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38 Screech-worthy Mermaid Gifts – Cute Mermaid Tails, Dolls and Toys

Mermaid fans will screech with delight when they set eyes on any one of these incredible mermaid gifts, which include tails for swimming or snuggling, dolls for cuddling, and bath bombs for bubbling, as well as the most adorable toys and jewelry, and maiden of the sea clothing so they can declare their love for these beautiful free-spirited water babies to the entire world.

The best mermaid gifts for the mermaid obsessed.

The Mermaid Handbook

This book will satisfy even the most ardent of mermaid fans as it’s packed with facts, figures, trivia and tales, along with incredible mermaid-themed projects they can make for the home.

Prices Vary

Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray

Even without the aqua coloring she can still add a mermaid vibe to her tresses with this sea salt hair spray, which creates texture and volume in even the straightest of locks.

Prices Vary

Mermaid Plush Backrest

She may not have a watery throne to sit on, but this plush backrest is the next best thing, and it comes in 4 stunning colors which change with a stroke of the hand.


Mermaids Adult Coloring Book

Water is calming, and coloring-in is calming, so when you put them together in one beautiful mermaid coloring book, you know you’re giving someone the ultimate gift of Zen.

Prices Vary

Body Glove Adult Mermaid Linden Monofin

Make like a mermaid or merman with one of these awesome and uber cool monofins, which attach to the feet to enable them to swim just like they were born underwater.


Mermaid Makeup Brushes

Mermaids have flawless faces, and now humans can too with this set of pretty make up brushes, which have beautiful green and purple mermaid’s tails instead of boring old standard handles.

Prices Vary

Bath and Body Works Mermaid Lagoon 3-Wick Candle

A beautiful addition to the bedroom or bathroom, this candle from Bath and Body Works brings the colors of the deep blue sea to the home, along with the scent of a mermaid lagoon.


Mermaid Knee High Stocking

Sometimes a tail just isn’t practical, so for those times when she’s confined to land, these socks will keep her legs looking just as colorful and magical as the real thing.


Mermaid Tail Soap

Perfect for an under-the-sea themed party, this set of 10 soaps have been fashioned to look exactly like magical mermaids’ tails, and make delightful party favor (or keep them all yourself!).


Mermaid Shell Jewelry Box

Absolutely exquisite, this jewelry box has been created in the shape of a shell and depicts a beautiful blue-haired mermaid on the lid, along with other under the sea treasures.


Mermaid Crown

Every girl deserves a crown, and this one is absolutely stunning. Handmade in California, it features airbrushed seashells, rhinestones, pearls, and tiny seed beads to bring the whole thing together perfectly.


SEA-TOX Mer-mazing Face Sheet Mask

Give her the means to detox with Sea-Tox, the ocean inspired face mask which is infused with the nourishing riches of the ocean to give her a complexion a mermaid would envy.

Prices Vary

Mermaid Scale Stud Earrings

Mermaid gifts come in all shapes and sizes, and these delightful antique gold-tone stud earrings are made with beautiful blue-green ‘scales’ which shimmer and shine when the light catches them.


The Original Mermaid Bracelet

The perfect gift for fidgets and sea-maid lovers alike, this gorgeous cuff is covered in reversible aqua blue sequins which transform into purple with a stroke of the hand.


Mermaid Candle

With a 60 hour burn time, the Mermaid Candle will infuse her room with the scent of the ocean – orange blossom, tropical coconut, and the added aroma of sun-warmed golden sands.


Mermaid Tail Kids Blanket

Available in both adult and child sizes, they can channel their inner merperson with this hand-crocheted blanket which envelops their legs in a beautifully cozy and colorful cotton mix tail.


Mermaid Scale Soft Throw Blanket

Made from super soft microfiber, this delightful blanket has been inspired by the colorful scales on a mermaid’s tail, and is perfect for keeping on the couch or bed for those chillier evenings.

Prices Vary

Mermaid Yoga Mat

Bring the relaxing vibes of the ocean to the yoga studio with a mat which is covered in scales of the most beautiful shades of blue, and comes with a handy carry strap.

Prices Vary

I'm Really A Mermaid Sweatshirt

Let her announce her real identity to the world with a simple but comfortable sweatshirt which tells everyone that she’s really a mermaid, because even sea-people have dress-down Fridays.


Adult Mermaid Tail Crochet Blanket

Available in four ocean-inspired colors, this oversized mermaid tail blanket measures 75” x 35.5” with a wave-like texture, and comes with a free mermaid necklace and Laghcat backpack.


Mermaid Tail Coffee Mug

Add a touch of magic to the kitchen with a 6oz mug which has been shaped like a mermaid’s tail in a vibrant and calming blue, and finished with a high-gloss glaze.


Mermaid Tail for Swimming and Monofin

Make all her dreams come true with her very own mermaid’s tail which is available in a range of stunning colors, and allows her to swim like a real-life child of the sea.

Prices Vary

Olivia Burton Mermaid Bracelet Watch

She can keep an eye on the time when she’s land-bound with this stunning watch – the pearl accents and blue face are set beautifully onto a rose gold strap with shimmering seashell details.


Mermaid Scale Tattoo Tights

Handmade to order, these nylon and lycra tights come in a ‘nude’ color, with an utterly stunning mermaid tail pattern in blue or green from the ankle to above the knee.


Mermaid Detox Face Mask

Infused with seaweed, plants, tea, and clay, Captain Blankenship’s detoxing face mask will deep cleanse her skin to give her a by-the-beach complexion and outdoorsy, healthy glow.

