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33 Wine Gift Sets for White Wine Drinkers

Knowing what to get someone as a gift is hard, especially when you think they have everything. If you know they like a glass of wine, then white wine gift sets might be the way to go. They’ll receive a bottle of delicious white wine and some carefully selected snacks which will complement the wine nicely.

White Wine Gift Sets

Compassionate Collection

Inside this woven hamper chest, you’ll find two bottles of wine. One is a California Chardonnay and the other is a Winemaker’s Red Blend. As if they weren’t enough, there’s also a delicious mix of snacks, such as dried apricots and Lindt truffles, which will go down well with a glass of wine.


Someone Special White Wine Gift Basket

Show someone that you care with this gorgeous gift basket, filled with delicious treats and goodies. Included is a bottle of Pinot Grigio, Guylian seashell truffles, 2 types of cookie, a nut mix and a gorgeous beaded frame so they can display a special moment in their home.


Eastpoint Cellars Chardonnay Thank You Gift Basket

As far as white wine gift sets go, this one is pretty spectacular. As well as a lovely bottle of crisp chardonnay, you’ll get some amazing snacks which will go well with a glass. Things like sea salt caramels, kettle corn and crackers are a perfect pairing for this lovely white wine.


Beringer White Zinfandel & Snax Gift Box

If you’re looking for a gift to give someone for their birthday or another special occasion, this gift set is sure to go down a treat. A bottle of White Zinfandel wine, cookies, pretzels and other tasty goodies will be found inside the box. You can even personalize the ribbon to give it that finishing touch.


Feed + Mouth Just Add Wine

Simply add wine to this gift set to make the perfect evening in. You’ll receive a FEED wine tote bag and inside, you’ll find salt and pepper pistachios, farmhouse crisps and white truffle popcorn which are simply delicious on their own but pair with wine to truly bring out the best in them.


You’re The Best Thank You Wine Basket

Buying a gift for your child’s teacher or your boss is difficult, especially if you don’t know them that well. You won’t go wrong with white wine gift sets and this one is the perfect size. With a bottle of wine as well as tasty snacks inside a bamboo basket, they’ll be so pleased you thought of them.


Briar Creek Cellars Chardonnay Gift Basket

Inside a gorgeous copper style bucket, there’s a bottle of chardonnay along with some snacks such as cheese spread, olives and delicious baguette crisps, as well as sweet goodies like chocolate hazelnut cookies and dark chocolate almond toffee. Pour yourself a glass and tuck in, you won’t be disappointed.


White Wine Party Gift Box

You’ll be able to give this gift set a truly unique feel by personalizing the finishing ribbon. White chocolate bar, caramel popcorn and honey mustard pretzel nuggets are just some of the tasty snacks you’ll find inside, as well as a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc.


Sauv Blanc & Gourmet Gift Box

As well as a bottle of a classic Sauvignon Blanc, you’ll also find delicious goodies and snacks which will go perfectly with a chilled glass of the white wine. Dark chocolate, cookies, dried apricots and almonds are all included and will be the perfect feast for an evening in.


Indie Pinot Trio

If you know a wine drinker, then they’ll be pleased as punch to receive this Pinot Noir trio for their birthday, or any special occasion really. All 3 of the wines are delicious and go well with food so they’ll be able to impress at their next dinner party.


California White Wine Trio

Presented in a wooden crate, this hand selected trio of Californian white wine will be an excellent gift to bring along to your next dinner party. There’s even the option to add a personalized engraved silver-plated hang tag to your gift set to give it that finishing touch.


Champion Cheese Tasting

This is the perfect platter to bring out at the end of a dinner party. Three types of cheese – Brie, Cheddar and Gouda – as well as nutcakes and goat’s milk caramel is sure to get your guests talking. It can all be washed down with that final glass of wine as well.


Perfect Partners White Wine Pairing Gift Set

Perfect Partners have come up with the perfect end of meal platter. Inside, you’ll find cheese and chocolates which are delicious on their own but you’ll also find tips on wine pairings and flavor profiles for the cheeses, which takes the guesswork out of it all.

Prices Vary

Organic White Wine & Snax Gift Box

Hidden inside this decorative box, there’s a bottle of organic white wine along with some gourmet snacks which will go nicely with the vino. Coffee infused dark chocolate, granola bark, and dried pineapple rings are nestled inside with the bottle, and you can personalize the finishing ribbon to make it feel unique.


Indie White Wine Trio

White wine gift sets don’t get much simpler than this. Three bottles of white wine which are big on the American indie white wine scene are presented in a beautiful gift box. The perfect gift for a fan of white wines or for someone who wants to become more interested in wine as a whole.


Rock Falls White Wine Duet Gift Basket

Kept together in a stylish blue and white tote you’ll get two bottles of white wine, a Chardonnay and a Sauvignon Blanc. You’ll also receive a selection of savory and sweet snacks, all of which can be paired brilliantly with a chilled glass of the white wines.


Eastpoint Cellars White Wine Trio Gift Basket

Presented in a lovely copper style tin with grape vine decorations are three bottles of white wine which include a Pinot Grigio, a Chardonnay and a Sauvignon Blanc. There’s also a variety of snacks such as crackers and chocolates for you to chow down on and wash down with the wine.


White Wine Countryside Gift Basket

This white wine gift set will make the perfect gift for you to give to any party’s host. Inside the wire basket, they’ll find a bottle of Chardonnay as well as tasty treats and snacks which they can share with their guests. Or maybe keep for themselves to enjoy once the party is over.


