reminds you of her…


Peropon Drinking Animal Planter

These are awesome! Four different animal planters which draw up water from a separate dish through their long pink tongues. Choose from panda, frog, cat, and dog for cuteness overload.


BigMouth Inc. Selfie Sisters Garden Gnome

If your sister is the selfie queen, then this adorable garden ornament is for her. The ‘Selfie Sisters’ features 2 sassy gnomes with their ever present phone camera at the ready.

Prices Vary

Lobster Claw Oven Mitt

The lobster claw oven mitt is the most ‘shellfish’ birthday gift you could give! Designed to look just like a lobster’s claw, it will raise plenty of laughs in the kitchen.


Mistaken Lyrics Coasters

Celebrate the days when your sis sang into a hairbrush with this set of mistaken lyrics coasters. Did Pat Benatar really sing ‘Hit me with your pet shark???


Two Faced Mushions Personalised Cushion

Creepy or cute, stick your sister’s face on one side, yours on the other, and she’ll have a cushion she’ll want to cuddle and punch in equal measures.


Good At Naps Throw

If your sibling is always snoozing, announce it for everyone to see with a 100% cotton blanket which says ‘Good at Naps’ right across the front – after all, it’s her talent.


Rose Wine Bath Bombs

She can’t really bathe in wine, but here’s the next best thing – rosé bath bombs. Shimmering balls of fizzy, fragrant natural goodness, these bombs will relax her, without the hangover.


Drag Queen Bingo

Girls’ night in just wouldn’t be the same without bingo, and here’s one with a difference. Drag Queen Bingo is like the standard game, with a healthy side of sass.


Sleepy Head Personalised Pillow Case

Does she love herself a bit too much? Then give her a pillow case that’s COVERED in her own face! Or yours (to really annoy her). Or maybe Jason Momoa?


World’s Okayest Sister Mug

Are you looking for a birthday gift for sisters who hate sentimentality? Then this ceramic mug says it all without a hint of smooshiness. ‘World’s Okayest Sister’ – say no more.


Giant Unicorn Sprinkler

Want a magical summer with your sister this year? Then why not give her a unicorn? The coolest unicorn around, this one inflates to 6ft and sprays water from its horn.


Maybe Swearing Will Help

Coloring is calming. Swearing is calming. Put the two together and it’s instant Zen! This adult coloring book comes with 30 markers and tons of irreverent pics to color while cussing.


Pop It Pal

Sisters are either gross or girly, and if yours is the former she will LOVE this gift. A silicone block which, when squeezed, simulates popping zits, complete with oozing pus.


Nacho Average Sister Mug

Put the flavor of Tex Mex into her next birthday with a themed mug that combines sisters with seriously tasty snacks. Made from ceramic, it holds 10oz. and is dishwasher/microwave safe.


3 Diy Birthday Gifts for Your Sister

Diy Macaron Coin Purse

For a home-made gift that’s as sweet as she is, these little macaron coin purses will make her squeal with delight. So grab your sewing kit…what are you waiting for?

Diy Pom Pom Market Tote

Take one plain canvas tote, and turn it into something unique and super sweet for your sister’s next birthday gift. Pretty, simple, and you get to make pompoms!

Diy Funny Cricut Socks

If you have a cricut machine, you can make these socks. Take a plain pair and add whatever wording you want to the soles, for the whole world to read.

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