Prices vary

Mermaid Sculptural Floor Lamp

A real statement piece, this is no ordinary lamp. Held up by a beautiful, almost life-sized mermaid, the illuminated bowl will light up the room with an ethereal, gentle glow.


How to Catch a Mermaid

Filled with delightfully enchanting illustrations, this rhyming book tells the tale of one little girl’s quest to find and capture the elusive mermaid to be her new best friend.


Mermaid Song Bath Bomb

Give her some me-rmaid time with these beautiful, handmade bath bombs: once melted, these vegan bombs will infuse the water with swirls of oceanic colors and a swathe of biodegradable glitter.


Mermaid Scale Pop Socket

Popsockets make texting much easier, as they provide a more secure grip on our devices. This one comes in a beautiful mermaid scale design to add a touch of magic to messaging.


Mermaid Graphic Tee

This beautiful t-shirt is fit for royalty, and is beautifully illustrated with a traditional mermaid queen as she plucks a pearl from a shell deep beneath the ocean waves.


Secretly A Mermaid Pencils

These pencils come as singles or in sets and make a fun addition to anyone’s stationary collection, as the deep purple background is embossed in gold with a fun mermaid-themed phrase.


Boho Black And White Mermaid Mug

With highly unusual graphics, this black and white ceramic mug holds up to 12oz of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate, and features a mermaid swimming in the ocean, and an inspirational quote.


Mermaid Mug

How cute is this mug? Made from ceramic, this stunning mug has beautiful aqua blue scales all over, and is finished off with a golden mermaid tail handle.


Mermaid Squad Shirt

Whether it’s a girls’ night in or for members of a hen party, this mermaid squad t-shirt is available in a choice of colors and has a colorful graphic on the front.


Mermaid Magic Crystal Sal Soak

Team Himalayan sea salt with rose quartz and you have a magical combination. This bath soak uses both, along with essential oils, Epsom salts, and mica powder for a touch of mermaid shimmer.


Mermaid Tail Pendant Necklace

If they love the ocean but prefer their mermaid memorabilia to be a little less vibrant, this plain silver pendant features a beautiful tail and hangs on an 18” sterling silver chain.


Mermaid Handmade Glass Cups

This pair of handmade glass cups are perfect for hot and cold drinks, and will make an unusual addition to her collection as they feature a detailed mermaid’s tail on each one.


Mermaid Sleeveless Short Tank Dress

She’ll be able to rock the ocean nymph look all summer long in this gorgeous and very cute tank dress. It comes in 8 beautiful colors in an all-over tail scale pattern.

Prices Vary

15 Diy Mermaid Gift Ideas

Diy Magic Mermaid Tails

Look how pretty these mermaid tails are! Even better, you can make them at home using polymer clay, gems, glitter, clear gloss glaze, and eyeshadow (yes, you did read that right!)

Mermaid Plush Dolls

This free downloadable pattern makes it easy for you to create one of these adorable dolls, and all you’ll need is fabric, yarn, and a few embellishments to add some mer-magic.

Diy Mermaid Tail Blanket

Mermaid tail blankets are everywhere, but if you don’t fancy a knitted one, how about making your own using beautifully-patterned fleece fabric, sewing supplies, and this free downloadable pattern.

Diy Little Mermaid Mason Jar Light

Although this tutorial calls for a Cricut machine, you could cut the Ariel shape from vinyl by hand before affixing it to a glass jar, and adding an LED light and sea-colored pebbles.

No-sew Diy Felt Mermaid Pillow

Keep the mermaid vibe alive and kicking, or flipping, with this no-sew cushion cover, which can be made using a rainbow of colored felt ‘scales’, or color coordinated to match the bedroom décor.

Diy Mermaid Sugar Scrub

There’s something magical about mermaid colors, and this homemade coconut oil sugar scrub will add a beautiful oceanic feel to shower or bath time while leaving her with silky soft skin.

Ombre Mermaid Soap

Buy yourself the Mermaid Soap Kit and you’ll have all the ingredients you’ll need to create these stunning ombre soap bars which will add sparkle and magic to her bathroom.

Seashell Fairy Lights

Head to the nearest beach to collect a stash of sea shells, and you will have the makings of the most stunning lights you’ll ever see – just add fairy lights and you’re done.

Seashell Mermaid Crown

Turn a simple store-bought tiara into a stunning seashell crown by adding shells, rhinestones, glitter, and pearls, for a headpiece that would grace any mermaid’s head.

Diy Mermaid Shell Hair Clip

Perfect for beach parties or ‘just because’, this seashell hair clip is utterly stunning and can be made using acrylic paint and glitter to create that magical mermaid effect.

Diy Clay Mermaid Box

Get clever with the clay to turn a bog standard paper mache box into a jewelry box any mermaid would be proud of, by making scallop shapes from ocean colored clays.

No-churn Mermaid Ice Cream

Perfect for a party or a girls’ night in, this no churn ice cream can be made by swirling differently-colored homemade ice creams into one tin, and adding pearly sprinkles and shimmery edible glitter.

Mermaid Candy Bark

Candy melts come in all kinds of colors, so grab a few mermaid-hued ones and get to work creating this simple candy bark to eat while watching The Little Mermaid.

Diy Mermaid Bath Bombs

There’s no such thing as too much glitter, and she’ll certainly shine when she bathes with one of these beautiful mermaid bath bombs which turn the tub into a shimmering pool.

Painted Mermaid Vase

Turn a plain glass vase into a totally unique one by downloading the pattern for this pretty mermaid’s tail, and hand-painting the design in magical underwater colors.

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