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31 Gag Gifts and Party Favors for Your Upcoming New Year’s Party

There are lots of elements that can make a party great, and party favors are just one of these all important components. If you are hosting one for New Year’s Eve, have a read through this list of gag gifts and party favors that all of your guests will absolutely adore.

Head into the New Year with style when you kit out your NYE party with any of the fun items from this collection.

Big Betty Extra Large XL Champagne Flute Glass

There are some excuses for drinking champagne that are simply better than others…New Year’s Eve being one of them. If you are looking for a fun gift to give to a loved one just before the countdown, consider investing in this beautiful champagne glass that can actually hold an entire bottle!


NSFW Fortune Cookies

Everybody loves fortune cookies, but whether they are after the fortune or just the flavor we will never know. With these hilarious and not suitable for work fortune cookies, it’s the fortunes that everybody will be after! Full of insults and comical predictions, they’ll go down a treat at your NYE party.


Midnight Gold New Years Party Kit

At the stroke of midnight, merriment and joy will spread throughout the venue in which you celebrate this great event. With enough stuff to kit out 50 people, this brilliantly exciting New Year’s party kit is a fun and novel way to make the night all that more special.


Hoffmaster New Year’s Silver Holographic Party Kit

Are you expecting around 20 people at your party at the end of this year? Wonderful, because you and your friends and family members will be able to see in the new year in style thanks to this awesome Hoffmaster NYE party set that contains hats, tiaras, horns, and more.


New Year’s Bright Showboat Party Assortment

The changing of the calendars is the perfect occasion for a little bit of ‘over the top’. If you are hosting a party and would like enough fun accessories and party favors for everybody, all you need to do is pick up this whopping collection of hats, metallic beads and more…all of which are super colorful.


New Year’s Eve Party Mini Favor Boxes

With the mindset that your resolutions do not need to start until the morning after, NYE can become a whole lot more fun. These brilliantly decorated and glittery candy boxes are an ideal way to serve snacks in a fun and engaging manner that your friends will love.


Ocean Line Glittered Happy Year Star Sunglasses

The night just would not be the same without a pair of these bad boys sitting on your nose. Celebrate the end of one era and the beginning of another by picking up these glittered glasses that read ‘Happy New Year’ within a star. Great for pictures or simply because.


Happy New Year Decorations

Wow, make the entire neighborhood jealous of your celebratory get together by picking up a set of these wonderful decorations in time for 31st December. With a black, white and gold theme throughout, the selection of lanterns, fans and banners will turn your property into a party.


Light Up LED New Year’s Eve Party Novelty Glasses

Novelty glasses are awesome – they are not the kind of thing that you think you need until you see them. Now that you have seen these, you will have to buy yourself a pack of four pairs in time for the big countdown! With mixed colors and LEDs, you’ll ‘see’ in the new year in style.

Prices Vary

Konsait 2019 New Year Balloons

Balloons are a must have item at any and every celebration, everyone knows it! If you have been hunting for the ultimate balloon to accompany your groovy get together, take a look at this. Made from gold foil, this enormous ‘2019’ balloon can be paired with others (included) to make a spectacular sight.

Prices Vary

Black 2019 Balloons Decorations

It wouldn’t be an occasion without a balloon to commemorate it. If your color scheme this NYE is black and red, this set of awesome and truly exciting helium balloons is just the ticket to turn your party into an unforgettable event. High quality and seriously striking, they need to be seen to be appreciated fully.


Baily’s Fortune Cookies

Between the 12th month and the 1st month, there is a special occasion that we all love: New Year’s Eve. If you are trying to think of a way that you can make this fun event even more fun, consider grabbing some fortune cookies. Full of traditional and favored fortunes, everyone will enjoy them.


Fetti New Years Eve Party Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are a great way to get both children and adults alike involved in some harmless, decorative fun. With enough holiday tattoos to kit out everyone at your get together, you’ll all be walking around with fun, New Year’s inspired tattoos for the whole night.

Prices Vary

Decorating Party Kit

Ideally suited for 10 guests, this brilliant party kit is ready and raring to get to work making the end of 2018 a truly remarkable date to remember fondly. Containing tin foil hats, streamer throws, tiaras, noisemakers and more, all of your guests are guaranteed to have a great time.


RINCO Years Eve 2019 Party Glasses

Available in an assortment of colors and arriving in a pack of 12, these NYE party glasses are as novel as they are comical; they will bring a new element of fun to your party. When the clock hits midnight, imagine the photo opportunity as you look around and see everyone wearing glittery 2019 frames.


Forget Last Year New Year Embroidered Toilet Paper

Are you looking to make someone laugh with a New Year’s gift this holiday season? Perfect, then take a look at this. As comical as they come, this roll of toilet paper is unlike any other in the sense that it has been embroidered with the words ‘forget last year’s crap new year’.



