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36 Epic Personalized 50th Anniversary Gifts for Your Lifelong Love

50 years of marriage is a big deal, so naturally, you want to mark it in a big way, but big isn’t always better, as we have shown in this fantastic list of 50th anniversary gifts. Whether you want photographs turned into art, or fine jewelry to wear by her heart, come and take a look.

Half a century deserves the most special of presents, so take a look through this extra special list of 50th anniversary gifts and choose the perfect one for the happy couple.

Everlasting Love Anniversary Clock

The passing of time can be beautifully fêted with this elegant Everlasting Love Anniversary Clock. Made from heavy bevelled glass, this beautiful timepiece can be laser engraved with the couple’s names and special date, and optional anniversary year. Standing at a height of 7 3/4″, it will take pride of place in any home.


Personalized Anniversary Pushpin World Map

Marriage is a journey taken by two people, and what better way to mark that journey than with this superb pushpin map? Personalized with the couple’s names and special date, this map is the perfect way to commemorate all the places the lucky couple have travelled together. Includes 100 push pins to get them started.


Personalized Stoneware Marriage Crock

Perfect as a 50th anniversary gift, this beautiful stoneware crock has a wonderfully rustic look and feel to it. Stamped with two names, an initial, and ’50 Years’, this crock can be used or kept strictly as an ornamental piece as a constant reminder of the past half-century of love, happiness, and commitment.


Golden Anniversary Tree Sign

The family tree isn’t just something to be confined to a computer screen or kept in a notebook. Hang it out there for all to see with this wooden golden anniversary sign, which depicts a tree, festooned with the names of the whole family, and bears the family name, and date when it all began.


Personalized Family Tree

Available in a range of colored backgrounds, this striking family tree will act as a permanent reminder of how your family has grown. Using a non-metallic faux-gold, this tree features the names of the entire family, along with the special date, sentimental verse, and, in old romantic style, the couple’s initials carved into the tree.

Price varies

Custom Map Paperweight

The perfect gift for any occasion, this paperweight will keep all those loose papers safe while also offering a unique glimpse back to a special place. Made from lead-free pewter, this paperweight contains part of a map pertaining to that one place you hold dear in your heart, sealed safely under layers of boater’s resin.


Personalized Goldtone Carriage Clock

Chic and classic, the carriage clock is the go-to gift to mark any special occasion. Resplendent in gold-toned metal, this clock can be personalized in a variety of different fonts and will keep time beautifully, while those whose mantles it graces can reminisce over whatever event it was gifted to them for, with every passing hour.


Golden Anniversary Custom Music Sheet Canvas

Every couple has a special song – perhaps their first dance at their wedding, or maybe it was playing when they first met. Whatever that song is, you can now have it immortalized on this gorgeous cotton canvas artwork, which incorporates the chosen sheet music in a timeless gold effect. Available in a variety of sizes.

Price varies

The Engraved Family Tree With Gold Base

This stunning wrought iron piece will take pride of place in any family’s home, thanks to its elegance and sentimentality. Measuring 14” x 16”, the tree stands on a nameplate which can be personalized with three lines of text, while individual family members’ names (sold separately) can be hung on the tree’s many branches.


Special Dates Family Personalized Canvas Print

This gorgeous piece of art will grace any wall in any home and will be a wonderful talking point for anyone who sees it. Available in two different color options, this distressed canvas can be printed with up to five special dates, along with names or other text, and comes in a variety of sizes.

Price varies

Personalized Gemstone Eternity Necklace

Your children are precious, and now you can have them set into a beautiful piece of jewelry, thanks to designer Canela Lemoine. Choose from 1-10 birthstones, and have them added to this sterling silver circle, long believed to be the symbol of endless life and love, which can be worn on the 18” chain included.

Price varies

Personalized Whiskey Barrel

Get into the spirit of things with this unique 50th anniversary gift from Uncommon Goods. Have one of these mini oak barrels personalized with the couple’s names and special year, and they will be able to enjoy their favorite whiskey, perfectly aged, straight from the tap. Raise a toast to the happy couple.

