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32 Serving Dishes for Uniquely Themed New Year’s Eve Parties

While guests’ glasses may be empty, their stomachs won’t be this New Year, as they help themselves to snacks from these serving dishes. You’ll find bowls for chips and dips, boards for cheese and even a stand for cupcakes (homemade, of course) either for your party or to give to your host.

Check out these ideas for party-ready tableware that would make your mom proud.

Rowboat Serving Bowl with Napkin Holder

Ensure entertaining is smooth sailing with this rowboat serving bowl. Whether they approach from port or starboard, guests can help themselves to a variety of snacks from the aluminum platter using the paddle-like spoons before taking a napkin ‘sail’ from the mast at the center.


Mud Pie Taco bar Condiment Serving Platter

This is ‘nacho’ ordinary serving dish. The 2-piece set from Mud Pie includes a ceramic condiment serving platter with a central section for tacos, along with 5 further sections for toppings, from veggies to cheese. There’s also a vintage-style, silver-plate spoon so guests can pile their tortillas high.

Too low to display

Together Serving Tray

Food is best enjoyed with family and friends; this handmade, wooden serving board spells “together” in sign language around the edge, so every time guests reach for a snack, they’ll feel thankful not only for the food, but to be spending New Year’s Eve with their loved ones.


Coastal and Lake Art Serving Trays

Isn’t it funny how food can bring back memories? Have your (or your host’s) favorite waterway printed on this cherry wood serving platter; whether it’s an often-frequented lake or a picturesque coastline, the memories will be as fresh as the homemade snacks being served up.


KooK Deviled Egg Dish

Who can resist devilled eggs? Your guests certainly won’t be able to when they see them presented on this smart serving dish – the white porcelain contrasts with the bright colors of the eggs, making them stand out on the table so they look too tempting to pass up.


Baseball Snack Server

Whether you’re throwing a party or just having mates over to watch the big game, you’ll score a home run with this snack server. Like most Major League bats, the baseball dish is made from ash wood, so you can cheer on your team without having to get up to refill the snacks.


Serving Palette with Bowls

It doesn’t matter if they’re ‘rustic’, your homemade snacks will look like a work of art displayed on this serving palette. Ideal for bread or crudités, the white, ceramic platter also comes with 6 colored bowls, which look like paints, to hold a variety of dips.


Twister Serving Bowls

This handmade serving bowl, inspired by the ‘Mad Potter of Biloxi’ George Ohr, is as original as your homemade snacks. And while they might not be ‘lovely’ to look at, just like this hand-thrown stoneware bowl created by David Changar, they were made with love.

Prices vary

USA and State Serving Boards

If you’re proud of your country (and its food, of course) serve up your American-style snacks on these bamboo serving boards. Choose from a board with 50 states or just the one you call home, and load it up for a patriotic New Year’s Eve party.


KOVOT Ceramic Diagram Food Server

Keep the chips away from the dip with this ceramic food server from KOVOT; divided in to 3 sections, the diagram-style platter ensures you can measure out precise servings of finger-food for your guests to enjoy. Plus, it’s microwave and dishwasher safe, so you won’t need a chart for cleaning up.


Elegant 7 Section Chips and Dip Serving Platter

If you’re not going to a party but a soirée on New Year’s Eve, give this elegant serving platter to your host as a gift. Made from white ceramic with a contrasting black pressed metal design, the circular dish has a central section for a dip along with 6 sections for chips or crudités.


Row Boat Serving Bowl with Wood Serving Utensils

Fill this serving dish with whatever floats their boat to feed hungry guests; from salad to fruit, the polished aluminum bowl in the shape of a row boat holds family-size servings, making it ideal for a get-together over the holidays. There‘s even a pair of wooden ‘oars’ for serving tools.


Cupcake Bouquet Rack

You’ve spent the afternoon in the kitchen (or at the grocery store), so show off your efforts with this cupcake display stand. With this bouquet rack, you can arrange your beautifully frosted cupcakes to look like flowers, before putting them in a pot to make an edible centerpiece for your table.


Picnic at Ascot Cheese Board

The wine is flowing, which means it’s time for cheese. Impress your guests with this bamboo cheese board; with a curved well for crackers, pile up the board with cheese and accompaniments. There’s also a concealed drawer with 4 stainless steel tools so cheese lovers can get to work.


Hamsa Mezze Server

Handcrafted in Tunisia, this vibrant serving platter will receive just as many compliments as the food. Inspired by the ancient Hamsa symbol, which is said to bring happiness, health, and good fortune, the clay dish with 5 removable sections makes a thoughtful gift for your host.


Periodic Table of States Platter

Cooking is a chemical reaction, so what better gift can you give to food-loving science geeks than this periodic table serving platter? But rather than gases or liquids, the elements in the scientific table are objects (edible or otherwise) that represent your host’s home state, from pizza to the Statue of Liberty.


Baum Dishwasher Safe Ceramic Serveware/Bakeware

Whether you’re feeding guests at a party or your kids at dinner time, don’t be shown up by clashing tableware. With this set of 6 beautiful black and white stoneware dishes, you can serve a variety of food fresh from the oven to your (coordinated) table.