Bubble wands are brilliant, period. Whether you have a party full of children or adults at your end of year celebrations, they will appreciate the inclusion of these delicate spheres. With this collection of 40 colorful wands, you can ensure that bubbles are flying everywhere (and not just in your glass) as the clock counts down.


New Year Embroidered Toilet Paper

New Year’s is a great time to give gifts, especially if the gift you are giving is this toilet paper roll. With a hilarious message embroidered onto the paper, you can ensure that the recipient will laugh themselves all the way to the loo when you give it to them.


New Year Gold Foil Room Decorating Kit

With 28 foil decorations in each pack, this kit is the perfect tool for you to transform an ordinary room into a spectacular place to host an event. As the calendar replaces the 18 with a 19, you and your guests will be having a ton of fun surrounded by black, silver, and gold.


BinaryABC Happy New Year Picture Frame

Would you love for all of your friends and family to remember this NYE in a fond way? Give them a permanent reminder in the form of pictures by supplying them with this brilliant picture frame prop. With the words ‘Happy 2019’ on the frame, your guests will be queuing up to take a snap.

Prices Vary

2019 New Years Photo Booth Props Kit

Photo booths are great, but what is one thing that will make your photo experience better at your gathering? Props. With this collection of wonderful props, you can ensure that your guests have access to fun and exciting New Year’s Eve themed pictures all night long.


New Years Printed Crackers

Who said that crackers were just for Christmas? They really aren’t! This NYE, treat everyone at your party to the fun that can be had from pulling a cracker. With 8 different sorts in a pack, decorated in silver and gold, you’ll really be able to see in the New Year with a bang.


Neliblu Add Life to The Party Maracas

People tend to make a lot of noise when they are having fun; we all know it, right? If you are trying to find a way that your guests can make as much merriment and noise as they like, pick up a set of these highly colored and ready to shake maracas. Ariba!


The Grand Asst New Years Party Kit

Every party should be able to benefit from the addition of accessories, right? Especially when the party is as big as one celebrating the new year. With enough stuff for 100 guests, this collection of hats, tiaras, horns and more will ensure that everyone is in the spirit of merriment.


Kidsco Black School Cowbell

Want to make a lot of noise at the stroke of midnight? What about the people that you are celebrating with, would they also enjoy that? With thanks to these Kidsco cowbells, you can make a ton of terrific noise whenever you like, and with 6 in a pack, what’s not to love?


Glitter Fringed Metalic Noisemaker

With colorful, glittery, metallic fringing throughout, these wonderfully exciting noisemakers are ready to take over your NYE. Measuring in at 7” in length, the high pitched instruments will be a great way to bring a new level of enjoyment to your festivities (and your neighborhood).


Fun Little Toys Halloween Glow Sticks

Do you know anyone that does not like glow sticks? Neither do we. For your New Year’s Eve celebrations to be a success, you need to call in the help of this awesome job lot of the colorful creations. With 200 glow sticks and a range of cool connectors, the colorful fun will never end.


Confetti Cannons

Everyone will know it’s a celebration when they see the introduction of confetti! Save your guests from throwing the fun stuff themselves and instead purchase a set of these confetti cannons. Simply twist the bottom and out come the streamers, shooting 10 feet in the air!


LUOEM Happy New Year Eyeglasses

Gold, glittery glasses: the 3 G’s that will turn any and every New Year’s Eve get together into a real shindig. With 10 in a pack, they can be used as a photo prop or simply an accessory, and are as comfortable as they are cool to wear, making your guests a real ‘sight’ to behold.


Koogel Party Whistles

Arriving in a wild selection of colors and patterns, this multi pack of 100 musical blowers is an ideal choice if you are looking for a way to bring a fun and exciting atmosphere to the end of your year. Give them to guests and watch as their faces light up with joy.


Beads Necklaces With Super Sized Charms

Perfect for both New Year’s and a whole range of other occasions, these ‘Mardi Gras’ beads have been designed for celebrations. With a range of different pendants attached to the ends of the colorful beads, these 36 necklaces will be a guaranteed hit at your event.

Prices Vary

3 Diy New Year’s Eve Party Favors They’ll Love

Diy New Year’s Eve Midnight Kisses Party Favor

Party favors will never be an overrated part of special events, especially when they are homemade. If you like the idea of creating your very own, all you need to do is follow this link and find out how to make NYE midnight kisses for all of your friends and family.

Diy New Year’s Eve Fortune Cookie Party Favor

Fortune cookies are great; however, DIY fortune favors are even greater. If you would love to find a special way to treat your guests at the end of this year, consider creating your own, personal party favors that come complete with good fortune ready for 2019.

Diy NYE Confetti Fortune Pockets

We all want our loved one’s lives to be filled with good fortune, happiness, and merriment, right? If you are wondering how you can help this to happen, have a read of the following article and find out how you can make DIY NYE confetti fortune pockets which are truly effective.

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