Price varies

Paint Your Life Custom Painting

Photographs are wonderful things – they enable us to look back over times and events past and reminisce, but nothing can beat the timeless quality of a painting. Now you can take your favorite photograph and have it made into a handmade portrait, as a beautiful and constant reminder of your loved ones.

Price varies

Past Book Photo Book

The digital age has brought us many benefits, but it has also taken away the pleasure of holding printed photographs in our hands. Give someone back that joy by creating a photo book from all their digital pictures, bound in a size and cover of your choice, for memories they can literally hold on to.

Price varies

Personalized 50th Anniversary Door or Garden Flag

Fly the flag for love with this ornamental (and sentimental) banner, designed to be used either indoors or outside. Made from vinyl and polyester, these flags can be personalized with names, occasions, or anything you like, and are suitable to hang on a stand (not included), making them the perfect centerpiece for a celebration party.


Custom Map And Pen Desk Set

Keep an eye on that special place every time you sit at your desk to work, with this highly unusual pen set. Featuring a chrome pen holder, the base contains a map of your ‘somewhere special’, encased in acrylic to keep it safe, and comes with a pen for that perfect, hand-written thank you note!


Personalized Tree Trunk Glassware Duo

Take a trip back in time to when young love was etched forever into a tree trunk, with this adorable pair of glasses. Available as two wine glasses, two Pilsner glasses, or one of each, these glasses can be personalized with the couple’s initials, for a reminder of when their love started out.


50th Wedding Anniversary Personalized Cutting Board

Whether the lucky couple wants to keep this gift as a display piece or use it in the kitchen, it will be a beautiful reminder of their happy union. Crafted from one solid piece of maple wood, this robust cutting board will come engraved with their anniversary number, names, and date of marriage. Simply gorgeous.

Price varies

Happy Anniversary Embroidered Afghan

Few things are as simply romantic as snuggling up together on the couch, especially on a cold winter’s night. Add to the cozy atmosphere with this super soft Afghan throw, which can be embroidered (in a wide range of thread colors) with names, anniversary number, and the current year. Measures a generous 46” x 67”.


Personalized Anniversary Chronicle Canvas Print

Although the biggest news that year was your wedding, how about checking out what else was going on your wedding day? Carefully researched, each canvas print will contain news of who was in office at the time, headlines, sports, and even music and movies of the day, along with a cost of living comparison.

Price varies

Custom Map Coaster Set

If home is where the heart is, then this set of coasters will bring you there every time you set a drink down. Each coaster features part of a map of your choice, covering 9 square miles, and will be a welcome reminder of that special place that still holds a place in your heart.


Personalized 50th Anniversary Embroidered Throws

Give the gift of comfort with this fabulous embroidered throw, and let one couple’s love story literally keep them warm at night. Made in either plush or Afghan, these throws come personalized with two names, the number 50, the anniversary date, and the words: ‘Love Grows Golden with Time’ – a fitting 50th anniversary gift.


A Time For Love Engraved Heart Clock

There’s always time for love, and this beautiful solid Lucite clock will remind them of it every day. Etched with a choice of three different sentimental phrases, such as ‘Our Love is Timeless’, along with the couple’s first names and a date, this timepiece is understated and tasteful, and will be any couple’s pride and joy.


Latitude Longitude Cufflinks

If ‘x’ marks the spot, then these ‘x’tra special cufflinks will mark the spot that holds a special place in your heart. With the latitude and longitude of your chosen location stamped around the edge of the cufflinks, the centers can be stamped with your initials or a special date, for discreet but stylish sentimentality.


50 Years Ago in The News Gift

If you’ve left it to the last minute to buy a gift for someone’s 50th anniversary, don’t panic. This fabulous print can be customized with names, dates, locations, and a photograph of the happy couple, and then downloaded to your email for you to take to a print shop and have it printed out.