White Wine, Fruit & Snax Gift Box

If you’re struggling to think of a great gift for someone you love, then this wine and snack gift box might just be the perfect one. Packaged inside a nicely decorated box, you’ll find a bottle of wine, five pieces of fruit and some delicious gourmet snacks.


Edenbrook Chardonnay Wine Collection Gift Basket

This would make the perfect gift for a foodie or wine lover. As well as a lovely bottle of crisp white chardonnay, inside the metal basket you’ll find an array of sweet and savory snacks such as hummus, cheese, crackers and macaroons, all of which are sure to hit the spot.


Grgich Hills Chardonnay Gift Basket

Contained inside a stylish leather looking tote and finished with a tartan ribbon are the ingredients for a perfect night in. Savory snacks like garlic and herb cheese, crackers and tapenade, and sweet treats like toffee nuts can all be washed down with a glass of the Grgich Hills chardonnay.


Windwhistle Sweet Moscato Assortment Gift Basket

White wine goes beautifully with sweet foods and this white wine gift set contains some delicious sweet treats. As well as the bottle of Windwhistle Moscato, you’ll also receive gourmet goodies such as chocolate covered marshmallows, sea salt caramels and caramel popcorn…to name just a few.


Little Lakes Cellars Chardonnay Gift Basket

This tiny tote may look small but the goodies inside can deliver some seriously big flavors. The bottle of Little Lakes chardonnay will go perfectly with the other snacks included in this gift set, like hummus, veggie sticks, mixed olives and caramel sea salt cookies.


White Wine Duo Gift Basket

Bring a smile to someone’s face with this white wine and snacks gift basket. Inside the gorgeous bamboo basket are tasty treats, like chocolate caramel truffles and Jelly Belly tropical jelly beans, and two bottles of white wine. The hard thing will be deciding what to open first.


Kiarna Vineyards Chardonnay Easter Assortment Gift Basket

This is the perfect wine gift for you to take along to your in-laws Easter dinner this year. Presented in a gorgeous green basket, there’s a bottle of chardonnay as well as sweet treats and savory snacks which they can share among their guests…and save some for themselves for afterwards too.


Fruit, Cheese & Stone Cellars Chardonnay Wine Gift Box

Make this foodie gift set feel truly personal with the option of a personalized finishing ribbon. Choose the color of it and then add your own message to make them feel that you’ve truly thought about them when choosing their gift. A bottle of chardonnay plus some delicious snacks are sure to bring a smile to their face.


Cliffside Vineyards Chardonnay Birthday Collection Gift Basket

What do you buy for the person who seemingly has everything? For their birthday this year, think outside the box and get this this white wine gift set. The bottle of Cliffside chardonnay and snacks such as sea salt caramels and brownie cookies will be an instant hit.


For You, Rosé & Strawberries Gift Basket

This would make a perfect gift for that someone in your life who loves all things sweet, pink and alcoholic! Inside a beautiful rose shaped bottle is some gorgeous rosé wine as well as some decadent chocolate and strawberry bark which comes in a gift tin.


Classic White Wine Gift Basket

Get them something you know they’ll truly love with this classic gift set. A bottle of crisp chardonnay is accompanied by all sorts of sumptuous snacks such as sausage, jalapeno crackers and wheat crackers, presented inside a handled basket, and finished with a blue ribbon.


Sommelier’s Chardonnay Selection

Perfect for budding wine enthusiasts, this Sommelier’s Chardonnay Selection is the perfect introduction to white wine. The three bottles included inside the wine crate will go perfectly with most foods. There’s also the option to add a personalized message or greeting on the gift card to make it feel even more special.


Charming Chardonnay, Fruit, Cheese & Gourmet Double Decker

You’ll feel like you’re getting two for the price of one with this gift set. Not only will you get the box containing the bottle of chardonnay, fruit and other snacks, you’ll also get a second box containing a gorgeous selection of sweet and chocolatey goodies.


Eastpoint Cellars Chardonnay Bon Appetit Gift Basket

Presented inside a lovely copper tin basket and finished with copper and gold ribbons, you’ll not only find a bottle of Eastpoint Cellars chardonnay but also some snacks which will pair wonderfully with it. Chocolate chip brownie brittle, chocolate toffees and mixed olives are just a small selection of the yummy goodies included.


California Classic Wine Basket

Choose which wine you’d like to receive, whether you’d like a red, a white or maybe even both and then wait for it to arrive. Not only will you get your chosen bottle of wine but you’ll also get a selection of carefully chosen snacks which will go well with whichever bottle you’ve chosen.

Price varies

3 White Wine Inspired Diy Gifts

Diy Wine Gummy Bears Gift Idea

Give a childhood favorite an adult makeover. Follow this tutorial and you’ll be able to make some boozy gummy bears at home using your favorite type of wine. Whether you’re a fan of red, white or maybe even rosé, use the instructions to turn them into these cute jellied candies.

Diy Strawberry Peach White Wine Slushies

Perfect for those hot summer days, these strawberry peach white wine slushies will definitely keep you cool. Made from white wine, frozen fruit and ice, not only do these iced drinks looks pretty, they’re pretty healthy too…if you don’t count the calories from the alcohol!

DIY Gift Idea: White Wine Sangria for Friends

If a friend’s birthday is coming up and you’re strapped for cash, why not make them this DIY sangria set instead? Perfect for a lover of alcohol, simply give them the ingredients to make a refreshing pitcher of sangria, then sit back and enjoy a glass.

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