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19 Funny Gifts for Cat Lovers (Crazy Cat Ladies)

Cat lovers can be quite finnicky when it comes to gifts, but if you get them something cat-related you’re at least going to end up in the right ballpark. These gifts all have that certain something that cat fanatics are looking for: cats! But these represent the funniest ones that will leave smile on their face and make them purr inside.

19 Funny Gifts for Cat Lovers- a.k.a Crazy Cat Ladies (and guys).

Crafting with Cat Hair

Cats tend to produce plenty of cat hair, which means they’ll never be short on material when it comes to this craft book. It shows plenty of different creations they can make using their cats hair. The projects are easy to make, and don’t take up a lot of time.


Big Face Cat T-Shirt

This shirt is all cat, specifically a big cat face with enormous cat eyes that will have other cat lovers swooning over how cute it is. There’s no wasted material here, the entire t-shirt has cat hair all over it, with the cat’s face on the front. Machine wash warm, purr dry.

Prices Vary

Grumpy Cat 2014 Wall Calendar

A full calendar year of Grumpy Cat will start things off right. He’s here in all his grumpy glory, with his standard grumpy face, and biting kitty commentary. Chances are if they love cats they’re aware of Grumpy Cat, but you’ll have to decide if they’ll like this grumpy guy for 12 entire months.

Prices Vary

Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

Crazy Cat Lady comes alive, at least in action figure form. Everything you need to carry out the antics of a crazy cat lady comes right in the box, including more cats that one person can legitimately handle. It will give them a reminder that 6 cats is too many, so hopefully they’ll cap it at a reasonable number.


I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats

This book of poems is aptly named, because cats really could pee on anything they wanted all around your home, but are nice enough to confine it to the litter box. It’s gems like these that help them get into the mentality of a cat, and appreciate them even further.


Cat Butt Magnet Set

This is a silly gift to give anyone, but is perhaps best suited for someone that likes cats. There’s still no guarantee that they’ll like cat butt magnets, but you never know. This is more of a gag gift to give to someone that really likes cats, so don’t be offended if they refuse to hang these on their refrigerator.



Everyone’s favorite board game has been cat-ified, but still follows the same Monopoly set-up and objective. But now the properties all have feline-based names, and the game pieces have been replaced with cat-related items. For example, the classic GO! space has been replaced with SCAT!, Jail has become Water, and the properties are different cat breeds.


Emergency Meow Button

What’s a Crazy Cat Lady to do when she’s away from her kitties but needs a reassuring meow to make it through the day? This emergency meow button is the answer, sounding off a meow at the press of a button. It’s battery operated so it can be placed anywhere it’s needed.

Prices Vary

Cats: The Musical

The quintessential cat musical is simply named Cats and features performers totally in character as cats. The realistic movements they make and actions they take is mesmerizing, and any bona fide cat lover will appreciate this as a thoughtful gift. This musical gets rave reviews, and the performance recorded on this DVD is regarded as one of the best.


Grumpy Cat No Mug

If you know they’re a grump before they’ve had their first cup of coffee in the morning, this Grump Cat mug is just the gift for them. It features everyone’s favorite grumpy cat with his classic downtrodden face. Let’s just hope they get a little more cheery after they’ve had a cup.

Prices Vary

Cat Umbrella with Sound

If there were an award for cutest umbrella, this one might take the cake. It not only looks like a cute little kitty, it makes a meow sound as well which completes the package. It has ears that come off of the umbrella, and features a pink heart nose as well as whiskers.

Prices Vary

Lil’ BUB’s Lil Book

BUB has been dubbed the cutest cat in the world by Good Morning America, and she now has her own book. Cat lovers will get a kick out of all the different poses and captions there are, and with her big green eyes she’s definitely going to win some hearts.


Happy Habitat for Indoor Cats

This is like a tent made just for indoor cats to be able to enjoy the outdoors. It’s made so they can get fresh air and enjoy the sunshine, without worrying if they’ll get lost or attacked by other animals, or wander into the street. It’s made to be durable so even if they claw at it, it won’t tear.


Crazy Cat Lady Game

Here’s a game that cat lovers can play, whether or not they are actually crazy cat ladies. The game actually encourages excessive cat ownership, as the player with the most cats at the end of the game is declared the winner. Too bad it doesn’t work like that in the real world.


Cat Earphone Jack Plug Cap

This cute little smartphone accessory will have them saying awww a lot. It goes right into the earphone jack, so it stays nice and secured to the phone, and makes it look like the little kitty is hanging out at the top of the phone.

Prices Vary

I Am Pusheen the Cat

If they don’t know of Pusheen the Cat you’ll be introducing them to something they will soon love. If they’re already a Pusheen fan you’ll be getting them something they’ve probably been wanting. Either way you’ll come out a gifting champ and they’ll love you forever.


Ultimate Cat Castle

Anyone that has a cat or two (or three or more!) is going to be glad you got them this posh cat castle. It features three towers for them to enjoy a skyrise view, as well as two cubby holes for them to hide in. There’s plenty of dangly toys, and it’s lined with a nice scratchable material for their claws.


Talking Soft Kitty Doll

Fans of The Big Bang Theory will love this Soft Kitty talking doll which is pulled right from the TBBT script. Whenever they want to sing the song the kitty will sing along with the push of a button. They can play the part of Sheldon or Penny and feel good when they’re feeling sick.


How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You

Get a heads up on your cat’s dastardly plans with this book. It includes a comic detailing how to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you, plus plenty of other high quality comics that are all cat-related and are sure to have you laughing along and possibly learning something about your cat as well.


8 DIY Gifts for the CCL in Your Life

DIY Cat Tent

Make this cat tent out of an unused t-shirt and you’ll put a smile on the face of the Crazy Cat Lady in your life. This is just the sort of thing cats love, and is sure to become their new favorite hangout spot.

Black Cat Cookies

These are the cookies to make if she has a black cat, and chances are she does if she has multiple cats. They are made out of Oreos, so they’re going to taste great, and they totally look like the back of a cat.

Cat Crack Stick

Cats love playing with sticks like these, so much so that the craft creator dubbed them cat crack sticks. This one is made extra durable so even if they are adult cats that like to play rough they’ll have a hard time breaking this.

Kitties Mug

Here’s a cute mug all about kitties. It has a sort of Mardi Gras feel to it, and is a bit racy with its double entendre, but will likely be appreciated by a cat lover. It’s totally dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to worry about it coming undone.

DIY Catnip Toys

Cats on catnip are a lot of fun to watch, and these toys will definitely get played with because they are infused with it. They’ll bat the toys around, rub their faces on it and more when they see the reaction it has.

Crafty Cat Lady T-Shirt

She’ll be able to wear it loud and proud with this Crazy Cat Lady t-shirt. It can be changed to Crafty Cat Lady if she’s also into crafts, and chances are she is. Put the design on any colored t-shirt you think would look best on her.

DIY Catscraper

What do you call a cardboard skyscraper built for cats? A catscraper of course. That’s the idea behind this DIY cat scratching post. It doesn’t just serve a useful function, it looks cooler than most cat posts and is made from unused cardboard.

Kitty Flats

Help her go all out and earn the title of Crazy Cat Lady with this kitty flats. They are shoes that look like two black kitties staring up at the world. It’s a sure way to let everyone know of her affinity for cats, and to create a fashion disaster.


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