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37 Awesome 60th Birthday Gift Ideas That Will Make Them Laugh and Cry

As we get older those milestones get bigger and bigger, so each one should be celebrated in its own right. However, there is something extra-special about sixty. When you’re thinking about 60th birthday gift ideas, really go all out and turn the past into a present they will never forget. Whether you’re going for all the fun or all the feels, a little thought will go a long way.

In Dog Years I Would Be 420 Coffee Mug

Age is but a number, and this 11oz ceramic mug will make any 60 year old feel better about themselves, as the number in dog years is SO much higher!


Seniors Texting Codes Sweatshirt

If teens can have their own text-speak, why can’t sexagenarians? With a tongue-in-cheek twist on young people’s acronyms, this hoodie is fun, cozy, and will make young and old ROFLCGU!


Causing Chaos Birthday Glass

Proving that growing old disgracefully is something to aspire to, this tumbler can be personalized with a name and year of birth, and a reminder of those ‘naughty’ preceding years.


GiftaCup I’m Not 60, I’m 25 with 35 Years Coffee Mug

For a fun 60th birthday gift idea, this 11oz. ceramic mug shows that it’s not the number of years they’ve lived, but rather the years of experience they have which matter.


Vintage 1959 Aged To Perfection T-shirt

Suitable for both men and women, this fun ‘vintage’ t-shirt shows that like fine wine, aged is definitely better. Available in 15 colors and printed with eco-friendly non-toxic inks.


Turning 60 is Like Turning 16 in Celsius Garden Flag

Showing that perspective is everything, this colorful flag declares to the world that in Celsius, they’re just a teenager! What a wonderful ice-breaker for a 60th birthday party.


How Not to Become a Little Old Lady

Age is all about behavior, so point that soon-to-be 60 year old in the right direction with this little book which comes with 100+ ways to NOT act old.

Prices Vary

60 is fine when you look 29 wine glass

Fine rhymes with 29 and wine, so fill up this glass with the finest vino to help someone celebrate their 6th decade with all the glitter and glamor the occasion deserves.


You’re Only Old Once!: A Book for Obsolete Children

Let Dr. Seuss ease another passing decade with this rhyming book for adults which pokes good natured fun at the inevitable indignities of growing older, or becoming ‘obsolete children’.

Prices Vary

Happy 60th Birthday Toilet Paper Prank Funny Gag Gift!

Turning 60 might be a shock for some, so head off any age-induced bowel disasters with this novelty toilet roll that features the well-loved poop emoji, and a big six-oh.


Making American Great Since 1959 Birthday Gift Coffee Mug

MAGA might be a catchy acronym, but according to this 11oz. ceramic coffee mug America has been great since 1959. A fun and functional 60th birthday gift idea for any patriotic person.


I am 59 +1 Coffee Mug

Sass plus six decades adds up to this 11 or 15oz. mug, which bears the legend ‘I am 59 +’ along with a raised middle finger. Who are we to argue?


Old Lives Matter T-Shirt

A t-shirt is for life, not just for birthdays, and this ‘Old Lives Matter’ tee will look cool on any man long after his birthday celebrations have passed.


It Should Be Against the Law Mug

Show the birthday boy or girl that they are still as hot as the coffee they’re drinking with a mug that tells them just how good they look at 60.


The First 60 Years Of Childhood T-Shirt

Once a child, always a child, at least according to this pre-shrunk men’s t-shirt that states that the first 60 years of childhood are the hardest. The rest are easy!


Keepin It Reel Since 1959

With a nod to the great hobby of fishing, this tee comes in black or navy and features the words ‘keepin’ it reel since 1959’ on the front.


1959 Decade Nostalgic Candy Gift Box

If you know someone who will be leaving their 50s behind, this box of retro candy will be a sweet trip down memory lane, with 60+ sweet treats from 1959.


Flickback Media, Inc 1958 Trivia Playing Cards

With 2 games in one, this deck of cards features a full set for regular card games, and 52 trivia questions from 1959, ranging from sports to celebrities and more.


Looks, Acts, Feels Mug

Proving that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and you’re only as old as you feel, this mug adds up looks, acts, and feels and comes up with 60!


The 60th Birthday Game

A great gift idea for any 60th birthday, this game contains 70 cards, printed with in excess of 140 questions which all relate to the number 60.


How Not to Become a Crotchety Old Man

Getting older doesn’t have to mean getting grumpy, and if you want to help someone stave off the pensioner blues, this book is full of hilarious hints and tips.

Prices Vary

Sixtieth Birthday Scrabble Frame

Keeping the mind busy is essential to staying young, and Scrabble is proof of that, because in Scrabble terms, S.I.X.T.Y only adds up to 15, as this photo frame explains.


60th Birthday Signature Frame

Perfect as a last minute gift, this 60th birthday print can be customized and then downloaded for printing at home (or instore) and comes with space for up to 150 signatures.


Guestbook Framed Art

Fully customizable, this print will be sent via digital delivery for you to print out yourself, and comes with optional gold-colored border, along with space for hand-written birthday wishes.


Hand Crafted Heart

Hand-painted and handwritten, this adorable little heart-shaped plaque in made from MDF and can be personalized with name or title under the words ‘Happy 60th Birthday’, along with ‘gem’ embellishments.


Personalized 60th Birthday Book

This wonderful keepsake is filled with fascinating facts and pictures from their date of birth, along with personal details, before being bound in a choice of colors and finishes.


60 Reasons We Love You

Choose 60 reasons why you love him or her, and have your own words printed onto this gorgeous canvas, in a choice of fonts, which is perfect for that special milestone.


60th Birthday Collage Gift

With photos making up the number 60, this unusual print tells the tale of a life well lived, and comes ready to download and print, or printed in-house with/without frame.


Personalised 60th Birthday Lucky Sixpence Keyring

Nestled within a personalized box, this super cute keyring comes with a highly-polished 1959 sixpence, angel, and 2 charms bearing a choice of names and symbols.


6 Interlocking Rings Necklace

Ring in a new decade with a necklace which holds six rings in a variety of metals, suspended on a sterling silver or gold-filled chain, in lengths from 16” – 30”.


1959 Birthday Board

Arriving as a high-quality JPEG file, this birthday board can be printed at home or in-store and features interesting facts, figures, and details about the year they were born.


60 Years Loved Decoration

Much more impressive than a paper banner, this cardstock version is glittery and gorgeous, and says “60 years loved”, which is really what life should be all about, right?


Born in The Year Newspaper

This realistic looking ‘newspaper’ poster is a brilliant 60th birthday gift idea, as it highlights events and news from 1959 USA, and comes via a digital download, ready for printing.


Vintage 1959 Sweatshirt

Retro items are highly sought after, which is what makes it so great being 60! Proclaim their vintage status to the world with this comfy and cozy long-sleeved sweater.


1959 Sixpence Necklace

Set inside a Tibetan silver pendant, this English 1959 sixpence makes a unique gift for anyone approaching their 60th birthday, and hangs on a sterling silver chain available in 2 lengths.


60th Birthday Gift Box

After all the excitement of big birthday celebrations, give the gift of relaxation with this candle and bath bomb gift set, which comes with home-grown succulent and 60th year poster card.


Diy Birthday Gift

Diy Centerpieces for Men

Put your creative skills to good use and make these inexpensive lanterns that are just perfect for the birthday celebrations. Customize with photo and birthday prints for an elegant finishing touch.

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