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37 Best Gourmet Wine Gift Sets to Buy for Yourself or as a Gift

Wine gift sets have been around for years – they are universally recognized as being one of the best gifts that one can receive! Use this collection of sumptuous sets to satisfy your gift basket buying urges and choose something great and grape themed for your loved ones.

wine gift sets

Wine Aroma Tasting Set

Have you always wanted to have the nose of a wine connoisseur but have never gotten the chance to learn? Now IS that chance. Thanks to this wine aroma tasting set, you will be able to train your nose to become familiar with the different notes that can be found in a bottle of wine.


The Classic Wine Duet

Are you yourself a big lover of the delectable nectar of grapes? Or do you simply know of one? Either way, this classic wine duet is the perfect way to make any and every wine lover happy. With two bottles of delicious Californian wines, along with nibbles and snacks, it is hard to go wrong.

Prices vary

The Premier Selection

The premier selection really is just that, a premier selection of not only wines, but delicious snacks and treats to pair them with. Inside you will discover 3 bottles of premium wine, along with cheese, gourmet caramels, and other delicious accompanying foods. A truly great gift basket.

Prices vary

Around The World Wine Chest

Check out the Around the World Wine Chest if you are searching for a gift for the wine lover in your heart. This world map themed chest comes absolutely bursting with goodies. From two bottles of red wine to smoked salmon and other gourmet treats from around the globe, it really is a treasure chest.

Prices vary

KOVOT Wine Travel Bag and Picnic Set

Do you travel a lot? Or do you simply like to venture out of the home and into the great outdoors in search of the perfect picnic spot? This 9 piece wine travel bag is the perfect companion, as it will stylishly hold not only your wine bottles, but glasses too, and even contains other necessary accessories.

Prices Vary

Robert Mondavi Luxury Gift Basket

Wine gift sets are the perfect choice of present for the person that loves to wine and dine every day. This Robert Mondavi Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 gift basket not only contains a bottle of the wine itself, but also comes with a specially selected collection of snacks and nibbles, all stored in a beautiful basket.

Prices vary

Wine Trio Travel Tote

Take a closer look at this wine trio travel tote if you’re looking for a wine themed gift to buy. Great to look at, this shoulder tote bag is suede in design and comes supplied with your choice of wines. Not only do you get the bottles, you also receive a special collection of wine accessories, too.

Prices vary

Electric Wine Opener with Charger

Wow! Technology really has come a long way. For the perfect wine gift, all you need to do it pick up one of these. In a household that drinks a lot of wine, this electric wine opener opens bottles in as little as 7 seconds and can be recharged, saving lots of time (and effort).


Silver Oak Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Basket

3 delightful bottles of wine are only the start of the goodies that you will discover in this gift basket. Find a Silver Oak Cabernet, an Archery Summit Pinot Noir and a Stag’s Leap Chardonnay nestled comfortably beside cheese, honey, nuts and other various hand selected food goods.

Prices vary

California Classic Wine Basket

Ahh California – this beautiful state produces some fine produce, one of which is wine. This California classic gift basket is home to your selection of both red and white wines, allowing you to tailor the gift to the recipient. They will also enjoy the gourmet goods that are supplied with the wine itself.

Prices vary

Vintners Elite Selection

Beautifully presented for gift giving, this basket of goods is ready to make somebody extremely happy. Included inside you will find a rich Cabernet alongside a crisp and refreshing Pinot Gris – enjoy the wine with some of the very best gourmet sweets, snacks and even coffee around.

Prices vary

Picnic Backpack

Picnics will never be the same again. Thanks to this exciting and extremely deluxe picnic backpack, you will be able to dine in style and comfort every time you step outside. With enough cutlery, plates, napkins and glasses for 4 people, and space for a picnic blanket and bottle of wine, you can’t go wrong.


Merlot Wine Making Kit

Have you ever fantasized about making your very own wine? If you would love nothing more than a home made Merlot, this all in one kit is the way to go. Containing all of the equipment, ingredients and instructions needed, you will have your very own Chilean Merlot in no time.


