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28 Unique Valentines Gifts for Men Who Have Everything

Men can be notoriously difficult to buy a romantic gift for, especially those men that seem to have all that they need. If you are stuck in this quandary, then check out these off the wall suggestions for items that your man doesn’t know he needs in his life.

Sweep him off his feet with this collection of unusual men’s gifts, which are perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors

Give the love of your life a genuine friend on the golf course with this electronic caddy system that details the layout and yardage of a course at any point to him. Hands free and fully automatic, the system will also identify strengths and weaknesses in his game.


Mekamon Berserker V2 Gaming Robot

Give your techie man a robot that reacts to his touch in real time and that can battle up to friends using their own MekaMons. With the ability to give this robot its own unique movements and a streamlined weapon management system, he’ll be in love with this mechanical warrior from the start.


Cubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical

Help your man get into shape with this workout tool that hides discreetly under the desk while he burns the calories. Compact and Bluetooth enabled, it will sync to FitBit and Apple HealthKit as it provides a low impact exercise on joints with its whisper quiet gliding motion.


Arccos Golf 360 Golf Performance Tracking System

Highlighting your best strategy on every hole, this Arccos system is like having a caddy on your shoulder for every shot you perform, except it won’t carry your bag. The system will analyze every shot taken in order to help you improve your game and features a 5 year battery to keep the system running.


Motiv Ring

With fitness being such a concern for people in today’s world, assist your loved one with this 24/7 fitness tracker that records steps and distances, heart rate, activity, calories burned and how you sleep. Waterproof and durable in ultralight titanium, he’ll barely know he’s wearing it at all.


Muse: The Brain Sensing Headband

Give the gift of relaxation and focus with this personal meditation assistant which provides EEG based real time neurofeedback. Users will become immersed when they put on the Muse headband, plug in the earphones, and then start the app, finding themselves taken to another place of calm in their mind.

Too low to display

Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug

The perfect cup of tea or coffee can be elusive but once you find it, you want to keep it at the right temperature. This clever mug will ensure the perfect point of being not too hot or cold, allowing you to choose different pre-sets for different types of drinks.


Ultimate Roll-Up Cocktail Kit

For the partner who truly loves to party, try this handy bring your own cocktail set that comes in an easy to carry roll up pack. Complete with its own shaker, muddler, stirrer, strainer, jigger and bottle opener, there’s even extra space to stash a few special bar tending tools of their own.


Food In My Beard Face Plates

This comic pair of plates will tickle the fancy of any bearded partner, as they celebrate that well known pastime of catching food in the hairy mass. Although humorous, these are genuine porcelain plates and can be used with every day foods and are also dishwasher compatible.


Ember Temperature Control Travel Mug

For the Valentine on the move, this terrific mug will keep their coffee at the right temperature for as long as needed, first sip to last. As a connected device, you can remotely change the temperature as well as naming your mug and adjusting pre-sets or choosing notification preferences.


Travel Gym Adventure Kit

Allow your beloved to workout wherever they are in the world with this compact kit that folds to the size of a water bottle, but which allows them to leverage their weight to make full body workouts possible. Ideal for travelers and adventurers alike, in all temperatures and climates the world over.


Rocketbook Erasable, Reusable Notebook

For the eco-warrior in your life, let them forget ever throwing out another notepad or jotter, and instead embrace this modern, environmentally friendly notebook. With 32 reusable pens that wipe clean with a damp cloth, and the ability to blast your notes to online data collection, the world’s at their feet.


Smartphone Photography Lens

Upgrade the photos taken by your phone with this handy attachment that gives the ability to start exploring high quality phone photography. The provided HD wide angle lens turns your phone into a professional quality DSLR and comes with a durable clip that can mount onto either the front or rear of the device.

Prices vary

Artiphon Instrument

For a musical partner, this modern take on so many different instruments is bound to intrigue. With the capability to represent a guitar, bass, synth, violin, drums and more, this revolutionary MIDI controller provides both fretted and fretless playing with low latency, and a pressure sensitive touch, on a 6 hour battery life.


Solar Reading Light

Bring a little light into the night by harnessing it during the day with this solar powered light that radiates a sparkling glow, thanks to its jewel like lens. Perfect for bedside reading, it can also be taken camping with the addition of a simple lanyard, due to its pocket size and featherweight design.


