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33 Zombie Gifts for Lovers of the Undead

These zombie gifts were all hand-picked using our braaaiiinnns. They’re sure to make the zombie-lover in your life ecstatic when they open them.

33 Zombie Gifts- for lovers of the undead.

1. Zombie Back Scratcher

Need a helping hand to reach that itchy spot? Since you can’t rip your own arm off to get the job done, it’s nice to have this handy. And hey, the original owner doesn’t need it anymore, so no harm done. Mortify your friends when they see you reach scratched-back nirvana with this dismembered arm.


2. The Zombie Survival Guide

This is the book you’re going to want to own if you want to be fully prepared for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Meant as a tongue-in-cheek look at what a zombie attack would actually be like, and how you could cope if it ever did, this is half humor and have instruction book that will make you turn the pages and not even know it.


3. Zombie Garden Gnome

You’ll creep out your other lawn decorations with this scary zombie gnome. He looks like the standard garden gnome, only a bit less animated. This makes for a great year-round lawn ornament, or just something special for the Halloween season. Especially scary at night.


4. Dawn of the Dead on Blu-ray

The best way to view what is often referred to as the best zombie movie of all time is in stunning detail on Blu-ray. Even though it’s over 35 years old this film still stands the test of time and if you or someone you love is a fan of the undead, this is a movie you’ll either already know about, or need to catch up on.


5. Zombie Workplace Humor

Let your coworkers know what you think of the level of smarts around the office. It’s perfectly OK because you are including yourself in the mix, and it’s nice to know that your office space will be safe from zombies since they’ll quickly find out there is no sustenance in the form of brains.


6. Magnetic Zombie Poetry

You’ve likely seen these kinds of magnets on a fridge before, where they let you construct all sorts of phrases. But these are specifically made for the zombie lover out there, and they’re made to sound like things a zombie would say. Lot’s of creative fun available.


7. One Big Happy (Zombie) Family

Riding on the popularity of family car stickers, these take on a whole new meaning by “zombie-fying” them. You can get as details as the family pet in zombie form, and there are even sticker sets that have cute sayings on them to really drive home the point.


8. Truthful Zombie T-Shirt

The old saying “It’s me and you until it’s me or you.” comes to mind here. And in the event of a mob of zombies giving chase, you’re just letting everyone know how you’re going to play it. You won’t make many friends with this shirt, but at least people will know where they stand: hopefully between you and a pack of zombies.

Prices Vary

9. Zombie Jerky

There’s no really good explanation for why they invented something called zombie jerky, but if you or someone you love is a fan of zombies, you kind of have to at least try it. This also makes a great snack for a zombie-themed party. They even explain the thought that went into making it, such as why it’s green in color. BTW: Totally edible.


10. Remote Control Walking Zombie

If you’ve ever wanted to take control of a zombie, this is your chance. This guy can pretty much do it all, well, all the things that a zombie is able to anyway which pretty much is just moaning and doing its best to shuffle along.


11. Glow-in-the-Dark Zombie Set

This set includes a nice assortment of zombies, although not a lot of background information is provided. But since they’re zombies, it doesn’t really matter who they were. You can set up different scenarios for each one, or have them interact with each other. And since they’re glow-in-the-dark they’re even scarier with the lights out.


12. Zombie Pencil Holder

This is a pretty versatile pencil holder, and it can basically serve as a total desk organizer. You can put pens and pencils in their different skull holes, store envelopes in the back of the head, and jam its mouth full of Post-It notes. Finally, a useful zombie!


13. Zombie Attack Reminder Poster

In the event of a zombie attack you won’t have time to wonder what you should be doing. This handy wall poster makes it so you’ll have all of your instructions and rules to follow when panic starts to set in. Readers will be leaders in the post zombie apocalypse, so commit these to memory by reading it daily.

Prices Vary

14. Zombie Coasters

These unique zombie coasters are fun to use at Halloween parties, or can be used all of the time if zombies are your thing. They are made by hand and feature 4 different designs, so it’s not just your cookie cutter coaster here, and since these are original and not mass produced it’s likely you’ll be the only one you know that has them.


15. Zombie Hand Bottle Opener

If the zombie arm back scratcher featured above wasn’t enough of a help, here’s bottle opener you can use to get that non-twist-off bottle top off. This looks rather lifelike, or should we say, unlifelike, and is sure to spark a conversation if you use it to open your friend’s bottle.


16. Zombie Tarot Cards

Get a look at the future zombie invasion with these cards and be more prepared than those around you. These take on the long-standing practice of Tarot card reading and gives it the zombie twist. Not only will you be more prepared, but you’ll also know how it ends and know if it’s worth sticking around for.


17. I’m Fine Zombie Shirt

This shirt shows that you can have a positive mindset right to the end. Unfortunately, you’re definitely not fine with that massive chunk missing out of your side. Worse yet, you’ll probably turn zombie in the next few minutes and cause a problem for the rest of us. But we like your optimism.


18. Zombie Blood Shower Gel

If you’ve ever wondered what sort of products they’d make after the living rise victoriously over an invading zombie population, zombie blood shower gel might be one of them. This comes packaged in an awesome blood packet, featuring what appears to be green zombie blood, but is really fresh-smelling gel ready for use.


19. Cricket Bat

If Shaun of the Dead taught us anything, it’s that a cricket bat doubles as a zombie head splitter. This finely crafted cricket bat has features that are good for a game of cricket, but even better for surviving a zombie horde. This is a full sized bat, so you are going to get a nice, accurate swing with it. You may end up naming it Old Reliable.