California White Wine Trio

Do you know someone that really, really loves wine? Who doesn’t? Treat them to one of these Californian white wine trios and they will really, really love you. Containing two hand chosen Chardonnays and one Chenin Blanc all stunningly presented in a wooden wine crate that they can keep forever.

Prices vary

Sparkling Rose Wine Making Kit

A big bottle of sparkling rosé can make just about everything better. If you know someone that can’t get enough, grab them one of these exciting wine making kits and show them that rosé can be enjoyed in more ways than one. With everything needed included, they can make their own wine with ease.


Fit For Royalty Gourmet Basket

Wine gift sets are a sure fire way to make just about anyone happy. If you would like to gift something to a loved one that loves their wine, this basket of gourmet treats, snacks, and other goods is just about fit for royalty and will go perfectly with any and every wine in the world.

Prices vary

Sunset Wine Tote

Do you love long walks in the summer sun? Great; however, your bottle of wine doesn’t. Save your bottle from sweating in the heat with this insulated tote bag that can be worn on the shoulder. Not only can you keep your wine in it, it also comes with glasses, napkins, and even a bottle opener.


Sommeliers Cabernet Sauvignon Selection

Are you a big lover of full bodied, rich and vibrant red wines? You have good taste. This trio of 3 excellent and hand chosen wines would make a perfect gift to either yourself, or maybe a loved one. Presented wonderfully in a wooden crate, it is a simple way to make everything better.

Prices vary

California Wine Quartet

California is home to some of the best wine in the whole world. This gift basket harnesses the power of the Californian sun and contains a quartet of some of the state’s highest regarded wines. Housed in a leather basket, the wines come with an assortment of gourmet snacks and treats.

Prices vary

Pacific Valley Wine Duet With Fine Tools

Wow, not only will this gift taste good, it looks good, too. This leather wine tote looks absolutely amazing and is a definite keepsake. Containing two exceptional wines, alongside a selection of tools, it is an exciting gift that any wine lover would love to receive.

Prices vary

The Secura Premium Stainless Steel Gift Set

If your household drinks a lot of wine, it only makes sense for you to pick yourself up an electric wine bottle opener. The rechargeable, light up bottle opener makes is so much easier to pop open your favorite wines and even comes with a stainless steel ice bucket for keeping your bottles chilled.


Champagne And Confections

Champagne is one of life’s luxuries; if you know somebody that loves to sit down with a tall glass of bubbly, this gift basket could be for them. Containing not only your selection of champagnes, but also decadent and delightful gourmet caramels to go with it, it’s the perfect pairing.

Prices vary

Birthday Wishes Champagne Gift Basket

Say happy birthday with more than just a card this year. If someone in your life is turning 1 year wiser, you can show them just how much you appreciate them by investing in a champagne gift basket. With your choice of champagnes included, the recipient can wash down the included gourmet confections with a tall glass.

Prices vary

Pinot Grigio Wine Making Kit

Wine is enjoyable on many different levels. Simply drinking the wine, tasting all of the different flavor notes of the wine, and even making the wine! Introduce the vino lover that you adore to a Pinot Grigio wine making kit that contains absolutely everything that is needed to get started.


Toast Of California Wine Basket

California accounts for nearly 90 percent of all wine produced in the United States of America, and it really is no wonder why. Sample the tastes of this fruitful state with this wine gift set and make either yourself or someone else very happy with a basket full of 2 California wines and a ton of treats.

Prices vary

Great American Red Wine Trio

Inside this brilliant gift set you will discover 3 bold American 90 point rated reds that will bring a wide range of different flavors into your life. Supplied inside a wooden wine crate (that can be personalized), the 3 bottles will make an excellent present for yourself or for a loved one.

Prices vary

Woven Wine Tote with Glasses

Hand woven, this wine tote is the perfect place for you to store your wine bottle and glasses either outside, at picnics, or simply at home. Designed with space for one bottle of wine and 6 glasses, this wine caddy will revolutionize your drinking experience.


