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14 Must-Try Wine of the Month Clubs from Around the World

When selecting wine of the month clubs, options are boundless. With Pinot Noir’s delightful berry flavors, the full-bodied, savory tastes of Cabernet Sauvignon, or peach overtones in Sauvignon Blanc, wines are meant to be tasted, sampled, and desired. Enjoying a membership will help define, refine, and make the experience divine.

Wine of the month clubs


Fancy a robust Cabernet, a fruity Pinot Noir, or the perfect accompaniment to grilled salmon? Have one or all when you join VineBox and become a member of its renowned Wine of the Month Club. Perfectly suited for a Vintner-in-Training, the offerings are many, the tallies are acceptable, and the tastes are utterly delightful.

Price varies

Platinum Wine Club

For those seeking ultimate enlightenment and incomparably refined joie-de-vivre vintages, membership in the exclusive Platinum Wine Club is a must. Featuring rare, collectible California wines with 90+ ratings – including pre-releases and exclusives for esteemed members – the experience is incomparable for those who appreciate the fine art of wine-making and the incredible savoir-faire of wine itself.

Price varies

Gold Wine Club

Boutique wineries offer their hearts, souls, and personalities in every bottle of medal-winning wine that they craft with love and care. As a member of the Gold Wine Club, join the many who have enjoyed and praised these hard-to-find, family-owned California boutique wines. And, one day in the not-so-distant-future, you could be your own vintner.

Price varies

Uncorked Box

End your quest for perfect gifts for those who love a sip or two of red or sparkly wine and sign up for Uncorked Box. Each month, expect a fun themed package filled with five to seven wine-related items that includes everything from coasters and ornate bottle toppers to seasonal napkins and champagne flutes. Enjoy!

Price varies

Diamond Wine Club

Membership in the Diamond Wine Club includes keen knowledge and appreciation of fine vintages, and exclusivity and limitation of 500 members. The fortunate few are allowed access to 93+ rated, luxury/premium wines crafted by California’s and the world’s most renowned winemakers, and quarterly shipments include two memorable selections, suitable for collecting or high-end celebrating.

Price varies

The Original and Only Wine of the Month Club

Selecting a wine you love is a daunting project, and wine of the month clubs can be, too. Consider joining The Original and Only Wine of the Month Club, where the selections are vast, explanations are easy to understand, and the prices are commensurate with your selection. Great accessories, gifts, and ratings.

Price varies

Pinot Noir Wine Club

Like many who acknowledge a love for Pinots, rejoice in your newfound haven: the Pinot Noir Wine Club. With monthly benefits that include two different bottles of limited production Pinots from California’s top winemakers, you will also enjoy the occasional gift of an acclaimed Pinot from an international winery. Cheers to both!

Price varies


A subscription to this VinoBox will add three bottles of European vintages along with the added personality, wonder, and intrigue of Romanian wines. With an ever-flourishing restoration of its viticulture, Romanian vintages are delightful, fruity, delicious, and well-crafted, with specialties that include Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. One of the world’s best kept secrets.

Price varies

Wine of the Month Club

As you explore affordable and flexible wine of the month clubs, look no further than Great Clubs. The differences with their wine group – beyond a multiplicity of vintage offerings from several continents, their affordability, and ease of search – are their choice of three bottles, delightful gift letters, monthly newsletter, and free shipping! Definitely toast-worthy.

Price varies


Acclaimed across the planet for its outstanding vintages, California is also renowned as America’s largest wine producer. Hardly surprising, given ideal geographical conditions, Mother Nature’s grace, and dedicated vintners. Winc.com celebrates California’s small vineyards with myriad options: one-time, monthly, gifts, and ultra-unique. Sign up and be a member of this contemporary, growing, and hip community.

Price varies

International Wine of the Month Club

Have you had a lifelong desire for a wine cellar? Your desire may have just been fulfilled! Among wine of the month clubs, here you will find international varieties, estate-bottled wines, hard-to-find vintages, cellar notes with detailed information, and four different levels to suit each of your vintage needs, wants, and desires. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Price varies

International Wine Club

Add an international flair to your wine cabinet or cellar with a membership in the aptly-named International Wine Club. Nearly impossible to find outside of the featured country, the specially selected wines include two reds and one white in the monthly shipment, along with a newsletter with details on the wines, winery, region, and more.

Price varies

Garagiste Wine Club

Embrace, endorse, and enjoy the handcrafted delights of independent winemakers by associating within this ultra-special Garagiste Wine Club. Replete with fruity, luscious red wines from California, and gifted with occasional selections from Oregon and Washington, the benefits are many, tastes are abundant, and numbers are precious. Keep these cherished wines to yourself, while you can.

Price varies

Peace Love and Wine

From handcrafted artisanal jewelry, wine accessories, and meditational tools, to scented candles, baking kits, and handmade soaps, Cratejoy offers innumerable opportunities for peace, love, and happiness. With monthly contribution options available and a portion of their profits benefiting charitable organizations, take comfort in knowing that you are taking care of both yourself and others.

Price varies

3 Genius Diy Wine Caddies

Diy Holder for a Wine Bottle and Glasses

Hosting an event and finding yourself having to make multiple trips to replenish empty wine glasses? These easy-to-follow instructions allow for the end of your wine-serving woes with one spot for a full bottle of your favorite vintage, four notches for glasses, and endless opportunities for you to enjoy time with friends, family, and colleagues.

Diy Wine Caddy and YouTube Video

A great do-it-yourself project and optimal gift for those who love all-things-handcrafted, this YouTube video is also designed for Wine-Lovers-On-The-Go. With space for an incredible vintage and four large-stemmed glasses, the wine caddy begs for carrying, possible wrapping – if you are indeed willing to let it go – and just plain filling and re-filling.

Diy Wine Caddy with Glass Holder

Thumbs up to ToolBox Diva for this super easy project. Both affordable – materials are less than $10 – and doable, the plan calls for a caddy that will accommodate your favorite bottle of wine, along with two long stemmed glasses. And, when you gift a dear friend with this hand-crafted wine carrier, expect tears and thanks.

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