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25 Creative 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for a Happy, Meaningful Birthday

Take the ‘oh no’ out of the big four-oh with one of these 40th birthday gift ideas that will put even the most reluctant of quadragenarians in the mood to celebrate. Really push the boat out with a pressie which is meaningful instead of mundane, and show them that life really does begin at 40.

40th Birthday Necklace

With one ring representing each decade, this sterling silver necklace, which measures approximately 20”, is an elegant way to mark that 40th milestone without being too obvious about her age!


The Washington Post Custom Birthday Book

Each birthday is special, so why not give a hardback collection of the Washington Post’s front pages from every birthday, from the day they were born until their big four-oh?


May The Forties Be With You Bday Tee

Star Wars fans will adore this super-cool tee which displays the iconic movie symbol against a background of stars, with the word ‘force’ replaced by ‘forties’. Love it they will.


Diamond Penny Necklace With Personalized Year

Handmade in New Jersey, this gorgeous pendant features a genuine coin from her year of birth, gold-plated and surrounded by a diamond-encrusted bezel, and suspended on an 18” gold-filled chain.

Prices vary

Hand Engraved Compass Necklaces

An inspired 40th birthday gift idea, this compass necklace acts as a gentle reminder that the wearer is on the right path, and comes with a choice of two motivational engravings.


Vintage Candy Co. 40th Birthday Retro Candy Gift Box

Give them their childhood back, if only for a day, with a box filled with more than 55 favorite candies from 1979, along with a vintage style newspaper insert.


Lucky Feather 40th Birthday Bracelet

Strung with forty 14k gold-dipped beads – one for each year – this bracelet is made from cord which is adjustable from 7 – 8”, making it suitable for most women’s wrist sizes.

Prices Vary

Typewriter Key Necklace

Handmade using a genuine vintage typewriter key from the 20s/30s/40s, this necklace features the birthday girl’s initial set in sterling silver, which hangs on an 18” sterling silver ball chain.


Birthday Relaxation Box

40th birthdays can be stressful, so give her the gift of relaxation with a candle and bath bomb set in a choice of scents, for some much needed ‘me time’.


40th Birthday Newspaper Poster Sign

Perfect if you’ve forgotten to get a birthday gift, this ‘newspaper’ front page will be personalized with a photograph and key details, ready to be printed off within an hour.


1979 40th Birthday Tumbler

Whether they prefer hot or cold drinks, this insulated tumbler maintains temperatures for hours, and commemorates a 40th birthday with words like ‘vintage’ and ‘aged to perfection’ on the front.


Custom Map and Pen Desk Set

Putting the big four-oh firmly on the map, this desk set features a special location sealed into its base, topped with a chrome pen holder for a truly personalized gift.


Personalised 40th Birthday Book

For a true trip down memory lane, this book will be personalized with details such as name, DOB, and gift-giver, and contains facts on fashion, food, and fun from their childhood.


Personalized Family Love Ring

This ring makes a touching birthday gift as it can be personalized with any name or phrase (up to 10 characters), making it perfect for spouses, siblings, or simply friends.


Custom Map Wine Bottle Coaster

Open a bottle to celebrate, and stand it on this personalized wine bottle coaster which contains a map of their special place, along with optional engraving on the bottom.

Prices vary

40th Birthday Gift Candle

With dozens of scents available, this eco-friendly soy candle makes a lovely 40th birthday gift idea, as the back of the label can be personalized with your own choice of message.


Custom Painterly Pet Portraits

Pets are part of the family, so what better gift could you give to a fur mom or dad than a custom canvas portrait of their beloved furry friend?

Prices vary

Rose Gold Four Bar Vertical Bar Necklace

These 4 rose gold-plated sterling silver bars – one for each decade – dangle from a chain in a choice of lengths, and come with an optional personalized disc (initial only).


Personalized Hashtag Necklace

This necklace is perfect for the social media-savvy birthday girl, as it comes with a gold plated hashtag and up to 22 characters, hanging on an 18” sterling silver chain.

Prices vary

Forty and Fabulous! Personalized Bracelet

Made from tarnish-resistant aluminum, the inside of this bracelet can be personalized with up to 110 characters, while the outside comes in a choice of three finishes, and optional symbols.


Vintage 1979 Sweatshirt

Available in small, medium, or large, and a choice of 5 colorways, this sweatshirt displays the legend ‘Vintage 1979’ – ideal for any forty and fabulous lady who loves to dress casually.


New York Times Custom Birthday Book

It’s fascinating to look back through the years, and this collection features a NYT front page from each and every birthday since they were born, bound in a personalized hardback cover.

Prices vary

Forty and Fabulous Cuff Bracelet

Forty and fabulous – immortalize that sentiment, along with your own secret message, in this stunning cuff that comes in a choice of aluminum, brass, or copper with an attractive textured finish.


40th Birthday Earrings

With a heart-stamped genuine penny from her year of birth, these handmade earrings also feature a leather leaf design which provides a wonderfully contrasting background to the shiny copper coins.


Personalized All Heart Bangle Set

Capture up to 5 hand-formed sterling silver bangles within the heart for a sentimental birthday gift, as each bangle can be personalized with names, dates, or words up to 20 characters.

Prices vary

3 Diy Birthday Funfetti Candles

Homemade Cupcake Candle

For a gift that’s as sweet as it looks, this tutorial shows you how to make an eco-friendly soy wax candle that looks and smells just like a cupcake.

Diy Funfetti Candles

Make a birthday candle that they’ll want to keep lighting day after day to remind them of the festivities, using candy sprinkles, soy wax, and a little imagination.

Diy Confetti Candles

Stick to a color theme or go for a rainbow vibe by using candy heart sprinkles to coat a jar before adding soy wax for the prettiest candle around.

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