Park Avenue

What do you think of when someone mentions Park Avenue? Class? Elegance? It’s no wonder why this gift basket shares the same name. With 3 delightful bottles of wine included, alongside a wide range of gourmet goods, it would fit right in in any Park Avenue apartment.

Prices vary

Host Wine Freeze Cooling Cups

Your wine drinking experience is about to become a whole lot more enjoyable. From Host Wine comes this pair of wine FREEZE cooling cups – simply place the cups in either the fridge (for the perfect red wine temperature) or in the freezer (for the perfect white). How ‘cool’ is that?


Segura Viudas Champagne And Godiva Chocolates

If you are looking to make a big impression with your next gift, choose one of these exceptional looking gift sets. With a pewter accented bottle of Segura Viudas champagne alongside a box of Godiva’s luxury chocolates, any classy recipient would be lucky to receive it.

Prices vary

Quintessa Meritage Red Cape Cod Luxury Wine Basket

Wine baskets do not get more luxurious than this. The center piece of this brilliant basket is a bottle of Quintessa Meritage Red 2012, alongside an accompanying bottle of Karia Chardonnay. Both wines can be enjoyed with a selection of gourmet snacks that are presented wonderfully with the bottles.

Prices vary

Chocolate & Wine Pairing Set

Would you love to know just what chocolates go with all of the different wines? This fun set will help you enjoy some of the best pairings known to man. With a tasting guide, a wooden cutting board, a serving knife and 4 chocolate bars included, you can open your palette to some exciting new flavors.


Dom Perignon With Personalized Gift Box

Would you like to receive a bottle of Dom Perignon as a gift? Everybody would. Treat someone that you know and love to not only a big bottle of Dom Perignon, but also a keepsake box that comes complete with a personalized, engraved plaque. How great is that?

Prices vary

Chardonnay Wine Making Kit

Ahh the classic Chardonnay, what a stunning wine. Have you ever wondered about how difficult the processes involved in making this delightful drink are? Fear not, as it is easier than you might think. Use this wine making kit to find out just how simple and fun the process is to complete.


Wine Trio Travel Tote

Are you searching for the ultimate wine gift set? This stylish suede shoulder tote is the perfect place for you to store and carry wines when you are on the move. With your choice of wine trios included, along with a set of wine tools, you will be perfectly equipped to go on a picnic.

Prices vary

Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Making Kit

Wine making is one of those things that just seems difficult to any onlooker, but it really is a lot simpler than one might think. With all of the ingredients and instructions included in this brilliant set, you will have your own homemade Cabernet Sauvignon in just a matter of a few simple steps.


Italian Wine Tour

Going on an Italian wine tasting tour sounds expensive, so why not bring the Italian wine tasting tour to you? This fun and exciting trio of Italian wines will allow you to open up your palate to the tasting notes of the Mediterranean. All presented in a wonderful wooden crate, you will love it.

Prices vary

4 Amazing Diy Wine Racks

Diy Pallet Wine Rack

If you and your household love to go through a lot of wine, you will eventually need somewhere to store all of the bottles. Great to look at and easy to make, this DIY pallet wine rack will give you a rustic place to keep not only your bottles, but your glasses too!

Diy Dresser to Wine Rack

Upcycling has really taken off in recent years. If you are a fan of this fun craft, you should check out this cool article that will show you exactly how to turn an old dresser (destined for the trash) into a gorgeous looking wine rack that will become a real conversation starter with guests.

Diy Wall Wine Holder

Extremely effective and awesome to look at, this wine bottle holder looks expensive, but can be made with your own two hands. With all of the instructions included on the following page, all you need to do is invest a little of your time and you will end up with a brilliant (and useful) piece of furniture.

Diy Wine Rack Video Tutorial

If you love your wine, you will need a wine rack, right? With this video, you will be in possession of all of the relevant information needed to create your very own wine rack to store your supplies in. Simple to create and a lot of fun, you can check it out here.

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