TicWatch Pro Bluetooth Smart Watch

It may look like a stylish but albeit very normal watch, but looks deceive with this terrific piece of technology. With a long battery life, this watch can also access thousands of apps, including fitness and health tracking, as well as use Google Pay to help you spend without reaching for your wallet.


Dodow Sleep Aid Device

If your beloved appears restless at night, then this well loved gadget may be just the answer to everyone getting a great night’s sleep. This metronome and light system will help teach them to fall asleep naturally and without taking any medicinal aid, allowing them to function better throughout their day.


Rapid Drink Chiller

If you need to go from hot to cold in a jiffy, this rapid chiller will certainly be a boon to you. With three nested chambers, this rapid cooling device will take your liquid, be it coffee, wine, or other still beverage, and make it cold within one minute.


Yosemite Half Dome Porcelain Nightlight

If you’ve ever been to Yosemite National Park, you’ll wonder how anyone could ever capture that stunning scenery within a room. Well, now you can with this incredible, translucent porcelain light that comes from a design originally carved in wax, and which has been given depth to make it even more realistic.


ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide

This ChefSteps device is the smallest, sleekest sous vide tool around, being just 11 inches tall and 1.3 pounds in weight. Being half the size of a comparable device, it can be stored away easily and comes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi ready, helping to deliver that perfect amount of heat to every meal.


PhoneSoap 3 UV Cell Phone Sanitizer

With the daily dust and grime picked up by our well used phones, it becomes imperative that we keep them in a cleaner state, to protect our ears. This unique device kills 99.99% of bacteria with a UV light and fits and charges any phone with two charging points on the back of the device.


Nixplay Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame

Complete with Echo dot and Nix play, this 10.1 inch digital photo frame can display any of your stored photos, all on request from Alexa. Designed to fit stylishly anywhere in the home, the screen has a sharp 1280×800 HD resolution and is coupled with a hub motion sensor.


FreeBelts Buckle-Free Belt

For those struggling with trousers and belts, this nifty answer may make you forget you are wearing a belt at all. Hassle free and comfortable, the elastic strap breathes with you, causing no buckle to press into your stomach and keeps your pants right in place with a slim minimal look.


Roadie 2 Automatic Smart Guitar Tuner

If you have a musician in your life, then this little gadget could be the answer they’ve been looking for. With the capability to tune all sorts of string instruments in seconds, this device gets the same quality and accuracy in tuning in all environments, as it uses a vibration sensor rather than a microphone.


BakerStone Pizza Box, Gas Stove Top Oven

This clever cooking aid brings the touch of a real wood fired pizza oven to your indoor gas range or portable outdoor burner. Make artisan pizzas in 2 to 4 minutes, accommodating up to 11 inches, or sear and roast steakhouse quality meats, fish, and vegetables using a Skillet.


Harvil Foldable Magnetic Exercise Bike

Get your partner fit again with this clever exercise bike that can be folded for transport and storage. With a digital monitor displaying speed, distance, time, heart rate and calories burned, they’ll be inspired to push this 10 level magnetic resistance bike to its limits. With a 90 day warranty.

Prices Vary

Bourbon Barrel City Skyline Openers

There’s so much to admire in these skyline bottle openers that are made using reclaimed wood from whiskey barrel staves. Etched with a tiny city landscape, these lacquer finished cut wood items make the perfect man cave accessory, or may pay tribute to a much missed part of someone’s life.


DASH Compact Electric Air Fryer

You can’t separate a man from his fried food, but at least you can make it a lot healthier with this fryer that uses air crisp technology. With 5 pre-sets for easy cooking, and a sleek and trendy design, you’ll reduce the fat content of meals by up to 80% without sacrificing the flavor.


3 Unique Diy Gifts for Him

Diy Taco Stand

Give the gift of a Taco stand and then fill it with a delicious shrimp recipe by checking out this clever blog, from a woman who knows her food. With detailed pictures and clear recipe instructions, you’ll be serving up a treat from a stylish holder in no time at all.

Homemade Spiced Rum

Set the mood on Valentine’s Day with this punchy recipe for a spiced rum that’ll get the mood just right. Perfect as an aperitif or just to get into the throws of a romantic evening, simply follow this blog to make the most perfectly spiced spirit.

Diy Modern Bottle Opener

Make your partner’s life simpler with this terrific design for a bottle opener that attaches to the wall and gives a quick and easy method to open beer bottles. With detailed photographs to explain this DIY creative item, you’ll be constructing and then opening without a second thought.

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