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15 Subscription Boxes to Give Him This Valentine’s Day

Ladies, this Valentine’s Day you can give him a gift that keeps on giving for an entire year—a subscription box. Specialty subscription boxes are all the rage these days. We’ve picked twenty-one of the best for this list. You’re sure to find one he’ll look forward to opening every month.

There’s nothing better than getting a gift month after month, and my guy loved the fact that my gift just kept giving and giving.

Loot Crate Level Up

Loot Crate delivers the best in geek-ware and geek paraphernalia available. His box will come filled t-shirts, hoodies, lounge wear, and whatever accessories they can find. This month the theme is Star Wars and Space Invaders—next month, who knows, but it’s guaranteed to be geekily awesome.


Frank & Oak

Want your man to step into a world of elegance and sophistication? Time to leave his Old Navy wardrobe behind, ditch the fraternity letter shirts, and lose once and for all every last Ed Hardy, Tapout and Affliction t-shirt in his wardrobe? This monthly box from Frank and Oak will rescue you.


Spartan Carton

“With it or on it.” In ancient Sparta, women sent their men off to war by handing them their shields and saying these words. Ladies—if you have a Crossfitting, Spartan-racing man in your life, this box will keep him supplies with supplements, protein shakes and everything he needs to wage serious gym warfare.


Luxury Barber Club

Ladies, help your man represent the LBC this Valentine’s Day—no, not like Snoop and Dre, but like a B.O.S.S. nonetheless. This is a monthly gift box from the Luxury Barber Club. It comes with ten artisan grooming products per month, hand-selected to keep him fresh and dapper.


Button Up A Month Club

Shirts with buttons? Get out. Do they actually exist anywhere but on “Mad Men” and “Suits”? If you can hear your man uttering these words, ladies, then this Valentine’s Day you can rectify the sartorial situation with this gift box: he’ll get one nice shirt a month—and yes. It will have buttons.


Sock Fancy

Give him Happy Feet this Valentine’s Day, because he’s fancy. He’s fancy from his head down to his toes. He’s got the latest gadgets, the latest fashions, and now he can have two pairs of the latest, funkiest, and fanciest socks from around the world delivered to his door once a month.


Ship and Dip

Fabulous foodies forget about fretting! This Valentine’s Day get your man a year of pure gastronomic adventures with the Ship and Dip Box from Farm to People. Each month there’s a yummy new theme—choose the “Casual Foodie” for three to four items per month, or “The Food Critic” for ten items per month.


Strength Crate

Valentine’s Day follows closely on the heels of New Year’s Day—a.k.a fitness resolution day. Help your man keep his promise to himself—and stay all toned and hot for you—with a Strength Crate. It comes with training aids, workout apparel, supplements, and training tips so he can achieve his goals.


Vinyl Me Please

Remember those record clubs back in the day, when you taped a penny to a postcard and a week later got two LPs in the mail? Well, those days are long gone, but this Valentine’s Day, you can get the next best thing: a membership to the best record club in the world.


Whiskey of the Month Box

Now we’re talking some real man stuff. Forget all this fru-fru smelling good, manscaping, and foodie nonsense—ladies, bring on the whiskey and your man will be forever thankful. He’ll get a new bottle of premium, handpicked whiskey every month, and learn all he’ll ever need to know in the Whiskey 101 course.


Scent Trunk

Give up the Funk! This gift box is guaranteed to tear the roof off any scent problems your man might have. Starting this Valentine’s Day, your man will smell like a million bucks. He’ll develop his own scent profile and get three new colognes each month based on his (read your) preferences.


The Mr. Collection

You see potential. You see a sleek and refined gentleman in there, under the scruffiness, the cargo shorts, and the faded t-shirts. This Valentine’s Day you test your theory: this gift box lets him rent fashionable clothes and return them each month, with an option to buy.


Underwear Nation

Behind every good man stands a good woman. And she makes absolutely sure that under every pair of pants he wears, there’s a nice pair of underwear. Choose the style that fits his personality—briefs, trunks, or straps—and get a selection of fresh pairs every month.


Craft Beer Box

It’s beer! Hoooray Beer! Here’s another monthly gift box that’s really for him. Ladies, this Valentine’s Day you can show him you really love him with this guy-centric gift. He’ll get twelve hand-selected bottles from artisan craft microbreweries delivered to him every month. It’s literally Beer Heaven.


Steak KutBox

We’ll round out this list with something every red-blooded American Man (those who aren’t vegetarian, that is) wants: a thick, juicy, premium steak at least once a month. Red is the color of Valentine’s Day, after all. Choose between 5lbs, 10lbs, and 15lbs of beef per month.


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