Golden Anniversary Tree

Wonderfully whimsical, this framed print depicts a tree with a pair of lovebirds sitting on a branch, surrounded by smaller lovebirds which represent each child the couple has. Available in a range of colored backgrounds and birds, the print comes with a sentimental verse and can be personalized with names, date, and anniversary.


Our Years Together Anniversary Personalized Canvas

Document your lives together on this magnificent canvas, and marvel at the numbers which make up your lives together. Showing the number of years and days you’ve spent together, as well as married, it also depicts vacations taken, visits made, and number of children and grandchildren. It all adds up to the perfect gift!

Price varies

Penny Cufflinks With Personalized Year

Money may have been tight in the early days of your marriage, but with this stylish set of cufflinks, you will always have spare change to hand. Made from sterling silver bezel, each cufflink has a penny from your year of choice set into the face – choose two the same, or select two different years.

Price varies

Anniversary Toast Personalized Champagne Flute Set

Every marriage milestone deserves a toast, so help them charge their glasses in style with these elegant personalized champagne flutes. Simply choose from filigree or scroll designs, and these glasses will arrive engraved with the anniversary, names, and current year. Holding 5 ¾ oz, there’s more than enough room for that celebratory swig or two.


Personalized Love Story Canvas

Marriage is made up of thousands of special moments, but the most significant of all can be captured in this typography print. Available as a print or a digital download, this print will capture years spent together, as well as children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren, along with names, a date, and a special message.

Price varies

The Day We Said I Do Personalized Keepsake

The date of your wedding can be immortalized forever with this unusual but beautiful keepsake. Made from clear Lucite, this ornament shows a calendar page for the month in which you married, with the actual day marked by a tiny heart. Finished off with bevelled edges and both partners’ first names.


Personalized Songbird Vase

Love puts a song in everyone’s hearts, which is why this vase is so fitting as a 50th anniversary gift. Featuring a pair of songbirds on the front, this vase can be personalized with a couple’s initials and their special date. Pop it in the fridge for a perfect cooler for that celebratory bottle of bubbly, too!


50th Wedding Anniversary Personalized Photo Block

A beautiful alternative to a standard framed photograph, this collage block, crafted from wood and paper, really is something special. Customized with photos of your choice, along with names, dates, words, or even poems or song lyrics, each one is custom made to ensure it is unique to the lucky couple receiving it.


Latitude Longitude Pendant

We’ve all got one place in the world which holds special memories, and now you can carry that place close to your heart with this stunning pendant by Ana Talukder. Made from recycled sterling silver, the pendant carries the coordinates of your location of choice on one side and a compass on the other.


Etched Champagne Flutes Set

Trees and initials go together like, well, like champagne and celebrations, and this gift encompasses all four of those elements. You can have a happy couple’s initials sandblasted on to the bark-like decoration on the front of each glass, along with their special date, reminding them of their enduring love with every sip. Cheers.


Personalized Stemless Champagne Flute

Mix the traditional with the modern with this pair of stemless champagne flutes. Made from soda ash lead-free glass, each one can be etched with up to 4 lines of text, in a classic fancy font, and can hold 9oz liquid, more than enough to get that party started! Height approx. 5 ¾ inches.

Price varies

3 Diy Anniversary Gifts

Diy Creative Box Photo Album

If you’re looking for a gift that really comes from the heart, take a look at this fabulous tutorial from ‘i Creative Ideas’, which shows you, with step-by-step photographs, how to construct this incredible creative box photo album. Using card, glue, and a few other crafty items, you can have one of these made in no time.

How to Make Watercolor Painting out of Family Photos

Sometimes, we come across a DIY that takes us by surprise, and this one definitely has that wow factor. For just a few bucks, you can download the Waterlogue app, and turn as many of your precious photographs into beautiful watercolor art, perfect as an anniversary gift, birthday surprise, or just because. Stunning, and simple.

Diy Sharpie Anniversary Wedding Mugs

If you thought Sharpie pens had had their day, think again, because this simple DIY tutorial shows you how to create your own personalized mugs to give as wedding or anniversary gifts. This guide takes you through every step of the process, right through to the finished product – you’d be a mug not to try it!

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