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38 Best Wine Accessories to Give as Gifts or Keep Yourself

Everyone loves a glass or two of wine. It goes well with any meal, as long as you get the pairing right. Whether you’re a seasoned dinner party host or a novice sommelier, we’ve gathered together some of the best wine accessory gifts around, so you can make sure you (or your friends and family) have everything you need to truly enjoy that bottle.

Diy Barbie Shoe Wine Glass Charms

Viski Summit Wine Charms

Keep note of whose drink is whose with these super stylish number wine charms. Copper in color, they’ll go with any style of tableware, and they’ll fit most standard sized stemware as well, so you can be assured that they’re likely to fit your chosen glasses.


Wine Glass Markers

Being at a dinner party and losing your glass is the worst. You’re gagging for a drink but you don’t want to run the risk of drinking out of someone else’s glass. Take these along for your party host and you’ll never have that problem again.


SipCaddy Bath & Shower Portable Suction Cupholder Caddy

Self-care is important. For some of us, self-care is simply pouring ourselves a glass of our favorite alcoholic beverage while for others, it’s a hot bath or shower. Combine the two with this portable suction glass holder, which comes in 6 colors, and makes the perfect bathroom accessory.


Wine Preserver Bottle

If you’re stuck for ideas as to what you can bring along to your next dinner party, wine accessory gifts are always well received. If your host is left with half drunk bottles of plonk, they can use this wine preserver bottle to keep the remaining wine fresh for up to a week.


Carpe Vinum Rabbit Style Elegant Corkscrew

Pop the cork on your favorite bottle of wine faster with this decorative corkscrew. As well as being used to open wine, it also comes with a foil cutter, pourer, and other accessories which will make getting into your favorite plonk a lot easier.

Prices Vary

Wine Sack

Keep your wines nice and fresh with this portable wine sack. There’s enough room inside to slip a couple of bottles plus some ice packs to keep those crisp whites cool. It also has a non-stick rubber base and a carry handle which makes moving this wine sack around super easy.


Beaded Wine Charms for Glasses

These wine charms make perfect wine accessory gifts for you to give to your mom, aunt, sister or your fellow wine drinking gals. A pack of 6, they come in a variety of different shapes so everyone can choose their favorite charms and know which glass is theirs.

Prices Vary

Box Wine Dispenser

We all know that throwing away half-finished bottles of wine hurts our souls, but no one wants to drink wine that’s been open for a couple of days. This box wine dispenser will keep your “adult grape drink” fresh for up to 6 weeks, and the easy pour spout makes it easier to get yourself a glass.


Screw This Novelty Wine Accessories Kit

This wine accessory kit would make the perfect gift for a home warming party, newly married couple, or just someone you know who would love it. Inside the wine bottle shaped case, you’ll find everything you need to enjoy a glass of your favorite vintage vino.


Joie Expanding Bottle Stopper

As well as being able to seal bottles of wine, this 3 pack of Joie bottle stoppers can also be used to seal beer, champagne and various non-alcoholic bottles too, such as vinegar and oil. It’s such a versatile product, no kitchen should be without it.

Prices Vary

Wine Stoppers

Inject some humor into your kitchen with this 4 pack of wine stoppers. Puns like “Sip Happens” and “Wine Not” as well as phrases such as “Liquid Therapy” and “Rough Day” are sure to bring a smile to your face the next time you go to pour yourself a glass.

Prices Vary

Air Cork

If you’re the only wine drinker in your family, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the occasional glass. Keep the rest of the bottle fresh with this Air Cork. Lower the balloon into the bottle, inflate it using the grape pump and your liquid gold will be protected from oxidation.


ArT Wine Preserver Spray

Sometimes we don’t want to drink the whole bottle, we just want the odd glass with our dinner on a Wednesday night. But the rest of the bottle doesn’t have to be spoilt; keep it fresh with ArT Wine Preserver. Just a couple of sprays will keep the wine as fresh as the day you opened it.