Prices Vary

20. Zombie Head Cookie Jar

Here’s a cookie jar for those times when you just feel like zoning out with a handful of cookies. Uncover the top of the skull, and where brains used to be there are now cookies. Gives new meaning to having cookies on the brain! The design on this is great, and it can be your October cookie jar, or your permanent replacement.


21. Keep Calm and Kill Zombies Hoodie

Here’s a nice twist on the popular saying Keep Calm and Carry On, and it will be especially helpful when everyone’s freaking out as the zombies are attacking. But you know that it’s no time to panic, and there’s only one thing that will get you out of this with your life. Where this hoodie as a public service announcement to others.


22. Tactical Vest

When the going gets zombie tough, the tough put on tactical vests. You may have noticed that the guy that makes it out of zombie movies generally has one of these on, and that’s because you can fill them with just about everything you need to survive a bad situation.

Prices Vary

23. Zombie Slippers

Wrap your tootsies in the warm comfort of a zombie’s mouth! Don’t worry, it’s your brains their after and your feet are just serving as a mere appetizer. These horribly ugly slippers will help you shake that zombie feeling in the morning and remind you to make the most of your day among the living.


24. Trucker’s Friend aka Zombie’s Enemy

If zombies had any sense, they’d trudge the other way when they see you wielding this thing. It has tons of different uses, but first glance tells you it can do some major damage to a zombie. Chances are you’ll need its other features as well as the world gets overrun and mayhem ensues.


25. Zombie Monitor Sitters

These cute little zombies sit patiently on your computer monitor and wait for you to finish what you’re doing. Don’t worry, they don’t mind waiting, they’ve got nothing else to do. If you’ve ever wanted some undead company while you work or play at the computer, this is the way to go.


26. Dismember-Me Plush Zombie

Here’s a zombie plush toy that you can take apart, and put back together again in any way you see fit. This makes it one of the more true-to-zombie toys we’ve seen, since you can have him walking along, and then all of a sudden he loses an arm. That sort of thing happens a lot for zombies.


27. Zombie Clock

Is it brains o’clock yet? This clock is rendered in pretty graphic detail, so you’ll always be reminded of a zombies intention each time you check the time. So forget those boring old wall clocks and get something that will creep you out whenever you wonder what time it is.


28. State of Decay

This is one of the best zombie video games for the Xbox and for PCs. The graphics on it are pretty impressive, and it’s designed in an open world so you can explore as much as you want, and watch the story develop around you.

Prices Vary

29. The Last of Us

This is the video game option for those with a PlayStation and not an Xbox. It features similar quality graphics to State of Decay, and is a ton of fun to play.


30. Vegan Zombie Napkins

Last time we checked brains were part of the meat family, so not all zombies are going to want to eat them. What about vegan zombies? Well, it seems they’ve figured out the next best alternative, and wander the earth looking for grains. A zombie you could actually befriend!


31. Zombie Feet Sandals

Feel like looking down and seeing zombie feet? These sandals are for you! They features some pretty corpsey feet, complete with some mangled and disfigured toes.


32. Zombie Survival Kit Storage Box

This is a storage box that can take a beating. You can even bury it in your backyard with necessary munitions as it can hold up to dirt, earthworms, and the like and be ready for you when the Earth gets overrun. Let’s just hope you know what to fill it with in order to survive.


33. Zombie Lunch Box

This is a more lighthearted take on the survival kit storage box above. No one is going to really expect you to pack what you need into a small lunch box. It might be able to get you through lunchtime, but you might be the one the zombies have for dinner…

Prices Vary

8 DIY Gifts for Zombie Lovers

Zombie Brain Cupcakes

Only zombies would love to eat something as gross looking as these zombie brain cupcakes. But once you get past the initial shock of their appearance, they’re actually quite tasty and all of the ingredients go together well.

Zombie Finger Puppets

They’ll be able to have all sorts of zombie fun with these zombie finger puppets. They can move their fingers in a way that mimics the zombie shuffle, or reenact scenes from their favorite movie or TV show.

Knit Zombie Doll

Here’s a cute knit zombie doll that is just too adorable to be scary. But it does have a lot of pretty gross features, including an exposed set of brains through a cracked skull and a string of guts coming out of its stomach.

3D Zombie Cookies

These cookies seem to come alive because there’s a hand reaching up out of a grave and looking for some zombie related activities. There’s a tombstone and a graveyard gate in these elaborate yet easy to make cookies.

Zombie Barbies

Round up those old Barbies and give them a second life as a zombie. You’ve never seen a Barbie that looks like this before, and she may still be looking for her Ken, so she can eat his brains!

Mounted Zombie Head

Here’s a fantastic gift to give a zombie lover. It makes it seem like they’re a successful zombie hunter and they’ve gone through the trouble of mounting a zombie head on their wall. It can be used for Halloween decorations or kept up year round.

Acid Zombie Banner

This banner is a fun decoration for zombie themed parties, or just to have up any time. It spells out brains with some extra a’s so it’s read the way zombies say it. It has a nice two-tone look to it and they show you exactly how to make it.

Zombie No-Carve Pumpkin

You can make an awesome looking zombie pumpkin without touching a knife with this no-carve tutorial. This is a step by step walkthrough that will show you how to get great results even if you’re not very good at carving pumpkins.

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