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38 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Long Distance Boyfriends

If your Valentine is just out of your reach, it can be tough. Nobody said that long distance relationships were easy, but come the day of St Valentine, you can make the miles between you just a little bit easier by buying something from this list of long distance gifts.


Long Distance Lamp

Does your bf live on the other side of the world? Your love may know no limits but sadly the distance can still suck. Help the both of you to feel close no matter what by picking up a pair of these beautiful lamps; when one is turned on, the other will also light up.

Prices vary

Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger

If you’d love to be able to send your love to wherever your special person may be, this is the product for you. With an accompanying app, you can send heartfelt messages to this wooden box for them to open and read with glee! Stunning in design, it features a spinning heart when a message is received.


Map of Our Hearts

Two people can fall in love, no matter the different backgrounds in which they have come from. If you would love to commemorate the places that you and your other half grew up, order one of these personalized ‘map of our hearts’ prints for them to keep forever and always.


Compass Matching Long Distance Bracelets

Matching bracelets are a wonderful way for long distance couples to feel close to each other at all times. With a silver compass adorning each bracelet, this set will make sure that they know how much you love them, no matter how many miles are separating the two of you.


Customizable Matching Coffee Mug Cup Set

Relationships can be tough, especially for those couples that can’t be together at all times. This set of matching mugs is sure to make your other half feel a little bit better about the distance between you! Select the states/countries that you both reside in and have the mugs personalized for that extra special touch.

Prices Vary

Long Distance Heartbeat Speaker

Do you and your partner sleep better to the rhythm of each other’s heartbeats? With 2 speakers and 2 wrist worn heart monitors included in this set, you can both have the soothing comfort of the other’s muscle of love each and every night, regardless of distance.


I Envy Coffee Cup

This Valentine’s Day, show your boyfriend just how much you miss him with this cool mug. Ceramic in construction and capable of holding 11oz of coffee, the mug reads a stunning message that will make him feel loved each and every time he wants a hot beverage.


The Long-Distance Relationship Survival Guide

Nobody pretends that long distance relationships are easy – everybody knows how tough they can be. If you and your lover want a helping hand at making the best of a bad situation, pick up a copy of this book that is full to the brim with tried and tested tips and tricks for making it work.


Personalized Burlap Print

With the maps of your choosing included on this personalized print, you can guarantee that your loved one will adore it. The words ‘distance means so little when someone means so much’ will also be printed onto the burlap material and will make a great gift that will be kept forever.

Prices Vary

Open When Notecards and Envelopes

With blank notes inside ready to filled out by you, these personalized brown kraft envelopes are ready to make a big impact on your boyfriend’s life. Add the words of your choosing to the front of the envelopes to instruct him on when to open each one and read the loving message found inside.


Under The Same Moon Pendant

This Valentine’s Day, get him something that will pull on his heart strings and make him appreciate you more than ever. The sterling silver necklace boasts two pendants – one that reads a beautiful message and another that boasts a gold plated array of stars and a crescent moon!


Map Locket

Handmade to order, this locket is unlike any other. The unique and antique heart shaped locket will open up to showcase a photograph of your choosing, alongside two vintage maps of cities of your choice, and even a silver airplane in the middle of yours and your other half’s initials.


City Map Coaster Set

With a choice between a ceramic construction and a stone construction, these coasters will definitely make an impression come the 14th February. Select the cities of your choosing, and have their maps printed directly onto the coasters! Simply choose your preferred amount and away you go.


Personalized Hidden Message Necklace

If you’ve been looking for the perfect gift for your long distance lover, this could be it! At the end of the necklace you will find a stainless-steel cylinder that looks stunning, but that is not all – ask the seller for a specific message and they will print it out, roll it up, and store it inside.


I Miss Your Face Candle

If you miss your man’s face, this candle is the ideal way to tell him so. Handmade from soy, the delightful candle will be a great way for them to deal with the days in which they miss you! With the ability for the lid to be personalized with a special message, you can’t go wrong.


Long Distance Engraved Rock

Sometimes, the simplest of presents can really be the best. If you need to find a way to show your boyfriend how much he means to you, you can do so with this rock. That’s right, with a sweet message engraved onto the polished stone, it will make it easier to deal with his distance from home.


I Love That You’re My Boyfriend Because Book

‘I love that you’re my boyfriend because’ is the blank book that he will treasure forever. Full of prompts, you can ensure that every single page has been filled with words, pictures and other awesome things that will help him to know how much you love him and exactly why in time for Valentine’s.


Believe London Distance Bracelet Set

Brought to us by Believe London are these wonderfully cute distance bracelets. Designed for any relationship that has to endure a bit of distance, each bracelet contains a bead from the other bracelet, allowing you both to carry around a piece of each other no matter where you go.


Personalized State in State Necklace

If your loved one lives in an entirely different state to the one in which you reside, this is the long distance gift for them. The sterling silver necklace will feature one state inside another and is a great way to show that even though you are physically apart, you will always be together.