Pocket Wine Aerator

Do you know a wine buff? Someone who really knows their Chianti from their Chardonnay? Gift them this pocket wine aerator and they’ll be able to bring out the full flavor of their favorite grape tipple in around 15 seconds. And who better to give wine accessory gifts to than a sommelier?


Luxury Bamboo Bath Caddy Tray

There’s nothing better than sinking into a hot bubble bath at the end of a stressful day, and we think we’ve found a way to make that even better. A bath caddy tray with compartments for all your favorite bath products, tablet to watch TV shows and most importantly, a glass of wine.

Prices Vary

Wine Pearls

Wine experts wouldn’t dream of putting ice into a glass of wine; as the ice melts it just dilutes the wine. But if you want a chilled glass and haven’t had time to put the bottle you’ve just bought into the refrigerator, these Wine Pearls will be ideal.


Sangria Pitcher

Make your next dinner party a Spanish affair and keep it traditional with this authentic Sangria pitcher. Handmade in Spain, this colorful pitcher has a pinched spout which will stop the fruit and ice from splashing out all over your guests…something we definitely don’t want to happen!


Wine Decanter

Pouring wine from bottles can be tricky. They’re not the easiest, especially when you’ve had a couple to drink yourself! Before your next party, pour your plonk into this wine decanter and you’ll be able to refill your guests (and your) glasses easily all night.


Reusable Wine Bottle Protector Sleeve

Travel without worry with this 4 pack of reusable protector sleeves for your wine bottles. Whether you’re flying, driving or maybe even sailing, these sleeves will keep your bottles safe from harm with their double zip lock and fold over Velcro. Your precious cargo will arrive without harm.


Wine & Appetizer Tray

Juggling your drink and snacks while at a dinner party is a nightmare. If you put your glass down, you might lose it. but you really want to try the snacks, they look delicious. Solve this dilemma with this wine and appetizer tray. There’s a holder for your wine glass plus space to put tasty snacks.


Silver Octopus Wine Bottle Topper Stopper

Ordinary bottle stoppers can be plain and a bit dull. If you’re looking for something with a bit more character, then this silver octopus one might be just the thing you need. It’ll go with any style or color of tableware, so you can bring it out at any dinner party you throw.

Prices Vary

You & Me Photo Frame Wine Topper

Wine accessory gifts make perfect presents for you to bring along to the next party you attend. This photo frame wine stopper would be ideal for a newly married couple or your best friend. Whoever you give it to, make sure you take a great photo of them to use with their new gift.


Wine & Beverage Dispensing Tote

This stylish tote will become your new favorite accessory. It does have a tiny secret though; it can dispense your favorite alcoholic beverage! From boxed wine to delicious cocktails, you’ll be taking this everywhere with you this summer and no one will suspect a thing.

Price varies

Stainless Steel Wine Chiller Stick, Wine Aerator, & Wine Pourer

This 3-in-1 wine accessory will be a great kitchen accessory for those wine lovers among us. The Pac Rod can be used to pour the wine without spillage, aerate it, and it will also chill the wine if you place the rod into the freezer before opening the bottle.

Prices Vary

Outdoor Portable Wine Glass Holder by Bella D’Vine

Available in 6 different colors, this portable wine holder comes with 3 attachments which makes it possible for you to have wine wherever you like. Attach it to lawn chairs with the strap, use it at picnics with the lawn stake and you can even have wine in the hot tub with the suction base.


Wine Diaper Reusable Padded Absorbent Bag

The perfect size for standard 750ml bottles, you’ll be able to travel with your favorite tipple without worry that it’ll arrive smashed and spilt. These eco-friendly bags can also be used to transport vinegars, oils or even candles to help them arrive in one piece.


Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray with Extending Sides

Take this bamboo bath caddy into the bath, lie back, and relax. Put your tablet, favorite snacks, a candle and your glass of wine onto the eco-friendly stand and enjoy the relaxing bubbly bath. The extendable sides mean it can fit almost any size or shape bath.