Prices Vary

Parlor Ice Cream Mixing Set

Nobody enjoys a DIY dessert more than the host; with this mixing set, guests can get creative making the toppings for frozen yoghurt or ice-cream. There’s a marble slab for mixing, as well as 3 ceramic dishes to hold chocolate chips, dried fruit and more for a sweet end to the night.


Gibson French Fry Holder & Ketchup Cups Set

Elevating the humble French fry, these ceramic, cone-shaped holders with wire basket stands make the perfect gift for a host who manages to make a home-cooked meal look like it’s come out of a professional kitchen. The set of 2 also includes 2 ceramic ketchup pots.


Ceramic Shell Condiment Dish

Perfect for a nautical-themed party, or just as an ornament for your bathroom, this shell-shaped serving dish is sure to be a conversation starter. Handmade from clay with a satin finish, fill it up with nuts or candy to create an original centerpiece for the table.


Wavy Flower Bowls

It may be cold outside, but this glass serving dish will bring a touch of spring to the table. A computer-generated, silkscreen image is printed on to the glass plate, before it’s “slumped” (like your party guests at the end of the night) in a kiln to give it the characteristic, uneven edge.


Recycled Wine Bottle Platter with Spreader

While you may toss out your empty wine bottles without thinking any more about them, Val Huegerich has a vision to turn your trash in to these stunning serving dishes. Complete with a cork-topped spreader, the handmade dish makes the perfect gift for wine lovers.


Scallop Shell Shaped Serving Bowl

Hold it to your ear and you’ll hear the ocean… or just get a bowl of nuts in your face. A beautiful gift for your host, the scalloped serving dish can be used to hold snacks at a party – and even as an ornament after the guests have gone home.


Serving Dish

Guests can get saucy with this set of 4 ceramic dipping bowls. Made in Japan, each of the dishes has a different patterned design in white and blue, and they come packaged in a gift box ready to give as a ‘thank you’ to your host.


Footed Serving Bowl

After knocking back the Champagne, the guests might be struggling to stand on their feet, but this footed serving bowl will still be standing tall. Starting out as a single block of clay, the hand-thrown bowl has been lovingly sculpted to create a stable-bottomed dish for snacks or fruit.


Stainless Steel Taco Holder Stand

Tacos are guaranteed to get the party going. But with their crisp shells packed with guacamole and cheese, they can be difficult to serve. Come to your amigo’s rescue with this stainless steel taco holder – with this pack of 4, they won’t have to worry about their guests losing the fillings on the floor.


Peanut Snack Bowl

If you know someone who’s nuts about, well, nuts, they won’t be able to get enough of this peanut snack bowl. Perfect for a party, they might find this two-piece aluminum server somehow makes it on to the end table while they’re alone watching TV, too…


Reclaimed Cheeseboard & Cloche

Showcase your selection of cheese (and feel righteous as you help to save the planet) with this reclaimed wooden cheeseboard with recycled glass cloche. Crafted by hand in Hungary, each item is unique, making it a one-of-a-kind gift for a cheese lover (and that includes you).

Prices vary

Sea Stone Oven-to-Table Platter

Bread, scones, cookies… You can’t beat them when they’re warm straight out of the oven. This reclaimed granite oven-to-table platter ensures that the food you serve will stay warm for longer, whilst also filling your home with a sweet, satisfying smell to welcome your guests (who needs a $100 candle?).


Ceramic Sushi Plate with Dipping Saucer

Is there anything more tempting than a plate of fresh, vibrant sushi? From sashimi to maki, display it on this white, ceramic plate, which also has a dipping saucer on the side. And if your guests have a fear of anything fishy, you can also use it to serve chips.


Custom Bourbon Barrel Lazy Susan

While you don’t want to suggest that your host is lazy, this Susan is a gift that will take the stress out of entertaining. With a 1,000-pound capacity, they can pile it high with snacks to get a 5-star review from their guests. Plus, you can also personalize the design with your host’s name.


3 Tier Rectangular Serving Platter

After spending the day in the kitchen, your host can be sure that their hard work is recognized with this stackable serving platter. What’s more, they can serve savory and sweet snacks together with the smart, 3-tiered design (saving them from spending the evening in the kitchen too).


3 Unique Diy Serving Dishes

Diy Elevated Dip & Chip Bowl

Share this DIY chips and dip serving bowl idea with your host to guarantee that you’re invited back again; using just a large glass bowl and a martini glass, they can create a chic serving stand… which can also be used as a drinking vessel later on.

Diy Dinosaur Serving Dish

Not just for a kid’s party, this DIY dinosaur serving dish is sure to get the conversation going. Made from an upcycled melamine plate, you can adapt the design to fit with any theme, giving your host a surprise when you turn up on the doorstep with this gift.

Diy Party Serving Dishes

You don’t need to spend a fortune on tableware to impress your party guests this New Year. Check out this post to see how you can make high-end looking glassware for your desserts using plastic bowls and glasses from Dollar Tree, and even empty baby food jars.

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