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22 Creative Non-Traditional Birthday Flower Gifts (Love these!)

So you want to give flowers as a birthday gift, but you don’t want to give actual traditional flowers? These creative floral ideas will show you loads of ways to give blooms and blossoms without fear of them wilting – think real flowers encased in resin, suncatchers, jewelry, and more, and you’ll soon be choosing outside the box offerings that will delight even the most ardent of flower fans.

Save this great list of birthday flower gift ideas.

Steeping Flower Blossoms

Grown in China next to a Buddhist temple, these dried flowers can be steeped in hot water to release the beautifully fragrant aromas of the tea – lotus flower or rosebud available.

Prices vary

Birth Month Flower Necklace

Choose her birth flower and have it set in resin to form this unique pendant, which features the chosen bud – dried and pressed – and suspended on an 18” chain.


Teabloom Heart Shaped Flowering Tea

Beautiful in either a glass cup or teapot, these gorgeous heart-shaped bundles are made up of flowers and tea leaves, which unfurl to produce a stunning bloom when hot water is added.

Prices Vary

Daisies Sterling Silver Ring

Daisy chains are reminiscent of childhood days in the summer sun, and this sterling silver ring depicts that beautifully. Delicate but strong, it is available in either a bright or oxidized silver finish.


Wavy Flower Bowls

Made with a ruffled edge to resemble a delicate flower, these glass bowls are decorated with one of three beautiful flowers, and can be used for serving, or even just for display.


Whiskey Botanicals Flask

This stunning flask is made from stainless steel, and is decorated with the flowers of an antique bouquet, printed in vibrant shades of blue and laminated to ensure it stays looking beautiful.

Prices vary

Floral Elixir Syrups

Whether they like their drinks with bubbles or steam, these floral elixir syrups are made with delicious flowers which have been captured to enhance the taste of both champagne and tea.


Gardenia Soap Flower

With each petal of this delicately beautiful gardenia being handmade into an individual soap, this delightful flower will yield around 100 washes and is created using coconut oil, mango butter, and goat’s milk.


Calming Waters Relaxation Set

Set the scene with the lavender and frankincense candle, and then add either the bath bomb, tea bath, or bath salt – made with nourishing natural ingredients – to the water for an at-home spa.


Forget Me Not Necklace

What a beautiful birthday gift for the love of your life or best friend! This little glass ball contains real, dried forget-me-nots and hangs on a 42cm chain with a personalized, engraved disc.

Prices vary

Birth Month Flower Cuff

A real statement piece, this cuff is made from silver plated pewter and contains a real birth month flower on the top, which has been lovingly encased under clear resin.


Begin Anew Lotus Blossom Rings

Known for their ability to flourish in dark, murky waters, the lotus flower is a symbol which is recognized worldwide, and is the focal point of this gold or silver ring.


Flower Ball Locket

Made up of teeny tiny flowers, this golden sphere opens to reveal a diminutive gold bird, hidden inside. Made from sterling silver and gold plate, it hangs on a 16-18” golden chain.


Blooming Tea

They say it’s the best drink of the day, but now it will be the most beautiful, too, thanks to these unique tea packets which slowly blossom in the hot, amber water.


Wind & Weather Surrounded By Love Willow Tree Figurine

If you’re looking for a flower gift but don’t want actual flowers, this Willow Tree figurine is of a woman in white delighting in the delicate bouquet she is holding in her hands.


Glass Flower Necklaces

Cast using real flowers, these delicate and enchanting stained glass pendants hang carefully on an adjustable 16-18” chain, and come in either a blue indigo or red poppy design.

Prices vary

Personalized Floral Ring

Fashioned out of solid sterling silver, this delightful 5mm wide floral ring would make a wonderful birthday gift for any flower lover, and comes engraved with a personal message inside.


BANBERRY DESIGNS Mom Butterfly Mother Suncatcher

Flowers are beautiful but they don’t last. Give her something which will; this stunning suncatcher has been made in the shape of a butterfly with real dried flowers set into its wings.


Cocod’or Flowers Reed Diffuser Oil Sticks Gift Set

A diffuser with a difference, this set uses real preserved flowers alongside the reeds, and comes in 8 beautiful fragrances, such as pure cotton, French lavender, and lovely peony.


Box of Flowers Soaps

Infused with natural fragrances, these soaps contain nothing but goodness for the skin – ingredients like shea butter, coconut, and olive oil – for a bathing experience that cleanses both body and mind.


Preserved Real Rose Eternal Flower with LED Night Light

One specially selected Ecuadorian rose will be preserved forever in this attractive LED nightlight which offers a selection of beautiful colors and comes with a dimmer function for the perfect ambience.

Prices Vary

10 Diy Flower Themed Gifts

Diy Wildflower Rings

These rings are just TOO much fun! Print out an image of a favorite flower on Shrinky Dinks paper, then bake in the oven for a miniature bloom that’s perfect for jewelry.

Diy Fresh Floral And Herbal Incense Bundles

Bring the outside in with this ingenious DIY which creates fragrant bundles out of flowers and herbs like roses and thyme, which can then be burned to release their beautiful aroma.

Rose Milk Bath Bomb

Rose is such a luxurious scent, and these homemade bath bombs are rich in the beautiful fragrance as they use both rose petals and oil, along with milk powder for silky soft skin.

Diy Mother’s Day Flower Pot

Delicious and delightful, these flower pots hide a real treat – the ‘dirt’ is made from Oreo cookies and between the layers is yummy ice cream! Creative and easy to make – perfect!

How To: Scented Wax Sachet Diy

These creative scented wax sachets would make an adorable birthday gift for anyone who loves to freshen up their home, and the fragrances and flowers can even be swapped to make Christmassy ones, too.

Fabric Covered Flower Pots

Plants last a lot longer than cut flowers, but flower pots tend to be a bit drab. Brighten them up by covering them in fabric for a totally unique look.

Refashion A Straw Tote Into A Spring Wreath

A fabulous alternative to a wreath, this upcycled straw tote bag tutorial will show you how to turn a basic straw tote into a fantastic decoration to grace any front door.

3d Flower Photo Art Tutorial

You’ve heard of pretty as a picture? Well, this tutorial shows you how to make that picture even prettier, using fresh flowers (or even dried for longevity), and a glue gun.

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