Wooden Plate For Wine and Snacks

Made from European oak, this wine plate is one of the best wine accessory gifts around. It makes serving snacks with your wine easier; the plate is large enough to fit grapes and cheese on or maybe something a little smaller to keep your guests happy while you prepare the main course.


Wine Pairing Towel Set

Do you know a budding sommelier? Someone who loves their wine but doesn’t know everything there is to know about pairing food and wine? These organic cotton tea towels are the perfect gift for them – the easy to follow guides printed on them will ensure that they always have the right tipple with their meals.


Insulated Wine Cooler Bucket

This elegant stainless-steel wine cooler will be the piece de resistance at any dinner party it’s used at. Its double walled design means that your wine will be kept at the optimum temperature, even when it’s placed directly onto the dinner table. Both champagne and standard sized wine bottles will fit inside this compact chiller.


Electric Wine Aerator Decanter Dispenser

This 2-in-1 design means you’ll be able to aerate the wine and pour it all with the push of one button. Its compact design makes it easy to store or even pop into your purse before you head out to dinner with your girlfriends or maybe your family.

Prices Vary

Wine Glass Drink Coasters

Dinner parties are fun to throw but the clean up afterwards can be tedious. And those wine glass marks that have been left on every surface are enough to make you never want to throw a dinner party again. Cut out that problem with this 8 pack of colorful coasters which also double up as glass markers.


Picnic Style-stemless Wine Glass Holder

Picnics are the best part about summer – sitting around with your friends and family, enjoying some delicious food in the sunshine. Make those picnics even better with this lawn stake glass holders. Now you can have a glass of your favorite wine in the grass without worry that it’s going to be spilt.


Wine Stopper and Pourer

This awesome little gadget is one of those wine accessories your kitchen just shouldn’t be without. Push it over the neck of a wine bottle and pouring the wine is instantly made easier. Then simply pinch and push down the silicone gadget to turn it into a stopper, keeping your wine fresh.


Solar System Glow-in-the-Dark Bottle Stoppers

Simply gorgeous, these glow in the dark wine bottle stoppers will be a perfect house warming gift for a wine and science buff. With 4 of the planets in our solar system, plus the Moon and Sun, they’ll never want to hide these beautiful celestial stoppers away.

Price varies

All in One Wine Set With Wine Saver Vacuum Pump

If you’re after great wine accessory gifts to give to the host of the next dinner party you attend, you can’t go far wrong with this. This set comes with 6 vacuum stoppers which will keep a bottle fresh for up to a week, plus a 3-in-1 corkscrew.

Prices Vary

Picnic Time Mesamio Portable Wine and Snack Table

Bring some sophistication to your picnics this summer with this portable wine and snack table. Made from bamboo, it’s great for keeping wine bottles and glasses, as well as plates of food, away from the ground. Who wants grass and dirt in their picnic lunch anyway?

Prices Vary

Wine Glass Topper Appetizer Plates

Keep one hand free while you’re mingling and chatting with your guests with these cute appetizer plates. Designed to snugly fit on top of a wine glass, you’ll be able to balance your pre dinner snacks easily without having to juggle a glass and a plate.

Prices Vary

3 Diy Wine Glass Markers

Easy DIY Personalized Bunco Wine Charms

Bring something a little different along to your next dinner party. Follow this easy DIY tutorial and you’ll be able to make personalized wine charms for your host. Design them anyway you like, fill them with things they’ll love, and it’ll be the best gift they’ve ever received.

Diy Wine Glass Charms

Make it easy for everyone to distinguish their glass from everyone else’s with these cute DIY wine glass charms. Make them in any color or style, to suit yours or maybe a friend’s tastes, and your guests will go nuts for them. You might have to make a set for everyone.

Diy Barbie Shoe Wine Glass Charms

Who said Barbie was just for little girls? You don’t have to leave her in your childhood – this tutorial will show you how to make Barbie shoe themed wine charms which will instantly make any wine glass more glam, and it’s a great way to use up your child’s odd Barbie shoes, too.

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