Coordinates Locket

Lockets have been a great way to symbolize love for a very long time! With a chain attached, these handmade lockets can contain two sets of coordinates, one for your location and one for the location of the intended recipient. A brilliant idea ready for Valentine’s day.


The Original Girlfriend Pillow

Does your boyfriend miss cuddling up to you and having his own pair of pillows to comfort him? Not to worry; even though you can’t be with him, this gift will help to bridge the gap as this soft and cozy pillow is ALMOST as good as the real thing.


Personalized Laminated Paper Wallet Insert Card

Technology is amazing, and has become a clever way for couples to interact and stay close, no matter how many miles separate them. With this QR code wallet card, you can get your other half to download a QR reader and scan the code to reveal a personalized message that you can change time and time again.


Love Will Find A Way Personalized Art

It’s true, love will always find a way, that’s why this art print could be the gift for your long distance lover. With a map image of the state which you are in, and the state where they reside, the personalized print also includes a dotted line with hearts either side connecting the two places.

Prices vary

The Long Distance Handbook

This gift is pretty awesome. Perfect for those couples that have to endure distance between them, this book is full of exciting ideas for date nights and activities that can be completed no matter how many miles separate them! Simply fill it in and send to your boyfriend to show him you are missing him.

Prices Vary

Miss Your Stupid Face Key Chain

Long distance relationships really suck sometimes, especially when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Instead of feeling sad, show your boyfriend how much you miss him by investing in of these cute keyrings. With the words ‘miss your stupid face’ engraved in the metal, he will both laugh and feel loved.


Knock Knock Why I Miss You Fill in the Love Journal

If you can think of a million reasons as to why you miss your boyfriend, let him know! Full of prompts that need filling in, this book will give you the platform to list the reasons why you love him, miss him, and want to see him. He will want to read it all of the time.


Long Distance Candle

With the ability to be personalized with the loving quote of your choice, this candle is sure to keep their flame burning for you even though you are both so far apart. Ideal for the 14th Feb, this hand poured candle is supplied in a jar that comes complete with an image showing the distance between you.


Love Will Find A Way Pewter Pocket Compass

With this compass in hand, he will always find his way back to you, period. Constructed from fine pewter, this brilliant Valentine’s gift is perfect for when absence makes his heart grow fonder. With the words ‘love will find the way’ engraved onto the pewter, it really will mean a lot.

Prices Vary

Couples Phone Cases

If you wish that you and your boyfriend could be closer, make the distance seem less thanks to the help of these cool phone cases. When the cases are together, they will show a map of the USA with a heart in the location of yourself and your loved one; you can even add a personalized message.


Letters to My Love

Unlike instant messaging, letters can remain unopened for as long as the recipient desires. These twelve letters have been filled with prompts allowing you to get your feelings about your partner onto paper with ease and comfort! Once filled in, they can be given as a gift to be opened when the time is right.


Handstamped State to State Ring

Adjustable and hand stamped, this ring is a wonderful way for you to make your boyfriend happy this Valentine’s Day. Created using aluminum, the ring can be customized to include the outlines of the locations in which you and your boyfriend live with a heart to connect them.


I Love You More Than The Miles Keychain

Do you want to know why keychains make such great gifts? Because we tend to carry them around with us wherever we go! If that sounds good to you, treat your long distance boyfriend to this keychain that features a heartfelt message along with a map of the USA.


May The Moon Kiss You to Sleep Until I Can Pillowcase

Made from luxury microfiber, this pillowcase should definitely be amongst the gifts that you send to your man this Valentine’s. Breathable, super comfortable and sensationally silky, the white material has been made in the USA and features the words ‘may the moon kiss you to sleep until I can’.


Puzzle Keychain Set

When one piece is missing, the entire puzzle will no longer look right! That is why these brilliant puzzle piece keyrings are so great at showing your other half how much you will miss them when they jet off, thanks to the fact they read ‘I’ll be back’ and ‘I’ll be waiting’.


One Day We Will Never Have to Say Goodbye Keychain

Long distance relationships are not always forever, given time you and your special person will be back together permanently. Help them to focus on the future and that thought by ensuring that their keys contain this keychain that reads ‘one day we will never have to say goodbye, only goodnight’.


Double Sided State To State Keychain

With the option to be personalized with any states in the US, this keychain will feature the state in which you reside and the state in which your partner resides along with the text of your choice. With free reign to say anything, you can make this gift truly special.


Oh, Susannah Hug This Pillow Until You Can Hug Me

Say hello to the pillowcase that is going to make your long distance relationship a whole lot easier for your boyfriend. Extremely soft and comfortable, he is not only going to love sleeping on this pillowcase, he will also adore the fact that it reads ‘hug this pillow until you can hug me’.


Personalized Long Distance Picture Frame

You may be perfect for each other, yet circumstances mean that you live apart. If this is you, pick up one of these red alder wood frames for your bf. Stunning to look at, it can be personalized with both of your names and states and even reads a heartwarming message.


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