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14 Gifts for Cat Lovers under $10

Some of the best gifts for cat lovers don’t have to cost a paw and a tail. These gifts all clock in at $10 or less and will be well-received by those fond of felines.

14 Cool Gifts for Cat Lovers- under 10 dollars.

Cat Video Clapper Board

Here’s the best way to start off a video of your cat, it’s a mini clapper board like the kind they use for Hollywood movies. You can set the scene and watch them do their cat-errific moves. All that’s required is calling “Action!” and giving them the spotlight.


Mini Grumpy Cat Plush

This is a way to take Grumpy Cat with you wherever you go. He won’t be very happy about it, as he’s flopping along attached to your bag or purse, but he’ll get over it. Or maybe he won’t, because he’s Grumpy Cat.


Cats Are Like Potato Chips Sign

The perfect sign for someone that has more than one cat. You can get this for the cat lover that has two cats, because they’re on their way to “Crazy” status. Or you can get someone with 3 or more cats because they’re pretty much outnumbered.

Prices Vary

Cat Food Scented Soap

If you really want cats to be attracted to you and crave your petting, wash your hands in this cat food scented soap. It actually does the job of cleaning your hands, but be careful because you might not be able to get away from kitty when you use it.


I Love Cats Mug

Felix the Cat guest stars on this mug that pretty much sums things up for the typical cat lover. A simple I Love Cats is all that is needed to get the message across. The perfect mug for drinking coffee and getting the morning snuggle in.


Crazy Cat Lady Candy

This candy works best for the self-described Crazy Cat Lady. They have to be self aware in order for it to be funny, and be able to take a joke. The candy is meant to be eaten by humans, not cats, and she can eat her candy while she pets her many, many cats.


Watchful Cat Wall Decal

This wall decal looks good in a range of different decors, and is reasonably priced. Once it is hung on the wall it looks as good as any other piece of art. It can work in a retro themed room, and lets everyone know you’re fond of cats.


Mystery Cat Purse Hook

Use this purse hook to hold your purse when you’re sitting at a table. The tail of the cat hangs over the edge and acts as a hook. When not in use it clips to the purse so that it’s always there when you need to use it.

Prices Vary

Unicorn Horn for Cats

Words can’t really capture this gift for cat lovers, it’s the sort of thing that they’ll either love or find totally baffling. If they have their own unicorn horn (pictured) there’s a big chance that they wouldn’t mind putting one on kitty too.


Meow Cross-Stitch Bowl

Here’s the perfect water bowl for kitty, with a cross-stitched meow at the bottom of it. When you fill the bowl with water you can still see the meow in it, and it’s a good way to differentiate between kitty’s bowl and a dog’s bowl.


Feed the Cat Place Mat

Never forget to feed the cat again with the specially designed place mat. Place it under kitty’s food and water dishes and your eyes will be drawn to it when you see it so that you remember to give it food and check the status on the water.


Siamese Cats Salt and Pepper Shakers

These two Siamese cats look extra cute, especially when they face each other to make it look like they’re kissing. It adds just the right amount of feline flavor to a kitchen, without going overboard. Pass the salt!


Catfeinated Coffee Mug

This coffee mug shows two different cats, one that has a ton of energy and is “catffeinated” and one that is “decatf” and is sleeping. This shows the two most common states of a cat, energy to burn and sleeping multiple times a day.


Kitty Keyholders

These keyholders go over your keys to give each key its own personality. It can be very useful in distinguishing one key from another. It serves as a reminder of your favorite kitty, and if you put more than one on your keyring it’s sure to be a conversation starter.


4 DIY Gifts for Cat Lovers

Rope Scratching Post

Give kitty the satisfying feeling of stretching out their nails with a good scratch on this scratching post made out of rope. No use buying a post from the pet store and paying extra when you can make it from cheaper items and make it again when they wear it out.

Cat Necklace

This necklace is perfect for the cat lover in your life, and is really easy to make, even though when it’s finished it looks like something store bought. It’s a sort of pearl necklace, all white and with a simple yet elegant kitty cat.

Cat Rope Coil Basket

This coil basket has a cute kitty face on one side, and a cute kitty tail on the other. If your cat decides to go in it, as they most surely will once you’re finished, it will make the perfect photo opt for sharing on social media.

Kitties Mug

This randy mug says Show Me Your Kitties, in a racy play on words that is sure to crack people up. The other side of the mug has the silhouette of a kitty, all glittered up just like the phrase. It’s a great way to wake up with a laugh each morning.


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